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Tuesday, March 06, 2007


Germano will most likely go back to Ottawa, but assuming Lieber is dealt, he will be the first option should a starter unfortunately go down for a period of time. He's had decent minor league #'s, but poor outtings in limited MLB time. He could still end up being a worthwhile pickup.

I'm liking Bourn more and more. We all knew he was fast and played well defensively, but he seems like a smart kid too. I doubt the Phils "take him north", but should one of the extra OF's struggle early on, he could be summoned quickly.

Probably Werth's replacement when they finally give up on him?

Bourn is a similar player to Shane Victorino. Great speed, good defense, not much power, and needs to improve his on base skills. Bourn is a better base stealer but Vic's arm is better. I don't think Bourn has a right fielder's arm. I agree that Bourn likely starts in Ottawa.

Billy Mac, Bourn actually has excellent on-base skills - a career .379 minor league OBP with a .285 average, drawing about 93 walks per 162 minor league games.

With more minor league seasoning, Bourn is our future leadoff hitter, possibly as soon as next season. Rowand will be gone and Bourn steps in at CF. That would be a weak outfield except for Burrell then because Victorino hasn't shown power at the MLB level yet...although he could reasonably pop 12-15 this season. Winning isn't all about power though, but it helps. Speed and defense are nice too.

Like what I am seeing with the pitchers so far. Myers, hamels, Lebier, and Garcia all look solid. Haven't heard much on the Eaton front though. Kind of curious why there isn't more offensive production in some games.

Is it me or does Lieber for Alex Rios not seem like that good of a deal when you consider Rios wont play everyday. Now if you get Rios and then move Rowand for a reliever doesn't that dramatically effect the clubhouse? A guy like Lieber making 7.5M should be worth more right now and I can't figure out why that isn't so.

Carson, my question for you on the last thread was tongue-in-cheek. I'm glad you took it that way.

Tim, they scored 7, 6, 12, 5 and 8 runs in their 5 games. That's 7.6 RPG. I PRAY they score that many RPG this year.

If they did that it would probably translate into the single season win record in MLB history.

Dude, you answered your own question. Lieber is an old pitcher making 7.5 mil this season.

The Phil's don't want to add salary, they want to dump Lieber's salary and add youth at a lower price.

Not exactly an easy trade to make unless some team hires Ed Wade before the start of the season.

BMac: Were there many scouts in attendance for Lieber's outing?

yt-I agree that one of the Phils' primary reasons to trade Lieber is financially related.

Here's to hoping that Lieber can have a few more solid outings this spring. If he does, Gillick may actually get something decent in return besides a cheaper contract.

AWH- i know your comment was meant to be a joke and tongue-in-cheek, that's how I took it. I'm always up for some fun, even if it's at my expense.

I'd be ok with Rios coming in and Rowand going out, I think the clubhouse would find a way to survive and thrive.

Guarantee that Germano sees some time in Philly this year whether it is as a temporary starter due to injury/long relief role out of the pen.

One of the marginal guys I am actually trying to keep an eye on this spring training. has a new story up about steroids under Breaking News. One of the tidbits?

• David Bell, a veteran of a dozen major league seasons, received six packages of HCG at a Philadelphia address last April, when he played for the Phillies. The cost was $128.80, and the drug was prescribed in conjunction with an Arizona antiaging facility. Bell acknowledges receiving the shipment but tells SI the drug was prescribed to him "for a medical condition," which he declined to disclose, citing his right to privacy.

Any word on Mazzone?

I'm really impressed with PG's offseason. We have an extra SP, an extra C, and 2 CF's. We've got chips that seveal clubs are looking for.

David Bell didn't need steroids, he needed prozac...he looked insane at the plate. Did you ever check out the look on his face when he would bat. He looked scared and intimated by every pitcher he faced.

ok, but the market for pitchers like Lieber this offseason moved to 9-13mill per year, meaning Lieber has a very good market value.

If that statement is true about David Bell my level of hatred just grew for him more than I imagined possible.

i dont see anything about bell on


The Market on over-weight 37 year old starters coming of 4.93 ERA seasons in which they spent time on the DL in not 9 - 13 Million.

And if a team wanted to spend that on a pitcher of that description, they already would have in FA without giving up young talent.

I couldn't find the Bell statement either. Please post a link if you find it.

YT: I disagree, remind me the last time a team was really concerned about a player's (especially a pitcher's) wieght that it stopped them from paying him market value?

also, who would you rather have this year? a 37 yr old Lieber at 7.5M or a 28yr old Gil Meche at 12M?

You are comparing apples to oranges Dude.

Meche is 28yo with up side. Lieber is 37 and clearly in decline.

Also Meche was a FA, if you placed Lieber on Waivers, teams with a need for a 4/5 starter for one year would trip over each other to pick up the 7.5.

But who is going to give up a young talented player + add salary for guy like Lieber?

How bad does your farm system have to be for you to be unable to call up 25yo SP who could pull a 5.50 era for $350k? Given the trajectory of Lieber's career he won't be much better.

Dotn kid yourself about the open market. If you put lieber out there right now he would command 10-12 mill per yr for a 2 year deal. There is no doubt about that. Also, I cant help but laugh about Meche's upside. What would you base that on?

The fact that Meche has good stuff...

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