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Thursday, May 03, 2007


"Optimism has faded. Not completely, but the excitement surrounding this team as a possible playoff contender has taken a hit."

Could not have put it better.

On the season, we've outscored opponents 132-129. The offense, while "inconsistent," is fourth in the NL, 1st in baseball in OBP, sixth in baseball in slugging despite a power outage from our top two home run hitters. Pitching hasn't been good, but our staff actually leads baseball in strikeouts - so perhaps that's reason to be optimistic. I also see on the sidebar the Royals may release Reggie Sanders, who's hit very well so far this season and would certainly be an improvement over our current pinch-hitting options. Unfortunately he's paid 5 million, but the Royals might eat some of his salary in a trade.

There's a reason so many of us BeerLeaguers are pessimistic...the Phillies continue to lose. Losing at the beginning of the season haunts you at the end of the season. I love the eternal optimists who say "the season isn't over until it's over" and other malarky like that. I believe in history and history shows that teams starting off in the position the Phils are (3 games under .500 and 5 back on the East leading Braves) don't make it to the playoffs like 99% of the time. Maybe we'll get lucky and be the exception to the rule, but don't count on it. That's why we're depressing. That's why we bitch. Our favorite team that we're obsessed with plays dumb baseball and doesn't do enough to change the errors of their ways.

I would love to see Bonds try to break Aaron's record in Philly. The boo birds will be out in full effect. I have a hunch he'll come up with an "injury" and sit it out, so he can do it in San Fran (saying this without seeing SF's schedule).

On a related note: In a couple of weeks, I'll be lucky enough to meet Mr. Aaron at an event down here in DC. Looking forward to it and hearing his thoughts on Bonds' chase. I have a hunch he'll keep quiet, though.

Abreu in a 3 for 38 slump at this moment, and looking "just awful" according to Yankee announcers. Maybe Matt Smith will turn out to be a bargain....

Yanks radio also have a very annoying female color commentator.

I agree Carson.

There is never any accountability or a sense of urgency from anyone in the Phillies organization, ever!

They stress certain things (like the fast start) yet no one even bats an eye when they get off to their worst start in 25 years.

We continue to see bonehead mistake after bonehead mistake, yet no one ever takes any blame.

The frickin' manager cannot execute a double switch without having to write it down first. Even then, chances are he has screwed it up in some way. He never tries to hit and run. He never tries to sacrifice a runner along. He cannot manage a bench or a bullpen, all along while being too damn loyal to his veterans, even if they suck. At least I could relate to Bowa when he would get pissed when things weren't executed correctly! I relate nothing to Manuel. Nothing!

And to cap things off, Mr. Ruben Amaro Jr. and his "routine medical exam" quote about Tom Gordon. I really hate Ruben Amaro. What has he ever done for this franchise?? He pissed off our ROY/MVP while continuing to lie to the fanbase over and over again. It will be even worse here if he is ever the actual GM here. I hope it never happens! Of course, since these are the Phillies, it mostly likely will happen...

Those things being said, I hope the Phils win tonight, but it's a tough task going against Matt Cain. I can see Barry taking Eaton yard. Maybe I will be surprised in the morning. That should be the Phils motto, "maybe".

"I really hate Ruben Amaro. What has he ever done for this franchise??"

If I'm not mistaken, he hit either three home runs in a game or had a bunch at the start of a season in the early '90s.

I think that was pretty much his whole career. He was a No Talent Ass Clown long before No-Hit Nuni came to town!

He's a No Talen Ass Clown as an ASSistant GM also.

Not to mention a proven liar.

He's a No Talent Ass Clown as an ASSistant GM also. Not to mention a proven lier.

I am really interested in this Giants-Phils series this weekend. Besides getting my first look in person at the Phils on Sat., I am curious to see how the Phils contend against the best pitching staff they have faced all year.

I am actually optimistic that the Phils will be able to split this series and maybe take 3 of 4 for one simple reason: the Giants' offense.

It is amazing that such a bright GM as Sabean failed so miserably in the offseason to get one decent bat for the Giants. Only thing Sabean did do was panic and sign Zito to one of the most ridiculous contracts in MLB history.

Hell, if Bonds hadn't come back this year and hit so well, the Giants would have the worst offense in MLB. Hands down. If the Phils pitch at all to Bonds in this series, they are nuts. Let the scrubs like Feliz and Aurilia beat the Phils if they can.

