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Wednesday, May 23, 2007


Considering the state of the Phillies pen - What do you think about the recent note in the Philly papers about picking up Troy Percival? While I do like the idea of pitching starters longer in general, I'm not certain how long all of them will hold up throughout the season. Time will tell.

Continuing the broadcast discussion. I'm still trying to understand the decision behind giving LA play-by-play. Does Franzke get fatigued or something? Because it doesn't make any sense. None. Andersen doesn't have the voice or lexicon for it, and Franzke doesn't have the expertise to be a color man. What are his credentials there? As best as I can tell, he reads from the press notes.

Besides that, I've tuned in several times this season when it sounded like they were totally disinterested in the game, even in close contests. It's hard to envision either of them as the heir apparent to Harry.

Percival: I knew I forgot to include something in the header. Well ... he hasn't pitched in a long time, and is a West Coast player. If he has offers from teams out West, it's hard to see why he'd come here. The Tigers are also interested in bringing him back. He's worth a shot certainly, but don't keep your hopes up.

"Some surprise leaders in opponent OPS over the past three weeks: Justin Germano, with a .452 mark over three starts; Jeremy Guthrie, with a .454 mark in three starts; Jorge Sosa, with a .459 mark in three starts; and Sergio Mitre, with a .486 mark in four starts."


That Howard line makes me happy. I don't care if he's playing against Chico's Bail Bonds. He'll be a lift, mehopes.

"Aaron Rowand...shouldered the blame."

Is that physically possible?

And with that, kdon gets line of the week. That's good stuff.

I have to say, as much as everyone is down on Rowand for playing so shallow all the damn time, he is upfront and doesn't hide from the media.

The only thing about Phillies marketing -- the *only* thing -- I like is the repeated shots of him saying "For what? To win. For who? My teammates" over and over again.

Priceless, kdon.

I was pretty critical last night of Rowand's defense but I do have to give him credit for not ducking the issue. He shoulders the blame when it is his fault. Not the same can be said of all of his teammates though.

Plus, Rowand has not gotten enough credit for his offensive production this year. Rowand has produced like he did during the year the White Sox won the series. If Rowand winds up hitting .280-.300 with 20-25 HRs, you really could not ask much more out of him offensively.

Great line Kdon- well played.

Freddy goes 8 strong tonight, then throws a hissy for getting prediction.

I'm willing to give anybody a shot in our bullpen, that's how bad it's been.

I hope we don't crap the bed against Kim tonight, he's entirely hittable.

J Weitzel..I totally agree about the radio.

It is not even fun to listen to the broadcasts anymore, espcially in the 5th and 6th. I liked Graham, but I am open to Franzke. But it just seems like he doesnt really care either way and is just there to pick up his check. The rolling comedy act between the two gets tired very quickly. Im not opposed to humor, but they constantly beat jokes into the ground over and over, some of which are so inside that none of us get.

I wish they would go back to more of the rotating booth system they had back in 2005.

For what it's worth, I've listened to one radio broadcast so far this year - it was the recent Saturday game against the Cubs, televised on Fox. As the Phillies mounted their comeback in the seventh inning, Franzke was tremendous. Every time I hear him, he provides very thorough description in his play-by-play and is more than enthusiastic where appropriate. But it might be a different story when the game's dragging. An entire game with the same two people, both inside and outside of the booth, is bound to make any game drag. The Phillies claim that people 'complained' about the frequent announcer rotations they used to have, but it never bothered me...

For some reason, Andersen often came off as crabby on TV, but his humor really kicks in on radio.

Wouldn't that be typical of the Phillies front office -- listen to moronic complaints about moving announcers back and forth from radio to TV, something that they've been doing since the days of By Saam ("Hello, By Saam, this is everybody" was his famous blooper line) and Bill Campbell (you younger fans would only know him as the geezer who whistles through his dentures while doing his KYW radio commentaries).

