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Thursday, March 29, 2007


About time we add some depth to the farm system (tongue firmly in cheek). Bourn has to be a little nervous now.

Jason, I was just busting your butt in the previous thread about Ruiz. Aside from being your man-crush, his potential DOES far outshine that of Rincon and a straight up deal would signal 2 things - that the Phillies' Front Office thinks we're in even worse shape in the 'pen than the Beerleaguer faithful and that "upside" of young players is a concept lost on Pat Gillick. I'm in agreement that Coste would fit this trade a little better, considering his age and ceiling.

AWH, I agree that Rollins is a LOT more patient at the plate this Spring than he has been in the past, and I think it has a lot to do with Victorino in the 2-hole. My overall point was that this team's "identity" is vastly different from the traditionalist view of how to build a winning team. Victorino in RF is not exactly how Manual would have built this team were he starting it from scratch. Rollins, historically, hasn't been a prototypical leadoff man. I actually like the "outside the box" thinking. My biggest concern is that Manual, who is running the team in-game, doesn't exactly prescribe whole-heartedly to the "outside the box" mentality. Hell, he already knows the exact spots that Gordon will be called upon in and seems unwilling to waiver.

Soooooo glad we got Thurston back.

Yes, it's good to have that bunting specialist back when they need to pinch-hit for Burrell.

Speaking of Burrell - someone posited earlier (hard keeping track of all these threads!) that Bourn would serve as a late-inning defensive replacement/pinch-runner for Burrell, and possibly as an insurance policy in case of another protracted meltdown by no. 5. I think, in fact, that Burrell's liabilities are the entire reason why Bourn made the team over Garcia.

Ruiz is way too high a price for Ricardo Rincon. I understand that the Phils feel he's somewhat expendable, but they'd need more in return if they're going to deal him. Is Jaramillo starting at Reading or Ottawa this year? He's had a torrid spring, and I think he may have put himself back on the map in the Phils' organization. It'll be interesting to track what kind of season he has. At one time he was considered the catcher of the future, moreso than Ruiz.

What if it's Jamarillo for Rincon?

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