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Wednesday, April 18, 2007


This is un-freakin-believable.

Manuel shouldn't even be the manager of this team right now, let alone making a monumentally horrid decision like this.

I, and others, kept saying things couldn't get any worse. I was just proven wrong.

Oh my god. What a waste. Charlie is forced to try to make up for the mistakes of Gillick. If he had signed a decent bullpen arm or managed to trade Lieber then we wouldn't have to watch our best starter moved into a setup role. Just ridiculous.

i'm not totally opposed to this *if* he closes...not if he is doing setup or random mid-game work. that'll reduce his value to near nothing and i don't see how it will help the team in the longrun. as i said in the previous post, the theme of 2007 season seems to be reducing the value of players as much as possible--first lieber, then madson, now myers. nonetheless, lieber might do okay, and god knows the bullpen needs help.

and, finally, shame on the philadelphia phillies for not thinking of the fantasy value of brett myers as it applies to the fabulous moo hippos of yahoo public league #288981.

JW-- I think this is panic defined.. demote Madson.. I've been calling for his head for 3 wks.. Bring up Bisenius and Happ.. at least that's constructive panic. The Phils are over-rated. 85 wins is their optimal in ANY scenario with this group. Too many strikeouts in the line-up, bullpen sucks with or without Myers,and Eaton is avg at best. also-- Whose games will Myers save (if he has to)? They won't be in position enough other than Hamels' starts.. BRUTAL!

Carson, I agree. I would at least humor the move if he were annoited the full-time closer, but it is asinine for him to be shipped between being a set-up man and the closer! Everyone knows he blows Gordon away as a pitcher at this point. Everyone knows he is fully healthy too, where as doubts still linger with regard to Gordon. To have Myers waste away as a set-up man is simply crazy! I hope this isn't a smokescreen to deflect the mounting criticism of Manuel and Phillies management, but somehow I think it is.

One of brett myers draw backs is that he allows emotions to get the best of him. That doesn't transcend well into pressure relief situations. I feel the bullpen is a waste of his talent, unless indeed he is the closer. This is a panic move? A better panic move would be to fire Manuel, but instead he's given a vote of confidence and allowed to make a potentially ridiculously idiotic decision. Nice move Gillick, way to think "outside the box".

yes they pushed the panic button, as i stated in the other post, sounds like a ed wade band-aid move, what about the batting order?, or putting madson on waivers not that anyone would probably claim him, but maybe somehow make some room for Happ who has 10.2 scoreless innings in with 11 k's in 2 starts could that be any worse than putting leiber and his fat P.O.S. BUTT back in the line-up and what if this fails....

I cannot believe we are moving our #1 starter into a setup role. This is a huge mistake.

What a great move by Cholly , next we need to have Howard to bat leadoff so we can score runs in the 1st inning with Rollins as our cleaup man. getting the lead is the most important thing possible. When you score runs first you have a lead!

So will Myers be the first reliever to appear in 100 games?? Manuel will definitely fall into the over-usage rut with Myers. Fire Manuel already!!

There is no way that this is a good move. Brett Myers makes far too much money and has amazing potential as a starter. Not to mention that he has proven his worth year after year. He should either be traded at full value or allowed to start. This isnt the kind of move you make mid-season. Even if he performs well as a setup guy/closer, it's a waste of his talent. The guy is a top ten NL pitcher, not a 7th inning guy.

Here's the thing- Myers has a nice pitch arsenal and will probably thrive in the bullpen. Thing is, he'd probably thrive in the rotation too where he is more valuable and accostomed to. This move is a panic move. Lets just go sign Rocket Clemens, trade for Bonds after he breaks the recond, and sign Ichiro this offseason...problem sign. Dammit I'm pissed, I'm not even making sense any more.

On the surface, obviously this could go either way.

Even if it does work though, it just reeks of total panic, and shows no faith in the players to pull out of this, which increases the "backfire" risk.

And I know this wasn't the motivation, but they're basically caving into Lieber's utter uselessness in the 'pen. The Jon Lieber who may have next to nothing left in the tank, not to mention one foot out the door motivation-wise, since he will no doubt walk next year.

My other problem is, can you even use Myers in every save situation? He seems like strictly a "start of inning" guy, meaning I wouldn't feel comfortable bringing him in with 1st and 3rd, 2 outs in the 8th, pitching out of the stretch? I only see him as useful with a lead going into the 9th.