Kudos to Rowand, by the way, for being a standup guy about his misread on that ball -- and to KDon on what might be the best line of the season so far. I'm still wiping soda off my computer screen.

It's shocking how many times this year L.A. has forgotten the in-game situation while he's doing play by play. That's why I called his attempts "comical" in the last thread. At least three or four times that I can remember, he's forgotten the number of outs and will use that to incorrectly predict strategies like where outfielders should play or whether a sacrifice is in order. And he only has to do this for a tiny part of the game! It's ridiculous. I keep expecting him to wrap up an inning and cue the commercial when there are only two outs.

Everyone is entitled to his opinion, but I can't understand what Franzke brings to the table that Graham didn't. I'm sure you could do better than both of them if you really wanted to (hey, maybe that's something the Beerleaguer Ownership Group could do on Day 1 at the office), but why Graham was forced out to make way for Franzke makes no sense to me.

There was an article the other day on (I think) about Graham. I was glad to see that he'd found some success with NFL films and other local sports. I always felt he approached the job with a degree of professionalism that Franzke lacks.

L.A. has no business doing play-by-player. I enjoyed him as a color guy.

L.A. is an awesome color guy, because he has good humor and for the record, I enjoyed when he seemed "crabby".

So, anyway there's a game tonight...

Is tonight the night for Garcia?

Laramie - Good point about L.A. I definitely recall a few situations where he clearly lost track of the number of outs but I think it is because he is really into the action. One of the things I do enjoy about L.A. is that is a slight homer at times.

Also, I don't think that Franske is bad but he hadn't called a baseball game in over 10 years. Definitely a bit of rust to work off.

One thing that Franske does need to work on though is his rhythm with L.A. The two of them still constantly interrupt one another and this has only improved a little bit since the start of the season.

There is absolutely no excuses for the Phils tonight. Even with woeful offense of late, they should be able to chase Kim by the 5th.

laramie said -
"Everyone is entitled to his opinion, but I can't understand what Franzke brings to the table that Graham didn't."

Couldnt agree more.

Anyways, lets get a win tonight

If Bourn doesn't get a start tonight, you have to wonder what the point of keeping him around is. He's scored 5 runs this year, and I think he personally contributed to scoring two or three of them. One of them he scored after he had hit a triple; on another, he pinch-ran, stole 2nd and 3rd, and then scored on a fielder's choice or a sacrifice, I can't remember. I don't remember his speed having anything to do with the other three runs.

I mean, it's not his fault, I'm certainly not trying to diss Bourn. It's just that the way he's being used isn't really working. Either we need to exchange him for some more power on the bench or we need to get his speed into our lineup more often (i.e., at least ONCE).


Bourn gets his first start and leads off. This lineup should be able to run on Treanor.

1. M Bourn, LF
2. S Victorino, RF
3. J Rollins, SS
4. C Utley, 2B
5. A Rowand, CF
6. G Dobbs, 1B
7. A Nunez, 3B
8. R Barajas, C
9. F Garcia, P

1. A Amezaga, CF
2. D Uggla, 2B
3. H Ramirez, SS
4. M Cabrera, 3B
5. J Willingham, LF
6. J Hermida, RF
7. A Boone, 1B
8. M Treanor, C
9. B Kim, P

Treanor has not thrown out a baserunner this year yet. 8 SB, 0 CS.

Agreed that Bourn should be in there. When Burrell sits, whether for a tough righty or becuase of a day gam after a night game, Bourn should get the start. It's absurd that we are 45 games into the season and this is his first start.

Is there another player in baseball (or, at least, NL) that was on the opening day roster and hadn't started.

While Percival is a West Coast guy, and seems to have a strong bond with the Tigers, who need a setup man without Zumaya...can't we overpay him? I know he might suck, but given our conservative medical personel (Borowoski), if he passes a physical we should do all we can to get him. Gillick should try to sign him simply to make up for losing Germano (who I still don't know if I'm rooting for or against at this point). Percival retired because of injuries, not ineffectiveness. Here's hoping he has some connection to the Blue Jays or Mariners.

