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Monday, May 14, 2007


Of all the possibilities, I'm most interested in bringing Bisenius back. There's enough roomfor Manuel to use him frequently. Great curveball. Gets strikeouts. There's room for that here, instead of Hernandez or Castro.

JW, Great post. And if Zagurski continues to get hitters out at AA, he should be an option for the big club. Kevin Roberts of the Camden Courier Post echoed my thoughts today about how the Phillies are unable to put together long winning streaks necessary to get back in this race because of their pitching. Essentially they have to score runs in bunches to have any chance of winning. If the Phils score fewer than 5 runs, their record this season is 2-16. The Mets are 5-10 and Braves 7-11 when scoring < 5 in contrast. Their bullpen is a mess with only 2 relievers who are trustworthy. The backend of their rotation (namely Garcia and Eaton) have pitched better recently, but are not good enough to put together winning streaks. Garcia in particular is troublesome since expectations were so high. He was counted on as a possible ace at the start of the season and is now reduced to a 5 inning junk baller using smoke and mirrors to get outs. This team is so flawed that I cannot believe I picked them to win 90 games at the start of the season. This is a 81 win team at best as currently constructed.

Weitzel, I am a Bisenius fan as well. In fact I thought he could be used throughout this season as a mop-up guy and work his way into higher pressure situation possibly to be groomed as a potential closer of the future. I know Rosario throws hard, but he throws erratically, and he hardly gets the chance to ever throw in a game for that matter. Condrey is here again and should stay. He's not stud, but my guess is if he stays around the entire season, he'll have a nice ERA around 4 and eat up plenty of innings. Castro needs the minors, Smith needs to stay in the minors. Yoel doesn't seem very good. Our bullpen is bad, really freaking bad.

They have Bisenius devouring a lot of relief innings for Ottawa. That indicates they want to prepare him as much as possible for a return to Philadelphia.

I didn't think much of the Castro recall myself. Lefty for lefty sake. His control hadn't improved in AAA ...

Clout, your response to and half hearted defense of Borowski not giving up the other two earned runs (only having them charged to him), is missplaced. Borowski gave up the hits that let those other two runners on. He got two batters out, the first was a screaming line drive that was barely snared by Ryan Garko. I dont remember the second, but I think it was a popup that someone barely missed. He got hit hard and was again topping out at 87-89 MPH. Davethom says he has seen him topping out at 94 in the games he has watched. THe only way that is true is if he is being amped up by the Phillies radar gun which gives 5 MPH to every pitch. I have now watched Borowski throw in 4 games, and not once has he touched 90 MPH. He was taken out yesterday because his manager did not believe he could get another out. The fact that the next guy gave up the HR is really irrelevant. If anything it hurts the credibility of Borowski even more. If the manager is not confident enough to leave the closer in with 2 outs in a tie game, he is not confident in him at all. The fact that he brings in some bum who gives up a HR only strengthens this point.

Davethom: so I was a year off on Coste's age. What does it matter? So he made his first MLB appearance at 33 and not 34, Is there really a difference? It is a great fantasy to belive that Coste is back up and now the bench is solid. It is a fun fantasy, but without some magical dust (no offense Darryl Strawberry/1980's Muts) being sprinkled on my head; I'm not going to believe in it right now.

Just a quibble, but I don't know how Werth has more pedigree than Willie Harris, Harris played a lot with the White Sox for quite a while.

The front office needs to hire George Constanza, then have go against his gut instinct when judging players.

Vote For Bib!

We need a lefty in the 'pen that can be counted on not to walk nearly every other batter and to retire left-handed batters 80% of the time. That's a .200 avg. against, that's reasonable to expect.

I am more worried about the offense the next 2 weeks. Burrell and Helms still aren't hitting and now Rollins looks like he might be entering one of his patented 2 or 3 week slumps. Just don't see where the offense is going to come really unless an alternative steps up.

It's stupid Manuel didn't keep with Dobbs yesterday, what with his 4-4 day and all. Maybe he can be a small savior with Howard out. I'd also like to see Ruiz move up to make up for possible slumps near the top of the order.

