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Saturday, May 05, 2007


Reposting from previous thread. Madson to DL, Condrey up.

Mad Dog on the DL. Not good news.

Of course the day I wear my Howard shirt, he sits. Maybe I should start wearing a Barry Bonds shirt. Like, every day for the rest of his career.

Aaaaaaaaaagggggggh! Girth AND No-Hit are in the lineup today. With Lieber, that has got to be the biggest offensive black hole 7 - 9 in baseball.

not sure if i'll be able to make it through 9 innings of these morons on FOx today. THey have to be the Giants announcers cause they no nothing about philly. First we boo little league managers and then Chase was benched in favor of Desi Reliford. THe only problem with that statement is Desi was gone before Chase was even drafted. OMG somebody slap me but I'm missing Sarge!

Why bother putting Nunez and Barajas in the line up at the same time? Why don't we just concede defeat now and put another one in the loss column for those Flounderin' Phils.

That was Rowand...not Rollins!!

These Fox announcers are awful.

Glad to see Cholly finally sat the big man down. Hopefully they get some good work in on the side for a couple of days. Actually, maybe Cholly and Jimy & Milt & Ryan could go off somewhere & let Jimmy handle the team for the rest of this series....

Glad to see Howard is riding the pine. I'd like to see him moved down in the order when he gets back.

Lowry is a tough lefty with good offspeed stuff. If you're gonna rest the big guy, this is the time.

I'd have every other hitter bunting when Lieber is pitching.

can we get david bell back?

Great, 6 pitch half inning. Not only can't the bottom half of the order not hit, they can't even put more mileage on this guy.

hippo, it would be nearly impossible for him to hit for less power than Helms has.

Scary to think where this team would be if it hadn't found Vic on the trash heap.

speaking of power, i'm always happy to see nunez's big bat in the starting lineup. he's a winner.

Meanwhile, Seattle Stew's key offseason acquisitions, Helms and Werth, have SLG%lower than Victorino. While Girth Barajas has a couple of dingers (he's on pace to hit 12), he's batting .235.

This game is moving along at a good clip. Rare, these days, and I like it.

hippo, I think I'm going to put myself on a moratorium when it comes to criticizing No-Hit. He's too easy a target. I don't blame the guy for taking the money, though. Seattle Stew didn't have to give it to him.

With that strikeout of Helms, that's 8 for Lowry in 6 2/3 innings. This from a guy who strikes out 2.4 per nine. Everybody hits.....wahooooo!

holy god, praise be to nunez!!!

that said, AWH, i just don't why he is trotted out there so often by this team. he genuinely sucks, but i certainly don't blame him for taking the playing time or cash money!

^^ *just don't get why he is trotted out there*

time to add nuni on my fantasy squad!


swung at ball four.

Badmouth Nunez all you want, but he was just responsible for that rarest natural phenomenom: a Phillie hit with RISP.

And now we see why Cholly pretends a few of these guys in his BP don't really exist.

Is there any explanation at all for pinch-hitting Howard for Burrell right there? Why not save Howard to pinch hit for Nunez in the 9th inning?

I've been on the fence about Manuel for a while, but this series has me convinced that he absolutely needs to go. I'm sick of the camera showing him after something bad happens just sitting there chewing gum with that stupid look on his face.

And that is why we brought Yoel Hernandez up...uggh

You know I was going to wait to post til this game was over due to having a barbeque here, but damnit, Manuel has to go!! Who brings in a rookie in their very first game in that situation?? Do you want to win?? He is already nervous and you know he is going to groove one if he gets behind in the count!! Anyone who knows anything about baseball knows this!! I want freaking Manuel's head on a platter!! And I haven't even touched on the Howard PH appearance for Burrell of all people!! Now we have absolute crap to come up in the 9th, not that it matters anymore...

what a move by charlie...instead of having a guy like that sit out there and rust, he does the opposite extreme and gives him trial by fire....

I'm watching this with my dad, who hasn't watched a Phillies game in years. His response to my loud cursing from Yoel's gopherball was "the Phillies are finding new ways to lose".

