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Sunday, May 27, 2007


No starts for the first 48 games, now 2 in a row. Once Cholly grasps a new concept, anything can happen.

Glad to see Bourn get the start again today. With the exception of a few HRs this month, Burrell has done nothing. Rather see the extra defense and speed that Bourn brings to the lineup.

This team baffles me. They go scuffling into the Braves series and now they poised to sweep the series. A sweep will be especially surprising because the starting pitching in the first two games was mediocre.

Dobbs should be the starting thirdbaseman for the foreseeable future (at least for the first 8 innings of the game). He hits just about everything hard!

Nice to see the Phils torch Davies again! Pile it on!

Love it when Gameday comes on and it's four to zip!

MG, I don't know how to explain it either. Mostly, however, it has been the poor starting pitching of the Braves and getting Howard back into the lineup.

When Myers comes back, who do we send down - Yoel?

as much as i hate to say it, that was a hell of a play. our CF usually just crashes into the wall.

Starting to look like we're going to need some good relief work for the 3rd day in a row.

MG, you're not alone. This team baffles everyone.

So finally Michael Bourn is cleared to start some games - what's this, three out of the last five, after zero in the first forty-two games? If he plays well at all, Burrell's role on this team is going to be seriously diminished - but unfortunately, it looks like Bourn is a little gun-shy at the plate and is looking for walks.

Don't know if Dobbs is any better of an option than Helms at 3B; is he just starting because Nunez can't? He shows more power than Helms, yes, but seems pretty much lost in the field.

From the previous thread: kdon, you would seem to have a point about the Braves' emphasis on the bullpen, but note that the Mets went with an identical approach and it hasn't hurt them any, yet. Will the Phillies' corps of reliable starters trump the weaker rotations but better bullpens of the Mets and (still) Braves? That was the question coming into the season, and still is - but just as pertinent a question is whether the Phillies can manage not to sabotage their own efforts with careless play. The two teams in front of them are not susceptible to this trend the way the Phillies are, and this is perhaps the biggest reason why the Phils just don't strike me as a playoff-caliber team.

Scratch that last one. Too bad we can't stay the week in Atlanta.

This is fun! 11-1 in the 5th, looking at a sweep in Atlanta? Sure, we all saw this coming...

1st 3 game sweep in Atlanta in 12 yrs. What were the odds on that?

kdon: The Braves approach proves that a rash of injuries (4 pitchers on DL now plus 3 others earlier this season) can ruin any plan. Frankly, I thought the Mets' rotation was far, far weaker. But then I didn't know Sosa, Perez & Maine, journeymen all, would pitch like Clemens, Schilling & Koufax. Bottom line: we still disagree about whether Gillick did enough to help the Phils bullpen this offseason.

RSB, if Bourn doesn't draw walks, he can't be a valuable player. He just doesn't drive the ball hard, so his only chance to be a solid ML player is to get on base at around a .370 clip. To do that, he has to have patient ABs.

When someone like Rollins looks for walks it is a problem, but not for Bourn.

On the Mets, they have been succesful with both their rotation and bullpen, but I disagee that they took the same route as the Braves.

There bullpen aside from Wagner is mostly castoffs and young players from within the system, not FA vets of the Borowski kind. Look at guys like Smith, Feliciano, Sosa, and Burgos. The latter two are castoffs from the D-Rays and Royals, and the former two are unheralded guys from within the system.

Their one major FA signing - Schowenweis - has been by far their worst reliever.

What sets the Mets apart from the Phils (and Braves) is not offseason moves, but Rick Peterson. Peterson has had some notorious failures (believing Victor Zambrano to be superior to Kazmir), but overall, the guy seems to be the new Mazzone.

Add to the fact the Randolph is way better at managing the pen than Manuel, and I think that explains the major difference in the respective bullpens.

"Bottom line: we still disagree about whether Gillick did enough to help the Phils bullpen this offseason."

Not entirely true. While I had more faith (and still do) in some of the middle relief guys, our major disagreement was in how to improve the pen. You believed that signing high priced FA vets like Borowski and Dotel was the answer, while I was more confident in a rotating system of guys from within the organization (or, trading Lieber for the right piece).

I never thought guys like Geary/Madson/Condrey would be lights out, but I thought they would allow for more payroll and bullpen flexibility.

As I've said several times, the only difference between a poor pen made up of cheap in-house options and one made up of retread vets is that during the season you can do something about it.

