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Friday, April 06, 2007


Who's spot is Rosario taking?

Dukes, lists Rosario on the depth chart replacing Bisenius.

Thanks. Don't like it but I had a feeling.

Tonight we'll see if Gilick's decision to focus on starting pitching pays off, with the Phils hopefully strengthened 4 and 5 spots.

While the Braves are sending out Redman and Kyle Davies this weekend (and every five days), the Phils will have Moyer and Garcia/Lieber.

Considering that something like rotation depth takes a little while to show its importance (as opposed to the pen), we might want to wait a bit before we start judging the offseason.

However, after watching Tejeda pitch, its clear we can call last offseason officially brutal.

Clout: The more realistic payroll # was on ESPN. The Daily News number was obviously put out there by the Phillies. Lets concentrate on the money that they are actually spending on this year's team. With that number, they are 14th highest payroll and 7 or 8th in the NL. That is a disgrace. So even though they may be technically spending the same amount of money since CBP opened, I don't think it would unreasonable to want them to spend the same amount of money (or an increased amount) for the players on the field this year. The anonymous ownership group is the true bad guy.

C'mon Phils! Get it together today.


this weekend is not Garcia or Lieber. it's Segovia on Sunday, Myers tomorrow. Garcia will be back on the 15th, Lieber will go to the bullpen next week

Interesting. Dobbs playing third, as well as batting in the Helms Hole, tonight.

The Florida announcers are going to piss me off.

Rev are you watching via too? I concur about the Fish announcers. Must be drinking the Fred Gonzalez koolaid.

wow...ump is inconsistent tonight

You know, the first few games have been very disappointing (and this one may turn out the same way), but you have to think that if we could get any semblance of a bullpen this team could be really good. Starting pitching's really solid and the offense is going to come around.


Burrell scores from first on a double again! All aboard the Burrell bandwagon!

Great line drive Chooch!

Good start.

Hope this signals the beginning of an offensive onslaught. Get the bats going!

Gotta love Ruiz hitting out the 8 hole...will certainly surprise opposing pitchers expecting the pre-pitcher drivel.

Gotta love Ruiz hitting out the 8 hole...will certainly surprise opposing pitchers expecting the pre-pitcher drivel.

Is Rosario in uniform tonight?

Do you realize that the Phillies have provided the Rangers with 40% of their starting rotation?

i'm ready to jump on the bandwagon!

Pat Burrell for MVP!

the bandwagon just keeps rolling...

Burrell! All aboard!!!

Man, this bandwagon is getting pretty full, lol. What a diving catch!

Rollins' no 2!

What the? I *really* like this new improved Jimmy Rollins.


Get some more...

Look at my post from a few weeks back when I called for J-Roll to make a run at the MVP. He's making me look pretty smart so far.

Eddie S, not sure why Gillick hasn't offered you a job yet.

I also predicted 95 wins.

Take it for what it's worth.

Man...Dobbs would have 2 HR tonight in the Bank.

I also like what I'm seeing from J-Roll, both because he usually starts the season cold and because he's trying to do his part to back up his words that the Phils are the team to beat in the NL East (even though that statement isn't any truer).

Olivo owns Moyer.

Where did all these Marlins "fans" come from to make the stadium actually look respectable?

eddie -

it's opening night. even the marlins stands are packed.

I know, it's just weird to see a Marlins stadium that is pretty full during the regular season.

Moyer is having a lot of fun tonight with these young Marlins.

if you listen (i'm watching too), they're full because they're are a lot of phillies fans there. moyer had a possible strike 3 low that the ump called a ball and a lot of people booed in the crowd. i mean please, the marlins couldn't fill their stadium if they won two world series' in 6 years. oh wait....

3 run dinger Pat Burrell!



the train keeps a'rollin!

Nice job, Pat. I hope all the Burrell-haters are watching this.


Hopefully this will silence the Burrell haters for a day or two.

if his 40 good swings a year all result in 3-run shots, i'll be happy.

Okay! 8-2 into the bottom of the seventh, bring Madson in.

no, bring alfonseca in, PLEASE. let's see if there is anything else in that BP.