It's now that I realize that he is a much smarter man than I. He moved us away from Philadelphia in 1986, and did his best to steer me towards the Padres and Chargers.

Like an idiot, I stayed loyal to my roots.

Nice debut for Yoel..first batter, give up three run homer. Yuck!

That's the situation you bring in Yoel in his first appearance? Really? With 2 men on in a close game? The guy never had a chance.

Well, at least Geary and Myers are rested. If Hamels can go 7 tomorrow, we should have a shot.

Phillies are a disgrace

Orel from Cherry Hill (by way of BUF) made a great point during Wednesday's ESPN broadcast: the little things that aren't getting done in early innings are coming back to haunt us. Today, if I remember correctly, we had a runner on 3rd with one out and couldn't get him home. Not that I'm saying a 2-0 First changes the game completely, but it adds a run. Over the course of a game, the men that we're leaving on add up. And yes, I know, this is what we always do.

I'm just so fustrated. I really hope that Cole is King Cole tomorrow... I'll be severely disappointed if we only win one game in this series.

Not a lot of activity on Beerleaguer tonight. I guess sane people know that the Phillies are only playing a game and real life goes on on a Saturday night.

I TIVO'd the game today-Went golfing refusing to let Manuel/Phills ruin my day. Just watched the game-I'm out of words at this points. I'm not sure watching Nunez & Helms start the same game is healthy. Helms needs to make that scoop play in the 3rd inning. Also Cholly-Probably not the best spot to bring in Yoel Hernandez for his MLB debut.Manuel had this great quote today "In explaining why he used Rosario, Castro and Hernandez, Manuel said that he only wants to use Geoff Geary to set up for Brett Myers with a lead, and use others when the Phillies are behind"

Can someone please explain why Howard pinched hit for Burrell of all people in the 8th instead of some of the dead wood in the 9th?
Read this article from AOL FANHOUSE site today. I guess Beerleaguer's arent crazy.

"File this one under "It seemed like a good idea at the time." Charlie Manuel had Antonio Alfonseca on the mound in the eighth inning with two outs and nobody on, when Manuel ordered a free pass to Barry Bonds.

Well, a flare hit to Mark Sweeney, a walk to Pedro Feliz, a bloop hit by Omar Vizquel, and a single by Ray Durham later, a manageable one run deficit became an impossible four run hole for Philadelphia. And it was all because of an intentional walk with nobody on base.
"We had two outs," Phillies manager Charlie Manuel said. "Why take a chance on him hitting a home run when we could pitch to somebody else?"
And somebody else, and somebody else, and somebody else, and somebody else. Yeah, a three run rally is much better than a solo home run by Barry Bonds.

Alfonseca seemed somewhat perturbed by the decision to walk Bonds after he dispatched of Randy Winn and Rich Aurilia rather easily. (He barked a bit on the mound, and had some animated conversations in the dugout with some of the coaches, and my guess is that he was wondering about the decision as well.) After a 6-2 loss in San Francisco, I imagine that Phillies fans may be a little confused by Manuel's decision also."
On a bright note-I'm looking forward to the Sunday Night Pitching matchup.

Enough WWL references! The Monarch's reign is over.

Where is Steve Jeltz when you need him? :(

These are the saddest of possible words: From Rosario to Castro to Yoel.

I hate myself for loving you!- Joan Jett

Screw this team.

I know it hasn't been said for a while, but I'm always thinking it- when are they going to fire Manuel? Fire Rich Dubee too and Steve Smith. Davey Lopes is the only one making a difference. This team is in trouble. We lose Lieber, Garcia, and Rowand after the season, and still have huge contracts out on Gordon, Burrell, and Eaton...what the hell are we going to do? Turn to our minor leagues? I think not, they suck worse than us.

That's why it is a must to peddle Rowand & Leiber while they each might get us a young ML-ready player. That's not going to happen when Rowand is hitting .270 and Lieber is on the DL.

From Ryan Madson couldn't take it any more. The reliever had been pitching with discomfort in his left oblique muscle since Spring Training, but continued because the pain didn't affect his throwing motion or his pitches' movement. But when the pain accelerated warming up before Thursday's outing against the Giants, he knew a trip to the disabled list was in his future.

