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Wednesday, April 18, 2007


My thoughts:

First off- I'd love to see a Charles Fuqua Manuel vs. Howard "Burger King" Eskin celebrity death match. Seriously, the city of Philly would be better off without both of them.

Secondly- Charlie was yelling "we're going to win" from his office. Question- Exactly when the hell do you plan on winning then?

Third- This is the perfect opportunity to axe Manuel. He just put himself in a negative light with the media and we all have well documented his struggles with in-game with his head!

Lastly- quite honestly, the Phils suck right now. The bullpen puts runners on at an alarming pace, our believed-to-be solid rotatin is not so stable, our explosive offense is exploding in our get the point.

Eskin is a knucklehead but Manuel is an embarrassment. He really needs to go now. And to think I almost considered going to a game this year.

What is Joe Girardi doing these days? Make the guy an offer he can't refuse.

I do believe Joe Girardi is in the Yanks booth...but I'm not positive on that one.

Charlie Manuel is an embarassment. Don't wait any freakin' longer. Fire him now. I strongly doubt the team will do an about-face and start a 20 game winning streak, but it honestly can't get any worse. This isn't all Charlie's fault, but some of it is, and he's the easiest one to axe and first on my list.

Everytime I listen to the Manager's Show, I cant help to think that of Boomhower from KING OF THE HILL.
"dang ol'...3 and 9 stuff...better get out my face.. talkin 'bout dang ol' we're gonna WIN !"

last night's game was slow torture. the time has never been better for heads to roll.

By the way does anyone have goosebumps?

And one more thing. Anyone hear Gary Matthews call Moises Alou "Moe-ese" or Carloe Ruiz" "Rue-iz" all night? Is it that hard to get their names right? Leave it to the Sillies to hire this clown.

last night's game?
this whole season has been slow torture !

to think, this "brilliant" organization passed on Jim Leyland a couple years ago in favor of Manuel. Let's see, Leyland, manager of the defending AL champion Tigers who are off to a 9-5 first place start; Manuel, fresh off another underachieving campaign last season and starting things out with a bang at 3-9 this year. The Phils need to cut their losses, axe Manuel and start fresh

And to think I bought 5 games this year. Wow, i think the Phils have offically hit rock bottom and it isn't even a month into the season, unbelieveable. Get Girardi on the phone NOW!

Oh wait, i just remembered. Even if the Phils fire Manuel, ol' Monty will end up hiring another knuckle head to manage this team. He won't go for the intelligent and right choice in Girardi. The organization will always be the one holding this team back. This could end up being the worst Phillies season ever with the organization firing there manger before the first month is over and then eventually becoming the offical franchise with the most losses in professional. Oh baby I can't wait to celebrate 1-10,000 (1 being one WS) record :)

I know we're all negative right now, and we damn well should be. This team, management, and owners need to be held accountable. The start of this season is digusting. Something needs to be done immediately to shake things up. If you want to call it panicking, then fine, because it's time to panic...our record is 3-9 people!

Tom From Williamsport: I dont know who Gillick would hire, but he did not hire Manual, so its difficult to blame him for anything in that regard, except for not firing him.

Do any of you ever ask yourselves why should we even care about this team? The owners sure don't. I think I read once that at least one of the owners never even watches the games. They hire a manager to please Jim Thome and he's been gone over a year and the joke manager is still here. They hire a figure head GM so that they can let Amaro run the show behind the scenes and then in 2-3 yrs after we've forgotten about Ed Wade they have Gillick gracefully retire and they officially name Amaro GM. This sucks!

I am as disgusted as the next Phillies fan, but honestly... who didn't see this coming?? What is different about this team? Nothing, really. From top to bottom, this organization sucks. Yes, some of the players are fine and dandy but they will never have a chance to win if the current management structure stays the way it is.
Hell, I'm not even an Eagles fan, but I am ready to start the E-A-G-L-E-S chant!

Parker: I would hope Gillick would hire someone, he at least has semi-baseball knowledge but even that doesn't seem to be good enough. He was smart enough to realize how bad the bullpen was during the off season but failed to sign anyone or make a risky trade. They don't call him "Stand pat" for nothing. But it won't be Gillick it will be goofball Monty and some of the clueless owners who will make the decision. They only think in dollars and cents, not wins and losses.

Two words: Joe Girardi

Two more words: We're Screwed.
I have a bad, real bad, feeling about Howard's injury.

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