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Monday, April 09, 2007


I don't want this next question to actually be answered by the organization, but if this continues to get worse, how long does Manuel stay on as manager?

I am curious to watch as this season progresses the treatment here of Pat Burrell.
Last season, he was coming off of a .313 RISP the season before, yet people here were extremely quick to jump all over him about his lack of clutch hitting. Of course, we now know how bad last season was going to be, but we didn't at the time.
Now, so far, he's one of the few guys on the team who has come through in the clutch. And, he has made a few nice plays in the field. Also, his OBP currently sits at .500! And he has made the opposite team pay several time snow after walking Howard.
How quickly will we all jump on the "Pat's bat is back" bandwagon? Or, how quickly will we proclaim he sucks again as soon as he hits a rut?

Did Sarge just say it was a Mets tradition for the fans to stand when there are 2 outs, and the batter has 2 strikes on him? Don't every team's fans do that?

My time machine sucks.

As for Charlie, the sooner the better. Anything else is more of the same. If the Phils lose the first two in New York, it's a pretty clear indication that something has to be done.

If I were GMJZ, I'd've fired him last Friday.

I've always defended Burrell. Sure he frustrated me at times, especially in August/September last season, but he is a needed cog in the Phils offense.

way to go cole!

That fly ball by Howard- would that have been out on a hot summer day?

Burrell with a 6 game hit streak. Others need to pick it up!!!!

Firing Manuel after just 6 games is ridiculous. If Phils really continue to flounder though into May and are several games under .500, then you have a more viable case.

Because allowing this to happen through May is exactly what this city deserves.

MG, I think he should have been gone after three. All this talk about starting fast and not repeating past mistakes and BOOM goes the dynamite.

Oh and three.

He has a track record now. Unless the Phils take two out of three, he should be gone.

i like the move of ruiz into the 6th hole. i hope charlie continues this by hitting him 7th on days when helms starts at 3rd and hits 6th. burrell and helms look like they could draw 200 BBs this year, making the 7th hole very important in this offense. ruiz should be much better at making pitchers pay than rowarnd. ruiz is overaggressive right now, but should settle down some as the season goes on.

LOB: 2 and counting

I accidently put this in the last thread, but, why is Nunez starting this game?

ever tell a joke so many times that it's funny to start, then not funny, then kinda funy in a nostalgic way, that annoying then permanantly funny again in an instituional way? i give you "nunez at the plate."

sorry, major typos. at work and all.

ZT- No-Hit Nunez is starting because Manuel is not smart.

Defensive purposes only. Chris Squeeler said that Manuel wanted to give Hamels the best defense behind him and get Nuni a few ABs in the process. That first AB was vintage Abe, a slow dribbler to an infielder, of course for an out. Nice to see he can leave men on base too...

who just committed an error?

seriously- can our team f'n field?

u know theres somethin wrong when PB is the only hit on the board.

Whatever gets you through one of his plate appearances gr. You may laugh, but personally every time Honest Abe steps up to the plate, a little part of me dies.

I'm "watching the game" on GameDay...but it looks to me that Cole is dealin' already. Nothing out of the infield yet.

Howard had a long out in the 2nd, huh?

Abe Nunez has less power than an 89 year old woman. He has less muscle than a muscular dystrophy patient...he sucks!!!

Howard's fly out was to the warning track. It was in on his hands a bit.

Cole Hamels is going to have a decent amount of hits in his career, because he approaches hitting with a purpose. He just doesn't want to be an easy out or try to blast a homerun, he puts a quality swing on the ball for a pitcher. That's a big part of the game if you're a NL pitcher.

The question there is why not start Nunez yesterday with Segovia pitching?

I think the answer is pretty clear. Defense takes a backseat to left-right matchups in Cholly's world.

Good ol JR has the most walks in the league? Man he is a leadoff hitter now.

Awesome run by King Cole!

No hit Nuni just drives me nuts. Two wasted runners due to Nuni.

Nice! Hamels beats the throw! Time to do some damage!

bases loaded, no outs, utley and howard up. moment of truth.

Runners on 2nd and 3rd with 1 out, and Utley and Howard up. John Maine should be pissing his pants in fear, but not this season. Let's see what happens....

