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Tuesday, May 22, 2007


I like what I hear and see from Myers.

Me too. His team-first attitude and lights-out closing have been welcome sights.

I just hope Cole throws another gem tonight.

There's a good profile of Hamels on today.

Last summer, I was big into outright releasing him for hitting his wife.

I was more angry at the Phillies ownership (such the hip thing these days) then I was him, but I thought a message should be sent.

Myers was truly humbled by the experience, though, and his entire attitude this year has been, in a word, commendable.

I dig me some Brett Myers in the bullpen. I'd rather have him on the mound than Mitch Williams or even Tug, God bless his soul.

Er... Wow. My eyes scanned through the paragraph where you discuss the Crasnick article, and yet somehow I didn't notice it the content. Sorry about re-posting that link in my previous comment. I'll make sure I get some extra sleep tonight.

I still wish Gordon was healthy and closing, and Myers was in the rotation with us trading Lieber for bullpen help, but since that's not the case...I'm pleased with what Brett has done and said since moving into his relief roles.

From last thread- someone brought up how the Nunez nay-sayers should be ashamed and shut up...this person should shut up. I will admit Nunez is our best option at 3rd right now, but that is only evidence of how utterly pathetic our 3rd base situation is. He plays quality defense (although 6 errors thus far isn't too great) and he's been getting base knocks which is nice. However, he's not worthy of starting or even platooning. He's a utility infielder that should be brought in for defense and allowed to bat occassionally. Really, his numbers are empty. Yes the average is nice, and I'm not complaining about it, but he has no power, no speed, no on base skills...all he can do is slap weak singles. So I am still a Nunez nay-sayer. Go look at his career stats, he sucks!

I know what you mean JZ. I really hated Myers for what he did AND how the Phils handled it: Both by running Myers out there to pitch in Boston and practically making it sound like it was his wife's fault. I hope he turned that horrible moment into a life changing moment.

once nunez cools off at the plate, those singing his praises now will probably deny they ever did. defensively, he's made a couple nice plays here and there, but he continues to prove that he's generally overrated as a defender at 3B....something clout and i have been saying all season (and is pretty obvious if you watch the games). offensively, he's exceeded expectations, but what can you say about that? those expectations really couldn't have been any lower coming into the season. but no one should deny that we can and should do better with offensive production at 3B. this is, in my opinion, the #2 problem with this team after the bullpen (sorry, backup catcher debate).

anyway, he has to keep his average over .250 for more than a month before i have to buy the nunez jersey as my penance for bashing him, and let's just say i'm not going to go place that order in advance......but if he can keep it up and help the team, then good for him.

I just want to say I LOVED Carson's response to the idiotic Nunez post by Duder on the prior thread. You go, Carson!

Adam Eaton:

"Every night, when Cole Hamels kneels beside his bed and says his prayers, he's interrupted by God, who breaks in and thanks himself for creating Cole Hamels"


(re-posted from last thread)

----The Gang of Seven ----

The Phillies Current Ownership Group:
- David Montgomery, Claire S. Betz
- AlexanderK.Buck, J. Mahlon Buck, Jr.
- William C. Buck, John S. Middleton
- Bill Giles

This Gang young of Beerleaguer posters and readrs is responcible since the sale of the team by the Carpenter Family in 1982 for your Prozac prescriptions, your dime a day drug habits, your creeping obesity, and the success you have had with women from 1983 onward due to your generally depressive and self destructive views of the world.

Let me repeat.

The Gang of Seven - The Owners of the Phillies - David Montgomery, Claire S. Betz, AlexanderK.Buck, J. Mahlon Buck, Jr.,
William C. Buck, John S. Middleton, and Bill Giles are responcible for ruining your lives.

The only Golden Era for the Phillies aside from the 1914 and 1950 Blips was created by the Carpenter Family and there General Manager Paul Owens.