MG, agree with your series prediction. Giants had a weird off season. Sabean also talked about getting younger as a team -- letting a useful veteran like Alou walk. But he then signed 30 somethings like Klesko, Aurilla, and Feliz. They are 12th in NL in runs scored. They would certainly be last without Bonds.

On the straight shooting Ruben Amaro. In 1992, he had 3 home runs the first week of the season. Dykstra was hbp on opening day and broke his hand, so Amaro got a lot of ABs in CF. That team won 70 games with such notables as Stan Javier and Jeff Grotewold.

March 27, 2007:
"'I don't think they pay me to play in spring training. They pay me to get ready,' said starting pitcher Adam Eaton."

April 5, 2007:
"Spring Training numbers are what they are," Eaton said. "I'm looking forward to a good season. Hopefully, the wins and losses will be where they should be. My expectations are to perform."

As mentioned:
Adam Eaton (2-2, 7.71 ERA) goes against Matt Cain (1-1, 1.54 ERA).

does anyone know if eaton made the trip to san fran with the team or if they sent him early?

also, has anyone heard anything about moyer going out west early or staying there later, as per his contract extention?

Stay Calm everyone....

Hop on to other fan sites, everyone hates why this or that move was made, why this 150 million dollars was not spent on this or that guy. Let's trade Dhani Jones for a 3rd round draft pick. Lets trade Nunez and Helms for Miquel Cabrera. Let's trade sign this 15 million dollar set up man. Signing Flash Gordon was a bone head mistake we should have offered Wagner 100 million more.

What everyone misses is every team even winners lose 40% of the games. Last night Freddie Garcia got doubled off like an idiot. Whose fault is that? Gillick? Davey Lopes the baserunning guru? Manuel?

It is Freddies fault. Should we Bowa him?
(I loved and still love Bowa) with a supportive GM a Bowa could have ripped Freddie a new *sshole in the media the next day. Should we Manuel him? We don't have Bobby Cox.

Look at each of these angers at Gilllick moves and you will find an identical anger if he had not tried it.

Sure Garcia is 10 mil of damaged goods. We would love to have Gio back ... not Floyd. But Garcia is pitching for his next contract, so Gillick's trade is genius, it is a high percentage play.

Watch poker on TV see guys with 37% winning with all in... 4% against pocket Aces... the all in with Aces is the right move. Just the way Gillick's tryu with Whoops I did it again Freddie...

Drink a long neck, have your beautiful girl/wife or boyfriend if you are gay snuggle with you and enjoy the best young infield trio since


I'm whit you Sir Alden, Go Phils.

If Amaro would have said that Gordons shoulder was hurt in March while he was looking to trade Leiber, FOR A RELIEF PITHER, the Phils would have lost any leverage they had. He didn't want to show his hand before he had to. Am I the only person who sees it this way? Don't let your hatred blur your vision.

I don't know about the whole leverage thing. It could have been worse, I suppose, but even Steve Phillips could have told you the Bullpen was weak.

Sir Alden - What actually are you talking about? You are right that it is a long season but posters on this site/Phils' fans in general have every right to be critical of what Manuel and Gillick have done to date this season.

Reverend - Interesting point but I have to am more prone to believe that Phils' front office was covering up the injury stuff due more to ticket sales than any possible trade for a reliever involving Lieber.

Gillick is the greatest thing to happen to this francise since the Rick Wise for Steve Carlton Trade.

He has us next year and the year after that and the year after that OUT OF the straight jacket that poor dear Ed Wade had gotten us into trying to grab a championship for the worst group of INHERITED WEALTH OWNERS in Baseball.

Want to take the Abreu Trade Back? It was a cash dump. Want to take the Garcia or Eaton signings back? The first one was a high percentage play with Garcia in a Free Agent Year. The second a great play if Eaton delivers.

I will again use the analogy of Texas Poker. Sometimes you have pocket Aces and lose to 4% draw on the last card. The fact that you lost with Aces is not a bad thing. What is important is you have the chance, and have the chips to be in the game. Taking chances are just that chances.

When someone says Gillick sucks because A or B did not sign. how do you know he did not try to sign this guy agressively?

I am saying when people comment be clear what the true options were and where the STRATEGIC options lie.


Ruiz catches Eaton for first time. Nunez at third.