One of the flat stupidest things the Phillies have done this season is go with seven relievers, at least two of which are scarcely used in any given stretch of games. Given that the bench is as weak as it is, it makes virtually no sense to figure there's more of an advantage in having an extra guy for those 18-inning games than an extra bat off the bench - which is usually exhausted past the ninth inning in any extra-inning game, as it is. How could they have figured even ten days ago - particularly with Howard 'day-to-day' that Yoel Hernandez had more value on the roster than Chris Coste? Does logic ever govern the decision making, or are they simply fearful of violating the bogus MLB "We Must Carry A Minimum of 12 Pitchers" standard?

Bisenius should be called up and used in the Madson/Alfonseca role. It is almost impossible to believe he could do any worse. And as far as a lefty...yeah, Villone would be nice, at least relative to Castro and Smith, but he was out there all winter while Gillick sat around with his needlepoint. I have little faith that he'll actually do what it takes to address an urgent need.

Not to mention that Villone equals Scott Boras, which means money would have to be spent. Therein lies the only "hiccup" in the whole scenario. This is the Phillies and their imaginary payroll budget we're talking about.

I agree with DH that is it absurd to keep Yoel Hernandez and Clay Condrey on the 25 man. Uncle Charlie barely uses them and the weak bench can use all the help it can get.

I think hiring George Costanza as the assistant to the traveling secretary would be a great move. Finally we would have a good reason to laugh at the Phillies' front office!

Finally Coste is with the big club and he belongs. He makes the bench better but is not the solution. After this weekend Ruiz should catch on most days. And phans, I agree if we have relief pitchers on the roster that aren't going to be used what's the point of having them there? It's just another instance of Uncle Cholly's mind-set (or lack thereof) not wanting to use players.

But Gillick is more at-fault. he doesn't even bring Cormier in for a look. He may help the Braves at some point this year. Also, forget Ron Villone. The Phils will not deal with Scott Boras (he's Ryan Madsen's agent too so as soon as he can he will leave). The difference between PG and John Scheurholtz is that Scheurholtz will try anything to make him team better even then they're in first place and Gillick does squat.

Schuerholz can have Cormier. He's beyond cooked, and he *never* was good at getting lefties out the entire time he was with the Phillies. Veteran or no, that's not my idea of a solution - bringing back a guy you dumped less than a season ago for failing in the same role that still happens to be vacant. Is Villone any better? Probably not a whole lot, but at least he wasn't already booed off the mound in Philly a few dozen times.

I hate(d) Cormier. No thanks anyway.

BedBeard: How's the pen working out? Just like you predicted, huh? LOL

Neither Cormier nor Villone excites me, but the Phillies do have a rather glaring need for a LOOGY & Cormier would certainly have been better than Castro or Matt Smith. Villone is a different story. He hasn't been any good in years.

I read this morning that the Marlins managed to land Byung-Hyun Kim and all they had to give up was the horrible Jorge Julio. I know there will be dissenters aplenty but, given the Phillies' present predicament, I think Kim would have been a pretty good addition. His recent failures have been as a starter. Back when he was a reliever, his numbers were consistently strong. And he's still only 28.

Patrone, to be fair to Seattle Stew (and I'm one of his biggest critics), he did make some moves last year by bringing in Moyer and Conine, when it became evident he was wrong about how soon the team could contend, so he has done more than "squat".

He has, however, made some very bad and questionable trades (mid and offseason) for which he deserves your criticism.


When did I predict that the pen would be good? I just don't want to overpay for you suggested. How's Dotel working out?

I would quess Bisenius is not quite ready for the bullpen in PHL, got bombed today in a morning game. Who remains that is having a good season in the minors? Bring on Bubba Nelson

The argument that there weren't useful relievers on the FA market this year is just plain not true. I don't understand why several posters on this board continue to insist that was the case.

As an aside, Fultz would look pretty good right now in a Phils uniform. His breaking stuff looked pretty good yesterday while I was watching the Indians-A's game. Plus, Fultz is only $1.6 million this year. Considering that Barajas is making $2.5 million and Nunez is making $2 million, I don't consider that an expensive option.

Bisenius should definitely be recalled. I am surprised he wasn't considered over Yoel Hernandez a little while back. As for the lefty issue, Villone should definitely be worth a gamble now that he won't cost the Phils a draft pick. Cormier signing with Atlanta is not a big deal. Castro and Hernandez have shown nothing and should be gone ASAP.

Yikes. Bisenius 2 HR in 1 inning, 4 ER. Lynx pitching got slammed for 20 hits today. Sanches is getting bombed, Bauer is getting bombed. From the looks of it, Bisenius is getting hit in bunches about once every two weeks.