"The core of the 1975-1983 teams was composed largely of players drafted under the Carpenter era, under the direction of long-time general manager Paul Owens, "The Pope". Sadly, Owens retired after the 1983 season, and Giles took over as general manager. Since then, through the 2005 season, under Giles and three other general managers, the Phillies have a win/loss record of 1677-1819."

We must go back even further in history to the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire to understand this.

As wealth coagulated around an ineffective ruling class, Rome declined.

The reason the United States of America, achieved greatness, was because our ancestors escaped the Feudalism of Hereditary Wealth, and when people like the Duke of Northumberland told them to send 1/4 of all the crops grown and trees logged on his Grants in the New World to him, the way it had been going on in England for 1000 years, they told him "to go f*ck yourself".

Sports teams that are owned by self made men, or men who had wealth to begin with, and strive to make significantly more tend to be the best managed and most successful.
These men see the success or failure of their sports francise as an extention of themselves and a reflection on themselves.

Monte and Giles the trained bear, have been able to shield the other 5 owners in this group from the clear pure light of outrage of the fans, and rendered us impotent.

They have pulled off a shill game of epic proportions, of slight of hand, while we rail at Bowa and Manuel, and argue Gillick's signing of, or not signing of - Barajas and Borowski who for us would be a middle reliever with a 1.53 WHIP, and an ERA of 7.94, with no saves.

We have all had bosses who inherited their jobs, sometimes we have succeed in spite of them, and sometimes we keep our heads low to keep our jobs. I submit that Pat Gillick given the ownership situation is the former and Ed Wade was the latter.

I believe, that we now have a good team that is not about to fall apart because our current General Manager Pat Gillick has worked in his stewardship to leave the Phillies better than he found them, untieing the mass of knots in the ball of string that the Ownership and Ed Wade (god bless his little heart he had no power) handed to him. We have a 1st Baseman Ryan Howard, and a right fielder Shane Victorino, and a top of the rotation starter Cole Hamels (who was pushed to the majors a full 2 years earlier than would have happened in the past), who would not exsist if it were not for our GM. He is not a puppet he is working hard and building the minor leagues back by refusing to sign trash free-agents, and trading low A talent for bad relievers past their primes. You may disagree that this GM aside from Paul Owens "The Pope" is best and most professional General Manager the Phillies have ever had, that is your right as free American feudal wage workers, who jobs are being sent to China by country club types like the Gang of Seven --

But I believe in your hatred of the Manager and the General Manager, you have been dupped yet again but THE OWNERSHIP.

Pick up your Farm Impliments, Pitch Forks and Axes and Hoes (not nappy headed), set up your barricades the the French Revolution, on PATTISON, SOUTH DARIAN, PHILLIES DRIVE, and CITIZENS BANK WAY, and Storm the Owner's Parking Lot, go up the Private Elevator, Enter the Owner's Box take the Gang of Seven to a Re-Education Camp as they did in China, or just Assassinate them like the Romanov's in Russia!

The Phillies Owner's are to blame from the top of their bald pates, down to their comforable preppy docksiders.

Thanks for the support Clout, it means a lot coming from you.


It's a little melodramatic but, for once, I mostly agree with your assessment about the Phillies' owners. Not so sure I agree that the Phillies are in better shape now than when Gillick found them. Next year, they'll have 2 starting pitchers and their starting center fielder leaving via free agency, and another starting pitcher who will be 45 years old (if he doesn't retire). And with Babe Nunez leaving via free agency, we'll be right back to having the horrible Wes Helms as our starting third baseman. And, instead of having $35 to $40M in play money, we'll only have about $25M -- which isn't nearly enough to fill 2 vacancies in your starting lineup & 2 in your pitching rotation (not to mention fixing the bullpen and locking up Ryan Howard to a long-term contract).

