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Friday, March 09, 2007


The story doesn't make any sense. The Phils get a loogy, move Vic to CF and do what, a Werth/Garcia platoon. That would be just terrible.

I like what Gillick is doing with Lieber, but he should take the same approach with Rowand. If you get a great offer, take it, but otherwise just sit back.

Logan should be a throw-in, at best.

They can't trade Rowand now! He's in the goosebumps commercial!

Rowand better be the CF unless Rios is brought in. This Rowand to ChiSox deal makes no sense what so ever. I don't give a flying flip about Boone Logan!

Rowand to the Sox deal doesn't make much sense. Burrell-Rios-Victorino OF I like.

As viable trade rumors go on a scale of 1 to 10, I'd rate this a -4. Any Sox fan would love it but the Phils would never do the trade any more than the Jays would deal Rios for Lieber.

Ricciardi should be jumping on anything the Phils offer him after his mistake of turning down Ryan Howard straight up for Ted Lilly.

On Rowand Trade Rumors
Buster Olney wrote:
Keep in mind this pure speculation: Phillies GM Pat Gillick has a history of reacquiring players he's had in the past -- and the White Sox have a former Mariner, Matt Thornton, pitching in middle relief.
PG does like to have familiar faces around.

Josh M, how are you getting to these sites in the first place? I can't figure it out.

Just keep that link up there and after where it says "2007" adjust the month (03) and day (09) if necessary, and then following that place the three-letter initials of the Away team in front of "mlb" and the three-letter initials of the Home team in front of the second "mlb".

No question the Phils are short with lefty relief. The question is, with the Rowand rumors refusing to die: are they set on Rios, or is it a possibility they could open with Bourn in CF?

Rowand is all over the promos, it's true, but his name has popped up in more rumors than Burrell's in the previous off-season. Again, one gets the sense this is the ChiSox talking here, but something is definitely in the works, and it's obvious that it's going to involve more than just Jon Lieber. Rowand, meanwhile, has had a miserable spring so far, so that might possibly throw a wrench in things if it keeps up.

It also occurs to me that the Phillies might use Bourn as a chip if they're trying to pry Rios from Toronto. I haven't heard his name mentioned in any report, but it would make sense.

I think you are on to something for sure RSB. When you look at the Phil's roster, the only place where they are deep with players is at CF. It seems to me that Vic, Bourne and Rowand represents two MLB ready guys and a AAA guy with perhaps a higher cieling then both of them. Of course you know what your getting with Rowand, and to a lesser extent with Vic, and then Bourne is the biggest gamble with the best possible payoff.

Should be interesting to see how it plays out, but I won't be suprised to see any on of these guys moved. Figure CF for RP and Lieber for RF, likely with a chip tossed in here or there depending on who is on the other side of the deal.

Again I can't get anything on Gameday Audio - it shows up on the page that people can listen to it...any idea why I can't get it?(I'm in NYC so blackout isnt the problem).

Conscience - go to the Scoreboard section of or, then click on the 'Audio' link above the Phils/Red Sox line score.

I don't want to listen to that game. Hamels is getting lit up by the BoSox.

Helms goes deep again though...nice.

There isn't a more half-baked theory than this idea that a couple of 20-second commercial spots impact the decision-making of a 68-year-old GM with two World Championship rings.

Who is Lou Marson, the current Philly DH? I hadn't heard of him before this spring.

I don't think it's as simple as that, Jason. If you read Paul Hagen's analysis (printed just before the opening of last season) of how this organization is run, you should be aware that these things weigh heavily in personnel decisions. I do not believe Gillick has 100% free reign here. He may have greater clearance than that of previous GMs, but I don't believe the rest of the front office just bows deferentially to the Great Gillick's whims.


I was going through the would start "buffering" and then just stop. No sound, I guess they heard me complaining because I have it now. Thanks

Burrell has already struck out twice today, but the good news is that he did so swinging both times! The bat left his shoulder!

RSB, Bourne to the Jays makes no sense at all. I think they have a pretty good CF for the next seven or so years!

With the way these rumors are lingering, I have a hunch there's something coming.

I think RSB is right on the Bourn front. I could see him being in the trade mix. However, aren't the Jays allegedly ok with dealing Rios b/c they have another top OF prospect already?

Clout-more than Lieber for Rios has been talked about (allegedly, of course). I agree, they wouldn't do that straight up.

kdon is right, and aside from Wells (and Rios) the Jays have another highly touted young CF prospect (Lind? I think). I doubt that they would have any interest in Bourn, especially since I don't think his stock is particularly high outside of Philadelphia. (or should I say outside of Beerleaguer...)

Maybe Bourn doesn't make sense for Toronto. I guess I'm just trying to figure how they plan to get him, since they keep sending people to watch him play...