1. J Rollins, SS
2. S Victorino, RF
3. C Utley, 2B
4. R Howard, 1B
5. P Burrell, LF
6. A Rowand, CF
7. A Nunez, 3B
8. C Ruiz, C
9. A Eaton, P

1. D Roberts, CF
2. R Winn, RF
3. R Aurilia, 3B
4. B Bonds, LF
5. R Durham, 2B
6. B Molina, C
7. M Sweeney, 1B
8. O Vizquel, SS
9. M Cain, P

Pet peeve: explaining a sport with some other sports metaphor.

Baseball=poker? No.

Nunez 7th again? Why? Why? Why?

Here's how the bottom third of the order should look:

7. Ruiz
8. Eaton
9. Nunez

I'm convinced that if Abe keeps hitting 7th and getting 3 starts a week Aaron Rowand will end up leading the NL in inentional walks.

Sir Alden,

I'm generally with you.

SirAlden, I was in favor of the Garcia trade. Seattle Stew, however, did not require him to have a physical. What I have posted previously, and will continue to, is that it was and is monumentally STUPID!!! Very, very STUPID! That is what I criticize. Especially since everyone in baseball was well aware of the controversy in the Kearns/Majewski trade.

We're not angry that he made moves, or tries to. We're angry that he, in numerous trades, has not gotten anything in return - no real prospects to look forward to. Abreu/Lidle - Matt Smith and garbage. Padilla - nothing. Cormier - nothing anymore. Fasano - Hector Made? Jason Michaels is still with the Tribe - Phillies: nothing. Rob Tejada is still pitching for the Rangers, he's 3-1 with a 3.82 ERA and a 1.24 WHIP - the Phillies got a decent 2/3 of a season from Delucci - now, nothing. There are more.

Reverend, your analysis is lacking. Do you really think BASEBALL executives and scouts, who SAW Flash pitch early in spring training, and know that it is HIGHLY unusual to put a pitcher on an airplane and send him back North for a ROUTINE medical exam believed Amaro's BS and the Phils still had their leverage?

As I recall, the issue of whether there was really anything wrong with Flash was hotly debated on this blog, and discussed extensively in the newspapers as well as on all of the "sports.coms". It was no secret that many thought the Phillies were hiding something. Experienced baseball people had to know something was amiss despite Amaro's statements. There was no leverage.

The fact is Amaro is a tonedeaf public relations disaster who is not honest with the fanbase. Period.

Sir Alden is either drunk as hell or the dumbest poster ever on Beerleaguer, which would be sayin' somethin'.

Cholly needs a win worse than me; he'll be gone soon if the team doesn't start to win. I agree w/Sir Alden. I like Nunez as a team player, but he needs to get it going with the bat. Tough going for the Phils w/Eaton vs. budding star Cain. I'll be at all three vs. the D-backs next week-gotta help the little woman w/ the kids this weekend. Big win tonight; Myers w/ the save.

clout -- BRAVO!!!!

AWH: On the money as usual. What the Gillick excuse-makers overlook is that other organizations have the skills to acquire quality talent in trades. Sure, every GM is going to have a clunker now and then. But trading a passel of talent away in 4 or 5 trades (as a poster on the previous thread listed) and getting not a single useful player in return is a sign you're not doing a very good job.

clout - if you really think about it, you must come to the conclusion that it's not just Seattle Stew, it's the whole baseball operation. If they're not getting good players in return - at least some of the time - they are obviously not very good at scouting talent, particularly position players. It shows in their farm system too.

Tonight, Borowski picked up his 10th save in 11 save opportunities this season, nailing down a 6-5 win for the Indians over Toronto.

In one inning of work, Borowski struck out 2 batters, while giving up no hits, no runs, and no walks.

Parker -- I don't know what appearances by Borowski you say you have watched, but Borowski now has 11 strikeouts in his last 6 innings pitched (in 6 games).

Now, with Gordon formally broken down -- "Seattle Stew" Gillick's failure to sign Borowski is proving -- ever more with each passing day -- to have been a major mistake.

IMO, the potential seriousness of Gordon's arm problems -- even after he came back off the DL for the latter part of last season -- should have been well apparent to Gillick -- and Gillick should be tagged now for his arrogant dismissal and disregard of Borowski when Borowski came calling for a FA contract last offseason.

RSB was right -- Borowski is "getting the job done" in the closer role for Cleveland -- eh, Tray?

Was it Gillick who "arrogantly dismissed" Borowski, or the Docs?

Here we go ........ Eaton with a high pitch count in the first inning.

