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Thursday, May 24, 2007


I predict we'll be seeing a lot of comments on here tonight protesting Barajas' start. Tough pitcher and a weak-hitting lineup, for the most part... should be one of those 3-runs-or-less games for the Phils that they haven't won all year. But when lefties struggle against Willis, and this team historically struggles a bit against Willis, why not try something different?

Barajas isn't producing any less offense than Ruiz really, although Ruiz is the better player. Posters would be better served looking toward Rollins, Burrell and Rowand tonight. Along with Lieber, those are the players I'm counting on.

I'd love to see Helms get rolling in his stadium of yesteryear - but I guess it's the wrong end of the series and the wrong half of the year, maybe even the wrong player.

Or we could talk about the rain in Miami...

Did anybody catch Stark talking about his overrated/underrated book? He had a good interview on Comcast and I just read his articles at ESPN. I might have to pick up that book.

Marcus Hayes said on the radio earlier today Barajas is in the lineup because he hit 2 for 4 against Willis earlier this year

I never ever say this, but...
a) Myers not available
b) Barajas available -- and in the lineup.
c) Willis pitching
...I'd actually like to see this game get rained out.
And yes, I say that even though Coste is in the lineup.

I'm okay with Utley getting a rest tonight, though it seems weird after he went 3-5 on Wednesday. The guy probably needs to sit one out and clear his head, though, is Rollins. He's not driving the ball, and he's not having good at-bats. Rollins is always streaky, but that doesn't mean things can't be done to try and shake him out of a bad stretch.

I'm sure he wants to play against his buddy Dontrelle, and I know it doesn't make sense--it might not even be possible--to sit him and Utley both, but he would have been my priority to get a night off.

Um, nice hit, Jimmy ;)

It's like I always say -- Charlie Manuel is a genius :-)
For one half-inning, anyway.

What happened to Nunez?

Nunez was hit in the mouth by Olivo as Olivo attempted to throw out Rollins at 2nd.

It certainly looked like the top portion of Boone's foot had come off the bag. The question now is whether or not he had that bottom part against the side of the bag.

The guys in the booth are pretty certain it was on, but I'm going to trust the ump. He had a perfect view on that.


Nunez out with a mild

From one of my favorite movies, Friday, "You got knocked the f*%k out!"

great quote, carson.

the one and only honest abe nunez was batting .315 when he sustained this concussion. so when his mighty average plummets over the course of the season, let's all remember to blame this injury and not attribute it to him actually playing up to his career norms.

I hate the Marlins. Bunch a cocky a-holes. They need popped straight in the mouth to shut the hell up. Jack-offs!

What the hell just happened? I turned on MLBtv to see Rollins ground goes to commercial, it comes back and D-Train is being escorted off the field?

Things are getting feisty down there.

Don't hit it to Stone hands!

quiet here tonight. rain delay scare people off to their "real" lives?

What's a "real life"? Baseball is life!

Barajas just nonchalanted a "wild pitch". Lazy is as lazy does.

Phils now losing, and Dontrelle looks mighty now that he's settled down.

Looks like what's left of the bullpen will see some action tonight.

Get your head in the game, Barajas.

Barajas passed ball -- and why on earth did he get the start tonight over Ruiz?

I guess just to say to all the fans who called for Barajas' head after last night's terrible play at the plate -- "We don't care about that complete failure -- Barajas will be rewarded with a back-to-back start.

Barajas showed a complete lack of focus on that PB -- and I don't think the guy even really cares.

Looking ahead, I like the matchups vs. the Braves. We miss Smoltz, get Hudson, Buddy Carlyle and Kyle Davies. Carlyle is a Triple A vet and Davies has serious control issues. Both are quite beatable.

take it!!!!

does all the tension between the phils and fish stem from Olsen saying he "hates the phillies" last year

I can't get the game tonight. What was the bench clearing thing about?

DavThom's boy ties the game. So, we release Barajas after the game, keep Coste as the backup catcher, and activate Howard.

wishful thinking

So willis walks leiber to load the bases and jimmy swings at the first pitch!! are we ever going to score more then one run when we have the bases loaded!!!!

lieber threw behind willis then willis threw behind lieber, as willis was running off the field, he started yelling at the phils' bench.

i'll take the sac fly from jimmy in that situation. utley usually delivers with guys in scoring position

jimmy has really reverted to his past self and not the uber-productive (ie, selective) jimmy we saw the first few weeks of the season...

Coste at .333, which is, um, about his MLB career average.

Willis has been killer against lefties this year. They're batting less than .100 off of him so far. That's why Utley orginially had the night off until Nuni got the smack laid down on him.