Troy Percival? Are the Phillies serious? Hell, maybe they will see if Jesse Orosco can still hack it has a LOOGY.

Also, has anyone noticed (and I could be wrong) that while Gillick is quite prone to picking up former players of his from Seattle and, to a lesser extent, Toronto, he seemingly avoids the Baltimore guys.

One more:

Does anyone know of any media questioning of Manuel in regards to his use (or lack thereof) of Bourn. If so, could you please post it? It seems like someone must have asked him.

Holy cow. Other than Coste, the entire bench is starting tonight. Hope Bourn has a good game.

What does Franzke bring to the table that Graham doesn't? How about a genuine personality that doesn't come off as that of a phony, generic game-show host?

Howard Eskin is playing Dr. Phil on his show right now. He can do it all! He can fight off the big bad Charlie Manuel, single handily handle the Vick/dog fighting scandal/ and now he tackles marriage problems. How could Philadelphia survive without him?

Exactly RSB. Graham was the least genuine announcer I've ever heard, and that says a lot.

lt, your point about Gillick's love of his former players has been mentioned a lot around here. I think there was some hope the Phils could have kept Franklin, signed Piniero, and had 4/5 of the 2001 Mariners rotation.

I was going to say that Bourne would start the day that nobody mentioned it. I should have figured that it would be on the day that I cannot watch the game. Figures.

Preempted ridiculous comment: I just want to anticipate the probablity that if Kim pitches well, someone will chime in that we should have acquired this guy. I know there were some clammoring for this in the past. Not bashing anybody (Don't even know who said it anyway), but I didn't like it then, and I think it would make me more mad if I saw it later. Therefore I vent my frustration in advance.

RSB: Amen, amen amen on your Graham comment. The guy was just awful.

Parker: I don't recall any clamoring for Kim on this board. There certainly shouldn't be. I don't care if he pitches a no hitter.

Kim is the type of pitcher you can get your bats going against. Just what the doctor ordered to get the Phils out of their week long hitting slump. Be patient and don't chase his slider. His fastball is very hittable.

Oh there was Clout, believe me. This may be one of the few issues that we agree on, but Kim is finished, and I'm not sure he ever got started (not got a start, as in pitching). I thought it was ridiculous then and I have a feeling that I would pull a "ZZ TOP" and blow my top later if I saw a comment like that.

Clout: In fact I remember arguing against it (the picking up of Kim) by citing him giving up a HR. I thought it was the ALCS or maybe I thought it was the WS. Either way someone corrected me as to the game (or it might have been the player, I think I said it was Aaron bleepin Boone and it was actually somebody else). The point was, he gave up a huge HR. He has actually given up several big HR in the playoffs in his career, I just don't remember which games I cited about 4 months ago.

Parker: I'm with you. The guy is cooked.

Clout: you do realize that we have just put the double jinx on the Phils after these comments. Anybody got a way to get rid of that. We need Reverand and his "Blessed" water right now. Somebody think of something fast.

1. Bourn
2. Victorino
3. Rollins

I'm all for playing small ball ... but that seems a bit nuts to me.

Is Victoria now incapable of batting at the bottom of the order?

I thought Graham was great. You don't need some goofy personality to do radio, all you need is to call a crisp game and have a good voice, he had that. This new guy, I don't know his name, strikes me as a little dumb and incompetent.

Well, I guess I am relegated to watching the Sawx vs. the Yanks, courtesy of my subscription to MLB extra innings. Or maybe I could watch "Blown Save" Borowski (just seening if you are awake RSB) against (gulp) the Royals. I don't like either choice.

Not to beat this subject to death, but RSB, with all due respect, I think it's a bit unfair of you to talk about Franzke's personality after listening to ONE radio broadcast. Talk about your small sample size...

