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Sunday, May 20, 2007


totally agree...this game will make or break the homestand. These are the games the Phils need to win to get back into the race.

Time for Eaton to step it up at CBP again.

Jason, I agree that they have not played consistently agiainst most of their opponents, but taking 3 of 4 from the Brewers was pretty impressive. They may not be the best team in the NL, but they did have the best record and came into that series hot (although they did lose a game before the series started). I still think the Brew Crew are the class of the Central and they really had the Phils number last year. Hopefully we can take 2 of 3 from the Jays. The Phils don't have to sweep every series, just two of three or 3 of 4.

6-4 against decent competition without Howard, and with only 2 serviceable relievers, would be a decent achievement.

You have to wonder why they even bothered putting Howard on the DL. Apparently he's able to swing the bat, and will do it in a game in Lakeland in a few days. I'd rather have him take his swings as a PH in our games. Meanwhile, Coste has just 2 ABs.

It would be decent, curt. About as decent as the past two 88 and 85 win seasons.

The Blue Jays are not "decent competition", they've been a joke so far this season.

The Phils offense has been a joke for 3 straight games...time to wake up against the rook today.

Jason, a .600 winning percentage works out to 97 wins over a season, and you can't exactly expect to play at that pace with your MVP out of the lineup and your BP banged up. As I say, a decent achievement.

Carson, what do you thing a 19-23 record in the AL East translates to in the NL?

AS Curt observes above -- "Meanwhile, Coste has just 2 ABs."

The fact that Barajas -- .174 BA, 4 RBI's, etc. -- gets the "afternoon-game-after-night-game" start at catcher this afternoon means that Coste will not get so much as a spot start this trip -- with Howard slated to come off the DL on Friday. I mean, its not as though Barajas has contributed anything this season, outside of his two isolated dingers -- and his total of four RBI's.

I predicted this when I read the Inquirer report of Coste's recall, when it was stated that Coste would "mainly appear as a pinch hitter."

Coste should demand his release from this organization.

Hard to say that Rowand is thriving at leadoff, or Jimmy at #3. Maybe Cholly ought to consider ending this little experiment...

I would have to agree, Curt. How many bad games in a row does each of them have to have before Cholly comes to the realization that it isn't working?

Barajas has had 47 Homeruns over the last 3 seasons, 4th among American League Catcher, so say the BlueJay's Announcers. They are not blocked on the internet.

Nice to see Barajas get a hit.

bay -- Cholly usually figures things out about a week after everyone else.

It's also not too soon to point out that Abe and his .325 average are being wasted in the 7th slot.

You're probably right about that, although I have a hard time bringing myself to utter the words, "Abraham Nunez should be moved up in the lineup."

Questonable ball/strike calls nonwithstanding, last AB in a nutshell is the problem with Eaton this season. Goes 0-2 and then is unable to put hitters away. They foul off his stuff and then work a walk.

It does sound odd, but we tend to forget that Abe was putting up good numbers for the 2005 Cards too.

I am really impressed with Rios. Fast bat, covers the plate well, and has a good eye.

Nice to see Burrell's power return over the past week and a half.

Eaton keeps working behind batters and skating out of trouble...hopefully he can keep it up. But I hate walks!

Eaton is pitching HIGH, and is not getting the low strike called.

Very Very Dangerous.

Lead OFF HOMERUN Aaron Rowan #7 on the year, Burrell's was his #6. Keep it up guys.


Those are some cherry-picked stats the announcers are offering up.

Victor Martinez, Jason Varitek & Jorge Posada all had more homeruns than the 47 that Barajas hit between 2004 & 2006.

However, Pierzynski has 45 homeruns during that same stretch & Pudge Rodriguez has 46. I think it's fair to say you'd rather have either of these guys than Rod Barajas. Same with Joe Mauer, who hit 28 homeruns in those 3 years (though he really only played 2 full seasons).

Ramon Hernandez, the Orioles' starting catcher, would also be above Barajas, as he hit 53 homeruns over the last 3 years. But he doesn't make the list because 2 of those seasons were in the National League.

