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Tuesday, April 24, 2007


MG, your anti-scrapple post on the last thread was totally uncalled for. Scrapple has been on my fantasy breakfast team for years.

I worry about Moyer facing the same team he did just 5 days ago, as the gNats' hitters may have him "figured out". Then again, Grand Pappy Moyer will probably throw them off by lobbing it up there even slower...he's so smart!

Quattro tonight baby! Because 4 is better than 3.

If the wind is blowing out again tonight, it could be a rough outing for Moyer. Game conditions are key.


Standard lineup with Ruiz catching and batting 8th tonight.


1. J Rollins, SS
2. S Victorino, RF
3. C Utley, 2B
4. R Howard, 1B
5. P Burrell, LF
6. W Helms, 3B
7. A Rowand, CF
8. C Ruiz, C
9. J Moyer, P

1. F Lopez, SS
2. R Belliard, 2B
3. R Zimmerman, 3B
4. D Young, 1B
5. A Kearns, RF
6. R Church, CF
7. M Restovich, LF
8. B Schneider, C
9. J Bergmann, P

I wonder if Rowand shouldn't move up to six at least. Especially when they pinch-run with Bourn at the five spot, it would be nice to have a hot six-hole hitter.

Alby - I hope you are kidding. Scrapple is one of the most disgusting dishes hands down. Try explain to people that you are eating the most fatty, gristled portions of a pig just because it is drenched in cream sauce. Only in Berks County. Ugh.

I hope Alby is not kidding. There is nothing like scrapple as a delicious breakfast meat. Would I eat it every day? Probably not. Is it a nice option to hear after "Bacon or sausage?" Absolutely.

Honestly- I love me some fried scrapple with syrup...yummy!

AWH, tim: My exaggerated response was prompted by AWH's exaggerated view of how much defense has been a factor in the current Phils winning streak or, frankly, a factor in their losing streak either.

This guy Bergmann was ridiculous against the Phils last time out. No way does he have that command two times in a row.

Oh, and I don't think the Nats defense had anything to do with that Bergmann win either.

Scrapple is the best breakfeast meat there is. But I use ketchup not syrup. So I guess it is more then Bucks County because I grew up in South Jersey.

Howard is going deep twice tonight...foolish prediction, but then again, I'm still sticking by my 92 wins.

Holy white tigers Siegfried, Wes Helms turning a magical play.

Rowand, you idiot.

That's the second time Rowand has butchered a ball out there in center in the last few games! Put Victorino in center!!

That's just a stupid play. That's about trying to get yourself on Baseball Tonight, not about playing smart baseball.

Agreed RSB. Keep the ball in front of you this early in the game. Sometimes Rowand's aggressiveness becomes stupidity.

I'm not the biggest Aaron Rowand supporter, but as long as he's producing at the plate and playing good defense I'll leave him alone and cheer him on. However, a handful of times already this season I have watched him take horrible angles on balls and miss them leading to triples...not good!

Rowand, you pretty good hitter.

Irritating Sarge Matthews cliche: "that's what separates the men from the boys." If I had a nickel...

Yeah, it's time to give Rowand a little more credit. I had questioned him early on this season, but he is off to one helluva good start! I wouldn't even mind seeing him as the occassional #2 hitter in the order.

Jon, he is. Rowand is suddenly looking as strong with the bat as he has since last April.

Nats, meanwhile, look like they've solved Moyer.

Late on the scrapple topic, Rappa Scrapple is the best.

We are making this Bergmann guy look like Greg Maddux in his prime. He does a nice job of mixing his pitching and hitting his locations. Hopefully he will tire soon.

Gritty performance by Moyer tonight. He doesn't look overly sharp, but he is keeping us in the game.

I love me some Taylor Pork Roll.

*pitches, not pitching.

I can't believe they went after Schneider... Why take a chance there? Bergmann wasn't coming out of the game...

I can't watch this game on MLB.TV. It's blacked out for me because I'm in North Carolina and Washington (and Baltimore) are considered the local teams by the powers that be. Who is warming up in the bullpen, first in to replace Moyer and face the top of the Washington lineup?

That, obviously, was a really bad decision. What were they thinking?

Geary is warming up in the pen.

Josh - Geary was warming up.

Could we really manage better than Charlie or does it just feel that way?

Bergmann is on tonight and you have to tip your cap to him, but we should be able to do a little more than one hit and one run over 5 innings. Top of the order is coming up. The time is now!

Madson warming up now.

20 hits last night - we all should have seen this coming. Gotta love 'em.

You know what bugs me - why doesn't Rollins or Victorino ever try to bunt to get on. Down 2 runs they need baserunners not hrs.

Interesting that Burrell's theme music is "Dirty Laundry".

