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Thursday, March 08, 2007


I prefer Mountain Dew.

How about R&C Cola or even better Fanta Stadium

I’m still waiting for them to issue the press release that the naming of the team “Iron Pigs” was just a joke. I realize it is hard to come with an original name these days, and I would have been quite disappointed if they were the nine millionth sports franchise to be the Wildcats or something lame like that, but Iron Pigs? Oh well, at least it will that little extra incentive to make it to Philly (or be traded).

Sure to get you laid: “ya baby, I’m a pro-ball player, thats right I’m an Iron Pig.”

Just received a report from B game this morning against Toronto. Eaton pitched 4 shutout innings and looked terrific, displaying a curve that was freezing hitters. Toronto had most of their regulars there.

Toronto Sun picking up on the Rios rumors - they mention Lieber AND Rowand, which is interesting. Lieber and Rowand for Rios and a reliever seems workable...Toronto wants to win now, so Rowand might be more valuable than Rios (for his veteranocity &c.), and I am under the impression that the Jays have some depth in the setup role.

also, Mike Hampton is now out until May at the earliest with a side injury.

Anybody ever go to Turns out the iron pigs are a motorcycle gang, too. A great twist in this would be if the bikers started showing up to games. Would've been funnier if they'd stuck with the phantastics though...

Interesting article on Myers' philanthropic pledge for the 2007 season in the "Phillies News" sidebar.

Coke owns Fanta, so Fanta Stadium would be workable.

Mazone gets the start today against Sabathia. Brennan King gets a look in the opening frames as the Phillies DH; the only other non-regular who is starting is Chris Coste at catcher.



Hatfield Meats missed a BIG marketing opportunity! The home of the Smilin' Porker!


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