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Friday, May 25, 2007


After this week and the resulting moves, who doesn't give a rat's about the Phils' series this weekend in Atlanta?

This guy.

They predicted this on 610 this morning, and their reasoning makes sense. Rather than release the MRI results immediately, they waited to put Myers on the DL until people started leaving for the holiday weekend.

Another solid PR move from the Fightin' Phils.


"Mike Gonzalez will require Tommy John surgery on his elbow and miss the rest of the season. Source: Atlanta Journal-Constitution"

Why is Coste in Reading now? Is it so he can catch more without Jaramillo in front of him? Is it so he can play more in the field? Or do Gillick and Manuel simply have it in for him?


Return of Howard. Dobbs playing 3rd. Chipper out (thumb).

1. J Rollins, SS
2. S Victorino, RF
3. C Utley, 2B
4. R Howard, 1B
5. P Burrell, LF
6. A Rowand, CF
7. G Dobbs, 3B
8. C Ruiz, C
9. J Moyer, P

1. K Johnson, 2B
2. M Prado, 3B
3. E Renteria, SS
4. J Francoeur, RF
5. A Jones, CF
6. B McCann, C
7. M Diaz, LF
8. S Thorman, 1B
9. T Hudson, P

I wonder how long Nuni will be sidelined. Doesn't a mild concusion take a little while to recover from? Would it have made more sense to place him on the 15 Day DL and leave Coste with the big league team? Seems to me that the Phils are going to end up on the short end of things once again with their bench.

Barajas can be traded next Friday.

Did they send Coste go to Reading instead of Ottawa because they know he'll be coming right back? One can only hope.

Jon, If Nuni is DL'd you better bring up a middle infielder (Garciaparra or Sandoval), unless you want Coste, Helms, or Dobbs as your backup 2b/ss. I agree with JW that timing was real bad for Coste as Zagurski will probably be used strictly as a LOOGY. So, you will need 6 other relievers, particularly since they don't have another day off till next Thursday.

Jason, you've mentioned (or alluded to) several times recently the potential of Barajas being moved soon. Is this merely wishful thinking, or is this an actual possibility. It just seems like one of those moves they're to stubborn to make.

Technically couldn't Barajas be traded now as long as he waives the no-trade ? Agree it is easier to wait till June 1st. I don't see it happening though. What would Barajas get you in a trade ?

What is LOOGY?

You are probably right Billy Mac. I was thinking more along the lines of pinch hitting. You could argue that you could ride with Coste in that pinch hitter scenario though, and if you get to the point when Utley or Rollins went down, you could bring someone up the next day (not that it would matter in the least if one of those two went down).

LOOGY or Lefty One Out Guy (left-handed specialist)

LOOGY: Left-handed One Out Guy

Barring a major injury to some other catcher this week, I think Barajas has about zero trade value. If some team is willing to take on Barajas's salary, that would be return enough for me.

I think they put Coste in Reading so JW can get an exclusive Beerleaguer interview.

Reading seems to have become the farm team of choice because of the difficulties getting players back and forth quickly from Ottawa. Of course, this will change when the team moves to the Lehigh Valley.

I have never been a backer of Coste. In fact over the past two years it seems like sometimes I've downright hated the guy. At this point I feel for the guy. There is no reason why he goes to AA unless this is the start of something new for him in the very near future. Either he's going be up here full time or released and hopefully catches on with another team.

Barajas cannot be traded until June 1st because he was a free agent signing. As stated above, there is absolutely no trade market right now for a catcher let alone one making $2.5 Million. And remember every other team has access to tapes showing what the guy has done the past 2 nights. I'm guessing they are waiting to see if someone loses a catcher in the next 2 weeks. If not then he's here for the season. Guys there is no way we release a guy making over $2 million when we won't fire a manager making $300k because the front office doesn't want to pay for 2 managers at the same time.

Said it before this team has been stuck in a rut for the past 6 seasons as an above average team that can't get over the hump to a 90 win team. Position players have come & gone, pitchers have come & gone, relievers have come & gone, managers have come & gone, even GMs have come & gone. Whats the common thread? MONTY, GILES, AMARO, D. GREEN and the no named Owners.

Conclusion - as long as these guys are the owners this team doesn't win anything

Let's all pitch in and buy this franchise for Beerleaguer.

Thanks Billy Mac and J.R. King

I am a first time poster long time reader to the board. You may recogize my name since I call Angelo & the Morning Team every morning around 7am.

I was at a few games during that last homestand and noticed the crowd there considerably younger than I had ever seen in previous years. Could it have been that one of the games I went to was "Dollar Dog Night"? I do not know the answer but I am willing to bet that most of these younger kids are not just there to watch a ball game. I'd be willing to bet that most of the younger men are there to see the many scantily clad dressed young women with ample chests who were willingly showing their Assets to all in attendance.