Among the rest of the starting catchers in the American League, quite a few are rookies or 2nd year players who don't even have 3 years worth of numbers.

Just like I said . . . great move putting Rowand in the leadoff spot & Rollins in the 3-spot. Cholly was absolutely right to stick with the lineup change, as it was bound to pay off eventually.

Sarge is starting to find his voice a little. Not inflection and presentation per se, but certain topics he's starting to adopt. Pat Burrell not driving certain pitches, slumping hitters, like Rollins, and what they go through mentally. I like that he doesn't ignore obvious slumps and defections like the rest of the broadcast team. That's something only an outsider can do.

Nice homestand for Dobbs and Nunez. What does this lineup look like when Howard returns?

Dobbs does a nice job going with the pitch. I like it. If he can figure out how to hit that inside pitch they've been getting him out on, he'll be OK.

bay. Funny, I was wishing the Rowand had popped it with men on, maybe even right after Jimmy's flare...

What's that now 12 errors for our 3rd basemen and ZERO homeruns? Are you kiddin' me?!

If Howard can return to prior form & Burrell can avoid those prolonged slumps, the Phillies will have 3 pretty good power hitters for the 3-4-5 spots. Rollins could do more good to the team by returning to the leadoff spot, with Rowand batting 6th or 7th. And I wouldn't mind seeing Dobbs get a few starts at 3rd base or in RF.

Bailed out by Blue Jay baserunning again!

curt: What is Nunez's career OPS?

Jason, I'm really happy that other people are starting to notice Sarge as well. I think he has some great insight and approaches broadcasting from a unique angle.

Also - That throw by Barajas is why he's the backup catcher and not Chris Coste. It may not be fair that Coste played so well and got sent down, but I'd rather have an experienced catcher with a great gun then a career minor leaguer with 200 career AB's and half a decent season behind the plate.

2-for-2 with a double and also a nice throw to second. This from the backup catcher who's starting only about once a week now.

I'll take it, and so should everyone.

Just like I said . . . great pickup, that Rod Barajas. I always knew he'd come around if only Cholly would give Ruiz fewer starts.

I honestly typed that before the double and slide!

When Howard returns, I believe Dobbs has shown he deserves playing time, but not at 1st base. Between Helms, Nunez, and Dobbs I would hope Manuel (I know this is asking a lot for our resident dumbass) could rotate them to get the best possible production.

SirAlden: Just last week you said Burrell was worthless, had no value.

None of those Catcher were available at any price. Barajas last three years were significantly better than Sal Fassano. He is a back-up catcher. The expenditure to him to back up 2 players Ruiz and Coste neither of which had had 50 starts in the majors, Ruiz a history or injury, was a sound move.

The funds allocated to Barajas did not starve funds from signing middle relief, there was ample cash for that (the Phillies because of their new found finacial flexability from the Gillick stewardship, came in second in the Soriano sweepstakes).

There was only trash left for pitchers, and rememeber if you were a pitcher wanting to extend your career would you sign in huge forgiving Shea Stadium, or the bandbox Cit?

We are going to continue to have trouble signing pitchers until we get up to a Red Sox rep and revenue.

Barajas just threw Wells out at third. Here's hoping he improves so we can trade him, if we think Jarmillo is ready. If not he was a one year rental insurance that did not effect anything when it came to signing relievers. The cash was there.

Throw to third, not second, sorry.

Last week I said because of his Ed Wade contract that Burrell had zero trade value.
I love Burrell and still hope Pat the Bat with a finally healed foot can earn some of the millions Wade shelled up. 13 million this year, 14 million the next.

Yeah, Jason, and Barajs has his batting average all the way up to a robust .208 now. I guess one game makes a season, doesn't it.

clout -- No idea, and little interest. Here are a couple of slightly more relevant questions: How many of the Phillies in the lineup today have a higher OPS this month? This year? Or a higher BA?

SirAlden: How do those contract numbers compare to the other starting corner outfielders in baseball, especially contracts signed over the past 2 years?

curt: You think stats from a short period of games are more meaningful than career stats? Wow.

Davthom73: I hadn't considered Barajas batting average. Thanks for reminding us. It's been, what, 10-15 comments since the last time a poster reminded us about it?

