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Sunday, March 11, 2007


Where's Lou Collier? In the past I pondered what happened to Lou. But he was located playing ball in the Far East. This spirng I thought he was located in Clearwater, but he seems to have disappeared again.

A steal of home? A real steal of home?

I think this is the end of the road for Chris Roberson as a Philly. He has played sparingly so far this spring, and now has Werth, Garcia, and Bourn clearly in front of him. At 27, it would probably be best if the Phils let him try to hook on with another organization if he wants to continue his major league pursuit.

Dobbs also had a home run Thursday against Toronto in a B-game that is not counted in his Grapefruit League stats.

Martin, Lou Collier is with the Phils in Clearwater. He hasn't done much so far, but is a non roter invitee.

But where is Greg Jacobs ? He was doing some of the winter caravan events and hasn't been in a game yet. I figure he must be hurt, since even minor league filler like Rushford and Swann have appeared.

I would like to know more about Vic stealing home, was it legit? If so I think that is one of most newsworthy stories of spring as this guy had trouble stealing second last year despite being the fastest game on the team.

ALSO - It is exciting to see a new wave of young, talented group of Philly teams (Phils, Sixers, & Flyers). This is even more refreshing since some former stars (Abreu, Iverson, & Fosberg) have been moved on the premise to rebuild but the teams actually have gotten better immediately.

I know it's only spring training but...

Jamie "Hoyt Wilhelm" Moyer has been impressive in the first 5-inning stint of spring.

Ya gotta like what Rollins & Vic are doing at the top of the order. Chicks might love the long ball, but true fans love small ball and the chess game between the pitcher/catcher and basestealer.

1-2-3 for Fabio in the 6th. The length of his outing could indicate whether he is ticketed for innings at Ottawa or if he is a serious candidate as a bullpen lefty.

It appears as if Dobbs has earned his spot on the team.

And I'm liking the steal of home. Maybe Davey Lopes is calling the signs and is being agressive with our speed. I love small ball.

There's one brief mention of the Victorino play in ESPN's recap: "Philadelphia's Shane Victorino scored from third in the first inning while Berkman held the ball too long at first base after a pickoff attempt."

BTW, I never took "fan voting" very seriously but I had to put my vote in for Vuke for the Phillies Wall of Fame.

There have been an amazing number of stories about Vuke in the last few days on the Web sites, blogs, and talk radio from both baseball pros and the average fan.
He was as genuinely down-to-earth as they come.

Spoke too soon about Fabio. Matt Smith has been unimpressive to date. Is that Jesse Orosco warming up in the bullpen?

VOR, I agree. I already had put my vote in for Vuk the first day the ballots were open.

I love what Shane Victorino is doing thus far this spring. Just like Weitzel, I noticed he has only struck out once this spring, and he's 2-3 in today's game. With his speed, he needs to make consistent contact, because he'll literally run his way into more hits.

Our Model Dictator doesn't look so dominant in the past 2 outings.

Nice 5 inning effort by Grand Pappy Moyer.

Bix: Really? The most recent versions of the Sixers, Flyers & Phils won more games than the previous seasons?

VOR: Yep, Phils sure to win 110 games this season. God, I love spring training!


I think Bix means the very NEAR present Sixers/Flyers winning. I like the Flyers winning now b/c they have some good young players, plus $$. However, the Sixers winning proves they like to be average. They should look at the Celtics' strategy: Lose and get a top pick

...Back to the Phils.

From Buster Olney yesterday:

"Heard some rumblings about a possible fit between the Rangers and Phillies involving Lieber... "

I personally hope the Phils keep Lieber, but I think he will be traded. The Phils like trading with the Rangers and with former Ranger scout Charlie Kerfeld as Gillick's advisor this year, this seems like a logical fit.

There goes another! Cliff Lee (SP) of the Indians just went down with an injury and will be out until at least mid-April. If SPs keep getting injured the trade value for Lieber will only increase. They may be better off waiting a couple of more weeks to make a move as his value could increase by then.

clout, we disagree on a few things, but sometimes you're the best!

Blaming the Sixers/Flyers/Phillies strugles on Iverson/Forsberg/Abreu is exactly the sort of ass-backward thinking that give Philly fans a bad rap.

A smart fan base might actually look at players/GMs like Dalembert, Webber, King, Clarke, Bell, Floyd etc. (to name only a few!) as the reason for these teams' failures.

I just read that Justin Germano is out of minor league options. I was unaware of that. It would be a shame to lose the 24 year old via waivers, as he's had minor league success.

Billy Mac, I've been waiting for Greg Jacobs to get some at bats also. Perhaps Jacobs has had some time in a "B" game, but I doubt that.

Gillick likely considers his own off-season signee Jacobs to be garbage now -- but if you go bother to sign a left-handed, excellent defensive outfielder, who tore the cover off the ball in the indy Northern League last season, then why not at least take a some late innings ST looks at the guy for a while, see how he handles himself at the plate a few times.

I'll tell you this -- I would far rather see Jacobs get ST time, than Gillick's ill-advised, big-money signee, the STIFF (figuratively and literally) Jayson Werth -- the guy with the long, strikeout-ridden swing. But, as Gillick would say, at least the 6' 4" Werth looks good in a baseball uniform -- and besides, Gillick gave Werth a ton of Phillies' guaranteed signing bonus money after the Dodgers had no use for him at all.

I still don't understand why Gillick guaranteed a contract to Werth...why not go the minor league route and make him earn it. Dude hasn't played for 2 seasons and we roll out the red carpet and give him a MLB contract?!

Davthom73, Gillick's right hand man is Charlie Kerfeld, who was a manager in the Independent Leagues. Dobbs is an independent league guy. Kerfeld scouted both Dobbs and Jacobs. I don't think there is an indy league bias. Werth has looked better of late after a slow start. You need to give him some allowances. He hasn't played in 2 years.

DavThom, just because Gillick said that Werth could possibly catch (in lieu of Coste) doesn't mean you have to hold it against Werth. You sound like a jealous lover.

Does Brennan King have a chance of coming up to the bigs later this year??? Do you see him possibly getting a chance at backing up third if helms or nunez get injured.

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