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Friday, May 04, 2007


In light of the recent "rumors" that the Phils and Yankees are talking a Lieber/Farnsworth swap (which, I can only hope, is 100% absurd), I welcome the arrival of Yo-el Hernandez, if only to maybe stay the course of some remarkably inept deal going down that would doom the team for an entire season

I thought Yoel was only 25?

Welcome to Major League Baseball Mr. Hernandez, now please take your seat in the bullpen and don't expect to actually appear in a game. Go ahead and make friends with Francisco Rosario and Fabio Castro, as they too will sit out there and rust with you.

Not according to the Phillies media guide, and also the press release issued this morning. Yoel is 27, and frankly, looks even older than that.

Anybody have any idea or speculation regarding Gordon's injury? I'm reading that he is going to throw next week. Don't they need to figure out what's wrong with him first?

After Cholly has burned Geary, Madson & Octopus by midsummer, we'll get to see what all of these AAA guys have.

Yoel is going to be the suprise sensation of 2007, you heard it hear first, sign him on your fantasy squads if he hasn't already been taken.

Okay, maybe I shouldn't have smoked that after all...

yt --

if its that good, you should share.

have a nice cup of coffee yoel.

Rather than jump to conclusions, let's look at Uncle Cholly's typical use of inexperienced relievers:

Use in mop-up situations for three or four games. If he does well, throw him into a pressure situation. If he fails at that, send him back down.

Cream and sugar, Yoel?

i actually like Uncle Cholly's use of rookie relievers, get them used to the show, the strike zone, the batters, while there is no pressure, and if they can perform, then see if they can be trusted in "real" situations...

I gotta agree with Joe--I think it makes sense not to throw the new guy immediately into the fire.

Also, perhaps Coste can learn to pitch?

Sorry, I'll dial down the Sarcasmotron. My complaint is that after a few good no-pressure experiences, said young reliever will get exactly one (1) attempt at a more important role, unless he's lucky enough to pitch perfectly in his first clutch situation. Don't get me wrong, I'm not advocating throwing them into the deep end of the pool straight away; I just wonder why they have to be returned to AAA if they fail that first trial-by-fire. That's why I'm predicting Yoel will, indeed, be getting a cup of coffee rather than a whole pot.

Not all minor leaguers are equal. There are young propsects who project as potential major leaguers, who must be treated carefully, and guys, like Yoel, who will never have much of a major league career. I see nothing wrong with going with the hot hand. If there's a blowout Yoel gets to pitch an inning or 2 in the bigs. If not, he returns to Ottawa as soon as a permanent replacement is acquired.

A permanent replacement? I rather doubt it. More likely we'll get a merry-go-round of Yoel, Condrey and Brito coming and going every couple of weeks. Or maybe not, seeing how cheap this organization can be...they might not want to spend all that money on plane tix to and from Ottawa.

Why isn't anybody else ready to believe that a guy who has spent nine years pitching in the minor leagues will be this team's savior?

Oh right, you all have brains.

Anybody else want to help me break out Urbina from jail?

I honestly have no idea on how Yoel will perform. An ERA under 4.50 would be fine as a long-relief/mop-up person.

I just don't think that Yoel is going to see more than 2-3 innings/week max. Cholly is probably more likely to go with an increased role for Rosario/mabye Castro.

I haven't really seen YoYo. Can anyone sum up his stuff?

Game chat here tonight, gentlemen. No separate post. Comment on the game here.

Sure. He makes his living with a live fastball and crisp slider.

Well, Hernandez has pitched for my MVP Baseball 2005 Phillies dynasty with the big club and, if he comes anywhere close to the numbers he put up in my 2007 campaign, he'll be awesome.

He pitched somewhere around 70 innings, putting up an ERA just under 3 while striking out about 30. Also, is he a sidearm?

Baseballer Prospectamundo describes him as a cross between Roger Clemens and General Zod from Superman III.

On a personal note, he is fluent in Spanish.

hernandez is not a sidearmer. if you recall, he got a look in spring training 2006 after a good 2005 in AAA, was a little wild, and then started back in Scranton where he got hurt. he's a live arm-er, although not sure what his velocity is like these days, umpteen injuries later.

i thoroughly like this move if hernandez pitches well. if he doesn't, then i'm totally against the move from the beginning.

Yeah, I think MVP Baseball just likes to make 1/4 of all pitchers sidearmed.

While my baseball knowledge is circumspect, I can confidently say that General Zod is from Superman II.

"Baseballer Prospectamundo describes him as a cross between Roger Clemens and General Zod from Superman III."

superman II correction notwithstanding, this comment wins a prize for making me snort out loud.

Sorry Ribbie, you are correct.