This is 3 good games in a row for Eaton.

clout: Absolutely, when I'm filling out a lineup card today. If you think a guy performs to his career average in every short term period, you aren't paying attention. An average is just that, an average. Under your approach, a team don't need a manager, just a computer.

He's not here for his stick. He's here because he's a much better defensive catcher than Coste or anybody else. Ruiz is the guy for the future and Barajas is the vet that can help the staff and Ruiz. P.S. I saw a "save Chris Coste" sign at CBP the other day, was that you Davthom?

Eaton has had some help. Four walks through five isn't too good, but give him credit. Bullpen will be in play soon. He's at 90 pitches.

The Phils "came in 2nd in the Soriano sweepstakes." Really? Did Soriano say that? Or his agent? I'm not saying they didn't, but this is the first I've heard that.

Either way, I think some people here really overestimate the amount of money the team is willing (note: willing, not able) to spend on payroll. If there's so much money lieing around, maybe we'll get some hired bullpen gun at the deadline. We'll find out by the end of July I guess.

Shawn Green is costing the Mets - 7 Million in 2007, and they are off the hook (with a 2M buyout if they want in 2008) or 10 Million by mutual option.

Moises Alou 7.5 Million in 2007, and they are off the hook (with a 1M club buyout if they want in 2008) or 7.5 Million if they was Moises in 2008.

Burrell'e 14 Million Dollars in 2008 is guaranteed, and he has A FULL NO TRADE CLAUSE, allowing his agent to insist on an extended contract or more cash from the Phillies as they had to pay to Abreu.

It is a Terrible Contract.

lieing=lying Freudian slip I guess.

I agree that Matthews has improved somewhat - not as much awkwardness - but he does still have a tendency to remark on the incredibly obvious and repeat himself, on top of it. To have him and Wheeler calling all nine innings on TV is still a mistake.

Good question about what the lineup will look like when Howard comes back. Dobbs will return to the bench, but what about Nunez? It would appear that Helms may have lost his starting job. I'm ready to see Rollins leading off again. His swing has looked bigger in the three-hole, and I don't know if it's coincidence or not. Tell you what else I'd like to see, though: Burrell fourth and Howard fifth. Now that Burrell has his power stroke back, I want him breaking up Utley and Howard in the lineup. The Phillies are too vulnerable to lefties otherwise, and this is where an effective Burrell really can make a difference for the Phillies' offense. He's been doing a great job supplying power in Howard's absence, as it is, while Utley has been just ordinary.

Eaton with another strong start here. The pitching has really been solid this month.

RSB, Agree on Burrell, but only so long as he's looking "hitterish." Cholly is likely to leave him there a month too long.

I know we're up by four, but Eaton's got > 100 pitches on him.. anyone up in the pen?

Rowand is playing great out in center today. He makes the little adjustments really well. I hope vic is paying attention.

Once again, our shabby pen forces Cholly to bat Eaton.

Nice to see bad defense doesn't only plague us. Eaton is battling today, this is a good thing.

Jimmy Rollins is 7 Million in 2007 and 7 million in 2008, half of Pat Burrell's contract. He is not half as valuable to the club as Burrell.

Rollins contract is a very tradable for player value because of his cost, Burrell most likely never be more than a salary dump with no player value coming back like Abreu. Here is hoping he kicks butt now that his foot may finally be ok for the first time in 3 years.

Uh-oh. Eaton's ginger walk to the dugout had 'Phillies recall RHP Zack Segovia' written all over it.

curt: And under your approach, Nunez should hit cleanup.

Adam Eaton - MVP
anybody? no?

Nice baserunning by the pitcher!

seriously Charlie? You let the guy hit and then pull him after one batter? I hope they're chanting Joe Girardi at the game.

Good move, you hope Eaton gets lucky and gets a few outs, you send him out knowing you will pull him the minute any batter gets on.

Good move.

Woot! Shane Victorino doubles off the man at second! WOOT!

That Pineapple is doing well in RF.

That is twice Charlie has done that with the starting pitcher. He let Lieber bat for himself Friday night then yanked him after giving up a hit, and now does it again with Eaton. I will never be able to figure Charlie out.