He's not gonna be Eaton innings tonight.

Paging Mad Dog...paging Il Pulpo....

The Docs. You're right BedBeard, Gillick is doing a helluva job.

To paraphrase Denny Green "The Phillies aren't who we thought they were!"

BB, both.

"The Docs. You're right BedBeard, Gillick is doing a helluva job."


Well, it only took 5 batters but eaton did start throwing strikes.

This might be old news but I see that Park was released by the Mets today. 1 start and released. Now that's sense of urgency - something we never see from the Phillies.

BBeard -- as I wrote on this board at the time -- the whole scenario surrounding Borowski's visit to Philadelphia -- and his supposed failed physical -- was very strange indeed. And, in retrospect, it is even more odd, given the fact that Garcia was signed for big money coming off arm problems at his last gig -- without any physical being insisted upon by Gillick at all.

IMO, Gillick balked at Borowski's sticker price at the last moment -- and then Gillick floated the "Borowski's damaged goods" trash to save face.

Afetr all, Borowski took -- and passed -- the Indians' physical at the Cleveland Clinic -- no slouch of a health care institution. Did Borowski's shoulder get that much better within a week of his Philadelphia visit? I don't think so.

This team will never change unless the fans do something about it. We can all whine and bitch on this blog all we want, but until we are willing to try to impact this organization in a negative way, no change will happen.

A sports organization is similar to a publicly held company -- we can express our views through our actions. With a public entity it is done through voting -- with a team it is accomplished through attendance. WE MUST STOP GOING TO THE GAMES AND FORCE THIS OWNERSHIP GROUP TO SELL. There is no other way around it. If you choose to support the Phillies you are simply prolonging the mediocrity.

I'm "watching" the game on

Any word yet on Flash's injury?

Nunez - swinging at the first pitch - AGAIN.

Matt Cain and Eaton actually have the same K/BB ratio, the only problem is Eaton has given up about 16 more hits. Not that either of them have great ratios, as Jason pointed out.

Davethom: I'm ill concerned with the early results of Borowski's games. You failed to mention that batters are still hitting .395 of of him and his WHIP is as striking as the sight of a man with 12 fingers. I'm beginning to think the Myers move was even more correct than before. Something tells me that Myers has always been better suited to relief than starting. He was definetely a good starter, but I think he could be one of the most dominant closers in the game. And considering his durability, he may be able to go more than one inning when needed, without blowing something out.

J-Roll Baby.

J-Roll can be MVP

Let's get Eaton out of there now and go to Mad Dog, Rosario and Myers.

Parker -- You postulate a lot of "ifs" when you talk about Myers in the Phillies' closer role.

One thing we know, Myers is a solid starter -- something the Phillies need as much as they need a closer now.

I like Victorino's aggressiveness stealing bases on his first two on base appearances.

Dukes: Good point, the Phils would have trotted Park out there 3-4 more times to definitively prove he's not a major league starter.

I was optimmistic about Gillick when he started at least on the basis that he wasn't Ed Wade. But outside of acquiring Moyer, off the top of my head I can't think of another move where I think "that's worked out great for us."

For all the analysis that goes into the payrolls of the players, shouldn't more scrutiny go to the commitment to bring in better front office personnel? For cutting $2 million from the players payroll (i.e. not signing Barajas and makin Coste the backup catcher), wouldn't that money be better spent making a significant investment in scouting and player development? Instead of signing Eaton, why not spend some of that money luring away some of the guys from the Twins front office/scouting department involved in orchestrating the Pierzynski trade?

Jeltz, I hate you. You are right, but you just gave me Paul Abbott flashbacks.

Nice inning, boys!

I especially like the "manufactured" element to the first two runs scored. Solid, fundamental baseball.

Now, hold the lead, Eaton.

Gee, Davethon, Myers is needed more as a starter, Really? Considering the results of Mr. Dougnut man in the bullpen and Myers results starting this year, what would you say has been more productive. Lieber has been much better than Myers starting, and Myers ha been much better than Lieber in the Bullpen. Additionally, Myers fills a huge hole (Closer). Tell me you think Lieber can close Davethom, I need that kind of laugh. So, what exactly is Myers doing in the rotation right now? Everything is the same except Myers, who was below average as a starter this year, going up against everyones number 1. Now Hamels goes. Lieber goes against the other teams number 4 most of the time. I'll take Lieber agasint almost anyone else's 4th in the NL. Lieber is worthless in the bullpen, and if this move had not been made, the Doughnut man wouldnt have been able to get himself traded for a box of his favorite snack. Not that he is tradeable now anyway, but I dont want to trade him now that he looks like Lieber from 2 years ago. At least unless we get a future franchise player out of it.