Sorry, this is kind of rambling, but my gut reaction is that this ultimately does more harm than good long-term.

Panic apropos. Myers to the pen is exactly the kind of extreme change that, IMO, will backfire immensely.

Even though Myers has had two rough outings, he can't stay that bad all season. Can he? He did have 13 wins and a sub-4.00 era last year lest we forgot. We being Manuel.

Plus the "addition" to Myers as a "quality" set-up man (who knows if he even has the mental fortitude to stick) now creates a log-jam of miscast relievers who will now be even more exposed as Leiber gives us the awful innings he's given us at the beginning of each year he's been here.

Not to mention that now we have a $8 million a year closer. Good investment. These are the type of decisions that need to be made in the off-season or (gasp!) Spring Training.

I couldn't be more disheartened at this very moment.

I literally am ashamed to be a Phillies fan.

We have NO idea how Myers will do in relief. But we're going to chance it. He's only 26 years old with a promising starting career ahead of him, so naturally we move him to the 'pen...idiots!!!!

More proof that they couldn't trade Lieber for any kind of a respectable reliever. That being the case, how likely is it to expect that he can turn in 6 strong innings every 5 days?

disgraceful and it couldn't be more foolish or come at a worse time. it stinks of absolute desparation.

this is a no-win move for the team. if myers fails, it could do irrevocable harm to the opening day starter. if myers picthes well, how do you justify getting back in the rotation when lieber is injured/bad, eaton is injured/bad, or etc. this team is losing because it can't knock in runs, not because of who's pitching in the 8th inning.

I just told my old college roommate, a die-hard Boston fan this latest news.

1 - It took me five minutes to convince him.
2 - He offered to buy me two cases of beer to help ease the pain.

This is laughable.

I couldnt agree with Carson more. This is embarassing. Who else would take a hard-throwing starter that has seen much success over the years and make him a closer in the middle of his prime. Answer: nobody. Not another team in the league would even consider doing this. Every other manager in baseball is currently thinking, "I knew Manuel wasn't the sharpest tool in the shed, but he's completely lost it now."

I say we trade Hamels for some outfielders that can hit HR's. This way we get the lead ahead of the other team. Then we keep hitting high pop ups to left field that go for more HR's. Problems solved.

Here's a wacky idea - make Myers an "old school" reliever that pitches 2 innings, say the 7th and 8th.

I can prove quite simply that this is a DESPERATION move. There has not yet been one personell change regarding pitchers yet this season, other that regaining Garcia and Lieber from the DL. So all of the sudden, out of nowhere, you move one of the best young starters in the game to a setup role? Why now? What are they thinking? This couldn't be premeditated as they would have done it immeadiately after his last start. Now we destroy our one potential saving grace, the one-two-three punch of Myers, Hamels, and Garcia, and replace it with what Lieber, Eaton, Moyer? FOR NO REASON!!! FIRE THEM ALL!!! have DAVE MONTGOMERTY PAT GILLICK CHARLIE MANUEL BILL GILES RUEBEN AMARO and why not RICH (smoke another) DUBEE (and maybe I'll think this move will be good for the team) arrested and thrown in jail. They can plead insanity...and should. WHY DID WE JUST SIGN MYERS TO HIS NEW EXTENSION TO MAKE HIM AND OVERPRICED MIDDLE RELIEVER INSTEAD OF A BONAFIDE POTENTIAL ACE. It's like making Michael Vick a reciever. Just cause he might be the best on the team at the position doesn't mean its his best position to help the team. Just curious, but I'd really like to know what Billy Wagner thinks of this, because, and i never thought I'd say this, but he seems to have a better beat on this team than anyone in red pinstripes right now. IS THIS REALLY HAPPENING? ARE THEY THIS RETARDED? I will start a retirement fund right now, donating $1 each for both Gillick and Manuel to retire. Who's with me, we only need a few million...

Panic Move. Who knows what Lieber has left, but he's no reliever. That's obvious. He looked good starting end of last year and in this Spring. He's better in the rotation. Myers will be the closer in the long run, this season. He's made for it.

If people want to trade Lieber, he's gotta get a few starts in, for him to have any value.

"out of nowhere, you move one of the best young starters in the game to a setup role?"

I know you arent describing Myers like this his era is 9.39 for christs sake. In 3 games hes given up 16 earned runs.