I think it's a matter of seeing just how far the starters can go on fumes.. we've all seen how little he trusts the pen, so perhaps he's just trying to put off making the call as long as possible.

Myers might have to go 1+ today. Sheesh.

In the words of Major League's Lou Brown: "You can go get him now."

I guess the Citco tanker truck made a delivery to the Phils pen this morning?

The Amish Assassin is feeding them fat ones.

This would be a Gas Can moment.

This is just sad. One of those guys out there should be able to pitch one scoreless inning when it matters. If no one steps up, the season ends real fast.

And that my friends is why we refer to him as "Gas-Can", we literally only have 1 reliable reliever (man currently trying to "save" this game).

SirAlden: You keep ignoring the question. What have corner outfielders been signing for? And I don't mean 40-year-old retreads like Moises Alou.

NO DOUBLE SWITCH. perfect. now myers bats
I can't get over how bad Charlie is at in-game managing.

Where are all the bullpen defenders? They never post when things go bad.

I think it's time we applaud Ed Wade, Pat Gillick, and company for the "relief" group we have. Damn, our bullpen sucks!

I hate it when umps call strikes on ball 4...that was a bullshit call on Barajas.

Myers not even try to bunt barajas over?

Why isn't Myers batting in the cleanup spot while Bourn is in the 9 hole? Oh yeah, double switches are too complex for our idiot manager. How can anybody defend Manuel? He is obviously a moron.

Hmm. I recognize it was Myers, but that was one of the ugliest at-bats of the season. Conversely, great location by the pitcher.

krub16 - Rowand has played decently today in CF but he is vastly overrated as a defender. Terrible arm, plays too shallow, and takes some really awkward approaches to the ball.

Victorino covers alot of ground in RF but I am curious how many balls will drop in for hits between Burrell/Rowand this season that should have been caught.

That is what Green was signed for 2 years after Burrell, and Alou signed this year Clout, you go research it and post how affordable Burrell's contract is.

He is not worth twice what Jimmy Rollins is being paid. If I was Jimmy I would be steamed.

Yikes man. Why didn't he have Helms or Coste hit in the pitcher's spot? I don't get this. Why is Myers hitting? How come good looking wins NEVER look good?

I'm just waiting for the day Hamels pinch hits (with Coste available on the bench) and he gets a hit. Then it's idiot savant Manuel!

Carson, you make John Gibbons seem like he's in a good mood.

Well, see, he's setting him up for the double play...?

Why is it never easy?

MG - He has an .882 zone rating without being an ultra-fast guy because he's almost always in the right place on the field. Watch how he moves throughout an at-bat when you are at a game, it's great. It's hard to argue overrated or underrated, but I know there are few centerfielders I would take over him right now.

Sorry that ZR is from last year, but it still applies.

Damned impressive. Myers just blew some *cheese* past Thomas. He bore down when he needed to. Well, I guess he still needs to...

I'm waiting for the 2-run homer to finish off blowing a comfortable lead.

Myers is on a pace for about 110 IP in relief. Shades of Goose Gossage.

Good recovery Myers. Good afternoon everyone.

This bullpen never makes it look easy.

So that means we've separated the men from the boys?

7-3 homestand. Wonderful. Nice work.

Now it's time to find a real reliever. STAT.

Toronto looks like a team that isn't firing on all cylinders. Phillies didn't have to play especially well to win 2 out of 3. I still don't understand why Thomas rode the pine in all three games.

You don't like Myers?

Cholly's propensity to bat the pitcher and then yank him immediately in the next inning is attibutable to a lack of strategic planning during the game. He is too reactive to be a championship manager.
Lack of strategic planning ability also explains his inability to use the double switch effectively.
This team continues to win in spite of, not because of, the manager.

It is nice having confidence that your closer will nail down these types of games. Have to admit that I was totally wrong about the value of moving Myers to the closer role and moving Lieber into the rotation. For this year at least, it makes the most sense and maximizes the value of what Lieber and Myers will contribute to this team.

SirAlden: What is Green's OPS the past couple seasons? There's no comparison.

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