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Friday, April 13, 2007


wow, mr. durbin deleted his myspace account.

"Command is a major hurdle for him at this stage."

Doesn't sound too promising.

A desperation move by Pat G?

Tim: Jason did a pretty good assessment up top. I'll say this: He's better than Chad Durbin!

The key here is whether his arm is healthy. He's got a ton of stuff and the usual command problems that young hardballers have. His K/BB ratios in Triple A the past 2 seasons have been poor, but that may be because he was hurt. From what I read he still isn't 100% healthy and probably needs 6 weeks in the minors.

My guess is they try to slip him through waivers again. But I don't mind rolling the dice on young guys like Durbin, Rosario etc. All PG needs is to get lucky once. Since he's about 0 for 12 on these kinds of signings, I'd say he's due for a hit.

Well, he may have deleted his page, but Google sure hasn't deleted their cache.

I like that he has a drink in nearly every picture.

Maybe Myers will take him under his wing and teach him how to treat a lady.

seems that link got ruined.

Google for and click Cached beneath the main link.

No, it worked. "The thing that hurts the most is being so close and watching her walk away!" - J.D. Durbin.

"He does not seem ready to pitch in the majors."

Neither does Madson, send his ass to Canada.

Another waiver claim ---BFD!

how did gillick even know this guy existed if he didn't draft him?

"how did gillick even know this guy existed if he didn't draft him?"

BWAHAHA, shazaam!

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