Compare what the Phils have been able to do this year with last year, when savy FA vets like Franklin and Rhodes continued to get important innings long after they proved to be ineffective. When those guys finally tanked (and Geary, Madson, Condrey, et. al got more important innings) the pen improved dramatically, even though Gordon struggled.

Sorry, that should read:

"the only difference between a poor pen made up of cheap in-house options and one made up of retread vets is that during the season you can do something about THE FORMER.

Taking nothing away from the Phils, but this series has been about the Braves pitching more than anything else. Hudson threw a clunker on Friday and yesterday the Braves put Buddy Carlyle on the mound who has a lifetime ERA around 8. Davies got rocked today. Add to that we got the Braves right after a big emotional series against the Mets. They've played flat.

Alright, well the only thing I was worried about in this game was Cholly burning out Hamels. Now that the kid is out of the game, I can rest easy.

kdon: I know it's not a bad thing if Bourn walks. He knows he needs to be patient, but I'm just saying he might overdo it at times. Too many close 3-1, 3-2 pitches, I'm seeing him standing there eager to fling the bat away, and the ump calls it a strike. He's hasn't shown much with the bat yet, but I don't think he's some feeble Danny Sandoval-type. I think he's got some extra-base pop in his bat, and the more he plays - and the more he's willing to swing - the more we're likely to see it emerge.

kdon, I sort of follow your logic if your pen is going to suck -- at least have it suck with cheap players. But that is a pretty poor plan for a team that was thought to have the other pieces to make the playoffs.

Ryan Howard is back. Beauteeful!

Hey, the reigning NL MVP is back everybody. This is fun.

Is there any question that Rowand has to keep hitting behind Howard so long as he's hitting .300? Cholly??

A little time off this weekend. Just want to make the obligatory fair weather chime and point out a few things:

1.) We all knew the Braves rotation sucked. The surprise is not this weekends performance, but that they have played over their heads for much of the season.
2.) Dobbs, Werth, Nunez, Eaton (to a certain extent): are all examples of the hazards of rushing to judgment. If Dobbs becomes the starting 3B and is close to this productive, Pat Gillick deserves nomination for GM of the year. Particularly if these other guys pan out.
3.)Ryan Howard is a dynamic force in this lineup, regardless of whether he is hitting. This sudden offensive surge parallels the WHite Sox sudden surge with the return of Thome. Having those guys in a lineup changes the whole game. To me, the fact that the Phils have maintained above 500 ball in Ryno's absence speaks volumes about this team.

Go Phils.

Parker wrote: " If Dobbs becomes the starting 3B and is close to this productive, Pat Gillick deserves nomination for GM of the year. Particularly if these other guys pan out. "

And this isn't rushing to judgment ? Is this Parker or Sir Alden ?

Note B-Mac. I said "if". This assumes that these events actually happen. Assuming they do, Gillick deserves credit for signing them. Is that even questionable? Who else deserves the credit?

Um. Three outs from a sweep? Howard with two home runs? Bourn starting? Dobbs playing over Helms again? Wow. Better glue my Phillies hat back together.

Have a safe and good Memorial Day, everyone.

And IF the Phils win 100 games, Manuel wins manager of the year. Werth by the way has one xbh this year off pitchers not named Scott Olsen.

Gillick will deserve credit for signing Dobbs if Dobbs keeps hitting this well - but he would NOT, repeat, NOT, deserve to even be considered for a GM of the year award because he completely mismanaged the bullpen situation, signed Barajas, and probably made a bad trade for Garcia. And actually, you're rushing to judgment on Nunez. It's been proven over the course of nearly a decade that he can't hit, he has a good month and you say we're rushing to judgment on him? He's a .240ish slap hitter who strikes out too much, by the end of the season that's what he'll be.

I'm continually amused by those that want to attribute the Phillies success to something other than the Phillies playing well. They smoked the Braves this series. Smoked 'em. And we're to beleive it's just because the Braves starters sucked?

Well, newsflash here, but someone's got to hit the ball. Plenty of bad starting pitchers win games. This offense has the most runs scored in the National League. Now that the starters have begun to string together some solid starts (not all of them, but much better than before), we're going to see a lot more wins.

By the way, the Phils are 14-for-31 with RISP this series while the Braves are 1-for-8. That's not all just because the Braves starting pitchers suck.

It's not about Chipper being out... or Gonzalez being out. This team is playing better. There's nothing wrong with giving credit where credit it due.

....and while we're anointing pat gillick king of the universe based on a few days of good play, let's also agree that abe nunez and barajas will be co-mvp of the world series this year.

