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Thursday, April 12, 2007


This is a big game. I wouldn't be shocked to see Moyer dial it up to 80 or so a couple of times.

Along with being a night of low-80s cheese, it will be a night of proper-fitting sports attire. Caps worn to regulation height and rim bend. Pant cuffs demonstrating appropriate elasticity, as written in the bylaws of baseball.

Havta stay up for this one. I promised myself sleep after last night, till I realised the combined age of the pitchers tonight.

Thanks to the wonders of mlb tv, I'll have managed to see 9 phillies games on the trot this year. it's a personal first for me.

Great to see the Phils are in the top three in the league for on base percentage. But very depressing when you see that they lead in LOB (I think, I don't know how they couldn't be). I think the Phightins are going to start cashing in on some runs rather than momentum ending strikeouts tonight. 10-4 Phils.

Thanks to the personal recommendation of J Weitzel, I too have been able to see more Phillies games than usual (although being in New York I would see these anyway).

I was thinking last night that with the amount of baserunners we have left on base, we have to start scoring more runs eventually right? The laws of averages can't be that stacked against us. If we keep putting guys on base eventually Perez will walk them all home or somebody will start getting some hits to fall.

J-Roll (what's with Sarge calling him JR?) looked like a man possessed on that triple last night and the sac fly by Victorino who shortened up and just tried to get the ball in the air was a good piece of hitting (fundamentals anyone?).

Finally as a point of personal exercising of the demons I must congratulate Pat Burrell for starting off strong. I have been a Burrell-Basher for a long time now and I want to give credit where it's due, not that any of my cronies would be so willing to acknowledge it.

Can this be true?

Nunez vs. Glavine:
26 AB, 10 Hits, .385 AVG

Wonder if he is in hte lineup tonight?

One of the great things about baseball is that it allows for middle-aged men (at least left-handed ones) to succeed with their brains. Name another professional team sport where this is true. I will surely enjoy watching this one tonight.

I met someone recently who claimed to just be a 'baseball fan', with no particular team allegiance. I've never met a fan who didn't actually root for anyone before, but I kind of envied him. This allows for full appreciation and enjoyment of the sport. We all tend to get emotionally involved when we watch, and there are times when watching baseball (or shall I be pointed and say the Phillies) actually puts us in foul moods. And yet I find it hard to get involved in watching a game in which I have no partisan interest, unless it's an exceptionally taut playoff game. It's a shame to consider. I wish I could just watch guys like Glavine and Maddux and marvel at what they're doing, rather than greedily hope they make mistakes.

I'm surprised to hear you say that RSB, you sound like a real fan who would appreciate watching any baseball. So you don't like going to Minor League games?

Since the Sox cost about $100 per ticket up here, I watch most of my games in Lowell, Pawtucket, and Portland, with the occasional Cape Cod league game thrown in there.

Sometimes I wish I didn't care so damn much about the Phils, but it's too late now.

It's been drizzly here in NYC all day, with temperature around 40. Terrible conditions for a game, but it doesn't seem like they're going to call it off. At least with these two pitchers, you don't worry about them getting injured and stunting their development...

I'd rather watch tonight's matchup than the much balleyhooed King Felix/Dick K showdown last night. I'm a baseball purest, and it doesn't get any better than this.

Nothing against Felix and Dice, but two old-school lefties facing off is sweet.

c'mon, everybody, cheer up. imagine being in the nation's capital, with the some of the nation's worst traffic, no good italian food, the nation's worst baseball stadium, and the nation's newest sorriest franchise. its enough to make one skip baseball and go to a wide array of selections of the nation's most expensive happy hours -- $15 glasses of wine for the house bottle?? nation, please!

I'll try to cheer up as I'm paying over $10 for a crappy beer at the game tonight. I'm most likely going to get wet and be cold too. but it will not bother me a bit if the Phils win.

I've always hated Glavine. I hope the Phillies lumber gets to him early and often.

I've been to some minor league games, but not knowing who the players are or what their capabilities are detracts from my ability to become fully absorbed in the play-by-play the way I am with Phils games. In other words, the game itself is only part of the appeal; it's the familiarity, knowing what's really going on and why, that intensifies the experience for me.

