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Thursday, April 26, 2007


Jason, when you started this thing (BeerLeaguer) did you ever imagine it would reach this height of notoriety? Congrats on making it "big time"! A mention in Sports Illustrated, affliated with a news paper, and now a tv commercial...sweet!

Duuuuuuuude! You rock! Can I get my ham sandwhich autographed?

Congrats and good job, JW. And hey, a ham sandwich, a couple of angry posts, and a flash video on YouTube and we can make the real commercial happen...

The production values are staggering. And yes, female the voice over and drum machine makes it sound way too sexy.

Awesome stuff.

I figured beerleaguer more of a leather-chair, cigar smoking, monocle wearing billiards/library room.

Exactly how I was going to describe it Malcolm, sexy as hell.

Lake Fred (from previous thread): Thanks for getting the joke. I was actually trying to make a point about the absurdity of early season stats.

P.S. How about Beerleaguer billboards? A few well-placed along the NE Extension should do the trick.

"a more realistic depiction would include a shot of me in boxer shorts sitting in a dark office, hunched over a laptop and a ham sandwich, shaking with anger."

Add to that Mrs. Beerleaguer in the background shouting "America's Next Top Model is on honey, come watch, it'll make you feel better..."

I love BedrosiansBeard

"Yeah, I did," Lieber said. "It's the manager's decision. I respect that." - from Zolecki column in the Inquirer.

Uhhh wasn't this the guy who was bitching he got sent to the 'pen? Granted I'm happy he's pitched well in his first two starts (85 pitch count be damned) but where was this kind of talk when he was asked to do something he didn't want to do? Makes me wonder if he wanted to come out to get an early jump on the post game spread.

Congrats on the commercial J. - I'll watch it tonight at home with sound.

clout, you may have been joking about the Burrell/Rollins thing, but several other posters clearly were not, unless my irony detector is completely shot.

Tom G, great line about Mrs. Beerleaguer. You could make a whole thread about possible things Mrs. Beerleaguer says to the Grand Poobah Beerleaguer.

Here's a possible one: "Close the laptop. You know the doctor suggested giving up your Phillies fan activities as a way to get your blood pressure down."

I like Mrs. Beerleaguer's voice! I can see the follow up ad with Mrs. Beerleaguer as beautiful and sexy as her voice is on the first ad coming up into the dark office to find you with your signature half eaten ham sandwich, and trusty laptop open, with a stein of beer in each hand, wearing lingerie and cooing "Are you going to be finished soon? Come to bed honey Please?! PLEAZE??!!"
Then Harry the K's quick voice over - "Beerleaguer dot com your #1 source for straight talk on the Phillies".

The follow up ad then finds Mrs. Beerleaguer all dressed up to the nines walking into the famous local bar parting a sea of admiring men and a few women (for the effect) their eyes widening with admiration at her smokin' outfit to find you at the bar with the same half eaten ham sandwich and the lap top and says "Are you going to be finished soon? Come HOME to bed honey. Please?! PLEAZE??!!"" then...Harry the K's quick voice over - "Beerleaguer dot com your #1 source for straight talk on the Phillies".

Please?! PLEAZE??!!"" will become a national tag line bigger than "SHOW ME the MONEY!"

A TV commercial for Beerleaguer? Pretty big-time stuff. Oh, if only you could get Kalas to do the voice-over. "Beeer-leaguer dot cahhm. They even talk about me sometimes when I blow a homerun call. Sons a bitches."

I agree that for reality's sake there should be a clip of Charlie Manuel hobbling out to the pitcher's mound, followed by a montage of action shots featuring angry Phillies bloggers rabidly typing away, the glow of monitors and streams of drool visible on our enraged faces.

But it's also pretty cool the way it is!

This is pretty much the greatest thing ever. Sorry, printing press!

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