Bottom line: unless ownership plans to bump payroll by a good $10 or $15 million, it is going to be very difficult for the Phillies to meet Gillick's forecast of being playoff contenders in 2008. We had better hope the Phillies can continue playing decent baseball & get themselves back into the race this year, as this year probably represents their last chance for awhile to get over the playoff hump.

Nunez sucks but he is the best option at 3B right now. I am shocked at how poor Helms has played so far. Didn't expect .300 with 30 HRs but I did expect a reasonable season of .270-.280 with 15-20 HRs.

Besides the empty AVG, Helms has been horrible. No HRs, almost no extra-base hits, shoddy defense, and awful with RISP (7 for 40, .175 AVG). Helms is basically an average singles hitter right now.

Not surprised that he got out to a slow start (Helms never hits in April) but I thought he would turn it around once it got warm in May. Still plenty of time for Helms to turn it around but Helms deserves to ride the bench for the time being.

If the Phils don't take at least 2 of 3 from the Fish, it should be considered a huge disappointment. Phils don't face Willis and they should light up Kim on Thurs. night.


As I expected, the mighty Werth batting 2nd against the lefty Olsen.

1. A Rowand, CF
2. J Werth, RF
3. J Rollins, SS
4. C Utley, 2B
5. P Burrell, LF
6. W Helms, 1B
7. A Nunez, 3B
8. C Ruiz, C
9. C Hamels, P

1. R Abercrombie, CF
2. D Uggla, 2B
3. H Ramirez, SS
4. M Cabrera, 3B
5. J Willingham, LF
6. J Hermida, RF
7. M Olivo, C
8. A Boone, 1B
9. S Olsen, P

SirAlden: 15 paragraphs of complaints about the ownership without even one specific reference to anything they have done wrong. Your argument boils down to, this ownership group hasn't won and they don't care to win because they didn't make their money themselves.

Okay, so this new Beerleaguer ownership group moves in. You can do things differently now, you have free reign. Of course you're stuck with pesky concerns like keeping the fans coming to the ballpark, negotiating the best TV and radio deals, expanding the appeal of the team abroad and in the US without alienating the local fan base... I have only scratched the surface. So what do you, SirAlden, do differently?

Did someone really say that the Nunez naysayers should shut up? Over 322 ABs last year, the guy hit .211 and SLUGGED .273. I hardly think anyone was out of line for being a "naysayer" & stating that our third base situation needed to be upgraded. Nunez could hit .350 this year & it still wouldn't mean that our past criticisms were unwarranted. It would merely mean that, at 31 years old, he has made a sudden and dramatic improvement.

I'll be the first to admit, I'm on the Nunez bandwagon as long as he is hitting around .300 (which probably won't be very much longer). But that doesn't mean I'm going to take back everything I said about him last year.

With that lineup, Hamels had better bring his A game again tonight.

What does Nunez have to do to get some respect???

Nunez has proven to play better than his carrer normals when starting at 3rd base with the Phillies. Look it up yourself- it's a fact. When he does not start consistently, he's useless with the bat. Manual is not utilizing him at all if he platoons with Helms.

GM-Carson, if you're saying that his career numbers are useless, that's one thing; I wouldn't go that far. He's not a chump, and I will never deny that I have stated this. There is no better starting 3B on this team, and there will not be one this season.

If Manual goes back to platooning him, then his previous play in that regard says he will suck. I hope that does not happen, but Manual does make horrible decisions all the time.

Don't worry, Duder, Nunez is a +4 on my season-long plus/minus ratings. One of the better ratings on the team. If that's any consolation.

From the previous thread:
I have $46.39 to contribute to the Beerleauger Ownership Group. I will also contribute weekly only if during the ownership meetings I get to sit between Parker and Davethom73. Also it would be nice if whoever has the Bong to bring that to the meetings as well. I think it could help more then it would hurt.

Back at .500 and approaching Memorial Day, this game has a different feel. Like the real season starts now. Let's see 2-out-of-3 this series, and I want to see Helms get it started in particular.