Burrell hasn't been showing much power this year, but I've been impressed with his approaches with RISP this year. Another really good job there in a big spot.

That's not the kind of swing I was hoping for from Helms. Just put it in play and score that run. Bergmann is starting to make mistakes.

Bergmann hits his spots but his stuff is so pedestrian. Doesn't have one pitch that can really get guys out. Shame on the Phils for only scoring 2 runs against this guy.

They just showed El Pulpo on TV. He's got a tremendous gut. Sid Fernandez-esque, if you will...

Okay, Aaron - you've redeemed yourself! Completely!

The Phils only scored 3 on him in 6.1 innings last week and the game before he one hit the D-Backs over 6 innings. Good news is the Phils scored those runs as he was starting to tire. Hopefully the trend continues if they run him back out there.

It's a shame that Schneider burnt them. That may be the deciding run in this game. Charlie should have issued Moyer to walk him.

Rowand is on fire!!

I will gladly eat those words! Let's win this one!

I'll say it for you J. Choooooooooch!

MG, he (Bergman) went 6, K'd 8 and allowed 0 ER against the Braves on April 12, so he has either been pitching better or he's putting something on the ball (Not seriously). Give the guy a little credit. It is not always the Phillies that are bad at hitting, often it is good (or at least decent) pitching.

Can the Rowand bashing stop now? He is officially hitting second best on the team right now. Actually I think he has a higher BA than Rollins.

Did someone just request a bunt? Nice job, No-Hit.

Parker, Victorino and Burrell have a higher BA than Rollins also.

Badern. MLB Gameday says we lost a run. Hate it when that happens.

that's a good point by wheels about jroll swinging at the high fastball. that used to drive me crazy. i used to compare him to gena davis' sister in 'league of their own.'

If we play our cards right, I think we can get that Matt Smith guy and maybe Ryan Madson for Abreu.

So you think that Burrell and Victorino are hitting better than Rollins and Rowand?

It's official, Alfonseca is pregnant with Jose Mesa's child.

wow parker.

i used to compare him to gena davis' sister in 'league of their own.'

Thats pretty gay.

Be nice if that fat bastard 6 gets a hit here in the bottom of the 8th.

Yeah, that joke might've needed a no homo. Then again you're all probably too old to know what that is..... anyway, he seems to be pitching well in spite of the weight.

Hey guys - random question here... Whenever I go to see the Phils play at RFK, there is always a fan who sits behind the Phillies dugout and throws a ball to Ryan Howard as he walks to the dugout mid-inning (at RFK visitor dugout is on First Base side). The ball is always thrown directly at him, so he has to catch it, then he immediately tosses it back into the stands... Anyone know who this guy is? Or why he is never thrown out of RFK? ... It's so common that Ryan Howard always looks up at the stands, expecting the ball to be lobbed at him... I remember seeing this last season as well, I forgot about it until I went to the game last week and saw it again. Thanks.


burrell showing the wheels.

Please, oh please, oh please bring out Brett Myers for the 9th.

Wes Helms with a big hit! Love this home cookin'. So happy I don't even care that Kalas called Utley "Ruiz"! (?!?)

Whelp, Flash is up. So much for not having a nail-biter of a ninth inning.

I still want to trade for Jon Rauch.

Flush is going to hose this up for us.

And here's another vote for Ruiz as our everyday catcher.

Ruiz himself is having another good game. So far, his clear emergence as the #1 catcher one of the best developments of the young season.

Jeez, you guys. He's Tom Gordon, not Tim Worrell. Relax.

Did anyone notice the switch to bringing Bourn into the game late? And how it paid off? I'd like to think that Cholly will make a habit of this, but I know him too well.

I believe that was a curveball. Hold off on that retirement press conference.

Heh. Wes giveth and Wes taketh away.

What's the point of putting brett myers out in the bullpen if you aren't gonna use him tonight but we use him in a blowout of the Reds?

Smart. He'll bring in Bourn for speed/defense in the 6th, but won't bring in Nunez in the 9th.

uh - the whole point of the comparison is that it's a lame thing to do. i don't know why gay and homo is being thrown out there.

anyway - it is part of jimmy's game that i forget to appreciate. he has done a great job changing his approach to that pitch.

Curve ball here, Sarge?


Anyone home?

Curveball Sarge?

not an easy play by the Black Bull.



great win!

Nice comeback tonight -- maybe, just maybe, the Phils have turned the corner. And I was thankfully dead wrong about Gordon tonight. Other than the wild pitch, a solid outing for him. Hope that continues too.

Billy Wags is blowing up versus Rockies. Couldn't happen to a nicer guy.