It can't be that hard to send players back and forth to Triple-A. The Phils are in Atlanta, then head home. The Lynx are in Charlotte, then head to Durham.

I can't believe I still care about this team enough to look that up. I need help.

Not that we need any more bad news ...

I was listening to Eskin, who's good for a lot of things, including stuff like injuries and contracts. He said based on the way this MRI announcement was handled, he believes Myers could be out considerably longer than just 15 days.

If that the case, you begin to think things like rotator cuff tear or partial tear, which is a slow and painful career killer.

Hope and pray this isn't the case.

Hi John:

Dollar Dog Days are holy days of obligation for my girl and I. There are younger fans, but I still think they're knowledgeable. In my section last game, there was a lengthy discussion regarding Coste vis-a-vis Barajas.

That said, I haven't been to College Night yet.

I assume Coste to Reading is b/c it's closer than Ottawa, nothing else. I can't imagine Barajas bringing anything of value in return. We'd be "lucky" to get Villone. I pray it's nothing worse with Myers, but the DL is a smart move. No reason to run him back out there to soon.

Kinda ironic that his arm gives out the same day or day after his quote that "he's fine". I'm glad we didn't give up anyone of note for Gonzalez. At least there some good news.

Eskin absolutely beats a topic to death but I totally agree with him being suspect on the extent of Myers' injury. Huge loss to this team for 2007 & beyond if it is a rotator cuff (which I bet it is).

I hope the Phils get swept this weekend and look as lifeless as they did the past few days. It just might result in Manuel getting fired. Will that radically change the outlook of this team? Probably not but it can't hurt. Too bad this team won that game in Arizona three weeks ago because I bet Manuel would have gotten canned shortly after that terrible road trip starting in May.

People were critical of the bullpen but it was really the offense that killed the Phils in that Marlins series. Rollins, Burrell, and Helms are each having a horrible month so far.

Only way this team wins even 2 out of 3 against the Braves is if Howard immediately comes back and makes an impact. I see a 1/3 for the Phils.

J.R. Kine -- You're right when you said, "It can't be that hard to send players back and forth to Triple-A. The Phils are in Atlanta, then head home. The Lynx are in Charlotte, then head to Durham."

Conversely, the Reading Phillies are beginning a four-game-four-day series tonight in Portland, Maine, against the Postland Sea Dogs.

If Gillick & Company are actually going to make Coste travel to Portland, Maine, and report to Reading there this weekend -- you know the AA posting is intended as yet another Gillick "insult-to-injury" shafting of Coste. With the AAA Ottawa Lynx to be playing in North Carolina for the next several days, while the Phillies are in Atlanta and then Philadelphia, nothing else makes sense to me.

On the other hand, if Coste is still travelling with the Phillies -- and some move is afoot -- that will be proven -- one way or the other -- by whether Coste reports to Reading in Portland tonight or tomorrow.

Burrell is killing this team.

You know for the longest time I've been trying to figure out how I can always tell a davthom post before I read a word of it - and I finally figured it out. At first I thought it was that the word 'Coste' is always in the first paragraph, but actually, what it is is that he always uses double dashes.

How about Utley's line in the box score so far:

0-2 2 RBI's

Ruben Amaro,Jr. = excitment. I cant wait for his era to begin at GM.

/sarc off

You don't need to be a genius to penetrate the slick facade of Amaro. The subtext was plain as day: Myers is going to be out a long time. He totally dodged the results of the MRI.

if you watched myers pitch sequence, he was pitching more and more aggressive.

he was throwing some incredibly hard curveballs, and then was cracking 96+ mph fastballs.

if i were a betting man, i'd have to go with rotator cuff, and he was overthrowing.

how long do you think it will take to get to atlantic city from phily?

mind you, overthrowing, NOT overworked.

huge difference.

He wouldn't have been either overworked or overthrowing had he been on the bench where he belonged.

Wonder how many runs and hits we left on the table while Jimmy was flailing away in the #3 hole.

I fear that in another year or two we will long for the days of Ed Wade when Amaro Jr. is named the Phils' GM after Gillick steps down after 2008.

Not only has Amaro Jr. never impressed with his PR ability, but he will be the quintessential company 'yes-man.'

I know what you mean curt, but we did need someone with a little pop at 3, with Howard out. Didn't work. Rollins is where he belongs now.

Phillies load the bases = perfect time to go for beer.

boring game tonite but Sargeisms are abound:

"Andre Jones" came up firing in CF for the Bravecs.

"Ru-IS" is catching tonight.