Parker, I agree, but with this organization, don't hold your breath for a future anything.

Matt Cain looks about as good as Dean Cain's future prospects in movie roles.

Another line drive hit by Nunez. I think when Abe starts the Phils win a higher percentage of games. Any stats on that?

I think when Abe starts, the number of cardiac arrests in the greater Philly area goes up. Combined with an Eaton start, and Barajas behind the Plate. Anybody have stats on that?

Mark, he really cant be a whole lot worse than Wes Helms right now.

Should have been an "especially" somewhere in there.

"Another line drive hit by Nunez?" What does that give him two on the year? I'm no Helms fan, but let's be serious. Unless you're a member of his immediate family you can't seriously want Nunez starting more than once a week.

Top of the order coming up, I don't think 4 will be enough the way Eaton is throwing so far.

It is nice to see some runs being knocked in with 2 outs though.

J-Rollin. You think he likes Cali.????

J-Roll is on tonight!

Two triples in one game....has he ever done that before?

Damn, Vic with a 2 for 2 night, a pair of RBI, couple steals and its only the 4th inning, liking this alot!

Matt Cain, prized starter=Meat. If only we had Sal Fasano on the team, we could have a simulation of the scene in "Major League."

Can you see it:

Bochy: "Cain, give em the heater."
Ugly Heavily Mustached batter: "Bring it Meat"

HR, and here somes the meat wagon.

I think nunez came off a career year when he signed with us. He had a terrible first half last year. He rebounded from that and had a better second half. He started poorly again this season-but he is rebounding again. He is a winner, a versatile, team player who gets a horrible short shrift here. he is a valuable utility man. Y'all kill Nunez here; I ask- WHAT ABOUT PAT BURRELL????? Why don't you bitch about him? Is he the epitome of the word overrated?

Did I mention 2 runs scored?

I wish this wasn't a west coast game, I have to crash in few minutes.

Parker -- "Tell me you think Lieber can close Davethom, I need that kind of laugh."

Wow -- where does that come from? I never mentioned Lieber being the team's closer. In fact, I've always thought the whole "Lieber as a relief pitcher" experiment was absolute nonsense, and a reflection of defective Phillies' management and talent evaluation.

Myers as a starter would have been a decided upgrade over Eaton or Garcia. But now, with Gillick's off-season failure to sign a solid set-up guy or closer-in waiting -- inexcusable given Gordon's obvious arm problems coming out of last season -- Myers is the only viable closer option that the team has right now.

I have to tip my hat to the Phils before I head to bed. I didn't see them winning tonight with the loss last night, the long cross country flight, and having to face Cain tonight (I know the game is not over, but I have a good feeling they just may pull this one out). Hopefully Eaton and the team can keep the lead. It has been a fun four innings from an offensive perspective!

Mark, you must be new here.

do you think bochy had to write down the double switch, hey cholly?

Davethom: So there was no need for starters? No Eaton, No Garcia, who starts? Clout, RSB, The Duder???

Wait, I think I would prefer Kdon, davethom. He is aptly named for the job.

Mark, did you forget your meds?

Take a look at Burrels stats, we kill him pretty good because we believe he can be better, but he knocks in a 100+ rbi in a down year.

Nunez hits less balls out of the infield the Burrel hits out of the park most seasons.

Parker -- not the point. Myers should have been in the rotation -- but now its too late, and he is the only closer option the Phillies have been left with by Gillick. Yes, the team needed starting pitching in the off-season, but based on Eaton's and Garcia's performances thus far -- they appear to be two big Gillick mistakes. For example, Eaton's pitching line so far tonight isn't so hot -- 3 innings pitched, 2 earned runs, 2 walks, and a season's ERA of 7.55. Not very good, Parker.

Speaking of Burrell...

"Everybody hits...woohoo!!!"

man, i'm away for a short time and someone gives nunez a compliment. shame shame. ban that IP!