Sorry, for those not watching - with an 0-2 count Harry asked Matthews, "Curve ball here, Sarge?" Silence. "Do you figure?" Silence. "Does he throw him a curve?" By now the pitch has been thrown. Yeesh.

Anyway, a pretty win tonight. Phils got the big hits late in the game at home and continue to play mistake-free baseball (with the exception of Rowand's circus dive, but he's more than forgiven). This is definitely more like it! What a differemce, from last Tuesday to this one.

Malcolm - Nunez was used as a PH.

big to get a win when our top two hitters went a combined 0/8.

Nice comeback win for the Phils! Clutch hits by Rowand, Helms, and Ruiz. Gritty performance by Moyer and Gordon got the job done. Let's see what Lieber can do tomorrow!

By the way - the bullpen glittering again tonight. It doesn't seem to be the enormous problem it was earlier on. Roles have become more defined and there does seem to be more stability.

Solid win Phillies. This is the way its meant to be. Life is so much better now.

I'm curious to see what ya'll think - Gordon was warming up when it was still a tie game. Do you think the plan was to bring him in there and then have Myers pitch if it became a save situation but they ended up using Gordon because he was warm?

Sarge was off tonight. Not only with the curve comments, but also he totally butchered Ryan Zimmerman and Ryan Church earlier in the game. Wheels was making a point and wanted Sarge's feedback, only to get no response whatsoever. Granted it was Wheels, but still... It's tough being on TV for all 9 innings... Must be a Ryan thing...

Another enjoyable game against Dimitri Young, Ron Belliard and the Nats. This rivalry just keeps getting better and better!

Seriously, I liked the base-running tonight. My standout player would have to be Alfonseca. He's throwing a great heavy ball, 93-94. That's how you rock it in CBP.

Mets were losing 1-0 with 2 outs in bottom of 10th and easley hit a homerun with 2 strikes - sound familiar?

"AWH, tim: My exaggerated response was prompted by AWH's exaggerated view of how much defense has been a factor in the current Phils winning streak or, frankly, a factor in their losing streak either."

clout, I admire your baseball knowledge, and you certainly "got it goin'" as far as knowing minor leaguers is concerned. BUT, again - THROW AWAY THE CRACK PIPE!

My quoting Bill James, and emphasizing that defense does matter in no way exaggerated how much of a "factor" defense has played. When you score 20 runs in 2 games defense doesn't matter that much.

Stop reinventing what others post to suit your own world view, and definitely stop abusing controlled substances.

I should say no feedback other than screwing up the names Ryan Zimmerman and Ryan Church when Wheels wanted some kind of intellectual response. Anyway, I am beat. I am out of here.

Yes, Weitzel, Alfonseca is pitching really good. I didn't think he had it in him, but he is stepping up big time.


RSB: Roles are very important, and I think the players this new setup will help most are Geary and Madson. It could be interesting how the closer situation plays out. Myers hasn't pitched in a while and Gordon had a long warmup and an inning tonight. It could be a rotation for a while, but even then I think there's a pattern.

Alfonseca's emergence has been the key. The manager has almost full confidence in him now, and he deserves it from the way he's pitched.

So far I have been wrong about Alfonseca. It's a long season, but, so far, I have been wrong. He has performed well.

AWH: You need to go back and re-read what you wrote. Or translate it for me. I'll be happy to respond to whatever point it was you were trying to make.

It's been a hunger-inducing day here at Beerleaguer: We start off talking about scrapple and end up praising the octopus. I suppose Alfonseca's performance so far proves something we all know but sometimes forget: nobody has yet devised a way to predict which mediocre career relievers will turn in a good season in any particular year. Checking the box score, I'm amazed to see that Madson has quietly lowered his ERA to the 4.5 range; I take back my rash demand of a few days ago that he be shipped out to the capital of Hockeyland.

BTW, Josh is right, Rapa brand scrapple, made here in Delaware, is the best I've tasted, because its No. 1 ingredient is pork liver (check the label). MG, you're confusing scrapple, which has a limited number of disgusting ingredients, with hot dogs/bologna, which consists of everything down to the eyeballs.

Sad thing is, if these a-holes go 3-3 the rest of the month...they can say "we got off to a better start than last year".

I keep wondering when Alfonseca's going to turn into a pumpkin, but his pitches just flat look good - it's not even like he's been getting lucky.

Ya, I'll own up too.

I thought six finger was another PG trash heap special, but it turns out he has a little something in the tank still.

I hope it lasts a while, otherwise Myers and Flash will be real busy.

Great game tonight, just think how good we're going to look if a certain clean up hitter starts clicking.

Unrelated note, I was frankly shocked at how much my breakfast meat question spurred conversation. More interest then any baseball comment I have ever made... not sure how to feel about that.

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