But I think we can agree that if Zod were a RP, he would really be able to bring the heat.

For that matter Non would be a hell of a clean up hitter.

Man am I bored.

i hope the Phils AAA Stats are incorrect cause i see they have a combined 1 homerun in over 20 games. THat is incredible....someone please confirm this is wrong :(

To hell with Lieber to Evil Empire rumors. After June 1st do you think the Yanks will take Gavin Eaton...I mean A-DAMN Eaton? Or maybe any other team in baseball? Perhaps the Hokkaido Nippon-Ham Fighters could use Eaton, we could get back a third-string no-hitting utility infielder Abrahito Nunazori...

AE, thanks for the stats. Clout, thanks for being clout. Alby, well, thanks. And the Dude(r) makes a return appearance.

Clout: The fact that I did not know that Myers makes $10 mill. next year is far from idiotic. I dont know where you got that information, but the only place I know to get anything about salary is off of ESPN.Com. I'm sure that you are correct, and I at least retract the part about the Phils having a discount closer. I still think Myers is more effective in closer role, and I still think his long term financial prospects are enhanced by it.

Gordon: Recently, I have defended Pat Gillick against, what I beleive to be, ridiculous assertions, but this is ridiculous. The lack of foresight in this move is clear. Gordon is done, and now things are uncertain with the bullpen and the rotation. The only consolation in any of this, is the knowledge that if the Phils had signed BJ Ryan instead of Gordon, it would have been more money sunk into a pitcher that may be done, as far as dominant closer days go. And Alby is right about Wagner, he was not worth the money. All three of these situations highlight the often espoused position (at least by myself, kdon, BedBeard and probably others), that breaking the bank for a reliever is a bad idea.

Eaton/Garcia: I'm not closing the book on either one of these guys yet. In fact I havent even opened it yet. Regardless of whatever else you can say about Eaton, it is safe to say that it cannot get worse. Garcia looks more promising.

Gillick again: I really wonder what he is thinking. I think the most interesting thing about this whole thing is the absence of reliable information about the happenings of the team. The mind of Gillick to this point is proving to be a rather slippery quarry, and I have absolutely no idea what his plans are to fix the problems at this point. I'm not subscribing to the notion that Gillick is an idiot, as I think that term is used in a rather loose lipped fashion in these circles, but some sort of long term plan needs to at least surface at some point.

For now, after a night of 0 hours of sleep, I will resign to a relaxing night of Phils action and (hopefully) victory. These questions can wait till another day, or at least when somebody mentions another topic worth discussing.

This was Eaton's 5th bad start out of 6. Regardless of his contract -- at some point you have to replace him in the rotation. You can't keep putting a pitcher out there every 5th day who doesn't get batters out, unless you are willing to tank the season. Parker, I thought it couldn't get worse for Eaton after Saturday night's gem and he one upped himself last night.

I missed all of the game last nite so I'm not exactly sure how Eaton pitched other than just looking at the box score. However, I was at the Eaton game a few weeks back against the Astros and watched his game against the Nats closely. I'm not sure if anyone else has noticed but he's throwing his fastball about 80%% of the time. In the first and second innings of the Astros game of his 33 pitches 30 were fastballs varying between 88-93 mph. I think he can get back to his average career numbers of a mid 4 ERA guy with 8-10 wins if he starts to throw something else other than the fastball to throw off the hitters. Given his history with injuries I'm starting to wonder if his arm might be giving him some problems if he isn't throwing any breaking balls.

On another note, I can't believe how bad the phils have been at drafting position players the past 4 years. Its sad to say but we have no hitting prospects beyond A ball other than Costanzo (the thowing error and strikeout machine). And even those guys are mainly projected to be slap hitters with little to no pop. I think its safe to say that the drafting of Bourn and Golson as high as they were have to be considered busts. Even though Bourn is getting playing time both are only projected to be reserve/platoon type players that bring only speed and good defense to the table.

Yo speaking of baseball video games does anyone remember an 1980's Nintendo game called RBI Baseball? It was the bomb!

Let me second the General Zod comment -- I lost a gulp of beer through my nose and it was STILL worth it. Amazing, ain't it, that several brain cells are permanently devoted to such clutter?

Speaking of brain cells, I was forced to listen to Eskin yesterday afternoon because I was in a rented van without an antenna and WIP was the only station it could pull in. He was going on and on about how they should have signed Wagner instead of Flash. Never occurred to him, apparently, that Wagner wasn't really that happy here, and while Wags might not be the brightest bulb in the chandelier, he's no idiot -- he has a better shot at a ring with the Mets than with the Phillies, even if we had coughed up equal money. So easy when you don't have to take any responsibility for your opinions. And to think that I, for a nanosecond, felt bad about how Cholly threatened him. Now I'm sorry he didn't find out how well Howard takes a punch.