I could see things going a couple ways. On the one hand, it's encouraging that we've been playing .600 ball without Howard, Madson and Gordon; on the other hand, I wonder if we've been playing over our heads. You look at the names in our lineup and it's not clear why we're scoring so many runs.

Sir Alden, once was more than enough. Thanks, though, for the enlightening assertions that Gillick is somehow responsible for Victorino, Hamels, and Howard. He is in no way responsible for *any* of them.

From the previous thread concerning Gillick's alleged reprimand, I thought Rich had the most dead-on commentary on the Phillies' organizational procedure: "Giles truly believes that fans care more about entertainment than they do about winning, and that philosophy has guided his actions from the day he took over from Ruly Carpenter. That is his essence as a song and dance man, not a baseball man. And that is why the Phillies are what they are today."

It's absolutely true. It's all about image and perception with this franchise. I believe the management *wants* to win, and it's a bit barmy to suggest otherwise, but they tend to let other priorities get in the way. The business and PR end speaks just as loud, if not louder, to Montgomery and Giles. That said, Gillick's been in the game long enough to know the nature of this organization and what he was getting into. It's a little misguided to suddenly turn "pro-Gillick" because our collective vitriol has been redirected anew to the 'real' culprits. Gillick deserves his share of the blame for the condition of this team.

Who knows what Montgomery was thinking? Recalling Larry Bowa's "middle of the lineup is killing us" comments and the fallout from that? Gillick has shown the tendency to be candid at times, but more often he is evasive, if not entirely invisible. It was surprising when he made the comments, because we are not really accustomed to hearing from him at all. So, God forbid a sliver of honesty gets loose. No, that's not 'The Phillies Way'. To think we have years on end of this to look forward to from the ultimate Company Man in waiting, Ruben Amaro.

I guess I can erase that half-completed post about how stupid it was for Cholly to start Jayson Werth.

The Dude(r)-(Co.) et al.: I Hear you on the Nunez bashing, and respect that you have the cajones to fess up if he returns to "No Hit" Nuney. I'm of the position that we should enjoy the guy for what he is bringing right now. I think we all realize that the Phils could have a better 3B, but right now Nunez is outplaying Baby Huey there. It is always the same group of haphazard sensationalists that continue to bash on one player or another, regardless of how they are doing. I mean Rod Barajas has had 48 at bats and all you hear about is his batting average. This ignores that there are former all stars, even MVP's :( batting at extremely low averages right now. I certainly do not think that either Barajas or Nunez are all stars but the fickle movements back and forth on these guys (and others for that matter) are ridiculous. I have been guilty of it myself (usually immediately after something really bad happens, and usually perspectively). No matter what I (or anybody else here for that matter) would like to think, the people in the clubhouse and management know more about the inner workings of baseball than I do. They are not impervious to error, and should be held responsible for their mistakes. However, I would not go so far as to condemn moves by the manager or GM as mistakes after 42 games (much less 48 at bats).

GM-Carson: I also understand your point. It is frustrating that the Phils do not have a good 3B (compared to the rest of the league). It seems like that is a position that has obviously needed improvement for the last few years. Signing Wes Helms does not appear to be that answer (especially not defensively). I guess they had hoped they did with Costanzo, but we really don't know if he will pan out or not.

Clout: I don't really understand your compulsion with negative commentary, but then again I also don't understand your reading methods. I wish I had the capability to skip the words in a statement that were not favorable to my opinon, but alas, I am not. Either way, If you really need a reason why Teahen or Kouzmanoff might become available now you get it (I don't want you any more disgruntled than normal). The Royals are destined to fade inot oblivion at some point. More accurately, they exist in baseball oblivion, and they have a young prospect named Billy Butler who can replace Teahen. Teahen's other position (3B) is currently occupied by Mr. Alex Gordon, who despite his early struggles, has retained the confidence of the management. It seems at least possible (Which is all I said in the first place, not likely, possible) that they would be willing to deal him with the idea of putting Butler at the position next year. The same is true of Kouzmanoff. With a solid 3B prospect, a precipitous fall in the rankings could cause the Pads to put a guy out there. They may have doubts about his ability to produce at the major league level. Who knows. Regardless my point is that the Phils would be wise to take a look at either of these guys. Garret Atkins is another name that falls into this category. I'm not going to add a reason for this one Clout. You tell me :)

bap, relax, I was thinking the same thing. Besides, he has at least 3 more at bats to prove you right.

