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Wednesday, April 18, 2007


Joe Girardi or bust!

No way the Phillies front office goes for Girardi. Sure, Loria is a major-league tool, and Girardi's call-out of him was a spur-of-the-moment thing. But if Leyland wasn't pliant enough for Monty, what makes you think they'd take on someone even more outspoken? If we're going to start handicapping, you have to look at in-house candidates first: J. Williams, Lopes and John Russell, probably in that order. Beyond that, who managed for Gillick in the past? Because that's the well he usually goes to...

Whoever they pick there is no doubt in my mind that they will screw it up.

I just watch a video of Eskin talking about the incident. Although I don't always agree with him or his methods and attitude, he is right here. Manuel is a lousy manager and while the GM hasn't improved the club for him, he's totally lost and has lost the team also. But alas, a change will not happen quickly

Joe Giaradi or Davey Johnson. End of list.

I feel bad for Manuel b/c he never had a chance in this town. Granted, he never should've been hired in the first place, and he's not the brightest bulb in the chandelier. But he's an interesting character.

That said, he's gotta go. Unfortunately, the Phillies will probably take the safe, unimiginative route and hire Jimy Williams for the rest of the season.

Great . . . here's a guy who was canned by Houston in August '04 because the team underachieved, and now he'd be asked to jump start a floundering team that's underachieving. Lo, the irony.

Gillick's managers in Toronto:
1978-79 Roy Hartsfield
1980-81 Bobby Mattick
1982-85 Bobby Cox
1986-89 Jimy Williams
1989-94 Cito Gaston
1991 Gene Tenace

1995 Phil Regan
1996-97 Davey Johnson
1998 Ray Miller

1999-02 Lou Piniella
2003 Bob Melvin

odds are on Jimy's side.

I wanted to move one of my posts into this thread:

It's well past time for Manuel to go. He should have never been hired to begin with. It's time to part ways before things get even worse. While Gillick has not given him as much to work with this year, Charlie has done nothing inspirational to keep his job. He tries nothing. He makes a lot of managerial mistakes. He gets in a rut with players/misuses players. He says the same damn thing over and over and over again. While i am not a huge Eskin fan, I think he was 100% correct last night. That being said, I don't know what it will take before management actually makes a change. Hell, they couldn't handle the Brett Myers situation right, let alone this new fiasco.

if the assembly of this team has taught us anything, it should be that asking for personnel that wasn't gillick's old personnel is simply too much to ask. a betting man would have to say that a new manager that wasn't one gillick's old managers is a longshot!

Joe Girardi would be the man if you want to light a fire under your team, but there's no way Montgomery goes after him. For one, he'd cost too much money, and for two he's FAR too outspoken for this team.

On a side note, people calling Charlie "Cholly" is supporting the thought that he's never been given a chance in this city. He might not have had a bright illustrious career in the majors, but he's a good baseball man. He might not have the personality to manage in this city (or, as many of you might argue, in the majors at all), but it's unfair and childish to pick on the way he talks.

All complaints about the bullpen and bench players aside, Manuel didn't have this team prepared to play at the outset of this season for the second year in a row. The core of this team is underachieving and they are the ones that are responsible for the level of play just as much as the bullpen/bench scapegoats.

He didn't have them ready to go, and this is not the first time this has happened. That alone should be enough of a reason to hand the man his pink slip. Unfortunately, we'll get Jimy Williams instead of Joe Girardi in his place -- and that having been said, I would rather go with a pissed-off Cholly fighting for his job for the rest of the season rather than go with a relative unknown in Jimy Williams.

Either fire him and hire the right guy, or leave him in there. Either one of those has a snowball's chance in hell of happening, but weirder things have happened to this team.

He might not have the personality to manage in this city (or, as many of you might argue, in the majors at all), but it's unfair and childish to pick on the way he talks.

Well, I think it's just fun. But to each his own.