Eaton looks clueless out there. I, too, have noticed the over-reliance on the fastball -- and that he seems to have very little control over it. Again, what is Roll Another doing to help here? To all those who keep saying our starting staff is deeper than the rest, I say, you might want to hold off on finalizing that opinion.

And Dude, one of the problems with the Phillies drafts the last few years is that we've signed too many free agents. Losing those second- and third-round picks (not to mention #1s) will kill your organizational depth -- especially for the Phils, who've had far more success over the years in the second round than in the first.

Yes I remember RBI Baseball for the original Nintendo. You could stretch a single into a homerun by forcing the computer to get into a rundown and then beat the throws. Wow, I'm pathetic for remembering that. Now I'm Jonesing for some Bubble Bobble too, I love those lil' bubble blowing dinos.

I frequently check the minor league stats and it amazes me to the point of almost sickness that the Phils positional "prospects" simply cannot hit. We have some starters down on the farm that have a chance to pan out and maybe a reliever or two, but the hitters suck...I mean absolutely suck!

Speaking of RBI Baseball, and because there are still too many hours until game time, I figured I'd mention one of my favorite youtube videos, which is this gem:

Some guy recreated the classic 10th inning of Game 6 of the '86 Mets-BoSox World Series within RBI Baseball. He overlayed the original broadcast commentary and matched it up pitch for pitch in the video game. It's ridiculous and pointless and hilarious.

Everyone remembers the Buckner Ball of course, but I'd forgotten about the clutch 2-out hits in that inning, and the wild pitch that scored the tying run. What a game.

"Now I'm sorry he didn't find out how well Howard takes a punch." Ditto.
eskin is rude, arrogant, and, frankly, just not that knowledgeable. I listen to Jody Mac on 950. Much better baseball wisdom.


Standard lineup with Helms and Ruiz.

1. J Rollins, SS
2. S Victorino, RF
3. C Utley, 2B
4. R Howard, 1B
5. P Burrell, LF
6. A Rowand, CF
7. W Helms, 3B
8. C Ruiz, C
9. J Moyer, P

1. D Roberts, CF
2. R Winn, RF
3. R Aurilia, 1B
4. B Bonds, LF
5. B Molina, C
6. P Feliz, 3B
7. O Vizquel, SS
8. K Frandsen, 2B
9. M Morris, P

Josh Hancock was pronounced leagally drunk at the time of his fatal accident. This is on the heels of a tin of mary jane being found in his SUV. Sad to say, but if you live life in the fast lane long enough you're bound to get hurt.

Marlins, trailing 4-3 in the bottom of the 8th to the Padres, hit 2 solo shots off of Linebrink, won the game. I was already glad we kept Rowand, but now I'm a little gladder.

Nice start. Glad to see Shane reach out for that one.

Re: A couple Phillies minor leaguers mentioned in this thread. Mike Costanzo is a crap prospect, but for a crap prospect, I kind of like him. He turns 24 this year, yet he's in AA hitting .247. He is also nothing special in the field. His K/BB ratio is brutal. On the other hand, his SEC numbers are always above league average and coming into this season he hit 50 doubles in 735 ABs, which isn't too shabby. Plus he hits lefthanded, which I like in a thirdbaseman. This is a make or break year for him due to his age, but if some of that doubles power turns into HRs and he can get the average up around .270 this year I think he's got an outside shot as a bench guy. I'd project him as a mediocre fielding third sacker who can help the lineup against tough righties and provide the occasional pinch-hit HR with a BA around .250.

Yoel Hernandez is also a crap prospect, more due to a long history of injuries than to lack of stuff. He used to throw mid-90s, but now he's around 90-92, which is fine when he has command of his slider. This comes and goes. If he stays healthy and if he could magically have consistent command of his slider, he could be a decent middle inning reliever. I think the odds are less than 50-50 that will happen. He claims to be 25, but he was shaving at age 9.

Damn Orioles-Indians game is keeping me from watching the Phils. It is on the same channel as the Phils and its in extra innings. Damn it.

Alright Markakis rbi to end it, thank god.

The Giants announcers suck! I want to hear Sarge and Wheels. Yeah that's right I said Sarge and Wheels.

Rev, what happpened to John Miller doing the Giants games, he was great. These guys do suck.

What if we actually moved Howard up in the lineup? I know that sounds crazy, but the logic would be as follows - currently Howard hardly ever gets a hit, so we shouldn't have him in a spot in the lineup where he's expected to drive in runners. On the other hand, he had, going into this game, a .388 OBP, so if you move him up he'll get on base and someone else (Utley, Rowand, Rollins if you move him down) can drive him in. Same logic might apply to Burrell, who also has more walks than hits.