Never mind, work Moyer into the grave and neglect these "pressure-free" innings which could be beneficial to Smith, Madson, Condrey. I mean, at least test the waters.

Alfonseca is warming up.

Great chase and catch by Bourn...

You should hear the Marlins' announcers bitch and moan about the no-call on the hbp. It was pretty clear to me that he made no attempt at all to get out of the way, but whatever. These guys are horrible.

anyone else notice that rowand almost ran into bourne when bourne turned to throw that back into the infield? its only a matter of time.

charlie pulls off the double switch!

has anyone else noticed that on they stopped blacking out the commercials? i'm now seeing regional commercials for hardware stores in south florida...

Anyone watching MLB.TV will have just seen that Dan Uggla is not only a good second baseman but a good actor too.

Dan Uggla says kids clean your room before the game.

nunez for MVP!

The announcers are playing how many Pro Bowlers can you name. Great Tv! I miss Sarge and Wheels.

Anyone does Alfonseca look?

Nice running catch by Rowand.

Alfonseca is all over the place. He was looking good early and now he almost made me crap my pants with a 399 foot out to right center to end the inning.

Odd lineup of posters tonight. Must be friends and family of Greg Dobbs. All the grizzled posters like RSB and GM-Carson are riding this one out, replaced by The Other Kevin and Valjean. And the team is winning for a change.

Could it be that Beerleaguer and the Phillies are mirror images of each other? Kind of like how they always seemed to win Sunday afternoon with Tomas Perez and Todd Pratt? Didn't they end a long losing streak last season in a game started by Alex Gonzalez?

Maybe it's time we trade RSB to Chuck Darrow's Phillies Blog.

bathtubhippo. must have been acquired off waivers...

I wonder if Fox has a deal with Last year I could never get a Phillies broadcast over any Away-Fox affiliate. It always struck me as silly that they didn't advertise during SOME commercial breaks. At least play the RightGuard commercial once. But it all makes sense that they punish the other networks by only allowing Fox advertising.

Now I'm using the regular launcher to get Harry via radio, and the downloadable Mosaic for visual. The audio doesn't sync all the time, but for Kalas...anything.

Well, somebody's gotta finally say it...

Put THIS one in the win column for the Fightin' Phils!

Had to switch over to the bottom of the ninth in the Devil Rays home opener... what a great finish. 1-out 2-run game-tying HR by Delmon Young. Perfect bunt single by Akinori Iwamura. Iwamura to third on a base hit. B.J. Upton drives in Iwamura on an infield single.

Jason, I'm sure everyone will be back as soon as something comes up to complain about. Hopefully a couple of bandwagoners were lost after the first three games, not that the regular posters like Carson, clout, and all the rest who have been here longer than me are such.

I got the preview of DirecTV "superfan" MLB package and I can watch the phils play on the game mix channel (channel plays 8 games at once). There are no blackout restrictions!!!!! This made my night because I could never see them play. Also more HD games and a "strikezone Channel" similar to Redzone Channel for the NFL.

I highly recommend it.

go Phils!

Another strong start, this one from Moyer, reminds us there's much to be hopeful for this season. But the night belongs to Pat Burrell for kicking the offense in the pants.

This is what has to happen early in the season. Howard sees nothing to hit, and he is adjusting right now anyway. Utley looks fine. Just need contributions from the other guys.

Quick thoughts:

1.) Really liked Ruiz's plate demeanor (Exceopt for last K, when it was a junker game anyway).

2.) Moyer could get ripped by lefties, but overall good performance. We have to score runs to win when Moyer starts anyway.

3.) Note to teams around the league: Don't throw Pat Burrell a curveball over the plate.

4.) Is there a new platoon blooming at 3B, or was this just an attempt to get Dobbs some at bats against RHP? (He looked very good making solid contact in every at bat).

Gotta go out and pound D-Train tomorrow. (YOu know J-ROll is up for it).

We better get one or 2 more from the fish because the Mets aren't looking good on the horizon. Hopefully Oliver Perez doesn't stay looking as good as tonight.