I mean, I like the guy too. But besides not having the personality to manage in this city, he just doesn't have the knowledge. Why, I don't know, but he just doesn't seem to grasp the intricacies of NL ball. There's just no way he's one of the 30 best baseball minds out there.

Yes I like using the word "just".

Ace: "Cholly" has as much potential for being a loving nickname as it does for being a jab at his southern drawl. If they would win, "Uncle Cholly" would be the toast of the town. And he's been given an abnormally long amount of time to prove himself to the rabid fans in this town, where coaches are sometimes hired and fired within months.

two seasons is an abnormally long amount of time? I realize it's the 21st century and all, but really.

Oh Cito where art thou?

just saw on myers is demoted to the BP and leiber is going to take is place in the line-up, what about mixing up the batting order cholly?.......

Myers in the bullpen? Jesus, talk about grasping at straws.

maybe if Lieber had pitched well so far I could see this, but he's been a disaster every time he took the mound. looks like 2007 Phils are securing their position as successors to last year's Cubs.

looks like nobody's RSS readers have updated yet...

also cholly is in his own backyard so if they fire him...which is not going to happen he doen't have far to go!!!!...... myers to the bullpen after what 3 starts, i didn't read the article yet but isaw a healine where he says spotteda flaw in his delivery, uh maybe it's his head, but this panic band-aid crap already feels like ed wade is still around! bullpen?

RIP 2007 Phillies

Lets hope we get Andruw Jones next year...or something

Manuel has the same problem that Bowa had - inflexible. Bowa is inflexibly critical, Manuel inflexibly supportive. Any management role calls for criticism when it is needed and support when it is needed. So...who might that be?

In my mind, he's proven himself. Two straight years of placing second in the NL east is pretty solid. The team has always started slow under him and has always caught fire, but this year's different. CHARLIE hasn't been given the tools with which to manage a championship-caliber club, especially in the bullpen and on the bench. This team is downright dysfunctional in a couple key ways:

1. The bench -- Nunez, Dobbs, Bourn, Werth, and Barajas fail to inspire much confidence, no matter what team they play on. Nunez is solid defensively, but if you stick him at third in favor of iron-glove Wes Helms, you're stuck with an ineffective bat. Helms is then shifted to the bench, where he found success as a pinch-hitter last season, hitting over .300, but can the runs Nunez saves make up for the RBI he won't produce? And will the RBI Helms DOES or WILL produce make enough of a difference to justify using him as a pinch-hitter only?

2. Bullpen --
Matt Smith - Lefty specialist
ERA: 13.5

Jon Lieber - Middle Relief
ERA: 11.57

Geoff Geary - 7th inning/Set-up
ERA: 4.05

Francisco Rosario - Wild Card/Mop-up/Set-up
ERA: 4.50

Ryan Madson - Set-up/Middle Relief/Long Relief
ERA: 6.23

Tom Gordon - Closer
ERA: 4.50

Antonio Alfonseca - Primary Set-up
ERA: 1.42

Obviously, something isn't clicking for these pitchers. Something needs to be done. Alfonseca, for all the knocks against him, has done a good job. He's the only one with a major-league-reliever-worthy ERA. He's walked 4 and given up 4 hits over 6.1 IP, so the sample performance is rather limited. However, only 1 earned run has been scored on him, so he does a good job keeping runners from scoring. It might not be pretty, but (from his performance so far) it's been effective. Here's a novel idea: option Matt Smith to Triple-A so he can work on mechanics, make Tom Gordon the 7th-inning man, allow Alfonseca to pitch the 8th inning (flip-flop Gordon with him if necessary), and make Joe Bisenius the closer. That would certainly shake things up and wouldn't be fiscally responsible, but it might be what the bullpen needs to make the performance at the very least passable. Bottom line is that SOMETHING needs to be done.