This is the kind of move you make when you're team's in last place and nobody's watching, not when...oh wait, maybe it does makes sense.

Myers told mgmt that if he's gonna be a set-up man, he doesnt wanna bounce back and forth between starting and relief roles.. OMG!!! If this is permanent, I'm glad Kerry got me my MLB pkg.. I can now look elsewhere for some MAJOR league baseball. Devil Rays look like a fun team

Hey I heard Jorge Julio is on the trading block, Thats the young power arm we need to solve our bullpen problems. The we trade Leiber and Myers for some rookie starters to get us out of this hole.

daily news live says no line-up changes tonight, reaction mixed from the panel about myers movefrom what they stated gillick is saying cholly job is still safe...this whole organization is an embarrassment !!!!!!

One upside for Myers is he gets to hang with Mad Dog in the bullpen.

What's craziest is that the organization has the balls to make a move like this and still won't admit to previous mistakes. They still won't bring up Coste, cut Barajas, do anything with Madson, demote Werth, stick with Bisenius, use Happ as a lefty reliever, hell use Moyer as reliever. Even if Myers is lights out and Gordon sucks, they won't even have the balls to make Myers the closer b/c it would upset Gordon. As absurd as this sounds, it is still a SAFE MOVE. It doesn't offend anybody on the team. Lieber is happy, Myers is cool with it, Gordon still gets to close. The players need to call out Charlie AND Gillick now. I'm looking at you Jimmy. How does one potentially good setup man and the loss of ace help anything. Who says pitch Myers less, we need Lieber, who has done nothing in his time in Philly to earn this. Seriously, our rotation is now Hamels, Garcia, Eaton, Moyer, Lieber. Only Hamels is still on the upswing. What is this going to do to Myers' career? I just can't believe this.

This is stupid. Myers may not really be our "Ace" starter, but he's at least no. 2 in the rotation. This is a desperation move by an idiot.

To "Ace", I now live in the south and say "y'all" all the time. I like the way they talk in the South. When I use the term "Cholly", it is with affection. Right now, I'm pissed that Cholly is still the manager, but I still like Cholly.

Someone said I was delusional about saying that managing the Phillies was a plum job. It is. Behind NY, Chicago, L.A., Boston and maybe Houston and Atlanta; all the other major league cities are bush league compared to Philadelphia. The team has a nucleus of stars and is a near WC team each year. Not all positions come open every year; the ones that do are for dog teams. The Phillies are not a bad team to take control of.

Someone else suggested that I was delusional for believing this team has talent. Talent is a very subjective term to throw around. In my mind, the Marlins are loaded with talent, but it's young talent. The Braves have talent, but they have fallen off from the glory years. The Muts have a sucky starting rotation, something that was supposed to be our strong point. This Phillies team has talent, that's why we are so mad about how they are losing!

at least they're doing something.

"at least they're doing something."

yeah i guess that sums up how i feel, ultimately. at least it's not more of the same, 'it's a long season' BS that we've been fed so far.

here's a positive spin to this disgusting move---- we're showcasing Lieber for the teams that need a starter... he pitches lights out--- then he gets traded for a set-up guy and a corner OF w/ power....... NAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

"if myers fails, it could do irrevocable harm to the opening day starter."

gr: what is that based on? that seems a little extreme to me at this point.

What happens when both Leiber and Myers fail miserably in thier new roles? Myers a 200+ inning guys is now reduced toan 80 inning setup man LMFAO!!!!

I'd rather have seen them trade Myers for Rios if they are going this route! I could see trying if it he were the closer, but set-up man is beyond comprehension!!!!

A couple of points, if y'all will wait a few minutes before jumping off the ledge:

Many claim that the only way this makes sense is if Myers becomes closer. That's old-school, dumb thinking. Back in the day -- say, 25 years ago -- your most valuable reliever was the "fireman," someone who entered the game in the middle of an opposition rally and shut them down. Often that pitcher (think Goose Gossage, Tug McGraw) stayed in to finish the game, and hence got a "save."

That changed when Bruce Sutter developed arm trouble (before that, he used to pitch multi-inning saves, too). To nurse his arm through the rest of the season, his manager -- Whitey Herzog, I believe -- began to use him only in the 9th inning. It worked, and within a couple of years every fireman became a closer instead. Bullpen ERAs have been rising steadily ever since, but nobody in a major-league dugout has had either the brains or balls to step back and see reason.