And what's with the Braves bullpen? Just absolutely dreadful past 2 days after looking scary first 2 days.

waivers? heck no, i'm the future AA affiliate's mascot.

Jason, the clout's, RSBs and Carsons are lurking, I'm sure. I thinks Josh is wrong about us always complaining. Pointing out and vigorously discussing obvious flaws in the team, from ownership on down is not necessarily complaining.

Nice to get the first win under their belt, and also nice to see Moyer pitch such a smart game. I loved the way he drastically slowed the game down whenever he got in trouble; you know it had to screw with the timing of the Marlins' young guys.

Jason -- Laugh-out-loud funny about the mirror-universe Beerleaguer. Do we all have to have goatees to make us evil twins?

Damn it's good to get a win and yammer on about pointless bs again!

Thanks, The Other Kevin. Is it "Jordan" or "Sefcik" by the way?

You are correct that occupants in mirror universe sport goatees, like Garth Knight.

Couple of thoughts on this game:

1. Glad to see the Phils score 8 runs tonight without much offensive from Utley and Howard. Clear key was that Burrell punished the Marlins twice for walking Howard.

2. One area where this team is clearly improved is having Moyer as the 4th starter compared to Madson. Having a veteran pitcher like this at the back of the rotation who stays healthy and gives you a chance to win almost everytime out is vital to making a playoff run.

3. Can't emphasize this enough but the scoreless inning plus from Alfonseca is nearly meaningless. Until Alfonseca pitches well in a series of close games, I still have little to no confidence in him.

4. While the Phils don't have alot of offense off the bench, I do love the late innings defensive replacement options. The range of the Bourn/Roward/Victorino outfield is particularly impressive. If the Phils can take a lead into the late innings, this defense can go a long way to helping out the spotty relief pitching.

MG: Spectacular summary. Impossible to have written it better.

Phils' fans have to hope that the Mets rotation falters/some of the geezers get injured because that lineup is absolutely stacked.

Mets have a legit shot to score 900+ runs which will translate into 95+ wins again as long as their pitching doesn't totally self-destruct.


sorry, I was doing play by play over at Back She Goes.

solid win tonight. nothing spectacular, but I liked the fact we punished the other team for their mistakes, even if we did have some baserunning gaffs ourselves.

MG - regarding Il Pulpo - he seems to be throwing pretty hard. As I understood it, the big question about him was whether his velocity was back, and it does seem to be. Granted this is april, and it may not be the same in september. still, I'm quietly confident.

Jason, you are right to point out MGs observation about late inning defense. It's why I was against the Rowand/Linebrink trade/rumor.

I'll remind everyone, again of what Bill James said in his 1988 Baseball Abstract:

"10. A great deal of what is perceived as being pitching is in fact defense."

If this year's team was last years, the bats fall silent tomorrow. It's evenings like this where I begin to mutter "leave some in the tank," but 8 and 9 run productions are great, but tomorrow's likely to be a one run game. And we know how those worked for us last year.

But I remain optimistic...

It's good to see Moyer reminding even those of us who love 'Nova that the Hawk will never die. I know the moneyballers among us will chuckle at me, but Jamie's going to be important to our pitching staff for the way he works with his fellow pitchers just like Aaron is key to keeping the rest of the team loose.

good win today. another one against willis would be awesome.

i watched a good part of the braves/mets game. if the mets play like this in october it's over. they'd beat the al allstar team right now.

Bill James is another reason steroids still hurt so much.

Good win Phils and good summary MG. Spot on. I love the late innings outfield of Bourn/Roward/Victorino. Even better when Burrell has done well earlier in the game like today. Go Pat and Go you mighty Phillies!!!

Valjean, care to elaborate?

how do you get around the blackouts on mlbtv for the phills games?

Glad to see Alfonseca with an inning + scorless. Yes, it's one game with a big lead, but it's something to build on.

Is it coincidence that the first win of the season came away from the Bank? Of course not. I expect this team to do WELL on the road, until it "finds" itself and learn to relax at home. There is an air of "aiming to please" the home crowd, which will translate into tightness and games like the opening and game two.

