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Tuesday, May 29, 2007


Aaron Rowand... best seven-hole hitter in all of baseball. And we want to trade this guy to the Astros?

Aaron Rowand... htting .277 with a .720 OPS through the month of May, just like he has done his whole career more or less. He's okay.

To be clear... we do NOT want to trade him to the Astros. I merely mentioned that Astros sports-talk radio people were discussing the possibility of getting Rowand.

Good first inning for Lieber (apart from the lead off hit). The balk was strange. What I liked best was gettting ahead of the hitters.

Gametracker not working yet many times this month!

Wow! Just like last night in the bottom of the first! I'm shocked!

Try gameday, it's better anyway.

This one that Jason linked to (Fox?) is prtty much working, although I'm still used to the Yahoo...

Get MLB.TV... it's the only way to go :-D

The Mets are currently winning the National League All-Popular ballots. We got one leader.

C: Paul LoDuca
1B: Albert Pujols
2B: Chase Utley
3B: David Wright
SS: Jose Reyes (Rollins 3rd)
OF: Carlos Beltran, Barry Bonds, Alfonso Soriano (Rowand behind Green, Alou)

CJ -- You can be sure we want to trade him. He's what's known as a wasting asset.

Wow, Victorino made that play at the plate on the deep sac fly closer than you would normally expect such a play to be.

Um, we're talking about FREE options here.

That actually looks about right, Prince Fielder is off to a better start than Pujols obviously and I'm sure there are some outfielders with better numbers than Soriano (like Carlos Lee or Matt Holliday), but it's pretty on target compared to the fans' choices some other years. Rollins doesn't even deserve to make the team with the month he's having.

1. So much for Lieber's good start...

2. And we may want to trade Rowand... but I don't believe it's to the Astros for Brad Lidge.

3. Vic's throw to the plate was ill-advised. No way we get the guy and we let the other guy get to third.

4. Ah... free options... I like the ESPN GameCast.

The only thing I'd really change right now is catcher, with Russell Martin getting the nod over LoDuca. And I could realistically see Griffey or Holliday over Soriano. (Or even Adam Dunn) But this isn't too bad a first draft. At least we don't have anything outrageous going on (like a Biggio coup at 2B or Eckstein at SS).

What the hell Lieber?

This game sucks already!

Lieber looks entirely too hittable.

The Phils are back to squandering runners. Leadoff doubles should not get stranded. And once again, the roller coaster of emotion takes over and erases my new found optimism...damn Phillies.

I think what we're seeing from Lieber today is what statisticians called regressing to the mean.

Lieber is starting to leak a little oil these last two starts.

Looks like he's phoning this one in.

Is there anyone even up in the pen?

Also, paging Mr. Lieber. Mr. Lieber, you're wanted back on Earth. Thank you.

Wow, this is terrible. All the momentum we had from the Braves series is gone. Now they look like the same hapless squad that we've come to hate...oops, I mean love. Lieber 7 hits surrendered in the 2nd inning already, now that's quality.

I guess the best free option is not to follow this game.
See ya back at .500, guys.

And Jason, I'd say with Lieber's girth and the outcome of that second inning, this is more like Exxon Valdez.

It's utterly absurd that our best hitter is hitting 7th.

Screw that, I never want to see .500 again. The Phils are coming back! Lieber will settle down and go 6 innings, and the Phils will win 6-5.

I'm not ready to let go of the positive vibe quite yet.

That was a nice two-out run, for what it's worth. Rowand and Ruiz had nice at-bats.

They can score runs off this guy. Lieber needs to throw some good innings the rest of the way, though.

On the other hand, a very poor at-bat by Rollins to end the inning. You have to wait for a good ball to hit, Jimmy.

Yeah, I didn't leave. They CAN score runs on this guy. Big hill, though...metaphor for 2007.

Instead of "Goosebumps," their ad campaign should have been "Climb Every Mountain"...

Finally, Howard turns a nice double play. I've been waiting for that all season.