3 team deal, perhaps, including Jays/ChiSox/Toronto?

Why isn't anyone talking about Leiber to Cincinnati? They have the need for pitching and with Josh hamilton's apparent resurgence from the deths of addiction they would seem to have an extra outfielder to move. That would allo the possibility of turning around and trading Rowand for bullpen help.

another stellar outing from Matt Smith

At this point, I would be almost hesitant to make a move even if the middle relief turns out to be a disaster. The Phils only have 1 or 2 chips that might be valuable in a trade due to the lack of major-league ready prospects.

Let things shake out for a month or so and see what happens. Contrary to popular opinion, the Phils' season won't be destroyed if they go .500 in April.

My isn't anyone talking about how Matt Smith should be pitching in my company softball league instead of the big leagues?

I'd say there's a pretty good chance he won't be pitching in the big leagues for long.

9,4,9,10,9,10,3,7... It would be nice if the pitching showed up to spring training this year.

Man, this is a disaster.

Matt Smith needs to get it together. It's scary to consider how heavily the Phils are relying on him.

Here's my Lieber proposal: to the Cubs for 3B prospect Scott Moore, who's blocked by Ramirez. Probably won't even cross anyone's mind, though; the Phils need relief. Very. Badly.

Good old Geary. Let your inherited runners in and then close out the inning.

RSB-not bad. ChiSox have a 3B prospect-Fields, blocked by Crede. In the past, I've read Gillick high on him.

Reverend: Thornton is more like it. The Phillies are at the point where they can no longer add more question marks to the bullpen. They need a proven reliever. Thornton had a good season. If they're going after relief, better him than another shot-in-the-dark. And he's relatively young for a reliever.

There is no way that Rowand goes to the White Sox straight up for Boone Logan ... The end result would be that we traded Thome, Gavin Floyd and a big sack of cash for Fabio Castro, Boone Logan and Freddy Garcia. I'm thinking Rowad goes to the ChiSox for a player of MacDougal's caliber, or that this rumor was planted to push the Padres to commit to the Linebrink deal or risk losing out on Rowand.

Right on ESQ. The Phils know they have bullpen problems, why would they then get another young question mark-type guy?

looking around on Blue Jays boards & blogs, Toronto papers say the trade talks are essentially dead - Gillick wants to trade Lieber, and Ricciardi wants Hamels or Myers (and I want to win the lottery).

Hamels or Myers is what Ricciardi originally requsted, I believe.

Even so with Thornton, he looks like another Aaron Fultz to me.

that's right Beard, and according to direct quotes in the Toronto papers he's not backing off that demand.

although I should say that Ricciardi was also quoted as saying that he doesn't realistically expect Gillick to trade Hamels or Myers for Rios.

Unfortunately I don't have the quotes, but it *seemed* like Ricciardi was backing down a bit. Probably just the reporter's writing making it sound like there was a chance that Lieber/Rowand could net Rios, but that's the way I read it.

Rowand to Chicago

Rios + MacDougal to Phils

Lieber + Carrasco to Toronto

Ship it?

Fun facts about MacDougal:

1. He's right-handed. Sure would be nice to get a left-hander.

2. His full name is Robert Meiklejohn MacDougal

Ship it CY.

For some reason, I thought Matt Smith had what it takes to be a good reliever. This sping his outings are BAD. In 2003 Cormier stank in spring, then had maybe his best year. Happy to see the hard throwers Bisenius and Segovia have good games. Still lots of games before it all counts.

the fact that smith has all been handed the primary loogy spot out of the pen and that tom over at swing and a miss proposed him as a back up closer the other day should really start concerning people. he has all of 20.2 major league innings under his belt, LESS than Castro, and just because he pitched tough against the Astros last year and probably got squeezed a bit doesn't mean he's going to a reliable 7-8th innning guy. if you really want to be honest about it, this team is at a point where they really can't turn down something like a linebrink-rowand deal now matter how much need there might be in the OF. they have so little in the bullpen, it's scary.

i'd just about kill to have aaron fultz right now. at least you know you'd be getting about 70 innings of league average relieving.

Wow, Dobbs coming through again, not to mention a bunch of other guys. Is this what it's gonna be like all ST?

People are being ridiculous. It is just the FIRST WEEK OF SPRING TRAINING. Honestly. Who really cares if a pitcher gets tagged in one or two outings or if a hitter struggles? People on this blog should know better.

It means absolutely nothing unless a guy is trying to come back from an injury like Werth or Alfonseca. Then I do care a litte bit to see if they are actually able to get out there and potentially contribute.

I don't see the sox trading fields. Both Crede and Dye will be free agents come next offseason. It will be a very easy decision to let crede walk and resign dye, and have the money left around to pick up a 2b/ss...i don't think the sox really want juan uribe playing there too much longer.

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