One of the great things about baseball is that it allows for middle-aged men (at least left-handed ones) to succeed with their brains. Name another professional team sport where this is true.

Well, the NFL does have kickers, apparently for this purpose.

no good Italian food in DC?! I think Luigi's on 19th Street is great...

" was thinking last night that with the amount of baserunners we have left on base, we have to start scoring more runs eventually right? The laws of averages can't be that stacked against us."

This had me cracking up out loud. How many times did I read this exact same thought process on this very site last season?

Phils very often do damage against Glavine.. Oh the memory of the 1993 playoffs when Tommy took one off his leg and had to leave.. then the Phils buried the next couple of pitchers.. was it Morandini who hit the screamer off Glavine's shin??

I thought that was Maddux who got hit in the leg. Because Hollins hit a bomb off him later saying that the changeup Maddux threw was weak that it didn't up die and fall off at the plate but stayed up and he was able to get a good swing on it. It's actually discussed on the 10 year anniversary DVD they gave out at the game on the weekend they celebrated that '93 team - and yes I watch it at least once a month.

Luigi's is pretty good, not sure if it's anything close to some South Philly places, but might be the best we can do down here.

Phils vs. Mets tonight on at T.S. Muttley's in Adams Morgan...

the problem with the thought process is that a team with high OBP will score a lot of runs *even though* they leave a lot of guys on base. if you really want to see how good the Phillies as far as leaving guys on base, you would want to look at percentage left, not total left. it's obvious that a team with a .350 OBP is going to leave more guys on base than a team with a .300 OBP, even if the .350 OBP hits better situationally.

which is why I don't give that much credence to the argument that the Phillies were a bad RISP team last year solely because they stranded a lot of runners. with runners in scoring position, the Phils had a .782 OPS - fifth in the NL and well above average.

true, their batting average was a very poor 13th in the NL, and I do agree with RSB that the team needs to address that (but carefully, being sure not to swing too far in the other direction by making contact at the expense of XBH or walks). but their OBP and SLG (the Phillies had more XBH in RISP situations than any NL team except the Mets) mean that their RISP plate appearances were much more valuable than a team like Pittsburgh's - who hit 11 points higher RISP, but had an OPS 50 points lower.

i notice the phils have some online ticket specials. anyone catch the promo codes so i can see the fightins on the cheap this homestand? thanks...

But yes it was Morandini


For Italian food in DC, you can't beat Odeon Cafe (or is it Cafe Odeon?) just off Dupont Circle.

The thing DC doesn't have is a decent pizza place on every corner. Sadly, that's probably the real reason I moved back to Philly.

M-I-C-K-Y M-O-R-A-N...dini...Mickey Mouse, Mickey Mouse!

Opps sorry, the mood struck me.

In fact, I'd say there are really any good pizza places here. You have no idea how many (drunk) late night conversations with DC/NoVa locals about how bad the pizza is and how much I want to open a pizza place here.

The Phillies are never going to have a high BA w/ RISP because they simply are not a high average team to begin with. Utley and Howard may get near .300, but for the most part, they aren't a team based on batting average. Instead, they rely (or at least have relied on) getting on base and (especially) extrabase hits.

It's silly to judge a team whose strength is getting on base and hitting for power on a stat like BA.

The stat I would want to see isn't a rate stat like BA or OPS (the latter is too skewed by intentional and unintentional walks), but the percentage of runners in scoring position who end up scoring.

Promo code is NATS for $27.50 tix or less (Buy 1, Get 1) during Nationals series last week of April.

While the DC contingent is on board: I'm considering Phils/Nats Sept series at RFK. Should I purchase tix now or wait for a better deal? Any info would be appreciated!

BedBeard, Two Amy's Pizza on Wisconsin and Macomb is hands-down the best pizza I've ever had anywhere. I think Tacconelli's is hard to beat, but Two Amy's edges it out.

