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Friday, April 13, 2007


Why is burrell not playing?, i don't know his lifetime record against oswalt, but the way the phillies as a a team are hitting lately and with a 2-7 record 5 games back andwith burrell being one of the teams better hitters lately hitting about 323. ....they just had off tues.... andif cholly is paying attention to the weather we may not even get to play all the games on this homestand, i think this weather has giving him brain freeze well maybe he has had it since the start of the season!!!!

Because he's 0-9 against Oswalt lifetime. Which really doesn't mean much, if anything. I can't help but feel I'd rather have Burrell in this spot than Helms. And just as I type that Helms knocks a run in. I'm watching on Gameday - is the strike zone really tight today? The way they're making it look some pithces that are very nearly strikes are being called balls, and it's not like Oswalt to have such poor command.

Pretty fortunate Helms was able to sling that ball into right field. Opportunities will be few and far between off Oswalt, and the Phillies uncharacteristically were able to take advantage of one.

Charlie and his matchups. It's about the only 'analysis' he ever seems to do. I'm glad he thinks Rowand has a chance against Oswalt.

A little luck never hurts...

Good start against Oswalt, might be enough on a cold night for an ordinary team.

o.k. so werth's no' are 4-8 against oswalt and burrell is 0-9, but it's not like pat is in a slump, oh my god we have a 3-0 lead a infiled single!!!!! those goosebumps aren't from the first inning, its just so damn cold!!!!!!

In what I've seen from Helms, he can definitely hit a little. Not impressed with his glove, but there's a chance he could lead the team in hitting this season.

great! rod barajas is handling myers. boy does that put me at ease. barajas is the worst! go back to texas, would you please rod? we couldnt even trade this guy if we tried. worst signing of the off season given how crucial coste was in our second half turn around last year. maybe we;ll see rod get his first hit of the year today. go rod go!

Another great job by the putative ace. Maybe if he shaved that scraggly beard, his luck would change.

Take that fastball and shove it up your a**, Myers.

Is Luke Scott planning on robbing someone?

lovely. myers is done. hee's going to do hat he does when he gets upset soon, and hit someone.

J., Helms has hit .300 once in his career, and that in a bench role. He better not lead us in hitting.

Hmmm...turned on gameday just in time to watch our Ace working with a lead only to walk 2 struggling batters and give up a granny. Now a real Ace will lock us down.

I've seen this movie before. There's got to be a better one showing somewhere.

Can't wait to hear Myers blame the cold weather.

Isn't it early in the season for Boo Birds?

Man, he got tired quick. I don't get it with Myers, I thought he had good stuff tonight.

Now they look bad again, just look at the body language. Somebody needs to light a spark again.

C'mon let's go!!

thats great walk the 7 th & 8th hole batter............

myers is a headcase. he threw two BAD pitches tonight, and let it go to his head.

Heeeeeeeeeere's fatty!

Hello!! Welcome back Jon! Nice snag.

anyone for meyers to the B.P.? looks like he can get through only 1 good inning lately!!!

Yawn. Myers sucks. The Phillies suck. Yawn. Wake me up when Manuel is gone and the team actually gives a damn...

oh, this just sucks.

tequila, anyone?

Oh yeah, Lieber sucks... Yawn...

Game, set, and match.

WTF, can't anybody on this team get people out?

we are toast, fire gillick, fire cholly !!!!!!!!

What an unmitigated disaster. I hate Charlie Manuel, but this is not his fault...that said, you cant fire the players. It's time for Uncle Charlie to go.

Can a brother get a 2 and 8? I said, can we get a 2 and 8? Let me hear you say, 2 and 8!

This is depressing. Wow a walk. This could be an offensive explosion.

The only thing that makes this worse is that I'm stuck watching the Houston feed and have to listen to disparaging comments from the opposing team's announcers. Good god.

The only thing that makes this worse is that I'm stuck watching the Houston feed and have to listen to disparaging comments from the opposing team's announcers. Good god.

You never know, this could be the inning that turns the whole season around.

I count 4 Phils performing at or above expectations: Rollins, Burrell, Hamels, Moyers. Did I miss anyone? 4 out 25. Just pitiful.

Hmmm, the Phillies bullpen lets a game get out of hand again. Anyone else think the bullpen might be a problem this year? kdon?

Let me repeat what I wrote earlier today:

I forget who posted it on a recent thread, but one of you posted a dead-on assessment by a major league scout of the Phillies talent: Several A quality stars and a whole lot of C-level supporting players. Overall, the Phillies are not as talented as Beerleaguers imagine.

i just wish we didnt have to count rod barajas as one of said "Phils." also watching houston feed and could swear these astro announcers have no souls.

That's more like it, good spirit.

Nice rip by Ryan.

helms take a damn pitch

I'd say Ruiz is at least performing AT expectations, maybe even above. Werth - probably at, maybe above expectations. Rowand has looked bad but I didn't expect him to be hitting .312. Helms is right on his career averages and is bad in the field - that's what we expected.