By the way, we've left too many on base the last two innings...needless to say we lose 7-4 after the pen blows...ooops looks like pen might be off the hook. Moyer might lose it all himself right here.

joe - you'll be down in AC and lose your wallet before the game is over if the pen gets involved in this inning.

steve smith, steve smith, steve smith...

wait to hold up rowand on that play

Thanks for showing up again,

I know some of you hate this but.....


I was taking a crap, can someone please explain to me what the hell just happened that 2 runs scored?

Another bonehead play for Dobbs.

Can we fire the manager and his worthless coaches yet? This team is broken. They don't do a damn thing right...

You know what Dude, they'll probably show a replay so you can watch the stupidity for yourself,

Anyone think Charlie sent Dobbs out for any extra fielding practice since his last mistake? Yeah, me neither...

Dobbs wasnt the one who made the wild throw home

I can't take it anymore. I think its about time to start looking at the possible free agent or trading block 3rd basemen. For years now we've been trending water with guys who can't hold their own over there, ie Polanco, Bell, Helms, Dobbs, etc. I guess I'll spending the next few hours checking the Mariners, Orioles and Blue Jays rosters to see.

Dobbs plays it properly, Howard never touches the ball.

But yeah, too many left on again. Just absurd. Every g damn night the same trash.

Glaus would be nice from the Jays. Too bad we don't have a damn thing to offer them for him.

That pitch was BS. Someone on the Braves needs to go down next inning. With Hudson sinkers, that high inside pitch was intentional.

I think Dobbs was thinking about that play from 2 days ago and was just going for the easy out. I'm not going to blame Dobbs on that. The wild throw was just stupid, I don't think he would've had a play if he made a good throw.

Dobbs, if his mind was in the right set, would have had his pick of which runner he wanted to get out.

its the same old story just diffent day. We get to the starter early then can't do anything with RISP the rest of the game. Had we not gotten the new stadium I would be all for contraction with this team being the first to be dismantled.

Come on Rowand. Make Hudson pay.

This complete lack of production out of our # 4 & 5 is eerily familiar.

119 pitches for Hudson.

Alright Dobbs you can make up for it now.

Jon nice suggestion but remember the rules: It has to be a guy that Gillick either drafted or was on a team that Gillick served as GM. I wonder if Ripkin still has the range to pick em. Maybe Tony Fernandez can go out there with his walker and play the hot corner. Both would probably be a better combination of offense & defense than Nunez/Dobbs/Helms Trio.

Nunez = no offense
Helms = gives you nothing
Dobbs = offense for the time being but he's a career bench guy.



GREG EFFIN DOBBS, he is clutch

If anyone on this team will hit with the bases loaded its Dobbs.

He gives up two, but takes them right back.

alright dobbs.

Braves fans are idiots. They give Hudson a hand. He pitched like crap.

Dobbs makes up for the bonehead play

who is going to pitch 7-8-9

did charlie mention who is the closer?

how confident are they in the new guy?


Ok, I guess Dobbs can DH when we play the games in AL Stadiums.

Yes, I know it will obviously be Burrell. Can Hamels close tonight?

Too early for Bourn.

Too late for Manuel.

Good recovery Ryno.

Damn Howard, way to pull that one out of your ass!

Never too early for Bourn. How about Helms in at 1st? (joke)

Standing O for Moyer.

Moyer once again proves himself as a 44 yr old stud.

Moyer once again proves himself as a 44 yr old stud.

We need more runs with our pen. Let's go.

yep,i dont think anyone feels comfortable with only a 2 run lead.

I've given up my "too early for Bourn" criticisms. Burrell sucks so badly these days that I'm not sure they're even giving up anything on offense when they bring in Bourn.

Willie Randolph brought Billy Wagner into the ninth with a four-run lead - he's given up a home run to Cabrera and walked Willingham. Charlie's a trendsetter.

Actually it looks like it was a five-run lead (??)

ZT, I think I just heard Franzke says Zagurski is warming.

Clap, clap, clap, clap ,clap

Welcome back Howard!!

That's the stuff!

Olivo just singled for the Fish too...

4 run lead...time for Myers! get him off the dl and warmed up.

bring in the new guy. whats the worse that could happen

Yeah Zagurski was warming up when I wrote that during a 2 run lead. I'm not sure how I feel about him coming in now.

Zagurski time!

guy reminds me of steve searcy.

Damn, a left-handed reliever who throws strikes! Who knew! He better be careful, Charlie may use him in every game from here on out!

1-2-3. Welcome to the show Kid.

I like this guy. His body is as toned as Kruk's...!

Time will tell with Zagurski, obviously, but still -- very nice to see a 1-2-3 inning. Very, very nice.

Congrats Zagurski now Charlie will use him every game till his arm falls off

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