Some stat analysts have, however. One of the stathead sites -- might be Baseball Prospectus, but I don't subscribe anymore so I'm not sure -- measures what they call "high-leverage" relief innings, i.e. those in which the other team is actually threatening to take the lead. The most valuable relievers by this metric are never the closers; they're the guys who come in DURING AN INNING and shut down rallies. If that's what they envision for Myers it might still be a waste of his talent, but it will serve the team better than making him a closer.

Emerson: There are actually a few examples of a team making a star starting pitcher a reliever. Smoltz, of course, though that one was partially based on the belief his surgically repaired arm wouldn't withstand the rigors of starting. Also, at the dawn of the closer era, the Yankees took Dave Righetti, a bright young starter who had thrown a no-hitter the year before, and made him a closer. He went on to a long and successful career, though arguably he would have had an even better one as a starter. Many other starters have made the switch, notably Dennis Eckersley, but most of those cases involved pitchers who weren't living up to their potential as starters. None that I recall were as young as Myers when the move was made.

I can't remember recent Phils team where the wheels came off so fast. This move reeks of desperation and is flat out stupid in the long-term.

Myers has much more value as a starter than as setup man - especially given the money he is being paid and that the Phils have him under contract for 3 more years.

Guess we are fast heading back to square one with the Phils.

"I would say it's going to take another year, at least." PG

This is just sad now. Can this get any worse??

the only reason i haven't taken my season tickets and burned them is because this has to be a temporary move, designed soley to build up leibers value to trade him.

it's not saying much, but myers is our best homegrown pitcher since schilling. he CANNOT be the set up man for this year and next. it's impossible.

Yeah it could get worse. Amaro could become GM and Charlie Manuel could be given an extension.

The odd thing about this move is it makes no sense for next season. Lieber and Garcia are gone after this season. Do they think they can send Myers to the pen for a year and then plop him back into the rotation without a loss of development? it worked for Smoltz, but Myers is no Smoltz. It strikes me as high risk.

Alby - I had forgotten about Righetti, good point. Eck and Smoltz seemed to be more about prolonging their careers, though Smoltz has lasted much longer than I had expected.

Not that this makes it much easier to swallow.

Clout: Don't be chicken! What do you think about it for this season, or at least the current situation? Everyone knows Manuel is gone after the season and is fighting for his job.

i agree 100% clout.

if PG was really giving up this year why would he trade for garcia, go over budget, and F up any chance of improving the pen?

i agree, at least its SOMETHING. Werth needs to be shown the door, Coste up.

And a huge shakeup to the lineup. Best hitters *right now* third and 4th, even if it is Rollins and Burrell.

J - i don't think there is a season right now. from here, we're talking about a historic, damn near all time, comeback just to make the playoffs. do you really think this team can do that?

This seems like a desperation move. Moving your opening day pitcher to the bullpen after 12 games won't fix this team's problems.

Guys, I'm a Braves fan in Atlanta, so forgive me for jumping in. In Atlanta, the question is should Cox "panic" by sitting Langerhans against righties. Guess the decisions are easier when you're winning. But the Mets lead the league in pitching and scoring, so I'm not too hopped up at the moment.

Got to say, this move with Myers looks from afar like "panic." To my view, he's one of the up-and-coming stars in the NL. Anyway, good luck (but not too good, of course).

Actually, an equally thoughtful question is "What does the future hold in store for the bullpen?" Gordon's old. Alfonseca's old. And Madson, Geary and Smith do not look like the future.

J - i thought the future was move gordon to set up net year (when his salary goes down) and sign a legit closer. i thought all these other guys, from castro to bisenius to rosario to the rule 5 guys, were going to make up the rest of the pen with smith and geary.

who knows?

i still like the long term prospects of mathieson being a setup guy or closer. i have nothing to base that on, other than seeing him last year.

IF gordon/myers (in whatever combination) are the setup/closer next year, that means there is one spot in the rotation to fill. will they fill it with an $18mil curt schilling or a 300k Happ?

i have to believe this is a temporary move.

that was dumb - there would be two openings in the rotation and we're f'd.

this really has to be a temporary move.

Hate Hate HATE this move. The only upside I can think of is Lieber has 1 or 2 good starts and then some desperate team trades for him. I've been cutting Cholly a lot of slack lately, but this is godawful.