Speaking of edging it out, the Phils win 4-3 tonight on a game-winner from Burrell. Hopefully we'll see how Gordon holds up pitching on back-to-back nights.

laramie, glad to see more folks piling onto the Burrell bandwagon and you may be right, however, I think your score is WAAAAY too low. This game will have a total score over 10 runs, no question (depending on how long Moyer can keep the 'pen out of the game). I'll go optimistic with you in a Phils win, but I'm thinking it's going to have to be more like 9-6 or so. Burrell may have another big night!!! ALL ABOARD!!!!

Who goes when Garcia comes off the DL Sunday?

Glad we're all positive going into this one. Should be a fun one. Fo sho.

Tough question Jason. It seems like the options would be Rosario, Condrey, and Dobbs. Condrey we'd risk losing (and probably would lose) since he's out of options, IIRC. Rosario could show us something before Sunday, but if not, he'll probably go to Ottowa. My guess, though, is that Dobbs goes, since he's sort of the odd man out on the bench.

i think rosario is out of options, though, right? i mean, they would have sent rosario to ottawa already if they could have (and toronto would have sent him down as well rather than trade him for scraps). condrey is out, so they'd risk losing him. who *does* have options? smith? doubt they would send him down.

Phillies' prospect Made suspended 50 games after positive test

Minor league second baseman Hector Made, acquired by the Phillies when they traded catcher Sal Fasano to the New York Yankees in July 2006, has been suspended 50 games for testing positive for a performance-enhancing substance.

WP: with the cold weather and two quality pitchers starting, why are you predicting a big score?


I see that Elmer neglected to put Nunez into the lineup tonight in spite of his success against Glavine.

Way to hit the ball there J-Roll!!

Holy sh** Jimmy, hes going to break the HR record this year.

I hate to say this but I think that the Phils will need to score 6 or more this game. I see a big night for Delgado and Green tonight. And J-Roll just answered. I did not like the way Moyer looked against lefties against the Marlins. Mike Jacobs ripped him a couple of times, and as far as I know Delgado has ripped him as well.

Rollins absolutely *tattooed* that pitch. Damn.

This is the kind of start I like to see. Rollins settled on a pitch and jacked it.

guess who didn't bring his A(ARP) game tonight? go get 'im phils!

Jimmy is adding some life to this "rivalry".. awesome that he's put up after botching the game on Monday.

How come Victorino can't steal bases??

If Victorino can't steal off a changeup and a bounced throw, he'd be better off staying put. *That* is not a good time to run. Not with the hole open and a 3-1 count on Howard.

Career Stats v. Moyer

Delgado: 56 AB, 26 Hits, 7 doubles, 7 HR, 15 RBI's, (.456 BA.), (.947 Slugging) (OPS: 1.478)

Green, Well not as good: 30 AB, 8 Hits, 3 Rbi's.

Jeez do the Phillies know how to walk or what?

More walks... Glavine tonight or Perez last night... place your bets!

Why can't anyone throw strikes to the Phils?

Victorino killed this inning. And I cam already hear Alby saying, "see? see?" But you pick your spots. That was not one of them. Victorino is not a very smart player.

despite my stupid aarp comment above, I don't see Glavine giving up more walks than Perez...correct me if I'm wrong, but he's one of those pitchers who get better as the game goes on...score some runs now!!

David Wright is also 7 for 11 against Moyer, but only 1 RBI.

1 inning 2 LOB'S....

When will Wes Helms start producing for us? I thought he had a better bat than Nunez...

I'm not going to say I told you so on Vic's running, but whoever's giving him those signs needs a talking to. I really don't think it can be Manuel based on his comments after the last time that happened.

I know that Helms AB ends up as another failure with RISP, but I really liked his approach there. I've been pretty critical of him, but more ABs like that and he'll be okay.

With Burrell producing, and Howard not, why isn't Pat cleanup against the lefty?

I'm not sure I understand why Helms wasn't looking for a 3-2 changeup. I was expecting it.

Maybe I should have said the Phils will need to score 10 or more tonight.

Wow, did not expect that. But good.

I hope no one tuned in expecting a pitcher's duel...

that's true RSB, he looked really lost in the last pitch. but up to then, I thought it was a strong AB.