I like Jimmy Rollins, glad he's our shortstop, but he drives me nuts when he gets into these pop-up fits.

Holy heck-a-mecca, all Burrell does is walk and k on called 3rd strikes. Time for a granny by Dobbs.

Just get a hit, Roy Dobbs...

Dammit, this offense is infuriating! Men on 3rd with less than 1 must produce 90% of the time.

I didn't hear the booing at the end of the inning. That's a damn shame.

the phillies remind us all that life is all about wasting opportunities.

It looks like everyone in the league knows that the best way to get the Phils out is put 3 of them on the bases.

Meanwhile, the Mets were down 2-0 and Delgado just tied it up. No wonder why they laugh at us...

8 baserunners in 4 innings, 1 run. Nice to see us adding to our overwhelming NL lead in men left on base.

Howard is back, he'll knock 'em in.

hey, look at that, a drew brother is fragile.

never would have guessed.


Is Bob Melvin related to Cholly? He lets Owings bat for himself in the top of the inning, then he brings in a new pitcher to start the bottom of the inning. Of course, Owings did hit a triple so maybe Melvin was on to something.

One of those games that's 2 hrs old, but feels like 4.

bay - Apparently Owings was quite the hitting machine through college & the minors.

I know Houston needs another fielder but, there CF is hitting .365?

If Rowand moves that means that Bourn becomes the new starting fielder? or Is it dobbs? or is it werth....

i think this is why the last thing we can afford to do is lose an OF.

mm, vic belongs in CF anyway...

Besides Rowand, who on this team is tradeable. Think that Lieber could go to the cubs?

It might get us Murton?

I know he belongs in Cf but as I said, are we ready to find out who the new everyday RF will be?

I mean i love Dobbs and obviously Bourn has good Defense and Speed.

But...Its May. We have to at least pretend like we can contend right?

In that case, Curt, how about a swap of Rowand for Owings? Owings can fill one of the starting roles that will be vacated when Lieber & Garcia depart, and on the other 4 days, he can play third base.


Rollin swings at ball 4 - it was low

Wouldn't it be great if the Arizona left this kid in?

Does anyone know anything about this Mark Reynolds guy other than he's hitting .400 since getting called up? With him and Tracy, it seems like they've got a surplus at 3B. Any possibility we could get one or the other next year? Assuming we're not sticking with the three headed monster that is Nunez/Dobbs/Helms?

This may be one of the more bizarre posts I've ever written, but I have a funny feeling the Phillies may still win this game. Whether anyone is still watching is a different question.

Assuming Reynolds/Quentin continue to have a good year, I'm sure their going to be looking to deal tracy.

I'd like to agree SJ but Utley just watched his HR.


A fine piece of clutch hitting there by Burrell.

bay -- you need to remind your "funny feeling" that we have a guy hitting .226 batting 5th.

Burrell's act has become so tiresome. It's time to try other options and actually stick with them for a while.

just when you think they have some momentum coming home from atlanta....they prove again they are about a 500 team. Nice clutch hitting again tonight.


That's probably what made my feeling so funny.

Can Anyone answer an question for me?

Let's say I live in Chicago. Would i then be able to watch Phils Broadcasts of Phils Games then with the premium package that gives you access to all the day's games?

as tom berenger once said "Strike this ***ker out!"

mm, only when they're home games. airs home telecasts only - though very occasionally you'll get a Philadelphia feed if they're on the road if the other team isn't airing the game. But that alone makes it far better than Extra Innings on satellite, because you can't get *any* Phillies' telecasts there.

Boy, that hit by Hudson hurt.

mm, I don't think you get a choice of which broadcast you watch - it's always the home team. (at least that's how it's been in my experience, although I don't have the premium package.) you can always listen to the Phils radio broadcast, and I guess you could load up the video in another window if you really wanted...

We suck

::tosses towel::

If any game could ever be called a microcosm of the Phillies' entire season, this is absolutely the one.

