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Thursday, March 22, 2007


Lieber just enterend the game in relief....

Awesome effing headline, Mr. Weitzel.

GREAT headline. Gotta stay positive.


why isn't it opening day yet?

dudes we are screwed, I can't pitch every thirs day!

We can't even get a freakin pitchout done right........!!!!

Maybe put Garcia in the pen. Between him and Flash hopefully they would not be on the DL at the same time.

Regarding Lieber I think he is still a great asset and has proven in the stretch run what he can do. Unfortunately his attitude about his weight would be more tolerable from a guy in his twenties than a guy looking to audition for his last mega bucks paycheck.

Coming into camp in better shape would have generated a positive buzz.

I believe the perception of him would have changed thus making his value higher within and outside the organization whether it was really the case or not.

To me it sounds like he is not committed or does not care that much which is why no one wants to pony up anything worthwhile.

I have a feeling Lieber is going to pitch well this year. Contract year, throwing him in the pen, everyone thinking he's a fat slob, etc... I think he's out to prove something. Best headline ever by the way.

Off Topic:
Has anyone read "PLAYING WITH THE ENEMY: A Baseball Prodigy, a World at War, and a Field of Broken Dreams" by Gary Moore? It looks like it's pretty good.

3 scoreless innings from Bisenius...

Someone e-mail Bisenius apartment listings in Center City.

New to the site. Like what I read, so far.

The Phils will be fine. If they go at least .500 in April, this will be a fun year.

I agree that Lieber has something to prove. I hope he pitches lights out, and I'm not convinced Freddy starts on the DL. But I'd rather he have arm problems in March than in September!

I know this sounds crazy but hear me out:

1. Put Garcia on the 15-DL to start the season even if he is "ok." If the Phils have any real shot of making the playoffs, they need a healthy Garcia. Even if it takes Garcia all of April then so be it.

2. Move Lieber into the starting rotation - Not only does this solve Lieber's issue about going to the bullpen for the time being but it allows other teams to see Lieber's stuff. If Lieber does pitch well (and he has several incentives to), then his potential trade value increases. When Garcia comes back, you could potentially flip Lieber for outfield or bullpen help potentially. Additionally, I am willing to a team's willingness to pick up Lieber increases as the season progresses since they have to pick up less and less of his salary.

I thought we had a new entry into the bullpen competition as the SI box score had Victorino in to pitch the 11th.

Bisenius just secured himself a big league job. He has great stuff, just needs to command it.

Lieber has pitched well all spring. If he were in the starting rotation for the entire year, I expect similar #'s to '05 rather than '06.

Barajas looked good behind the plate today. Gunned down two runners with perfect throws. Not used to seeing that. Of course, he almost killed the umpire by moving out of the way after Bisenius pitched. That was hilarious

Things are looking bad from the last thread and none of the usual pessimists posted comments. Put me in the middle of the road teetering to the pessimistic side. No rose colored glasses for me going into the season.

Let's hope these injuries heal quickly and that Cholly makes the correct managerial decisions.

It's one thing to be excited, but over confidence isn't recommended. It's a Philly sports team. A pessimist is an experienced optimist.

Who else is just disgusted at Lieber's comments about being moved to the pen? Classless, typical athlete these days. Suck it up, you are making major coin, do what's best for the team.

Priceless headline.

I'm disgusted with the team, not Lieber. It's all well and good for Gillick to sit and watch football with Brett Myers, but he can't be bothered to just be straightforward with Lieber? Come on. I'd feel the same way if I were him. One thing he said was, if you don't feel I can win and help this team, then let's move on. It's hard not to agree with that sentiment. This is a botch job, plain and simple. And it isn't Lieber who's extraneous here: it's Adam Eaton. And damned if the Phillies don't recognize that Lieber is a better starting pitcher than Eaton - but they can't move him to middle-inning anonymity immediately after inking him to a big free-agent deal. It would look ridiculously bad for everyone concerned, even worse than it does with Lieber. Plain and simple, Eaton was a mistake. The money used to sign him sould and should have been used for relief pitching. This is just hideously poor personnel management on the part of Pat Gillick and Ruben Amaro.

Would you feel the same if you were him? Can yor relate to getting seven point five for playing a kid's game? For setting up your family for generations? Suck it up, it's a team game. Sure we can all agree that as soon as the Garcia trade was made, the Eaton move was a mistake, but there's not much that can be done now.

Overall, I think the unresolved situation with having an extra starter, a horrible pen and the the Rowand rumors have hung a cloud over the team this spring. Something needs to give.