I highly doubt Scott Olsen's comments were the primary cause considering he's a mediocre nutcase. There's some great underlying tension between the teams that has been building for awhile and Scott was only a part of it. This could actually be one of those cases where the two teams have played each other in enough close situations to have a genuine rivalry. Personally, I love it.

By the way, did anybody else see how much Barajas was barking and trying to get involved in the brawl? A nice try at redemption that would have meant more had he stopped that passed ball.

Thanks dbf. I think a Lieber-Willis fight would be hilarious to watch.

really wish somebody with an actual say would notice that manuel doesn't use the 12th pitcher (or the 11th...or 10th...or 9th...) and that we might as well keep coste as an extra bat up here instead.


Can someone kidnap Barajas?

Grow some Rod. Block the plate.


GM Carson -- " So, we release Barajas after the game, keep Coste as the backup catcher, and activate Howard.. . . wishful thinking."

Yeah, it probably is. Coste turned the bottom of the batting order over, just as he did last year ... and even with very little playing time over the past two weeks, Coste can get hits -- just like he did last year.

Sadly, it looks like Coste is going back to Ottawa after the game. See the link:

"Coste aware of what possibly lies ahead


It appears catcher Chris Coste's return to the big leagues will be a short one.

With first baseman Ryan Howard due to come off the disabled list Friday, the Phillies “likely” will farm out a position player, assistant general manager Ruben Amaro Jr. said.

Coste, who was recalled from Triple-A Ottawa on May 12, was hitless in three pinch-hit at-bats through Tuesday.

'I guess I'm pretty much prepared for whatever happens,' said Coste, who reached the majors for the first time at age 33 in 2006 and hit .328 in 65 games. 'I consider myself lucky to be here. However long it lasts, giddyap.'"

In Rod we trust.

good job rod. you're a tough guy.

Oh my god, he f**kin' did it again! I hate this man. I understand it's only a game and he's only a baseball player, but I want him released immediately. This is riduculous. What the hell is he doing...lazy piece of sh*t!

I'm sorry for cursing. But I'm serious he needs to be cut/traded/released/benched I DON'T CARE

The play of the catcher is inspiring.

Another terrible play at the plate by Barajas -- dropping Coste's throw which got there in time.


IN ROD WE TRUST, dude...if only we could say that and mean it and not in a mocking sense. well, tonight has potential for lots of great movie/tv references, if nothing else.

and here's geary for the 17th time in 4 games

I was in the camp that gave Cholly a break when it came down to passing blame on the early skid, but there's really no reason Barajas should be starting tonight after last night. Poor.

I wasn't expecting to hurl his whole body in front of the plate, but like last night, it's a little league lesson: two hands on the ball, Rod.

if he starts holding his arm too i won't be surprised


Hey good job Rod!

Yet another instance where Cholly lets the pitcher bat for himself, then immediately lifts him the next half inning.
The lack of strategic baseball thinking continues.

I just saw that "highlight" on Baseball Tonight. Last week I said they should trade Barajas for a minor leaguer. I was wrong, I take it back. They'd be lucky to get a little leaguer for him.

Two hands on the ball appears to be too far adanced for Barajas. You put your shinguard in front of the plate! Little leaguers do this, I know that's when I learned!

Not once, but twice Barajas has been a pussy behind the plate in two nights. Not only is he a pussy, he's doing thing fundamentally wrong. He looks a fat lazy bag of crap. The Phillies fans care. We don't want this anymore. How can you allow him to be on this team and start nonetheless? Look at the harm he is causing. Imagine if this game were in Philly, the game would be called for tossing of batteries, ala JD Drew style. Screw Gillick for signing him, screwing Manuel for starting him tonight, and screw Barajas for being Barajas.

he's made 2 bad plays in 2 games.
but i think we can all agree that he's decent off the bench. he's had some key hits in the past couple of games. He just shouldn't get so many starts.

i vote we replace him with an actual inanimate carbon rod.


Being Philly, I think a pretzel rod would be more appropriate.

*******Only if Rod thought the baseball was a cheesesteak, he would have held on for dear life****

What a disgrace

I vote we replace him with Coste. Send Rod to Ottawa, wait till he hits 2 home runs so he leads the team in home runs, and let him spend some time in Canada.

knowing what we all know now and seeing what we've seen, is there really anyone *still* around ready to defend barajas and say we're better off with him over coste? anyone? really?

i mean, if the yankees (or anyone) were willing take on his salary and trade a ball of earwax to us for him next week, do you turn that down?

Don't you yank Werth immediately once a righty is brought in? You give yourself a better AB with either Victorino or Bourn, and you get better defense as well. This should be a no-brainer move, Charlie.