My bad, I thought Vic was out...I hate watching blips on a screen. I'd much rather watch on tv or listen on the radio.

The current man at bat is more of a worry for Maine than the previous. At least this month.

That could've took Patty Cakes' head right off

all howard's struggles are based on one fact right now -- he cannot recognize or hit a breaking ball.

Dammit Ryan.

looks like walking howard in key situations with a base open won't be as big of a problem as we thought.

Can't even hit a sac fly.

Ryan Howard is killing our offense.

I know he'll be fine, but for right now he SUCKS! His inability to do anything with runners in scoring position has haunted us every game.

LOB: 4 and counting.

Again, the potential for a huge inning, but the Muts get out of it as momentum swings back their way... When will the madness end? Ugh...

More scoring, please. Thanks.

right there is why the phillies don't win. bases loaded with ZERO outs and we score 1 measly run...that's bad baseball. i've witnessed similar situations for years now.

LOB: 4.

Get out the rope and wobbly stool, or meet you at the BFB!

It'd be kind of crazy if Pat the Bat gets cheered this year while Ryno gets booed, cause right now PtB is getting it done, but Howard is doing nothing for us.

Did Pat just swing at ball four?

(At least he didn't K looking)

Wasted opportunities will haunt you against good teams. Hopefully Cole keeps it up.

I'm not sure what's more frustrating:

- The 3-4-5 guys only getting 1 run out of a bases loaded no out situation.


- The lone run coming from a sac fly.


- Cole Hamels having more hits than Rod Barajas.

Pat Burrell: 2007 MVP. That would be funny.

Haha my comment came up after PtB does not in fact get it done.

The Muts trying to bunt a lot, they must really think Hamels is tough hit.

Hell, if it wasn't for Hamels hit and base-running, the Phils probably would have come up empty last inning...

I included Rod Barajas on a "Least Favorite Current Phillie" poll before he even played a game...looks like I predicted that one right. What a waste of roster space and resources.

Typical Phillie Moment:

Pitcher singles with 2 outs.

Get ready to lose the lead.

This just in. 'Dealing' officially old and busted term for describing a pitcher who is pitching well.

Cant blame Utley there, he did what was necessary. Cant always get a hit, but with no outs, runner on third, you have to get a ball into outfield. I mean, that is pretty much the definition of manufactured runs, is it not? Howard's K was pretty pathetic, but I would never advocate benching him (Unless he asked for it, or hurt).

Dang, Muts getting lucky.

A lot of hate for Barajas in this thread, in a game hes not even in.

(sorry, posted this mistakenly on the previous thread)

Concerned about Rowand's bat speed. Two fastball counts, 2-0 and 3-1, and he gets 88 mph fastballs from Maine; no contact is made.

The biggest argument against Manuel is not his questionable ability to strategize; it's the fact that his team doesn't play the game right. He sits in his office and gets red-faced and says all the obvious things to the reporters, but it's clear that the team is not prepared enough to win. They beat themselves more than they are beaten by other teams. Manuel may keep everyone loose in the clubhouse, but on the field, they're tighter than actors going to their first auditions. He obviously is not a factor when it comes to inculcating a winning baseball environment, but it runs deeper than him. I've stated it many times, but it all comes down to organizational quality and thoroughness. Some teams play the game right year in and year out and win with less overall talent, and some teams are the opposite. So while Manuel appears to be a passive part of the problem, I don't believe the problem will be solved merely by axing him. The game yesterday all too precisely illustrated just how flawed this team's approach is, in all facets. Jason posed it very well: what would the Braves have done with 11 walks? Well, that about nails it. It's just no accident why the Phillies fail year after year and teams like the Braves have sustained success, no matter how the personnel changes. And the management just is blind to it, stone blind. It's endlessly frustrating.

As I wrote that, the Phils loaded the bases with no outs, and scored one piddling run. Howard jumped at a 1-1 fastball, lower inside corner, and fouled it off; a relaxed Howard would have killed that pitch. With two strikes, a pitcher pretty much has him buried at this point. Situations like that are what turns potenial wins into losses, and games like that which are lost turn potential playoff seasons into near-misses. It's as simple as this: the Phillies can amass all the talent in the world and still manage to lose because they play the game like losers.


