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Tuesday, May 08, 2007


Wow, what a great mid-day treat.

Maybe the Brewers would take Rowand, Barajas, Helms, Dobbs, Nunez and Manuel for Ryan Braun straight up.

At least we top someone's list for something!!

I'd make that trade.

I would try to say something positive about this whole situation, but then I would be let down even more. I am officially reverting back to my trusty attitude: assume that the Phils will lose every game they play. It is the same thinking that helped me survive countless chick flicks with girlfriends in the past. Assume the worst, and any sliver of goodness is all the more savory.

In light of this I am now picking up players of the Phillies opponents as quick fixes on my fantasy team. I picked up Carlos Quinten, not for this reason, but sure enough he shafts the Phils in the first game. Another no lose situation. Bathtubhippo, I suggest pitching up even marginal pitchers of other teams when facing the Phillies. If Howard is playing, 6 K's is money in the bank (not Citizens).

How does Arbuckle still have a job?

Ottawa Lynx have 1 HR this year.

Does anybody think the time will come when the idiot Giles realizes the value of quality scouting?

parker, some sad but fair observations.

1 homerun by an entire minor league team is pathetic. That's actually beyond the realm of suckitude (had to make up a word because it's just that horrible).

Not only is our MLB club $hitty, our minors are bare of talent as well.

Looks like a bright future for this franchise.

The Ottawa Lynx have decided to dedicate this season to the Dead Ball era...they're succeeding.

One home run through May 7 is almost unfathomable. Utility infielder Jesus Merchan, who goes about 160 and wears braces, hit two in the R-Phils game I attended two weeks ago.

To be fair, I would guess that any of the guys on the roster from anywhere south of Maryland probably feel playing baseball in central Canada in April is unfathomable.

In fairness, the Phils have been spending their 1st and 2nd round picks mostly on pitching over the past 5 years or so. They do have some good pitching prospects.

They are devoid of position player prospects because, unlike other teams, they don't have the quality scouting that can turn up a gem in the middle rounds. Nor do they have good overseas scouting, although they've upgraded that recently.

OK Everyone. Why did we go from a system that had prospects like Rolen and Utley and Howard and Burrell and Myers and Hamels?

Two reasons first we went from a last place 96 loss team to a consistant 86 win second place team, and more importantly our last GM Mr. Wade signed numerous free-agents who are no longer with us to help us get over the hump that we never got over, and we lost many many many draft picks to other teams.

Our current GM realizing the systemic long term former Met like decade long disaster coming up made a decision. Draft Pitching, and High School Batters, the pitching in our minor leagues is coming long nicely thank you, and in the upcoming draft we are getting extra picks for free agent players who would not sign with us giving us extra picks in exchange.

Picks 37 and 113 in the upcoming draft are extra picks for us, the type that we used to lose all the time.

Good points, SirAlden. This draft will indeed be critical in rebuilding the farm system.

I would agree with Clout in that the overseas scouting wasn't all that great until recently. We missed the Iwamura boat when 3B was an offseason priority prior to signing Helms. I'm sure if someone researched it, there's a quote out there by management that says something negative about him, or the Phillies signing him.

Their other problem on position players is their bias toward athletic guys with no baseball skills, like Greg Golson, C.J. Henry, Chris Roberson, Reggie Taylor, Chad McConnell and the quintessential Phillies first round pick: Jeff Jackson.

SirAlden: Certianly the better finishes yield lower draft positions, but how do you explain the Braves' draft success? They draft at the end of the round every year, no?

A couple position players are off to decent starts. Golson is hitting okay. Still too many Ks. Baez, a third baseman, is hitting okay. Slayden, an outfielder, is hitting well. In Lakewood, Jason Donald is hitting, and considering Adrien Cardenas is only 19, he's doing well. Cardenas might have the brightest future of any player in their system. He looks like an early winner from last year's draft. They need to make him into an outfielder.

The Braves don't give up their draft picks.

I like this Cardenas kid, but I assume, somewhere along the way, he'll get hooked on heroin or something, rather than play for the Phils

Just FYI, that great Seattle Slew acquisition is starting for the Pads tonight.

SirAlden: True enough, but how do you explain the gap in quality between the the Phillies picks in the top 3 rounds and the Braves?

Pure and simple, the Braves have a PLAN, much like Minnesota and Oakland (the teams with "bad management" referenced in another thread). Consistency in sticking to a plan is paramount. The problem with the Phils, other than terrible talent evaluation, is that the change in GM's, bad contracts, bad trades, etc. have necessitated constant changes in plans for the future. One year Jim Thome is the basis to build around, the next he needs to be shipped off so Howard can play. Consistency is king.

It's not just consistency, WP. When you draft, and DEVELOP talent well, it gives you the depth in your farm system to make trades for the players you need. To wit, Seattle Stew tried to get Gonzalez from the Bucs, but we didn't have anything they wanted. The Braves had the depth in their system to trade their STARTING MLB first baseman to get it done.

J: Isn't Merchan now sitting for Garciaparra now? Doesn't this sum up the Phillies organization's lack of thinking to a T?

AWH, while I agree totally with your point there, Craig Wilson, a FA pickup, is starting at 1B for the Braves.

Brewers offering free prostate exams outside Miller Park. Note to Pat Gillick: "Free mandatory MRI's outside Citizen's Bank Park for all incoming free agents, and traded players." Unless Davethom complains, in which case you let Borowski walk through test free and test everyone else.

I know some have mentioned it before, but Gillick should make every reasonable attempt to get Wilson Betemit from the Dodgers. This could be especially pressing if Howard goes on the DL and Helms has to play first base (not that I like Helms at 3B, but I'm still hoping against hope that he remembers how to swing a bat at some point). Betemit has more power than Nunez and is probably a defensive upgrade over both as well.

Bullpen Big Spenders: I said about 2 weeks ago that the Orioles had significantly bettered their bullpen by spending large sums of money, I would like to retract that statement in light of their efforts recently, which make the Phils bullpen look unhittable. So much for that big spending.

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