Parker, you can stop being ridiculous any time now. Gillick might deserve GM of the year for signing Greg Dobbs? Yeah, that's my idea of an all-star third baseman. What, we're supposed to forget about the bullpen in lieu of signing Werth and Dobbs and annoint Gillick a shrewd genius? And what about Wes Helms, if he's so damn shrewd? He had his eyes closed, his fingers crossed, and his mind on the money and the money on his mind when he made these moves.

Well Werth has 50 AB's. I'd say 3 HR and 8 Rbi is pretty good for a bench player with 50 AB's. Of course Nunez is what he has always been, but he is capable of playing over his head. If this continues, he has been valuable. Garcia has a long time to prove his value at this point. Even if he pitches bad the rest of the way, he is a valuable trade chip. There are plenty of pitching starved teams that will be willing to give good value for Garcia at the trade deadline. Garcia is 30 and a proven starter with a World Series pedigree and good postseason numbers. He has value.

haha, where's clout when some primo reactionary posts so deserving of his ridicule are up and about?

and why does condrey seem to either look really effective or just awful and never in between?

CJ - It's more than us playing better -- the Braves are 1/18 with RISP. A complete reversal of the earlier Braves/Phils series. You'd think the guys just switched uniforms.

And here's the "other" Condrey back to prove he can't really get an out in the ML.


If Barajas wins the World Series MVP he gets a $50,000 bonus. Seriously. I'm not making that up.

In a related note, if Rod Barajas is ever the MVP of the World Series we will know the apocalypse is near.

Um. Is this happening? Is it possible to just enjoy a game for once?

oh so thats why Myers came in the other night up by 4 against FLA

To whoever asked who goes when Myers comes back: I think Condrey just answered that question for you.

That raises Condrey's era to 10.80

I dont think anybody thinks Dobbs is an all star 3B. My point is that if he puts up league average 3B numbers at his cost, this more than offsets the Helms singing (Which is not over BTW, as he could start to hit). I also think that Helms value as a bench player is beyond question. If I had said Dobbs would be an ALL star at any position, I would be ridiculous.

Good inning for Yoel.

It's just ludicrous to say Gillick did a good job this offseason. But that said, if Myers can come back we will have a shot at the wild card. As things stand we're just three games out, two games out if either the Dodgers or Padres lose today. Since the 4-11 start we've played .630 ball - don't know if that continues but with Howard's return, we should keep playing over .500. It'll come down to Myers and Gordon's health and what we do at the trade deadline.

Cholly deserves a rare pat on the back for giving Hamels the 7th inning off.

From the CNN/SI write-up:

The Phillies are 13-2 when Dobbs starts.

The Phillies are 13-2 when Dobbs starts.

If that is the case then he better enjoy it now, because in a year he'll get "Coste-d"

Gillick should be trying to swing a deal with the pads to trade burell. Even if we have to split his contract. Anything we get in retrun will have some value, and if anything, PB will get better playing on a new team in a new town.

Plus I can't imagine he'd bitch about going to a team that now is in 1st place in their division, plus San Diego is a nice place to live from what I've been told.

We can get Floyd/and a RP Prospect more than likely and its time to see what Bourn can do everyday.

Could be worse.

As it stands, PB will never even be a sliver of the player he has/had the potential to be, in a phillies uniform.

Oh well, I guess my day could go bad as my man Condrey gor smoked again. At least we can no longer say he racks up all of his good innings in mop-up, with his save on Wed. and his meltdown today.

I didn't see his "work" today, but I wonder what happened?

mm points out the 13-2 stat in games Dobbs starts. It's indeed that time of season when little trends like that can start being looked at and players measured compared with the rest of the league.

Dobbs is starting to add a Dellucci-type element to the lineup, and they're finding spots for him in the field and batting him sixth. That's not a bad waiver pickup. Nothing to write home about defensively, but take a look at what other middle-tier NL third basemen are doing (Lamb, Feliz, Sanchez, Betemit) and he holds his own offensively. Some young studs are really struggling, like Zimmerman and Kouzmanoff. There are teams doing much worse at third than Dobbs/Nunez/Helms.

Rollins moves back to leadoff and just like that starts hitting again. Victorino sits and now he's hitting again. Bourn is in the lineup more and more. Helms is in sometimes, sometimes not. Dobbs hits when in. Nunez went on a run when he was starting ...