Fortunately, Oswalt isn't on his game, either, so the Phils have a chance despite what James Brown said a few posts back.

I'll give you Rowand. I though Helms was supposed to be a much improved hitter, and had no idea he would be such a butcher at 3rd. He'd have to hit .350 to cover all his defensive flaws.

Tray: Astute post. Right on the money.

Lets see what Dobbs is made of.

Matthews just said the wind was 'gustling'. Something like that, Sarge.

Great Call! This HAS to fire up the troops.

Just what we need!!

Look at Scrap Iron. LOL

That didn't fire up anyone but the Astros. Pure luck this team isn't down 8-3 instead of 8-6.

Well it fired up that moron!

Matthews going on a harangue about how the fans "really don't want to see" someone run on the field. Sounds like it got a bigger reaction than anything that's happened in the game since Myers got booed off the mound. "I don't understand why anyone would do that, in any arena."

Um. Beer?

Luke Scott looks like a ninja today.

Why r we even watching? I have 3 little kids...whats your excuses? This is sad.

If they'd botched another pop-up there, I would have flown to Philly and fired Manuel personally.

Cocaine helps too.

I'm watching the game on's gameday. I was wondering what the "on-field delay" was.

That Dude: same reason why I used to watch The Love Boat. I want to see just how bad it'll get.

Looks like Vic is earning his pay by doing some supplimental groundskeeping.

Ribbies: Howard had to go pay the delivery guy for the buffalo wings he'd called in to the clubhouse.

RSB, I laughed out loud.

Four different guys bobbled the ball on the same play there. Don't think I've ever seen that.

So glad Manuel put Werth in the lineup tonight.

rowand is indispensable because of his defensive prowess, bazooka arm, and awe-inspiring death power swing. the rest of the OF is a revolving platoon, with the goal to get werth as many ABs against RHP as possible. need brain for smartmaking.

Why wouldnt you hit Burrell for Werth there?

You think that PtB could have struck out 3 times in that slot?

seriously though, didn't pat just have a day off like 3 days ago too? it's not as if he hasn't been performing.

The Very Svelt Rick White will shut us down..or not.

The Beard is back. But who needs him in your bullpen when you've got Francisco Rosario and Jon Lieber?

he was fat, hideous, and terrible last year and he still is fat, hideous, and terrible. if we can't get to him, who can we get to?

Jayson Werth needs to get some tokens and hit the batting cages.

Wow! Cheers for Pat the Bat from the crowd... listen to that.

When is the last time you heard that kind of fan reaction for good ol' PB?

Come on 5, give us a hit here.

rick white wasnt bad for us last yr.

What a slow oaf.

White's been bad for each of his 10 teams, you just didn't notice so much last year when he was surrounded by worse.

What does it take to get a hit with 2 outs RISP?

Werth makes Burrell look like a goddamn gold glover out there.

Runner on third with no out stranded for the bad guys...need some late-inning offense here.

werthless is awful, and its insane that we dropped coste or his non-performing ass.

Good job by Alfonseca to bail out his horrible OF defense. Why is no one else posting, c'mon...makin' me look like a blabbermouth here. Or maybe I just am.

Do you think Vic will get picked off, again?

It might be too early to tell with Werth, but I join the chorus in saying I'm not impressed. Garden variety Triple-A corner outfielder is how I'd classify his level of play. If push comes to shove on a roster spot, I'd give him a hard look. Not that the GM would fill his spot with anything of quality.

well, i think we all know why werth is on the team..........i don't remember his performance for LA a couple years ago being anything special.

ne1 know what the splits are for Utz and RyHo are this year? The reason I ask is I feel like 50% of their AB's have been against lefties this yr.

Figures that Vic gets thrown out at the plate.

Damn, the ninja strikes.

Why...why. Just why.

I just have the boxscore in front of me, why is everyone bashing Werth?

What is Smith doing there?? Why send Victorino with no one out?? Figures...

I jsut checked, Utz's AB's have been 49% and RyHo's have been almost 70%. That is very unusual.

You don't get thrown out on the bases with no outs...Victorino is a friggin' idiot. Jesus Christ.

I get goosebumps when Vic runs the bases

especially down 2

Maybe we can fire Smith too when Charlie is shown the door...

Why would you run with 0 out down two late in the game? The run is meaningless, you don't need to force it. And you get bases lodaed no outs. Bizarre decision.

Do we know if Smith actually sent him? He was out by a *lot*.

I am sick of watching dumb baseball...I am going to watch the local high school teams least they attempt to execute the fundamentals.

When will this ineptitude end?

Yet another inning ending DP.

It's unreal how bad this team sucks right now. They cannot do a damn thing right...

That inning was the whole season in a nutshell.

seriously unreal. at the least we could have gotten 1 run out of that if not for the baserunning.....good lord

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