3. Runners in scoring position -- You're all aware of the atrocious play by the Phils with RISP. I believe they're hitting right at the Mendoza line with RISP, and that's nothing short of embarassing. They've looked lost when they see their own man on second or third, and even more lost with 0 outs or 1 out. This is ridiculous and something needs to change. Players should be excited to come up with a man on and no outs, but instead they look like it pains them to take the bat off their shoulders and swing at a pitch. Maybe the coaching staff can institute a drill in practice with a runner on second and third with no outs that requires the players to walk across hot coals barefoot if they don't drive a run in. Obviously, that's not going to happen, but something along those lines might be what it takes to make this team "get it." So far, they've looked like they all took sleeping pills before the game.

This isn't how it should be. The city deserves better than this, and certainly the fan base does as well.

Myers to Bullpen, Lieber to start.

No joke

Myers to Pen:

How soon until Gordon's the setup man for Myers?

In light of these new events (Myers to bullpen) I would like to change my prediction from 88 wins to 78 wins. They took their opening day starter and made him a set-up man. This is the worst baseball move I have seen in a long time. Fire them all. Fire every stinking one of them.

Blow up CBP and start over.

What is going on here? I need info now! Wow!

Here you go, Jon.

Phils demote Myers to bullpen
By Todd Zolecki
Brett Myers, the Phillies' opening day starting pitcher, was demoted to the bullpen today and Jon Lieber will take his place in the rotation and start in his place Friday against the Reds in Cincinnati.

In three starts, Myers is 0-2, with a 9.39 ERA. He has allowed 16 earned runs, with 19 strikeouts and 9 walks in 151/3 innings.

Lieber is 0-0 with an 11.57 ERA, allowing two walks with no strikeouts in 21/3 innings in his two relief appearances this season.

Myers will be a set-up man for closer Tom Gordon.

78 wins? at this pace, that's going to look optimistic in a couple weeks.

How about putting madson on waivers, i know he just signed a new one year contract don't know if anyone would claim him?......

That's it, I'm f*ckin'g through with this piece of sh*t organization. Myers was just signed to an extension to be a top of the rotation naturally we move him to the bullpen?!?!?!

That's right, don't fire Manuel, just demote our supposed #1 pitcher.

This is stupid!!!

theme of 2007 season: reduce the value of all your players as much as possible.

first up --> jon lieber eats too many donuts and throws nothing but donuts in relief appearances!
second --> ryan madson continues to show us the real ryan madson!
now --> brett myers, from opening day starter to bullpen cog!

Thanks, Ace. This is definitely a bold move. Any word on how Gordon sees all of this? And who is now the ace of the staff? Hamels? Wow!

I think they are saying Myers is the closer, not a set-up man, according to DNL. Did I hear that wrong?

maybe somehow make some room for J.A. Happ 10.2 scorelss outings in 2 starts with 11 K's he couldn't be any worse than putting leiber in the roation

to add, in my opinion...

- myers either starts or closes. anything in between is a waste for what we're paying him and his value if they are really considering trading him for more than a bucket of used balls.
- lieber might do okay, he looked decent as a starter in spring after all, didn't he?
- i'm not totally opposed to cutting madson....but only if there is a viable replacement for him. i mean, who do we replace him with? brito? sanches? bisenius again? "t&a" durbin? ouch.
- send dobbs down, call up coste. no, he's not jesus, but he is undeniably an upgrade on the bench.
- keep shaking up the roster!
- fire charlie. he's a bad gameday manager, and that's been evident since day 1.

Closer or setup man? Please say Closer.

looks like he might be used as both,

crap! i have myers on my fantasy team!

crap, i too have myers on my fantasy team.

of course my 2 1st round picks for my 2 teams were Pujols and to horrible starts.

This latest move just further shows that Charlie Manuel is clueless. He is just desperately grabbing for anything at this point. I have to agree with bsg, Myers has to eaither start or close games, anything else does not make sense. This move of the #1 starter to the bullpen (after a couple of weeks into the season!!) just looks like panic to me.

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