I agree with most of RSB's post, but they're in a damned if you do, damned if you don't situation.
If they put Eaton in the pen he'll probably be ineffective since, as a starter, his 1st inning is his weakest.
If they put Lieber in the pen, it hurts his trade value and at age 37, he's the guy to trade for bullpen help, not one of the young guys.
I liked the Garcia trade so won't complain even if his injury turns out to be more than they let on. I wasn't wild about Eaton, as I noted at the trime, he has one of the shortest IP per starts of any NL pitcher over the past 3 years. If PG made a mistake this offseason, it was in signing Eaton rather than a stud setup/closer guy. But if he can deal Liber for that guy, then the mistake is corrected.

It's obvious in hindsight that they signed Eaton not knowing a deal for Garcia could be made. Gillick goes to winter meetings, unexpectedly trades for Garcia, and uh oh, Phils have too many HIGH PRICED starters.

The real thing that hamstrings Gillick is that Monty wouldn't let him commit to a FA, HIGH PRICED, setup reliever until he trades one of the starters.

Is there anyone on this blog who thinks Eaton would have been signed if they had traded for Garcia first?

So, we now have potential bullpen problems and a disgruntled ex-starter.

Frankly, they could've afforded the relief pitchers that were available with or without Eaton. Was PG interested in any? No idea.

I feel for Lieber, but his comments were those of a spoiled athelete. I find it hard to sympathize with him when he runs his mouth like that.

Genuine question: Was management not honest with Lieber? I feel like for the last few months, it's been reported everywhere that he'll be dealt or be in the pen. That's a bad position for Lieber to be in, but are we advocating dealing him for anything to give him piece of mind? 12 hours ago it looked like a great thing that he wasn't dealt.

clout, the problem with dealing Lieber (who I'd rather keep than Eaton) is that there has to be a match with a team that is willing to trade a stud reliever. They also have to NEED a starter.

Any suggestions?

It seems to me that "baseball" is starting to value the "stud" reliever as much a middle to bottom of rotation starter.

BB, please take off the rose colored glasses.

"Was management not honest with Lieber?"

They're not completely honest with anyone, especially the fans.

Clout: That's precisely how I feel about the Garcia trade, even if he turns out to be damaged goods. I wasn't sorry to see Floyd go. Or Gonzalez go. Not when it meant Garcia. Floyd could turn into a good fourth or fifth starter someday, but it wasn't going to be in Philadelphia.

In what kind of magical place is a team's management honest with their players/fans? They have a job to do to. It doesn't always involve laying all their chips on the table publically. If you think that's the case, maybe you're the one with the rose colored glasses. Be a realist.

You'r right about relievers value.

Good ol' Gio got reassigned to the minor league camp today and Josh Fields sent to AAA.

Gio is probably two good seasons away from helping a major league club. I followed his season in Reading. Live arm. Immature in the eyes of scouts. Things go bad in a hurry.

MG: Your suggestion is far too good of one for the phillies to give it a shot...

Lieber got two hits over two with 3k's?

I think he'll be fine out of the pen

When is the last time a trade was made early in the season? I think if we don't make a trade before the season starts, then we don't make one until late May because other teams won't be willing to deal. Even if a team suffers a major injury to their rotation they would probably call someone up and evaluate them for a while, seeing as how teams who get off to bad starts constantly repeat "baseball is a marathon, not a sprint."

It's going to take a Delucci type last minute deal to get some help for the 'pen, and if it doesn't happen I just want to tell everyone to stay calm and don't panic. Yeah right, lol.

Ol' Weird Beard is still sporting a perfect ERA through ST, striking out the side in one inning of work today - albeit in the final frame.

Maybe it's been mentioned, but did anyone notice the Rangers starting rotation? Potentially FOUR ex-Phillies, based on one article I read about Bruce Chen competing for the 5th spot, and Millwood, Padilla, and Tejada already having spots secured.

Perhaps it's because I saw the trailer for the movie Fan Boys on both the Clerks II and School for Scoundrels DVDs, but if Bisenius keeps this up perhaps he should get the moniker Darth Bisenius and they could play the Imperial theme music for him when he comes in games. ...Now that being said, I'll prepare to be mocked and ridiculed by the Phlogentsia here.

MPN- you get my respect for watching Clerk II, as I'm a huge Kevin Smith fan.

Eaton is a mistake signing in hindsite, but at the time we needed a starter. I agree that with the current staff I'd rather have Garcia, Lieber, Myers, Moyer, and Hamels with some other club paying Eaton the big bucks to be an injury risk, but that's not the way every thing played out this offseason.

However, Gillick did screw up big time by not shelling out the big bucks to at least land one trust-worth reliever like Chad Bradford or Jamie Walker. But we did get 6-Finger...yippie!

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