That makes sense

Thanks AE

Can't really ask Geary to get 5 outs.

Horrible job by Geary to lose it there with two outs. That's two devastating innings from Geary and Madson the last two nights when they should have been out of the inning.

MM - I live in California. I watch Phils broadcasts of Phils home games only. When they are on the road, I listen to the radio. I've called MLB on this and they said "Good idea, we'll think about it."

Another Phils reliever walking a batter in a key situation. When will they ever learn??

Cue Clout.

Gas can!

Defense and the bullpen continue to let this team down time and time again. Just don't see the offense or the starting pitching being capable of overcoming these two deficiencies.

Lol. It's funny you should say that, John. I was just about to write, "This is about time for Clout to chime in about what a meaningless stat ERA is for a relief pitcher." Which, of course, is true.

Kills me how this team quits on the field.
Same garbage that occurred during the Mets home opener.
Utterly disgraceful.

Last two games have simply been a letdown. The Phillies couldn't keep the momentum going, and are back at .500. Well, I guess that's about right, anyway. In my mind, that's pretty much what they are. They sweep the Braves and you think, well hey now. But it's an illusion. They're a .500 team. I said 84 wins before they opened the season, and I'll stick with that number.

::towel is doused with gasoline and lit by geary::

Geary did get 4 straight outs there, Jason.

It'll be a shame if they can't contend in '07. It's not like there's an Utley or a Howard who's up-and-coming that we can get excited about watching without a pennant race. And I'm not sure we could get anyone for Lieber or Rowand who could help us in '08, when Gillick sees us actually contending.

bayareaphan: I was actually expecting clout's question to kdon and BedBeard, but the ERA comment would work too.

It seems like a great idea to stick a stronger bat at 3B until the guy's glove costs you the game.

a thought that hasn't been brought up: Considering the fact that barajas was brought into be the starter(which i still don't understand) could some of these bullpen woes be attributed to the fact that ruiz is now all of a sudden the everyday Catcher and the bp just hasn't adjusted to him yet?

Maybe cholly should experiment with letting barajas catch from the 7th on?

Agree with you, Curt. I like Dobbs' bat & would like to see him in our starting lineup next year -- but in the outfield. His defense at third base is an abomination.

or considering their RP's they should be able to be caught by anyone at anytime and a catcher should be good enough to know every guy on the staff?

of course i should have known i was dumb when i uttered the words "Maybe cholly should experiment"

From the misery loves company department - the Yanks lost again. Abreu? Don't ask.

There's a chance this inning might never end.

i wonder if condrey misses the loving arms of AAA ball at the moment.....

That's a lot of lefties if Dobbs replaces Burrell. They need a righty bat (who's not named Wes Helms).

I didn't even realize the game was still going on. I thought it ended when Rollins grounded out to end what I now see was only the 8th inning. That goes to show you how much this game has captured my attention.

Damn, can these relievers tonight look any worse? This team is nothing better than a fundamentally flawed .500 team.

No one replaces Burrell for another 274 games.

Its nice to see we have an entire bullpen of Face One Hitter only Relievers.

I see the D-Back mop-up guy has a 2.35 ERA. Are you kidding me?

"No one replaces Burrell for another 274 games."

Well i certainly hope he was nice enough to give Wade 20%

"No one replaces Burrell for another 274 games."

If only we could get management to put one of those signs on the left field fence..."Burrell's Blast-Off Countdown." Every day a lucky young fan will be allowed onto the field and change the number. Didn't they do that with the farewell to the Vet?

I see the D-Back mop-up guy has a 2.35 ERA. Are you kidding me?

Hey, where was he hiding. I know PG turned over every rock and stone to find relievers, but there just weren't any out there. I didn't realize RP's were F-ing Leprechauns.

I still would pay money to watch a 12 year old Japanese Kid strike out PB with the same pitch 3 times in a row.

It's bad news when the reliever I have the most confidence in was playing in Clearwater a month ago.

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