Reverand: That is a hilarious idea. The only thing I disagree with is the introduction of a bong into the environment. Davethom does not need anything to make him any more paranoid.

I have no idea why Werth is hitting second - even Nunez would make more sense there - but it had to feel nice for him to hit that ball out. His first home run in a long, long time.

Rollins hitting too many balls in the air, again.

Speaking of Nunez, I'm glad to see he's hitting better this year. I took some lumps when I insisted he wasn't nearly as bad as he showed last season. But there's no way I'll agree with the chump who says he's above criticism. Even hitting .300, Nunez is platoon-caliber at best. But I don't think he's going to stay at .300 for long. There's a real void at third base right now. I do think Helms will eventually get hot and start showing more power, but his defense will probably prohibit him from getting his everyday job back. In short: this is another area where Gillick struck out last year and will need to be addressed more adequately in the future.

"Who knows what Montgomery was thinking?"

RSB, what else COULD The Puppet have been thinking besides "Shut up, Pat, you're not allowed to criticize the product. It'll kill the marketing."

Either that, or he was needlessly flexing his muscles. How small. How very small. And petty.

BTW, this incident underscores why Gillick hasn't relocated to Philly. What guy, with Gillick's reputation, would, in his right mind, make a long-term commitment to this group of owners.

Eh, I don't know about Montgomery thinking Gillick shouldn't criticize 'the product'. I think it's more about maintaining an uniformly airtight, positive spin and never publicly straying from it.

AWH, if you have as much money as Gillick you can live wherever you want. I guess by your reasoning Roger Clemens is not truly dedicated to the Yankees, or anybody else that makes their permanent residence in a state other than the same state as the organization. I think Gillick's place of residence is quite possibly the least significant fact I have ever read on here, barely trumping Rod Barajas' batting average after 48 at bats.

RSB, "maintaining a uniformly airtight, positive spin" IS not criticizing the product.

>I guess by your reasoning Roger Clemens is
>not truly dedicated to the Yankees,

What, you think that ole Roger ain't in it solely for the money?

wes helms -

you would make a helluva living in the ameican league.

please, never, ever put a glove on again.

Love Sarge's comment on that E-Helms. "That's a play that a first baseman will make just about [pause] ten out of ten times."

Joe: no I think he is in it only for the $$, and maybe Clemens is not the best example, but I bet you half the Phillies team, if not more live away from Philly in the offseason. Roger Clemens is not really that important to my statement. The point is that permanent residence is irrelevant. By the way, you would be hard pressed to find anyone who has more disdain for Clemens than myself. My reason for using Clemens in that example escapes me at this point. Good point Joe, I am now going to pull a "Clockwork Orange" strap myself into a chair, tape my eylids open and force myself to watch Clemens bean Piazza in the head continuously for 3 days. I should be fixed then.

I think Cole has Cy young and Silver Slugger in his sights.

i think that ball would have been out of cbp.

Actually, I think Jamie Moyer has Silver Slugger wrapped up by default.

what the hell did werth eat today? sheeshe.

OK, b_a_p, Werth is showing us up tonight.

Don't you love it when the bashers have to eat shoe soup.

Manuel's a genius. A genius!

Parker the Bong is for me. But it would be ok for everyone because i would bless the Bong Water.

Damn, Olsen is a first-class hothead.