I think where the difference between Graham and Franzke is really highlighted is on the call-in shows, the rain delay specials. Oh my are those ever painful to listen to. It's unfair, really, because most of the callers want to talk about a mistake Manuel made, or how Helms can't hit, or why won't Burrell just make an adjustment, and Franzke has to spend the whole show trying to defend these guys in the face of clear screw-ups. I thought that Graham handled these shows much better. Something about his "smooth" "game-show" personality, I guess, helped to keep everything under control.

Anyway, clearly the Phillies can do better than both of these guys, and frankly I don't expect Franzke to stick around too much longer. He still doesn't sound like his heart is in it, and as Jason said, he doesn't provide any insight that the cheat sheets don't have. I wouldn't be surprised if he jumped back to Texas if an opening came up.

It's fun watching that yellow dot move around the diamond on gamecast when Bourne is on base. It's kind of like playing tennis on a Comodore 64.

Uts!!! Alright, yellow dot dissapears. Love it.

I believe I was the guy clamoring for us to get Kim. "Clamoring" might be overstating it. I believe I merely threw out the idea that maybe he could help us, if used as a reliever. I really don't get why all these teams continue to try to use this guy as a starter. When he was a reliever, he wasn't bad at all.

Is it possible that Garcia's contract says he must try to throw at least 7 pitches to every hitter?

BAP, just hyperbole on my part. Wasn't trying bashing your idea, but I still disagree. Way to own up though. I am absolutely sure you would have remained anonymous on that one.

Argh! Hanly Ramirez.

I was just trying to follow Aaron Rowand's lead by being a "standup guy" and acknowledging my mistakes. Ok, I admit, acquiring Byung-Hyun Kim was one of the more stupid-ass ideas I have ever come up with.

laramie, I've listened to Franzke plenty. He did all the spring games, and I heard him plenty last season.

I love how Kim was traded for Jorge Julio - two guys who have been given up on very quickly by about five different organizations apiece over the past few years. Amazed that the Marlins don't have some 19 year old kid somewhere in A ball who can come up and throw 97 right out of the chute.

I guess they aren't going to move Rowand out of position but I'd really like to see Bourn in center tonight.

Garcia has thrown 59 pitches through 2.2 innings ... does he still think he can pitch deep into this game?

yeah and he'll get all pissy when he's removed with 130 pitches thrown after 5...

Same old crap from Garcia. Buckets of sweat, no command.

Nope. Still just talking the talk.

Garcia has been a bust so far and I can't say I'm surprised. Meanwhile, Gio Gonzalez leads the Southern League in strikeouts. I'm actually kinda surprised by that.

Like I always said, if Nunez and Barajas can't get this offense going, no one can.

Maybe we should call them A.-Rod.

am I reading this right? Garcia throwing 71 pitches through 3 innings?

So ESPN is showing a special edition of Baseball Tonight, and only to break into the Thunder game to watch Clemens pitch. It is absolutely mind-boggling the preferences of this network.

am I reading this right? A Nunez doubled to deep left?

If the Phils can get 6 out of Garcia tonight with only 2 runs, I'll take it. Phils have to do something in the bottom of the 5th now that Kim is getting up in pitches.

This lineup is starting to make the BP look good.

Parker, I don't know how young you are, but Kim gave up some of the most memorable HR in the history of baseball in games 4 and 5 of the 2001 World Series. Not only did he give up the lead in the ninth in back to back games, but he also have up the winning runs in extra innings in back to back games.

The major fault, though, lies with Brenly, who used Schilling on three days rest and therefore had to pull him in Game 4 even though he was dominant.

Wakefield gave up the Aaron Boone HR.

i think that the key with Garcia is to simply not look at his pitch count. Just pretend it doesn't matter.

Kim did have have a few big-game melt-downs but, on the whole, his numbers out of the bullpen were quite good.