... What's my point? I have to look up the last few weeks, but Cholly has gone from a lineup etched in stone to a flexible, day-by-day approach, and they're winning ballgames with it. Starting pitching deserves credit, but they're making it work mixing it up this way.

Yoel and Zagurski look like good call-ups. In the team's defense, they would have never known early in the season whether these two could help them. I'm pretty surprised by Yoel; he looks pretty polished.

Someone asked earlier in the thread which player should be sent away when Myers comes back and my answer would have been Condrey even before today's game.

Hopefully, the bullpen can keep patching it together and gain some experience and rhythm. When Myers gets back, maybe he'll have the support he needs.

Actually ANON pointed out the phils record when dobbs started, I just used it to make a thanks ANON

Two great points Jason:

1) The new lineup flexibility.
-Lineup tends to be overated, but I think it is clear that J-Roll feels more comforatable at leadoff, and that Dobbs' lefthand bat helps to break up the lineup.

2) The hope that Manuel realizes he has other options in his pen.

I mentioned when Myers got hurt that the only silver lining was that Manuel would be *forced* to trust his other arms, and that Myers would be used less frequently when he far, so good.

Jason, You make an excellent point about Manuel's Flexibility with the lineup. I think that it has been excellent. As long as when rollins,vic, utley, and howard start against righties, they hit in that order. No more screwing around in the order, with our productive guys, especially rollins. He's just one of those guys that tries that little bit harder when he knows he's leading off. Its ego sure, but if it works, it works.

I think that what the last couple years have proven about baseball over-all is that, when it comes to RP, you just have to go with the hot hand.

Maybe more GM's/Managers will take notice and those over-inflated RP contracts will level out a bit. Clearly we are seeing that prospects and AAAA guys can just as much done on a good week as the papelbon's and rodriguez's of the league.

Not to say that consitent players should not be handsomely rewarded, but, the fact that teams have to devote 20-30 million dollars to the pen is getting a little ridiculous.

I wouldn't have predicted a sweep of the Braves this weekend but this series was more about what the Braves didn't have than the Phils exhibited. With Buddy starting one game and with Larry missing two games due to the thumb injury, the talent gap between the Braves and Phils just isn't that great.

If there were two things I am fairly certain of this season so far though:

1. The Mets are clearly much more talented than even the Phils or Braves. In fact, if the Mets starting pitching holds up, they have a big chance to win 95+ games again. Mets stole Perez from the Pirates and Maine looks like isn't a flash in the pan.

2. The Phils team is winning in spite of the managerial staff or the front office. The Phils have enough of a talented core of players to win enough games to contend for a playoff spot but not clinch it. Nothing I have seen this season has convinced me otherwise. (Note: I am glad that Cholly is finally starting to play the hot hand though instead of using the same damn lineup).

MG... you sound like a guy who will never be satisfied.

Chipper was worth 7 runs today? Puh-leeze. It's like the guy who argued a few weeks ago that Adam Everett was worth a half-dozen runs when we stomped the Astros.

The Phils won. They did it with great hitting and solid pitching. We outscored them by 14 runs. Chipper is worth 5 runs a game? Really? Not even close.

Had Condrey not imploded in the 9th, we'd have kept the Braves from scoring more than 4 runs in any game. And we scored at least 6 in each game. That's how you win games.

Our starters got us 19 IPs and gave up 9 ERs. That's not dominating, but it's quality. Apart from Condrey's mess, our bullpen pitched 8 scoreless innings in three games. That's the kind of pitching that wins ball games.

We also only had one error in the series, which Howard more than made up for. Not to mention we avoided those baserunning gaffes we've had so often recently.

That's good baseball. And good baseball against a good team. Jee-zus... people have complained we only beat bad teams. Then we beat the Brewers and people say they weren't as good as their record. Then we sweep the Braves and it's only because they suck and they're not as good as their record.


A big hey-oh to the Phils on the series sweep. They have my undivided attention.

kdon: I think what you're saying is that a team that signs vets like Franklin and Rhodes is more likely to stick with them longer than in-house talent because of the investment. I agree. But I disagree with your contention when a team uses farm system stuff "during the season you can do something about it." Exactly what? If the farm system is crap, what exactly can you do about it? Bring up more crap? IF your answer is "trade for a vet" in season, that's exactly what I said they should have done in the offseason.