You old folk I swear, can't even stay up for a 10 o'clock game. After you guys get done watching Wheel of Fortune at 7:30, you finish your last glass of prune juice and go to bed. It seems like no one is on here tonight.

nunez is the whole reason people tune in, man. games without nunez suck.

If the season ended today would you guys have Rollins as MVP? Reyes has a ridiculous amount of stolen bases and a higher average but I think it's hands down Jimmy.

my MVP rankings as of today...

1. abe nunez
2. a ham sandwich
3. flash gordon
4. eaton
5. freddy g

thoughts? vegas odds?

Argh, Helms strikes again.

Great catch by Rowand. Never thought he'd get to that one.

I think Chipper Jones (10 HR, 22 RBI) and Carlos Beltran (7 HR, 26 RBI) would have to play some role in this hypothetical MVP debate. As would J.J. Hardy, Brewers shortstop (.328, 7 HR, 22 RBI).

Oh, and Bonds of course. Carrying his team right now (.338, 9 HR, 21 RBI, OBP in the .500s).

Yeah those guys are doing great, but Jimmy has stats similar to those guys batting out of the one spot and has steals and triples on top of it. It's also May 4th ...

Is everybody asleep or out on Friday night? I got finals for two weeks, not a whole lot of getting out/sleep.

I finished finals Wednesday so I have no excuse for sitting in on a Friday night and watching.

I hope we get something out of this, you never know what could happen with our bullpen (though Moyer's on track to pitch a complete game, 60 pitches through 5).

Still making bad calls at third base.

Why in the world would you possibly wave home Howard in that spot? Nobody out, pretty slow guy -- jeez.

Stupid, stupid, stupid. Would have been bases loaded no out.

Yeah finished my last final on Tuesday, so I have the rest of my summer to devout to the Phightins.

BTW I think I just saw a bag of potatoes pass Howard on the basepath.


Great result from two walks.

Is that hard to find a decent third base coach? Seems to me that all you need is some common sense.

ok bases loaded no body out here we go!!!

oh wait whats this, they sent howard haha what an idiotic move, then helms grounds into a double play..

TYPICAL...giants will score 3 runs to take the lead in the bot 6th now!

i bet helms picked that up from watching nunez start 3 games in a row at 3B in his stead. what a quick learner!

Man, oh man, Pat. That was unbelievably ugly.

I guess we're going to see Bourn early...

Man, that is great, just great. HR to tie it???

People ground into double plays sometimes. It happens. And maddubbs, you'd make an awful psychic.

Base running errors. Fielding errors. And thankfully as Im typing this we get out the inning with no damage. I wish I still had a final to study for instead of watching this.

Let's go, Clutchly...

Is anybody seeing that kid crying that he didnt get the ball? What a brat. Will they stop showing that.

Dang, this could be the game right now.

Should we have gone to Geary when they brought Durham in?

Kinda missing those runs from all the missed opportunities about now...

Damn it. Why the hell did they not get moyer out of there?

Was Charlie scared to make the switch there, after Moyer's frustration at getting pulled during his last start?

If not for Durham, definitely for Alfonzo. But that's just a little 20/20 hindsight.

Why the hell was Rowand not deeper out there???

Parker--my thoughts exactly.

2 outs, you give up the single there not the double. I don't know but I think that is one more bonehead move from Rowand. That is 3 in 3 days.

The K express.

Does Howard have any options left?

What's with the low strikes?

Can you send the reigning MVP back to AAA? Of course I'm not serious, but his is god-awful.

Rowand needs to hit about 2 HR in one at bat to make up for that BS.

I can see into the future. Wes Helms. Game MVP.

Poor Moyer. Worked his ass off. As did Jimmy & Vic. The rest of them might as well have never left the hotel.

Oh god, I forgot that Helms is in there.

There's a reason they banned fortune tellers in Philly.

Damn it, this is over. We have got who at the bottom of the lineup. Ruiz chopper to second, Dobbs popup, Rollins groundout.

Time for 744?

My bad... make them use their bench...

I still have hope. I have memories of Armando Benitez pulling Jose Mesa's. All it takes is one solid hit.

After being awake now for 36 straight hours and staying up to watch this, I just have a message in the words of Tom Petty for the Phils: "Don't do me like that." I'm really in no mood for this choking BS.

trying to put this one comfortably out of reach at the moment, i see

Or are they memories of Antonio Alfonseca pulling Jose Mesa's? I forget.

Now, why the hell was Rowand so deep? I get the feeling that the last few games, he is one mental step behind where he should be.

Having not pulled Moyer for Geary, they could at least pull Alfonseca. That's ridiculous. You don't leave a reliever in who just loaded the bases.



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