Holy cow, Rod Barajas is slow!

That was Ruiz, and he looked pretty safe to me.

Holy Crap!!!


Nice shot, Jimmy (again)!

well, somebody came ready to play today...

If there is anyone that can back up talk on the Philles, it is J-Roll.

RSB -- whoops!! My mistake. I guess Ruiz is no speed demon either :)

Burrell should lead off, Hamels second, Utley 3rd and J-Roll bat clean-up with Howard 5th to protect him if they start walking Jimmy.

BAHAHHAHA shut up those New Yorkers.

Check it out. This is for real. Did you see the man take 5 pitches - and spit on 3 balls from Glavine with an 0-2 count - before hitting that line drive homer? This is not the Jimmy Rollins of 2003. National League, take notice.

Three years ago, Jimmy would have got to 0-2 in the count, swung at a miserable pitch and popped it up in the infield with that ridiculous uppercut swing. Times sure have changed.

WP - you're looking awfully prescient here. Both these Model-T's are getting slapped around.

This is also the new first inning. Same thhing happening on both sides.

Sarge just went what seemed like 5 minutes on how if Moyer hit you it wouldn't hurt that much, even though he could of said it in one sentence.

RSB: Whoa... scary!

Jeeeesus Keee-rist

Looks like they shoulda started Nunez. Helms is as advertised at 3B - bad news.

Good grief. Helms better start hitting his ass off to justify him being on the roster. And whose decision is it to have the infielders playing straight up???

Helms had all day with Glavine running. Ugh.

I know conventional wisdom says you don't do trades like this, but it seems like the Mutts ought to be willing to give up a decent reliever for Lieber. Their rotation could be really bad.

Curt, dont tell that to Tray. He would trade the Phils entire staff for the Muts, straight up.

I wonder how long they'll stick with Helms and Barajas in the everyday lineup (Barajas is already backing up Ruiz). Almost inspires nostalgia for Bell and Lieby and the days of "The Black Hole."

I think Rollins is playing especially well in this series not only because of his "team to beat words", but because he wants to show up Reyes. He knows an All Star spot as starting shortstop goes through Reyes, and he wants to take it from him.

Will, I think Helms will hit. I don't think he's going to be displaced by anyone, despite the bad glove.

Josh: what do you suppose Rollins' excuse for playing well in the other two series was?

Pelfry with control problems. I'm not saying that he is a bad pitcher, but they are talking about how he is stuggling in the minors. Young pitchers struggle often. He might be their ace next year, but I dont think he is dominating anybody this year. Hamels struggled last year, and then has been dominant ever since.

Hamels was actually just about our best pitcher for parts of last year. And on ESPN today Keith Law said Pelfrey's going to be better than Philip Hughes (the Yankees' stud prospect). Looking through the box scores, I wonder why the Mets didn't bother to resign Trachsel, as young and iffy as their starting rotation admittedly is. 5 innings of one-hit ball today (albeit against the Royals).

Mets' telecasts have become 100% more tolerable now that Fran Healy isn't a part of them.

Man, Reyes just kills us!

And yes, RSB, I actually find the Mets guys to be pretty palatable – they're willing to at least tell you when the Mets are wrong or when a call that doesn't go their way is correct.

8 1/2 games in, we'd have been better off with Nunez at 3rd.

Yeah and Coste at first.

Well Coste played DH today for Ottawa and was 1-3 with a walk (double)

And Coste backing up Ruiz. Net gain from FA position players: zilch.

90 pitches through just 5. We're gonna need at least 3 innings from our bullpen.

Helms is less than smooth at 3B but do does anyone remember how Nunez put together one of the worst offensive seasons in Phils' history last year?

Man another awful AB from Howard. Unless the middle of the order gets going, no way the Phils score again.

Is it time for legitimate concern over Ryan Howard soon? I'm getting kind of nervous. That's just too many K's.

It's like Utley, Howard, and Burrell fell in a time loop after the 3rd inning, and got spit out in the 6th to repeat themselves. Look out for the top of the 9th!

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