2006 Phillies: April 10-14
May 17-11

2007 Phillies: April 11-14
May 15-10

CJ, I'm with you. When the Phils beat the Nationals or Reds or Blue Jays, all we hear is, 'yeah, let's see 'em play the better teams.' Well, the Braves may be hurting at the moment, but they're as key a team to beat as any and it was some sweet payback for that opening series. The Phils still have their work cut out for them, playing better teams for most of the next month, and with the bullpen setting a new standard for decimation. But the results of this weekend series should have a lot of credit going to the Phillies.

A couple of things...

1) People need to stop looking at RISP numbers. It is an irrelevant statistic and of course it will always surprise you if you expect RISP numbers to consistently be better or worse than regular numbers. This has been proven over and over again.

2) Of course the Phillies play well when Dobbs starts-- he starts only against righties. The Phillies do well against righties; it's not necessarily Dobbs doing.

I think you all are on drugs. It's nice to sweep the Braves, but the Phils are now only a couple of games above .500. I think we need to take this season one game at a time. I don't need to dwell on the Phils record when Dobbs plays or whether this six game trip justifies FA relievers or home grown ones.

To be clear... I'm not suggesting this sweep means we're going to win the division, or that this sweep means we're going to win the wild card, or that this sweep means we're going to stay above .500.

What this sweep means is that we got three huge wins over the Braves, a key division rival, in THEIR house to get us 2 games over .500. It's as important a series as we played this year and we played it without both our closer and our replacement closer.

If we can continue to get solid starting pitching, great hitting and good bullpen work, we can build on this series.

The Phils beat a good team this weekend. Let's celebrate that while we can.

"kdon: I think what you're saying is that a team that signs vets like Franklin and Rhodes is more likely to stick with them longer than in-house talent because of the investment. I agree. But I disagree with your contention when a team uses farm system stuff "during the season you can do something about it." Exactly what? If the farm system is crap, what exactly can you do about it? Bring up more crap?"

I think this pretty much captures my argument. As mm stated above, and is verified by any statistical analysis of relief pitchers, bullpen (aside from stud players like Paplebon, K-Rod, etc.) performance fluctuates greatly, and the difference between retread middle relivers and AAAA guys is almost nil (unless you count salary).

There is no other part of a ballclub where you can get consistent, quality, work from AAAA guys like the pen. If you try and go with scaps in the roation, or in the lineup, you will eventually get burned, but teams get success from scap bullpens all the time.

No teams ever build lineups or rotations out of players like Dobbs, Coste, Buddy, etc., but many teams have built middle relief corps out of castoffs and AAAA guys (current Mets, 2005 White Sox, 2003 Angels).

I generally share clout's skepticism about minor league players, but when it comes to the bullpen, there are literally dozens of pitchers in each team's system that can perform as well as the overpriced vets (Borkowski, Baez, Franklin, Rhodes, Worrell, Mesa, Cook, Wendall, Rodriguez, Urbina, Mike Williams...)

Gillick also didn't trade Leiber, he deserves credit for that. Even if he was trying to trade him, he didn't pull the trigger on a bad trade, and that allowed us to have a very solid rotation (he has been great so far) and also to move Myers to the bullpen, which worked and probably will work again once he's healthy.
Gillick also didn't trade Rowand and that appears to be a smart move.
It all depends, of course, on whether or not they make the playoffs.

Some interesting numbers.

Phillies run differential: 262-242.

Dodgers run differential: 218-200.

Diamondbacks run differential: 219-212.

Braves run differential: 240-228.

By the numbers, we ought to have the best record of all the teams in the wild card race.

CJ - "MG... you sound like a guy who will never be satisfied."

Sorry, but it takes more than a team that is 2 games above .500 at Memorial Day to get me excited.

I think an overwhelming majority of Phils' fans would have been dissatisfied at the start of a season with a team that was barely above .500 at Memorial Day weekend.

Since the Mets are going to win the NL East with 95+ wins again, then the Phils are going to be relegated to the wildcard chase yet again. Figuring the Phils will need at least 90 wins for the wildcard, then they need to go 64-48 (.571) the rest of the season. Possible but that is going to be very difficult for a team with a poor bullpen and suspect defense.

First I would like to say thank you to Jay for Beerleaguer. Thanks Jay. Second I want to say thanks for Jay's recent insites - the idea of flexability in the lineup day to day is something that I did not think of - and I really agree.

Last I would like to talk about the GM being an issue or not. I believe that the Ownership has been to a much greater degree the problem, much more so, than the GM or Manager. We can agree to disagree and respect eachother's position.