I don't think that Castro or Hernandez have much to offer this club right now but it is pretty hard to demonstrate you have something to offer if you are never utilized/put in terrible situations.

Condrey has performed well in Philly so far. He was mediocre during his brief time last season, and has been very good so far this season. Based on how 6-Finger-Ant has pitched over the past 2 weeks, I'd like to see Manuel work Clay into some late inning pressure situations with Geary and Myers. He did a great job yesterday, Rollins/Utley botched the double play.

I never want to see Brian Sanches in a Phils uni again.

I love Fabio Castro (Model Dictator) but he needs the minors right now.

Parker: Borowski's performance speaks for itsel;f, the performance of the Phillies bullpen speaks for itself and your failure to offer anything resembling a solution speaks for itself.

Parker -- You said that it is "a great fantasy to belive that Coste is back up and now the bench is solid . . . a fun fantasy, but without some magical dust . . . being sprinkled on my head, I'm not going to believe in it right now."

Boy, Parker, you write like you broke out the "ust" already. Did I *ever* say that Coste's arrival makes the Phillies' bench "solid"? Of course not -- and such a thing could never be properly said, so long as the Phillies have "Werth-less" populating a short bench on a team carrying 12 pitchers -- a handful of whom the team hardly ever uses.

As for your comment on Borowski -- your claim that Borowski doesn't hit 90 m.p.h. is yet another erroneous statement on your part, Parker. Check out the "Gameday" for yesterday's Indians-A's game and you will see that Borowski was hitting 91 m.p.h. on the gun. Also, Borowski quickly got the first two Oakland hitters out in the bottom of the ninth, before getting "shaved" with a contracted strike zone by the home plate umpire on the third batter -- who ended up hitting a single after running a long count.

I think the Phillies would gladly have Borowski in their pen right now, as things have turned out.

Parker -- "ust" = "dust".

BedBeard: Then what's your solution? MG is right of course and you're wrong. There were any number of quality relievers who signed as FAs or were traded this past off-season.


Drop Castro or Hernandez. Carry only 11 pitchers.

Add a player... Mike Costanzo I'm looking in your direction. We need more power off the bench. I'd love the Phillies to RUSH a guy to major leagues too soon and see what happens. Never hurts the Braves. If he's not ready... send him down bring back roberson... try a Roberson, Victorino, and Bourne... Sprinkle speed through out the line up and let'em run...

And can we stop the talk on Coste and Borowski... Coste is just not a major leaguer. He's just not. He's a nice story, but he's not the difference in winning baseball games.

As for the bullpen... Manuel has consistently proven he can't handle 12 pitchers. FORCE him to use 11 and see what happens.

Back to Borowski... he's a physical liability... and his numbers are AWFUL

1.71 WHIP 9.00 ERA 3 HR 18K to 7BB

How are the the cast offs from last year doing???:

FULTZ 2.19 ERA .811 WHIP 0 HR 10K 4 BB
WHITE 1.23 ERA .750 WHIP 0 HR 7K 5BB
FRANKLIN 1.92 ERA 0.80 WHIP 1 HR 10k 2BB

And you guys are concerned with Borowski.


Unlike you and many of the other pretend GM's on this site, I don't have all the answers. I simply stated I don't want to overpay for junk, like Dotel. Yes, there were other relievers out there, but a part of the problem is the Phils didn't have a lot to offer to acquire a good one. We aimed high with Linebrink, and (maybe) nearly got him. If we kept Rick White, would you have been happy? I think not.

IF you guys are looking for a Lefty the Phils could reachout to get, take a look in the Atlantic League in Newark. RJ Swindle is a 23 year old lefty with unbelievable k/bb numbers (51/7 from last year to now). He throws a ridiculous 52 mph curveball and is absolutely death on lefties. The yankees released him out of Spring Training believing he cannot get out advanced hitters but so far he is doing just fine.

IF you guys are looking for a Lefty the Phils could reachout to get, take a look in the Atlantic League in Newark. RJ Swindle is a 23 year old lefty with unbelievable k/bb numbers (51/7 from last year to now). He throws a ridiculous 52 mph curveball and is absolutely death on lefties. The yankees released him out of Spring Training believing he cannot get out advanced hitters but so far he is doing just fine.

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