Interesting move by Gonzalez. Manuel has to counter with a righty here.

great garcia is going to get get tired running the bases, and pitch a super 6th inning

Oh I remember kdon, that is exactly what I was talking about 4 months ago. In fact I think you may have been the person who corrected me on who hit the HR's against Kim. That was my exact argument against picking him up.

Kim departs with a nice ovation from the crowd and high-fives in the dugout.

5 1-3 IP, 3 ER, 5 H, 6 BB (new career high)

Only in Miami.

IIRC b_a_p, Kim has said he really only wants to start and never like being a reliever (that, or there are injury concerns). I'm not sure he is good enough to make demands like this, but I don't think putting him in the pen is an option anymore.

That was an interesting meeting at the mound there

Parker, I think Kim's general suckitude the past two years is a better argument than a few post-season HR.

The next year, 2002, he was even more dominant.

At this point, however, his fastball is nowhere near as lively as it used to be. I wouldn't object to him in a set-up role, however, if he accepted it.

boy, LA is pissed about Vic's plate discipline.

5-2 count here for vic

I can buy that kdon. The only reason I threw it out there at the time was that it was the only thing I thought of with Kim.

Well not the setup man part, but that the HR are not the best argument, except to say that he blows up in the big games.

That's on Cholly, Jimmy's done nothing at #3 for 2 weeks now.

Speaking of suckitude, the Phillies just put on a pretty fine display of it.

Time to sit Jimmy for a game or two?

Ugh. They should have finished the game right there.

yeah rollins def needs to sit down, atleast one game..howard will be back on friday and he will be back at the one hole but he looks like crap at the 3 hole, trying to hit that all elusive 10th homerun when we needed contact but thats a typical phillies run with bases loaded and one out

One of the nice things about getting Howard back is that Jimmy will hopefully return to the leadoff spot. Just let him play.

That was absolutely horrible though, as Vic, J-Roll and Utley all swung at balls out of the zone.

This is nothing new for J-Roll though. We all know that. Every year he goes silent for a few weeks and then he is on fire for a month. This year I think we may have had higer expectations because of his uncharacteristic fast start, but this is nothing new. He'll be fine. I do think he needs to get back to leadoff, pronto.

Rollins will be fine, eventually, but, as long as he's in his annual 0 for 80 slump, it sure wouldn't be a bad idea to move him to some spot in the order a little less critical than the No. 3 spot.

I was excited when Steve "The Human Rain Delay" Trachel left the METS last year. His games vs the Phills were painful to sit through & were usually 4 HR games. It appears the Phills have inherited the next slowest pitcher in the game-Freddy Garcia.
How scary is it the Phills don't have a lefty in the bullpen? Not that fabio or Smith belong there.

Good god, Abreu is putting in a brutal effort tonight for the Yanks. (Pickoff and an error.)

That would be a QS for Freddie, believe it or not.

What's the Beerleaguer consensus? Sit down Garcia or bring him out? It looks like Charlie is going to bring him out for one more.

Rowand appears to be making a beeline for .280

kells except that we will still probably see Traschel against the O's. Argh! It is really great when a guy like Lieber pitches against someone like Paul Byrd. The game is at such a smooth pace.

Is it just me or are Rowand, Rollins and Victorino having some kind of slap-hitter opposite filed popup competion these days?

BTW my first post. Sorry it wasn't better.

Cholly is damned no matter what he does - either Freddie or the BP is capable of coughing this up in a hurry.

The 7th inning abats by Nunez & Barajas should be shown to Little League batters at their first practice-DON"T SWING like these guys!

Is it just me or does this game have the feel of a loss?

Anyone hear if Geary's neck is feeling better?

I think Harry has officially lost it w/ that call.

C'mon Rat Boy! Big at-bat here.

That was bad, Harry. Still better than 95% of announcers.

Out of Gas-Can Geary.

Never any doubt. HA!

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