Preferable managerial move - Burrell's best month historically has always been April ... move him up in the batting order for a couple weeks until he slumps, and give Howard/Utley more time to get up to speed, since they're not getting it done in the RBI department. This should be a no brainer.

You know, it might actually work. Everyone's saying you're getting less out of Myers because you're going from 200 innings to 80, but think about it. Myers's 200 starting innings are replaced by Lieber. Is it really such a huge dropoff from Myers to Lieber? I don't think so. In the bullpen, however, Myers would be replacing a lot of guys who are a whole lot worse than him. Plus, he may pitch better in this role. Someone as good as he is could be a pretty dominating reliever. So it's possible that this move could actually lower the team's ERA as a whole.

all he's going to do is throw really hard fastballs and get killed becuase he'll have no control.

he's more likely to lose his breaking stuff and offspeed stuff.

Tim: How do you figure one spot? If Myers stays in the pen they have to fill 2 spots: Lieber and Garcia, both of whose contracts expire after this season. I wouldn't count on Happ right out of the box, either. Lefty finesse pitchers usually take several years to get grounded in The Show.

Jason: Looking at it from Cholly's POV, it's a good move. PG left him high and dry this offseason by failing to get a reliable setup/closer type. Myers could be the answer and Lieber clearly had no interest. Maybe he has something to prove now that he's back in the rotation. Cholly's job is disappearing fast and he might as well go down swinging instead of just standing there.

I have been a Phillies fan since 1954. I have seen many crazy moves over the years (Pancho Herrera playing 2nd base, Don Demeter playing 3rd, Bunning and Short pitching every other day, etc.) but this one may beat them all. A major change like this requires planning and a commitment by all parties to continue this for a reasonable amount of time. The Utley - Howard lineup switch was abandoned way before it had a chance to succeed. If this is only a move to get Lieber motivated to pitch well enough to improve his trade value, the result will probably come back to bite the Phillies in the butt (If Myers makes this move and the Phils jump him back into the rotation after Lieber is traded). This organization is sinking to a new low.

i gotcha clout - we were typing over each other.

i'm so pissed i can't subtract 3 from 5.

Mr. J -

Nothing, in the annals of the much storied, and losingest sports franchise in the hisory of the world the first to lose 10,000 games, is worse than the Bunning and Short debacle.

Not even Cholly would be dumb enough to throw Garcia and Hamels backto back for a month.

tray -- if Lieber isn't such a drop off from Myers than how would effectively switching them substantially lower the team's ERA? If anything, your higher ERA pitcher now throws more innings as a starter.

This move does look a little desperate, but I think there is more to it than apppears on the surface. While I do not agree with it, I will say that there are things to consider.
1.) I have heard from commentators during games, as well as witnessed on TV, that Myers usually begins games throwing nearly all fastballs. He does not break out the curve for several innings, usually the 4th to 5th. Myers curve is his best pitch, and if this move translates into him moving into his full array of pitches in one to two innings of work, he may be much harder for hitters to solve. He may, in fact, be damn near unhittable. This may not be the case, but it is something to consider. Additionally, assuming he can control it, he may be able to throw harder without worrying about tiring out from 6 plus innings of work.
2.) Alfonseca, when he has had control, has pitched pretty well. His velocity is above what most, if not all of us expected, and if he pitches well, the bullpen is much better with Myers.
3.) We all have to acknowledge that it is not possible for the Phils to keep hitting .200 with runners in scoring position. THis will change and consequently, more runs will be scored. Thus, anything that can get the game to Gordon with a lead is a positive (Assuming you have any faith in Gordon, which I'm not sure that I do).
4.) Power Arm: I was wrong about Julio, I barked up that tree earlier in the season, and I was wrong. Julio is not the power arm the bullpen needs. In fact, we have Julio on the team. His name is Francisco Rosario (Power and no control, though I cannot say whether or not Rosario is as much of a headcase as Julio yet).
5.) The season is 12 games old, predicting monumental loss totals is extreme speculation and at this point is notconsiderate of the variables (Low BA. W/RISP, ERA in the rotation, ERA in the Bullpen, Utley, Howard) that are bound to change at some point.

hey hey! eaton can still hit the ball!


Take a deep breath. Deeper. Deeper... Good.

Now everyone tell me what is the problem with our 25 man roster?

