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Friday, May 11, 2007


Burrell seems to going through what Bobby Abreu did just last year; prefering to walk. I like the fact that the Bat is learning to be more selective, but now, he's not hitting the ball even when he's hitting the ball, if you know what I mean. At the very least, those two strike "Ay yeye yeyes" are more rare. I gotta admit, I like seeing Burrell get on base but I'd rather see him slugging some doubles for a change or even home run every week or so. The key is Helms because if he wasn't a lighter hitter than the Bat right now, this post would be academic....but he's not so it isn't. Break out the lumber, Phils.

There really isn't a good candidate to hit behind Howard, but Burrell's one skill -- drawing walks -- could be put to better use if he hit somewhere else in the order. He gets on base, but he doesn't score runs because: (1) he's slow; and (2) the guys hitting behind him aren't very good. What about batting him 8th so the pitcher could try to bunt him over (rather than wasting an AB) and the high average hitters at the top of the order could have a chance to drive him in? Just an idea.

b_a_p, thanks for the clarification on the last thread about the bullpen. I see your point.

Assuming Burrell continues to hit the way he has, he might as well be batting 8th. I don't know the reason for the power dropoff, but maybe something's wrong with his wrist again. I find it hard to believe that, if he's healthy, he won't put up power numbers.

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Considering that he's putting the ball in play, would Rowand be a better candidate for "protection?" You give up some potential power, but then again 1 HR is 1 HR, regardless of potential.

I'm going to be interested in seeing the CBP reception of Soriano.

When everyone, Gillick included, looked at Burrell's home run and rbi totals over his career, they figured those numbers would be nearly impossible to replace without breaking the bank. Then, too, there was the small matter of moving his salary. There simply didn't seem to be many options, so the party line said, "Hey, here's a guy who will hit 20 - 30 home runs and knock in 85 - 95 runs, so things could be worse." Well, they are officially worse. He is walking more and hitting less with each passing day. He looks like a guy who is afraid to make a mistake, which among other things means he is rarely likely to take advantage of a pitcher's mistakes. Of course, there doesn't seem to be much danger of the latter; why would any pitcher have to be careful with Burrell at this point? Every time he escapes from the batter's box unscathed with either a walk or a rare hit, he drops the bat, puts his head down and can barely conceal his relief.

Talking about offense is way more fun, but this team is doing poorly because of pitching. End of story.

The Phillies had twelve hits and scored five runs in the first two losses in Arizona, so as is frequently the case the story is complicated and hardly ends with pitching.

Maybe if he didnt sign Helms he wouldnt be compalining. Howard will be fine, and you know what you are getting from Burrell.

I must say, anyone who doesn't think that pitching is what baseball revolves around, hasn't seen their share of baseball games. Hamels, a starter of quality that we haven't had in quite some time (Schilling), illustrates the importance clearly. There are nine guys in an order (at least in the American League) that can produce runs on a daily basis. There are only five/six starting pitchers through out the week. The fact that pitchers are really the only offensive figures in the defensive formation further explains how important they are to the game.....but it is nice to have some good bats.

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