Parker, unlike you, at least some of us will admit when we're wrong.

Reverand, after that comment, I now want you to Baptize my first child. But you have to be wearing a Phillies hat.

Just let me know when and I'll be there. I am perfoming a wedding ceremony on June 8th at the Shore and I'll be wearing a Phillies hat. It's not a black tie event.

AWH, I always admit when I'm wrong. Please you just dont read my retractions. Either that or you think I am wrong. Whuch is de facto evidence that I am right.

I wish Werth would continue stinking so Coste can eventually get some playing time

Ugh -- at work and the Internet scoreboards are all down -- what is the score?

I hope Werth wins the MVP, if it means the Phils improve. I don't care who it is. "Just win Baby!" Al Davis had a simple wit, before he went senile and started walking around publicly in pajamas.

Gee, Parker. I guess you told me!

According to Yahoo!, its 0-0, except that Hamels has given up no hits and one run and Olsen has given up no hits and three runs...WTF?

3-1 atywood

3-1, all scoring due to werth's 2 homeruns, and hamel's double.

i don't think tat the scoreboard can believe it, either.

3-1 Phils flavor, I should say.

Thanks! For what it's....werth. :-)

Attytood: The Live Boxscore link works (posted above via Reading Eagle).

And yes the HR information is correct: Two homers by Werth. If he can get something started, it would be a nice boost to the bench.

Meanwhile, Helms' bat has looked slow all season. Anyone else thinking this?

Helms had a really strong spring training, hitting doubles and homers all over the place. I was arguing that he should begin the season hitting fifth behind Howard. But you're right Jason, I can't even recall many balls he's pulled hard all year. I keep waiting for the light to go on, and nothing.

Utley is such a gamer. Doing little things to get into a guy's head. That is smart. He knows Olsen is a hothead, and does little things to get him frustrated. I love it.

Wasn't Gillick just in the area scouting Zagurski?

Barjas, Borowski, Abreu and Gillick's residence. All issues that keep coming up. There are real issues to discuss.

Go Werth.

Nice play by Pat to backup Rowand. Nice to see the extra hussle.

Attytood Will's right: I'm on my Blackberry tonight and the only scores I've been able to get are the ones that have been posted here. Curse you World Wide Leader and Yahoo!

I'm happy that Gillick came out with his criticism of the 3-4-5 hitters. I'm glad Moyer said that they're playing like whimps. They needed to be kicked in the butt. Gillick doies have to look in the mirror though. We all know there were moves he could have and should have the owners to agree on. By the same token, we all know there is a payroll number they won't go over. I suspect it's 95 mil. I don't think Gillick is as much a puppet as thought. He doesn't need that at his age.

I've always said that I was not happy with the job Gillick or Manuel has done, but change need to come from the very top. As long as the team is owned by this group, nothing good can come of it. Attendence is way up over this time last year and that's waht the owners want. This team is a toy to them. We all know that. There will be I believe, another fire-sale before the deadline, with Lieber, Rowand and others gone and after next year, Burrell will be gone too. No top talent will brought to replace anyone who leaves and the money that is saved will go into the owners' pockets. They just don't get it.

We all want this team to win. I love this team, always have for better than 40 years. I'm sure there are many thousands more like me. I'm sure that the players want to win too and they don't want to play with no phans in the stands. But that's what it'll take and it's unfortunate.


NL East news: The Mark Redman era is over in Atlanta. The Braves have released the 2006 All-Star left-hander.

Rowand plays way too shallow here.

Unbelievable, Rowand does it again. That just cost Hamels the win probably.

Pathetic play by Rowand. Plays too god damn shallow and then hurries a pathetic throw that misses the cut-off. Rowand's defensive is so overrated.

Someone add that to the growing lowlight reel for opposing broadcasters to view when they insist on referring to Rowand as an 'excellent defensive center fielder'.

