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Friday, May 18, 2007


From what I understand, when Cole Hamels looks at the grass, it cuts and bags itself. If anyone is at fault it is the grass.

Run an article on his wife. Hamels 11 - Beerleager 1

I am sure the majority of all major leaguers are jerks in most cases.

Put together a unique professional ability or talent, add a bank account with many zeroes & commas, and usually the result is someone with who thinks they are above most societal or morality authority and law.

If Cole is a jerk I think I would need to more than putting his trash out a few days earlier, sounds a little strange.

More than likely someone he employs is more responsible and I am sure Cole could care less about it.

It sounds like Cole and I share the same neighbor. She knocked on our door once at 8:30 p.m. to tell us we let our dog pee too close to her house.

Personally, I think he should be able to put his grass clippings wherever he wants because he's 6-1 with 70 strikeouts. Those grass clippings can be dumped on top of the Declaration of Independence for all I care.

Make Jimmy happy, back to leading off, and put Rowand in 3 hole.

Please tell me there is something else this "friend of a friend" is basing her jerk judgment on?! I would love to hear the expletives that would spew from her if she lived near T.O.'s old place.

On the Rollins issue, why would old Chawley insist on leaving him in the three hole? I agree with Carson, Rowand seems better suited in the three spot.

I just hope he's using a ride-on mower. I'd hate for King Cole to hurt himself using a pusher. As far as the neighbor with a stick in his/her ass, if driving around a couple of bags a grass two days a week, in what is probably a very high end gated community, gets under your skin enough to qualify a guy as a jerk, then I don't know what to say to you.

I could understand if Cole was running an illegal dog-fighting ring, a la (allegedly) Mike Vick.

I really love that someone actually typed "my sister is a nurse at a hospital two miles from Citizens Bank. A doctor who she works with told her that her next door neighbor knows Cole Hamels personally and that he is a real jerk" and was dead serious about it.

WP: It would depend on whether the homeowners association has a bylaw against operating an illegal dog-fighting ring. Thankfully ours does not.

Cole's wife isn't all *that* hot and she's probably quite the airhead, she came off a reality tv show. I wouldn't marry her.

Can't wait until Howard Eskin gets hold of this news.

Wow, because grass clippings are doing to absolutely *kill* the environment.

JW, I'm still trying to comprehend the fact that there is any neighborhood in Berks County that has a Homeowners Association. Truly mind-blowing. You must make the big bucks at the Eagle!

The LOOGY we miss. Just got notice that Eddie Oropesa (ex-Phil) has signed with Sparta/Feyenoord of the Honkbal Hoofdklasse, or the profession baseball league of the Netherlands. Jason, you might want to get an exclusive interview with the lefty.

I'm sure Parker will share my disappointment that tonight's game is not being shown on Extra Innings. Good thing it's poker night or I'd be upset.

The Zagurski story is very intriguing yet pathetic at the same time.

It would make a great story if this guy come up and help solved the LH bullpen situation.

Pathetic that our season potentially might hinge on the performance of this fast-tracking left-hander from Kansas U.

I for one am very disappointed in Matt Smith as I thought he had the mental make-up and stuff to be a decent LH option out of the pen, hopefully it is still not too late.

If Gordon comes back maybe Charlie will wake up one morning and think to put him back in the rotation only to put young Cole in the pen with Myers to make a dynamic 1-2 punch in late innings.....or maybe that was ESKIN's dream.

Tray- are you serious? Cole's wife is smokin'. Have you seen her Playboy pictorial? Bangin' body!

Phils desperately need a LOOGY. Maybe its time to go back to some ex-Phillies. Is Don Carman available? Maybe David West? How about my man Yorkis Perez?

WP: It's because I'm just across the border in Chester Co.

That explains it. I had to leave Berks to find a POA, myself.

Just wanted to pop this in here:

Cole Hamels, at 32 starts, has now pitched one full Major League season. His numbers:

GS: 32
IP: 195.0
W-L: 15-9
H: 175
R: 92
SO: 215
BB: 65
ERA: 3.83
WHIP: 1.23

Not bad at all for a first full season.

His projections for 2007:

GS: 34
IP: 234
W-L: 23-4
H: 219
R: 98
SO: 264
BB: 64
ERA: 3.30
WHIP: 1.20

I don't even care so much about all of the other projection numbers, but if he makes 34 starts and gets 234 IP, I'll consider it a successful sophomore season.

Malcom, thanks for that projection. It's a nice one. Haven't had that since Schill.