Maybe it's part of the strategy to clog the bases in front of Reyes with the pitcher.

Cholly is a genius.

I like sac flies...productive out, something the Phils do poorly (ie. move runners up and such). Howard's k was the inning killer.

Who wants to wager with me that Hamels has a '72 Steve Carlton year? He'll go 10-22 with a 2.72 ERA and 286 strikeouts.

GM-Carson: I agree with you about Barajas as "Least Favorite Phil" with Alfonseca and Nunez in the running. All bad acquisitions by Gillick.

Malcom - What? Your nuts.

"the Phillies can amass all the talent in the world and still manage to lose because they play the game like losers."

RSB that is my all-time most favorite quote from you.

MG- Nunez was on my poll, along with Burrell (although I don't agree), Barajas as previously mentioned, and Jon Lieber.

I got $20 that says Nunez grounds into a triple play here.

RSB continues his curse banter. Is it too early to call it the RickSchauBlues Curse? RickShau (From previous posts).

Maine: 64 pitches through 3+ innings.

Nuni "won" the poll by the way.

We need to make Maine pay for all these base runners!

Gonna get to see the entire Mets bullpen today, no doubt.

*little part of me dies*

Not if we strand these runners.

I guess Hamels figures that he needs to get on base and score his own runs in order to get a win...and he'll also have to pitch a complete game.

I'm working in Houston and have the Astros-Cubs pregame show on the radio. They have announced that Astros closer Brad Lidge has been officially demoted from closer to become their 6th inning, mop up reliever. When's Cholly going to do the same for Flash in the Pan Gordon?

Nuni with a 9 pitch at bat? Maine can't be on top of his game today...

Time for J-Roll to make the Muts pay! It couldn't be set up any better!

Parker - say what?

lake fred- who became houston's closer...this could be great news for my struggling fantasy team.

Phillies fourth. C.Ruiz singled to center. Rowand walked on a full count, C.Ruiz to second. Abraham O.Nunez walked on a full count, C.Ruiz to third, Rowand to second.

Wow. Patience, kids. But now what?

Will the madness ever end????

Oh my the Phillies suck.

Whats the LOB count now?

Wow, so much for seeing the bullpen.

You almost have to laugh.

What the f*ck?!?!?!!?

This is digusting.

2 bases loaded today with no outs and 1 f'n run. I hate the PHILLEIEFDSAfnlsnlfhsjhfsd

I'm so pissed I can't type.

Holy crap. This is ridiculous. I quit.

I'm following on Gameday. I can only imagine what the fans had in store for Jimmy after that DP.



The Shea faithful must be giving Jimmy an earful right now.

Why not try a squeeze with Cole up there? Take some chances. It worked for the Fish yesterday.

RSB, j/k. I was talking about your accidental typing of a "u" into your screename. (RickSchauBlues). It was about a week ago, and I swear the team has not been the same since.

Oh. That's what.

What the f*ck?!?!?!!?

This is digusting.

2 bases loaded today with no outs and 1 f'n run. I hate the PHILLEIEFDSAfnlsnlfhsjhfsd

I'm so pissed I can't type.

Also, I was kidding about the Hamels '72 Carlton year. Yikes.

Come on Bridoc, that would mean Manuel would actually have to strategize and manage...

3 hits + 4 walks - 1 run = 6 LOB.


Damn Michael Jack Schmidt for being my boyhood idol and consequently causing me to fall in love with the Phillies. My life is doomed.

Here it comes.

Bye bye lead.

this game should be 4-0 right now, at least!

Now watch what a real baseball team does with runners on and no outs.

I understood Malcolm, but you have to realize the phrustration the Phillies nation is feeling right now.

Hamels should be working with a minimum of 3 runs, probably more like 4 or 5 right now, yet he's only got 1 stinking run of support and the Mets are about to erase that "lead" and create one of their own.

Damn, that was one hell of a pitch.

Huge K by Hamels there.

DP! DP! DP!!!

Hamels is one hell of a gamer.

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