We have players on our roster who are not able to help in their current roles, and these players are not tradeable and taking up spots and clogging up the roster.

1) We need to trade for a top closer like Cordero. This is an absolute.

2) Lieber needs to be traded or let go. If he starts a 4-5 times he may have value in a trade. If he fails he can be released making room for someone like Castro to be brought up so we have a second reliever in the bullpen.

3) So Lieber taking a regular turn is a great idea. Either way by the end of May he will be gone and Meyers can return to the rotation. Or Meyers will have found lightening in the bottle as a reliever.

This is a GREAT MOVE.

This could be the begining of some successful trades. Standing Pat and having Leiber continue to have no value and take up a space that could have protected Durbin or bring up Castro was madness.

Separate our horror and stay calm, and make the best possible strategic moves.

This is one of them. Step One.

hahah... eaton knows he has to support himself and knocks one in.

I need to pick Eaton up on my fantasy baseball rep. of the Phillies. Too bad he does not have 3B eligibility.

Castro should be the second "LEFTY" in the bullpen.

For those not in Philly, are you picking up the game on MLB extra innings? I am not, and I am pretty pissed off about it.

maybe myers will be the phillies papelbon?

it could be a way to dropa heavy anchor in the 7th, Myers can do 3.

oh christ, not again. does he have a magnet in that hand?

Parker I'm watching it on MLB.TV and it is the Nats announcers.

Does anyone have stats on how often our pitchers give up runs immediately following an inning where the offense scored?

Joe L, myers and lieber aren't being switched, lieber's taking myers's innings, Myers is taking some of Smith's, some of Geary's, some of Alfonseca's. I mean, this is all theoretical, no one knows how much Myers will pitch, but I have to think he isn't taking on the long relief, starter fizzles out after 3 innings and they need someone to come in role.

Reverand: THanks for the info. I dont have MLB TV, I just have the extra innings package on Cable. Apparently Tampa Bay has more games broadcast than the Nats. THis is highly frustrating, especially if the Phils are not competitive later in the season when the package would really earn its keep.

Hey maybe if Eaton sucks it up for a couple of starts we can put him in the bullpen too!

So, if the Phils lose both games to Washington, would it be time to axe Charlie then? If so, please axe Dubee and Thompson with him!

This team sucks.


Does anyone else hate the idea of Shane Victorino not being moved out of the second spot? It just seems like they need someone who gets on base and he's failing miserably in that position.

Believe it or not no one wanted Condrey or Durbin...cleared would the back 10 guys in our dougout.

isn't rowand like 9th in the league OBP?

He should be moved out of the second spot for now. He did a nice job there last year, but hasn't shown much so far this year. Of course, that would make Charlie have to think about things a little more, and we can't have that...

Yeah, the Mets are torching Willis. The Braves are smacking Zambrano around. And the Phils are losing to Bergmann...

Bergmann won his last game.

Just when you think these guys couldn't be any more lifeless...maybe after being embarrassed twice by the Nats, the new manager will stick Myers back in the rotation on Friday.

One could only hope, Curt.

In related news, the Eagles moved Donovan McNabb to holder.

So much for the deadly duo of Barajas & Eaton.

Nice dmac, nice!

At least they're dispensing with all the guys LOB and moving the game along quickly.

Thanks for the laugh dmac

Hey all - I'm not near a TV, can't find any attendance stats online... can you tell from the TV if there is actually anyone at RFK tonight watching this game? Are the front row seats open?

Really, I don't get why analysts are so down on the Nationals. 1-6 their lineup is pretty decent. Almost all six can hit for average and power. If they can get some pitching, they can win any given game.

I HATE this team, I really do.

I heard this said by a friend of mind, "I can't have a girlfriend, the Phillies break my heart too much already"

My Mets Fan roommate just went "Hey look its Shane When-I-Bat-Second-We-Don't-Get-Any Victorinos

What does the attendance look like at RFK?

Who knew J. Bergmann (?) was a Cy Young candidate? What a stud...

There is hardly anyone there.

Nice 6th inning. 1 grounder to 2nd. 2 grounders to second. 3 grounders to 2nd. Thanks guys.

The Phillies are making Bergmann look like a stud.

Imagine if PtB and Rollins just collided right there, that would be our ONLY two productive players going down in one collision.

Imagine if PtB and Rollins just collided right there, that would be our ONLY two productive players going down in one collision.

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