Hey, good news. The guy who just got done retiring Helms and Werth, Justin Miller, and made a scoreless appearnace last night was in our farm system at the start of the season. What would we need a guy who gets out and doesn't allow runs for in our pen?

john, was thinking the same thing, where's the PH instead of werth and his .500 ops vs RHP...

I'd rather have none of the above. The difference between a 34 year old career minor leaguer with a .200 average and a heartless washed up old guy aren't really worth debating. I think it's pretty obvious that no major league manager or GM is going to make an immediate change based on two plays so we know Barajas is around for awhile, but maybe we'll see jaramillo as the season goes on.

Krub: I'm not convinced Jaramillo will be a major leaguer, but if you want to throw the towel in on the season, he's worth taking a look at.

I don't think trying a different backup catcher is throwing in the towel on the season

krub, im not sure coste has done anything to lose a shot at the job, other than being the victim of offseason acquisitions, and you're post is just asking for a 5-paragraph lecture from davthom!!


krub: You think Jaramillo can hit major league pitching?

Nice AB from Coste. I've tried not to think much about the Coste/Barajas debate, despite being disappointed in Rod's play, because backup catcher isn't a huge priority.

But Coste's at-bats tonight -- specifically this last one -- really have me wishing he sticks around.

Nah, I think Barajas is still the best option (don't yell at me davthom) but if it's Coste vs. Jaramillo I'll take the guy with the same stats that is 9 years younger. As I said earlier though I don't think anything will change.

Working the count full, fouling pitches off, these aren't useful tendencies...and he walks. Heaven forbid we make a pitcher throw strikes.


what the hell was steve smith thinking? is it a rule that we hire retarded coaches?

And the stupidity continues.
Best part was LA on the radio broadcast yelling "no, no" in the background as they sent Bourn.

Why would you send him???? They just lost a run. Whoever wins the PIAA state championship this year should get to coach the Phills for the rest of the year.

Gahhh.. out with the coaches.. bring in the inanimate carbon rod.. please!!

Krub -- Jaramillo's batting average has dropped about 200 pooints since the beginning of May -- it is now .228, with Jaramillo having only three extera base hits all year. Jaramillo isn't ready -- and had less than 10 AAA at bats before this season.

Here we go with the backup C debate in 3.2.1.

Jesus...that is awful. Makes sense now that Steve Smith got the LAST COACHING JOB IN ALL OF BASEBALL this past off season. That should tell you something right away. God we should be up, not tied.

Can Coste become a player/3rd base coach?

I can't understand how a veteran third base coach can be so incompetent. Nobody out. Nobody goes. Not even Bourn.

Doesn't anyone on the coaching staff have a brain?

Aaaand now we have zero options left on the bench. great.

Are we seriously introducing Jaramillo into the Barajas/Coste debate? Geez.

Bourn seemed to studder-step or hesitate as he rounded third base -- whether because of a mix-up on being waved home -- or just a stall -- it seemed to cost Bourn any chance of scoring on that play.

Hmm.. Utz taking the day off anyways. See ya tomorrow Chase.

I'm beginning to worry that every Phillies' game I watch knocks a point of two off my IQ. I can feel the stupid radiating from the TV and zapping my brain cells. At this rate, I'll soon be qualified to work as a Phillies coach or scout, or maybe even manage. Good thing, because I won't be able to find employment anywhere else.

In all seriousness- why is it that we have stupid coaches? Manuel = stupid. Dubee = doesn't seem so intelligent to me. Dancy and now Steve Smith at 3rd...stupid? We need to surround the players with the best people possible who can get the most out of them. This crew doesn't do that, in fact they hinder rather than help. This franchise as a whole is appalling. Widespread changes need to be made.

They should pull LA off of the radio broadcast and make him the 3rd base coach.
He wouldn't have sent Bourn plus we wouldn't have to listen to him butcher the play-by-play in the 5th and 6th.
Also, he always forgets to do the home run payoff inning when it's his turn.
Perhaps, if they pull LA off of the radio broadcast, it will free them up to bring Scott "Put this one in the win column for the fightin' Phils" Graham back.

Too bad Barajas doesn't catch for the Marlins, Bourn would've scored.

Clout - The sad thing is that I thought exactly the same thing as soon as Bourn was called out.

Two million phillies fans Nationwide give or take ya think? 30 bucks a piece should do the trick right?

They're obviously going on some premise or theory in which you send runners when the opportunity is there. There is no way these guys are just making mistakes that big. I refuse to believe that a person can hold a major league job and screw up that play.

Yeah notice how Olivo went up the line and moved toward the runner. I stopped playing the Catcher position in early high school and I'm positive I could've made the play last night and maybe the one today.

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