Meanwhile, Hamels has been strictly a two-pitch pitcher tonight and it's caught up to him. Haven't seen a single curveball.

Rowand is supposed to have this phenomenal range but I just don't see it. Plus, he is horrible at judging the path of a hit ball. He has easily misjudged at least a dozen balls this year and it was a problem last year too.

Okay, there was a curve. Finally.

You know MG, I would not be so frustrated with Rowand if he just made the adjustment, but it seems that he does the same thing over and over. I can live with his limitations as long as he accepts them and adjusts his play to them.

to be fair to rowand - the wind is hell out there tonight.

Okay, and now comes the reality: it's a game of bullpens. The Phillies were coasting along behind Hamels, asleep at the wheel. Now the bats have to wake up and wake up fast, because it's going to be up to Alfo and company to hold Florida down.

Joe, that may be true (And I would give him the benefit of the doubt if it were even the 6th-7th time I have seen it thi year), but he can't use that as a crutch every time he does that.

Hamels has thrown a lot of pitches this inning. That should be it for him.

Joe - Yeah but you have to keep that ball in front of you especially only up a handful of runs. A case of where Rowand's ego/desire gets ahead of his ability.

Nice intentional walk, Charlie.

madson is back! good thing?

The alley between CF and LF is as wide as the Grand Canyon tonight. Burrell has absolutely no range toward CF and Rowand has been covering ground well tonight.

Eeesh. Hamels beat the bullpen to it.

Maybe it's just this punk Olsen's antics, but I still can't stand Florida. They remain my least favorite NL team.

Casey it is hard to argue with that. It is the beginning of a three game series and you can force them to get into their average bullpen in the 6th inning of the first game. Manual made the right move there. I hate defending Manual, but you cannot blame him for the players not delivering. The inning should have been over. Rowand should have caught the ball and he might have doubled up Hanley. You just cannot blame Manual for Cole not making pitches and Rowand being a bonehead. You want Charlie in the mound or in center?

It's been a little while since the offense was asked to pile on some runs to support the starting pitcher. Rollins, Utley, Burrell, Rowand - it's all on you now.

Especially Rowand. How did he earn this stellar reputation as a knock out center fielder? I haven't seen it.

Damn it Coste swings at that pitch and misses it every single time.

MG: I just saw your path to the ball comment. Spot on.

Parker -- You know little to nothing about hitting -- Coste just misses an upper deck home run by about two feet to the left of the foul pole, and you come forth with your trash. Previously, you said Coste had a "hole" in his swing on curve balls on the outside corner -- that was an excellent slider down low.

That at bat was -- in microcosm -- the story of Coste's 2007.

It is a low breaking ball I have seen it a hundred times.

Davthom - Coste did just miss a HR but he still fanned.


Don't you rememeber '06, every Coste swing was a HR!

This would be a bad loss of the Phils can't come back. They really need Rollins, Utley and Burrell to come through now.

That IS the hole in Coste's swing, and probably why he is a career 260 Minor league hitter.

MG -- And your point is?

Is there any other place like South Florida in baseball? There's absolutely no pressure on the Marlins. None. You can see it in the way they behave. It's like a pick-up game. Which, of course, makes it a dangerous place to play.

Oh yeah, I forgot Bedbeard. I'm so stupid. He had 330 HR last year. (Sounds of whips in the background).

Werth should only play when Scott Olsen pitches.

Parker, I'm almost never a supporter of the intentional walk. The way Hamels was losing it, I'd rather let him try to get the 8 hitter out there. Preserving the tie was more important than forcing the Fish to remove Olsen an inning earlier than they otherwise would have (he was already over 100 pitches, so he wouldn't have gone past 7).

It's a good thing the Marlins have Abercrombie leading off, because if Ramirez had come up, that inning could have gone on even longer.

Casey, I see your point. No doubt. But you have to acknowledge the strategy there. You also have to admit that the inning should have been over, but for the Rowands play.

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