So much for the "Phils can never hit quality pitchers" theory. As for Parker... I'm not against the Myers move, we needed to stop the bleeding in the bullpen somehow, but you're a little too quick to judge off a couple weeks' results. For instance, "Lieber has been much better than Myers starting. Myers has been much better than Lieber in relief." You think that would've continued over a full season, Lieber pitching better than Myers? Or that Lieber would've continued to be *that* bad in the bullpen? Look for Lieber to be about what he was the past 2 or 3 seasons. Unless something about his stuff or control has changed, it's irrational to expect much more. Then you say, Myers was a good starter but he could be a dominant closer, so maybe relief is what he's meant for. Well you could say that about practically any good starter with plus stuff. Closing's not exactly a difficult job.

If you learn how to spell Burrell, I make take you more seriously than a street person. Burrell did have 100 plus RBi twice in his career. He is a classic underachiever. True or false? Nunez is a utility player.

does anyone why Hamels will not be making his scheduled start?

mark goldentyer, no one who posts here "OVERRATES" Burrell.

I would, however, wager to say the universal opinion is that he is OVERPAID.

Ever get the impending doom feeling that a rain storm will hit, which will last all night, and the game will be wiped clean for tomorrow? I love seeing this scoring barrage, but that always-present doom that every Philly fan knows keeps popping into my head...!

It looks like Cholly will live for another night. Anybody else gonna be in Phoenix next week? i have extra tickets for Wednesday's getaway game. We swept them last year.

Tray: "Closing is not exactly a difficult job." Then let Geary do it.

Actually, why don't you and Davethom get together with Chris Coste, pool your resources, buy the Philles and Name Coste manager, GM, and starting catcher. That would solve all the problems.

Hamels is going to pitch on Sunday evening.

Great inning, if this game does get rained out then God is truely a Braves fan.

SVC -- Not watching the game, so I haven't heard about Hamels missing a start. Perhaps it's to get him out of a daytime start? I saw that idea floated after his last afternoon outing.

Why on the Phillies website it says David Aardsma is going to pitch Sunday Evening?

Giants announcers on just announced the starters, Hamels goes Sunday against some kid named Undecided.

Shane is having a nice night.

Maybe Chollie should bench him more often?


I don't see the correlation between berating Nunez and berating Burrell. For the record, I agree that Burrell is definitely overpaid and overrate (not so much here, but by the general public).

However, there is no question that Burrell is a legitimate major league player. That is not the case with Nunez.

"I think Nunez came off a career year when he signed with us." No, he definitely came off a career year when he signed with the Phils.

"He is a winner" what does that mean? The Cards were successful because of Nunez? It had nothing to do with Pujols, Edmonds, Carpenter? Was he a "winner" when he played for the Pirates? Are the Phils winning tonight because Abe is in the lineup and he put the fear of God in Matt Cain?

"He had a better second half" what did he hit .220 instead of .180? I don't have stats in front of me but that's about the level of improvement we're talking about.

I hate when people here gang up on one person but, come on, defending Nunez?

Honestly I think Geary could close. Is he the ideal closer, no, hardly, but would he convert a high enough percentage of his save chances to where you could live with his being the closer, certainly. In any case, I'm not saying that I'm against the Myers move, given what little we have in our bullpen right now, but in an ideal world he starts games.

Sure only 4 innings into the game, and eaton has a big lead, but it seems as though ruiz is doing a good job of calling the game, and eaton actually has some decent location and velocity tonight, i know Dubee said he was going to change up eatons pre-game routine , so any chance cholly uses ruiz on eatons next start?

Why was vic taken out?

Wait, why was Victorino removed??

Can the Phils apply for the West division? They play these guys very confidently. Check this out--record against West since 2003:

2003: 18-14
2004: 20-12
2005: 22-9
2006: 19-13

That's 79-48 in the last 4 years. Tonight's headline:

"Cain Unable"

Eaton hitting 93 mph on his fastball

Mets score 6 in the 9th, torching D-Backs closer Valverde.

9-2 in the 6th. This a complete shocker w Eaton vs Cain. Looks like my dream will come true w/ Rosario & Castro"The Little Dictator" closing the game. Unfortunately the Mets scored 6 runs in the 9th to beat Arizona. Giants GM Sabean has done an atrocious job. Besides the horrible Zito deal this team is so damm old. As Jon stated i'm not looking foward to the Ruben Amaro era. His interviews are sickening. I think he has a picture of Bill Giles(his hero) in his bathroom.

Anybody know if Eaton flew out before the game yesterday?

just when i thought he could get through 6, ugh....

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