Taking that to heart let me repost Tray's clear entry here -

"Gillick will deserve credit for signing Dobbs if Dobbs keeps hitting this well - but he would NOT, repeat, NOT, deserve to even be considered for a GM of the year award because he completely mismanaged the bullpen situation, signed Barajas, and probably made a bad trade for Garcia. And actually, you're rushing to judgment on Nunez. It's been proven over the course of nearly a decade that he can't hit, he has a good month and you say we're rushing to judgment on him? He's a .240ish slap hitter who strikes out too much, by the end of the season that's what he'll be."

What is good about his post is he clearly discusses things that if true could show that Gillick has been a bad GM.

1) "He completely mis-managed the bullpen situation." The bullpen is terrible with Gordon and Madson injured, now Myers.
Even if everyone was healthy we would still have a below average pen.

The question I would like to ask is, who should we have signed and thrown money at
who was interested in coming to Philly this past winter?

Fultz? 20-20 hindsight says we should have signed him, but if you look closely he just was not as good during the last two years with us as he was during his first year.

Who else should be have signed? Not sure. My point is it is not so easy even with 20-20 hindsite to see that "this is the guy we should have signed" it is not like Goose Gossage or Bruce Sutter were a free agents. Please do not respond with - this guy with a 9.00 era and 1.5 whip with 13 saves near the end of his career is proof positive that the GM was lax. Easy to say do something, but what? If you say sign Wagner, you have to get Wagner to want to pitch in a band-box and sign the paper. Imagine you are advising your best friend or your son on his free agency, and he is Pedro Martinez or Billy Wagner, for his career to last longer, where would you say he should go, to Shea or to The Cit?

2) "Signed Barajas." I hate Mr. B too. but what GM could go into a season with two catchers each with under 50 games in the majors, and noone really in the minors? What would happen if Ruiz injured himself and was out for the season, who was going to catch 162 games? Now that we have a reading on Ruiz, I would hope we trade Mr. B, but it is still a big risk to go wiht Ruiz/Coste. Now that we see that Ruiz can catch 80 games we should make a trade, we did not know that before spring training. The worst downside is now would be injury and we would get to watch Jarmillo (our second best defensive minor league catcher)be Mr. defense while hitting under .200 with no power. Mr. B was a better bet than Sal Fasano, and that is how he should be judged - not as the second coming of Bob Boone.

3) He "probably made a bad trade for Garcia. And actually, you're rushing to judgment on Nunez." Well we will see on Garcia, but is the trade proof that it was not worth taking a shot in Garcia in his walk year? Garcia wants to sign a big contract, I think this is the kind of risk I would take. Nunez? Nunez is an upgrade on Tomas Perez, and addition by subtraction of David Bell, the guy I hated the most of any Phillie. Polanco should still be at 3B, (not his natural position) but if he was our thirdbaseman we would be all set for years until we developed someone. Wade traded Polanco our only talent still with us from the Scott Rolan trade, for someone who is now in a Venuzualan Prison.

We need a full time Catcher, we need a full time Thirdbaseman. Who did Gillick miss signing over the winter?

Dobbs and Werth and Bourne is now a far superior bench to last years crewe, and we sit atop the National League in Runs Scored with 262 Runs Scored while Ryan Howard (last years MVP) was injured.

I still want a 3rd Baseman and a Catcher, but without them the team assembled is tops in runs, and we are just starting. We have superior young talent at SS, 2B, and 1B to everyone in the National League. It is always easier to find outfielder's in the future then young infielder's just entering their primes.

I listened to the Atlanta announcers all weekend and they are very jealous of the Phillies, and scared we are going to pass them for the wild card. I hope we do.

Atlanta has not one but two holes in the rotation, and lordy how is the Mets Rotation (even with large Shea Stadium) going to keep doing it? Please don't tell me what a genius Minata the GM of the Mets was for seeing Odalez Perez's inner Sandy Koufax.

Tray, love the Pythags man. Those totals I think accurately reflect the NL: the Mets are clearly the best team so far, but the Phils are right at the top of the second tier.

Official stat of the year update:

While playing 3rd- Nunez 6 errors and 0 homeruns, Helms 6 errors and 0 homeruns, and Dobss 0 errors and 1 homerun (nearly 2).

Those bombs by Howard yesterday were beautiful, we can only hope that he's back with some level of consistency now.

Hamels didn't do a terrific job, but he did what we needed him to.

Someone asked at the beginning of the thread which reliever goes down when Myers returns. Well, I believe Gordon will return first and Clay Condrey is my answer. If Zagurski continues to do an adequate job, he stays when Myers returns and Rosario might have to clear waivers.

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