I ran into Cole in Clearwater and had some "words" with him. He was dealing with all the autograph hounds at the time but I addressed him with some pert baseball questions...which he responded rather snootily to (almost like self defense). For a Cali bred prep type school yuppie kid jock, he seemed pretty approachable. He didn't like my approach but that wouldn't be the first time I set the alarms off from somebody of notability.

Anyway, he was pretty great with the kids going so far as to ask if everyone was "good" about their autographs and I think he may have graciously thanked them.

Seems like a benevolent competitive winner to me. Of course, it helps that I'd like him to be one.

I don't care what kind of neighbor he is. If he continues at his pace and continues to say he strives for at least one no hitter each year and a 20-win season each year, he can do what he wants.

I just got back from my afternoon run, and maybe this is the lack of oxygen to my head, but this series may be showcasing Troy Glaus, our future 3rd baseman. Do I really think we'll get Glaus? No, but I can dream anyway.

Imagine this lineup:
1. Rollins
2. Rowand
3. Utley
4. Glaus
5. Howard
6. Burrell
7. Victorino
8. Helms

That there is the definition of right-left-right-left etc.

Looks fun doesn't it?


that should be "8. Ruiz" not Helms


"He didn't like my approach but that wouldn't be the first time I set the alarms off from somebody of notability."

What kind of questions did you ask him?


Kind of surprised to see Helms at 3rd with ground ball inducing Lieber pitching. Otherwise, standard lineup with Dobbs and Ruiz. Sal's Pals will be happy tonight.

1. A Rowand, CF
2. S Victorino, RF
3. J Rollins, SS
4. C Utley, 2B
5. P Burrell, LF
6. G Dobbs, 1B
7. W Helms, 3B
8. C Ruiz, C
9. J Lieber, P

1. A Rios, RF
2. L Overbay, 1B
3. V Wells, CF
4. T Glaus, 3B
5. A Hill, 2B
6. A Lind, LF
7. R Clayton, SS
8. S Fasano, C
9. D McGowan, P

With all due respect Tray - you're a fool.

Jason, I suggest that you post a picture of the fetching Mrs. Hamels (keep it clean) to show Tray (and those who may agree with him) that they are, indeed, fools.

*Hopes Fasano gets a standing ovation.*

frankly, i think she looks pretty unexceptional, a generic airbrushed model type. she doesn't seem the least bit extraordinary to me. but, then again, i work at a university, and fake tan dumb blonde sorority types are a dime a dozen...

and reality tv is the devil. i won't even get started on that crap.

If Cole pitches 234 innings, expect half that in '08. Even Cole Hamels has a UCL.

I'm surprised no others have asked me this.
I simply took the opportunity to ask him what I thought would be a flattering question while he was tirelessly attending to the little autograph seeking paparrazzi. I said, "Hey, Cole, how long before you get the opening day nod?"

He didn't reply immediately and I was moderately embarassed but then looked up from a Sharpee and a baseball and asked quizically in my direction, "whut, whut was that?" So, I reiterated with conviction.

Apparently, he didn't get the point. He replied, "well, I think you have to win a few awards for that, don't cha?" ...all the while, mildly playing to the crowd.

So, I said, "well, that depends on who is still around." I could feel the tension tightening.

so then he says incredulously with a look of part amazement and part defensiveness, "hmmmmfff, I think I'll still be around."

It was then I realized that he is still just a kid (at least to me) and that I should let him go with the last word. Soon after, he signed every last baseball and shirt and whatever and said farewell to his crowd (not including me).

Of course I couldn't let it go at as he walked to his car where his wife was waiting to drive him away into Clearwater, I timely shouted, "2008!"

Cole Hamels is a jerk. Is this supposed to be news? It's not to anyone who's ever met him. Just ask the people in Reading who got a glimpse of him first-hand. OK, so he's 6-1. That makes him a 6-1 jerk.

I have no idea if Cole is a jerk or not. We don't have anywhere enough information. I like to think he's a nice guy, but I have no way of knowing. It all depends on when you catch someone-- I'm sure I've had moments where strangers have seen me one time and thought I was horrible, and had moments where strangers have seen me one time and thought I was very kind. You can't judge someone based on one little interaction.

The grass thing just seems so random-- I can't imagine why someone would judge anyone based on that, but it seems perfectly reasonable to me that Cole can't really do yardwork during weekdays, with all the night games. Sunday evening is probably the only chance he gets.

I live in Berks County. We don't put our grass clippings out, we have to take them to a designated area inwhich to dump the grass clippings and any other type of organic material.

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