We hit Willis HARD last year. I hope and expect the same - just as I expect Myers to give another solid outing.

Nice to see Pat producing. Get his confidence up - and the sky's the limit! I don't think it's a small detail that his troubled foot is feeling better.

Having Moyer all season is going to pay huge dividends for this club - and especially for this young-ish pitching staff.

Nice job tonight, Phils. Go for the jugular tomorrow and Sunday.

JW, the truth is my trade value isn't particularly high just now. All you'd be likely to get in return is a Mets fan and a guy who only types in Swahili.

I was not 'lurking', thanks very much - I was out on a hike in the Cascade Mountains, thinking to myself how happy I was that I didn't have to witness yet another go-round of futility, and the Marlins' announcers to boot. It was only on the way home that I realized, of course they're winning big because I'm not around. That's how it always works. And sure enough...!

Moyer is amazing. He faced the Marlins three times down the stretch last year, and they didn't beat him. And they still can't figure him out! That's impressive. Thank god we don't have to watch the Phillies face Moyer. It'd be a perfect game, for sure.

The team might be off to its usual torpid start, but Rollins has picked up his September pace. And Burrell celebrated the first road trip in style - seems to me he really plays well down in Miami. Okay, so the starting pitching, other than Eaton Alive, has lived up to its billing so far. And Gillick signed yet another sixth-inning reliever. It's all good tonight! Dontrelle who?

In response to whoever said he hopes the Mets pitching implodes, Maine and Perez have looked quite good so far. Their lineup, however, may not be as "stacked" as it looks - Moises is getting old and has to tail off somehow, and Shawn Green hasn't been much of anything for several years. Beltran and Delgado, of course, are the real deal.

Strange: If the Phillies can beat the Mets on Monday, every NL East team will have lost its home opener. Good win tonight for Phillies.

Jason -

Jordan or Sefcik? C'mon it's obviously Stocker.

Tray - Yeah but the Mets have Lastings Milledge off the bench if Green falters/Alou is injured. Even Valentin in the 8th hole is a decent hitter who has good power for a 2nd baseman.

Nice to see I was missed last night. I was doing my taxes- bummer! I still caught the game- jubilation!

I know Burrell will not hit quite this well all season (remember he started like this last year too), but it's very refreshing nonetheless. And yes, I hope his nay-sayers are taking notes and see that indeed not every one of his RBI's or HR are "meaningless".

I love having Moyer on this staff. It's obvious the guy knows how to pitch. He tops out at 83 mph and still finds a way to pitch inside and baffle hitters. He'll log us 200 innings this year with a 4.25-4.5 ERA, but also teach the rest of the staff a thing or two about the ins-and-outs of pitching strategy.

When Bourn, Rowand, and Victorino are in the outfield, there's not much hope for a fly ball finding open ground.

Weitzel- loyal readers on here know you're in love with Chooch, but loyal readers on here know that I'm right there with ya. Ruiz can flat out hit. I've said it before, and I'm saying it again, if given regular opportunity he will prove to be an above average catcher and future all-star.

By the way- Franciso Rosario's arrival has been delayed and may not show up until later this weekend or even Monday. Manuel noted that he'll throw at least 2 bullpen sessions before being used in a game.

Lieber may rejoin the club on Monday. Not sure in what capacity. I'm assuming reliever, but who goes down (Condrey?).

Freddy Garcia is on track to make an April 15th start for the Phils.

Carson: I'm guessing that both Rosario and Bauer go to Ottawa. Segovia goes down when Garcia comes back. Bisenius goes down when Lieber's ready.

As I noted in my matchup post before the series began, last night's game was the best chance for a win. Tonight's (Myers v. Willis) is the decider on the series as tomorrow's matchup (Segovia v. Olsen) favors the Fish. A hot Burrell and selective, good-OB Rollins make this a very tough team to beat. I also liked seeing Dobbs starting vs. RHP in place of Helms. Smart move by the manager.

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