*Oh, that explains why he has sucked so bad. I thought it was because he didn't know how to pitch anymore, and all along it has been an injury. Are the Phillies sure this injury doesn't date back to August of '05?

Infielder Bradley Key, one of the players acquired from the Reds for outfielder Jeff Conine, has been released. ... Infielder Michael Garciaparra, Nomar's younger brother, was removed from Double-A Reading's temporary inactive list and assigned to Class A Clearwater. ... J.D. Durbin joined Triple-A Ottawa on Saturday.

*Another player acquired in a trade that is no longer with the team. Basically Pat Gillick just gives our players away for free. I hate him!

Csrson, welcome to the club, not of Gillick haters, but of those of us who have recognized, for a while, that Seattle Stew hasn't gotten anyone - that have helped long-term - for quality major league players.

Padilla, Tejada, Abreu...

calout and I have been harping on this for a while.

Seattle Stew may be a good GM, but he has not done a good job in Philadelphia.

I wonder if he's distracted by the thoughts of retiring to the house he and his wife bought in Seattle last year.

Do not, however, in the larger scheme of things let Bill 'The Walking Sphincter' Giles (credit to dajafi) of Dave 'The Puppet' Montgomery off the hook. They're just as responsible.

"clout and I have been..."

It's unbelievable. Madson and Gordon had discomfort the entire season, and yet they're out there in key situations.

What other organization runs things this way?

In the larger scheme of things, IMO the Phils, talent wise, are in worse shape top to bottom than they were when Seattle Stew arrived.

...and we had such high hopes...

W.C. Fileds was wrong.

"W.C. Fields was wrong."

Damn, I need to learn to type.

Malcolm, I'll take your question as being rhetorical.

"Wes Helms, Abraham Nunez and Rod Barajas."

Rumor has it that most major astronomical scientists will be at AT&T park today, citing the ability to see a black whole up-close and personal.

God is a Braves fan, Jesus like the Mets, Muhammad chooses BoSox, and Zeus lightning rods the Yanks.

Pointless post I know, just like tonight's game is pointless. Win or lose it doesn't matter.

Carson: There are prescription drugs for manic-depression. But the fact you're still here, unlike the swarms of low-IQ front-running wimps who only post when they're winning, shows you're a true fan.

Clout- you know I'm a true fan buddy, albeit tough to swallow most times. I really had high hopes (predicted 92 wins) heading into this season, and although it's only the 1st week of May yet, this season seems like a lost cause. Yes, the Phils will probably put a streak together to get back to .500 and a bit above, but the hole they're digging themselves in to is too big to get completely back out of. Unless of course they defy history...and in that case party!!!

I am sure most still check the beerleaguer for additional information like who went on disabled list, trades and hopefully firings.
Theres hardly anything anyone can now say to make us happier. All we now see here is bitching and crying.
I'll keep checking, which I do all day long hoping somehow someone can come up with a magic potion to make the Phils win. Thats a joke.

there's no quit in the nunez fan club

Bonds is expected to sit this evening against the lefty Hamels. There's some good news.



Standard Phils lineup with Barajas catching. No Bonds.

1. J Rollins, SS
2. S Victorino, RF
3. C Utley, 2B
4. R Howard, 1B
5. P Burrell, LF
6. A Rowand, CF
7. W Helms, 3B
8. R Barajas, C
9. C Hamels, P

1. R Winn, RF
2. O Vizquel, SS
3. R Aurilia, 1B
4. R Durham, 2B
5. B Molina, C
6. P Feliz, LF
7. T Linden, CF
8. K Frandsen, 3B
9. T Lincecum, P

Well, while not watching the game yesterday, I was able to absorb the horror in all its full effect on the XM. While the Pinch hitting situation looks pretty stupid, Castro walking the two lefties was inexcusable. That sealed the deal. Bringing in Hernandez was not the smartest move, but couldnt you see any of the Phils pen giving up the same HR? I could.

Positive thoughts to sooth your mind: This Lincecum kid is going to light our asses up tonight.

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