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Thursday, March 29, 2007


Before we rock, I have a complaint to register. (I know, stop the presses.)

Why do the Phillies, every year now, have two games at CBP before the regular season begins? Doesn't that take more than a little luster away from Opening Day?

I agree. And it's been with Boston the past two years. So before we get all pumped up for opening day and the beginning of Phillies baseball, we have to deal with the idiotic Red Sox Nation's attempt to take over our ballpark.

...Very frustrating

RSB: Why?


.. and why Red Sox?


regarding Rincon...maybe I'm missing something here, but aside from his leftiness, how is he any better than Alfonseca? I'd rather take my chances with Matt Smith being a semi-competent LOOGY than trade for a 37 (!!) year old coming off labrum and rotator cuff surgery (!!!).

Oh, yeah. That.

I was actually busy at work today and did not get a chance to do my normal chime in.

Ricardo Rincon is ok, and would be useful against lefties, but to trade Carlos Ruiz for him is a HUGE mistake. Look at Ruiz's minor league numbers and you'll see he can hit and run for a catcher. I want him to stick around Philly and see if he can produce. Chris Coste is a nice story and all, but with Jayson Werth showing he can do spot duty behind the plate, that makes Coste expendable. I'm hesitant to deal him though too as we might just be able to catch lightning in a bottle with him again this season. As a GM, I say trade No-Hit Nunez instead!!!

the pen has been great for about a week straight now. eureka

Is it me or does anyone else think the idea of Werth playing catcher seems pretty ridiculous in general?

good point with the $$$ Jason.

MG, it seems very ridiculous to me. We have little depth in the outfield. Relying on Werth to fill in at catcher doesn't make much sense. He is fine as an emergency catcher, but I wouldn't want to see him there as anything more.

Jason, you forgot one other reason:

- broadcast rights to Japan


Willie Randolph announced the muts rotation for the first several games. The Phils first taste of the mutss is to face John Maine in the Mets home opener. Let's hope they've figured him out.

looking at the boxscore on yahoo,
I see the following stats for pitches/strikes:

Pitches-strikes - J Happ 30-17; G Geary 6-6; M Smith 5-5; A Alfonseca 3-3; T Gordon 5-5; R Cameron 15-7; S Chacon 19-18; D Kolb 14-5; J Perez 7-7; J Bayliss 17-7; F Osoria 1-1; M Capps 3-3; M Peterson 7-7.

Is it safe to assume that they're just making up the pitch counts for Geary, Smith, Alfonseca and Gordon?

I'll be down there on Saturday to help drown out the Red Sox fan invasion. Can't wait for the big Opener on Monday, I'll be there for that one also.

I like the way our boys are coming around and very glad to see that the Howitzer is getting his groove back.

No way do I trade Ruiz right now. And I think we made a smart move in picking up Barajas, throws laser beams to 2b and is very chatty with the pitchers--something we did not have with the prior regular Mr. Lieberthal.

Someone made reference to Jason Jaramillo in the previous thread as having slipped a bit as a prospect and that's exactly right.

There's any number of good athletes who can smoke single-A pitching, but AA is the true test. Jaramillo got a C- on that test. His defense is very sound, and the 25 doubles in 322 ABs suggest he has modest pop. His K/BB ratio is not awful either. But .248/.320/.388 translates to about .210 at the big league level.

I'd like to see him repeat AA for at least a half season. He turns 25 this season, so he's not young. If there's not sharp improvement at Reading this season, then my guess is he becomes a Sal Fasano type guy, with a better glove and less HR power.

clout, so what you are saying then, is that it's a make-or-break year for Jason J?

Boone logan, a Left Handed Reliever from the White Sox, is being assinged to AAA... Sisco another lefty, made the club over him. Logan did not allow a single run over 11 innings of ST. I'm ready for a Mackowiak/Logan for Rowand trade, how bout y'all?

I understand that we may be reticent to dismantle what little OF we have, but i say, thats all the better reason to do so. No matter what, Rowand is walking at the end of this year...we might as well let him go back to chicago now, cus thats where he's gonna be in 08 regardless.

Is all that Rios stuff dead? Do we have any shot at getting him? What do you think it would take? Is he worth it?

Logan is alright but the outfield would be very spotty without Rowand...

unless Gillick slips Ricciardi some roofies (think about it, Pat!), we don't have a shot at Rios.

Rowand for Logan/Mackowiak is a bad trade. I doubt he's ready for an ML bullpen (and the White Sox obviously do too), and 11 spring innings aren't worth much in proving otherwise. last year he had a 0.69 ERA in 13 spring innings. go look at his 2006 regular season stats.

(although I actually wouldn't mind getting Mackowiak - with him, Werth, and Dobbs I bet we could stitch together a decent corner OF platoon, starting whoever's hot with decent PH options on the bench.)

my only point is that the outfield is going to be spotty regardless of what we do. We always have lieber to trade eventually and we might as well get what we can get for a guy whose not going to be here another season

I'd do a Rowand for McDougal/Mackowiak deal, but not Logan. The guy just isn't enough of a likely upgrade over what we have now.

The rumored Coste for Rincon deal would be okay, if (big if) the Phils have done their homework on Rincon's health and he's ready to go.

I still like the Rincon for Ruiz deal. Just have no idea though at how far Rincon is back from TJ surgery though. Might struggle a bit early on but I bet Rincon comes on as the season progresses.

I hate to trade a minor league prospect for Rincon but if the Phils can pry Rincon loose from the Cards for that I make the deal.

Rowand for those two losers would be a horrible trade. I live in Tucson and have seen PLENTY of Chisox action this spring. Rowand brings plenty more to the table than shows up in the boxscore.

I don't like either trade (White Sox and Cardinals) at this point, however I would like to get Makowiak somehow. He would definitely be a quality stick off the bench, as well as a middle infield upgrade over Nunez.

Ricardo Rincon is a left-handed specialist that isn't all that special. I'd hate to see Ruiz or Coste dealt in haste for waste.

Go to and vote for the Phils.

I'm with you Carson. I really don't think a LOOGY is the one thing our bullpen really needs - let alone one who's 37 years old and coming off major surgery. I don't see how a guy who'll pitch maybe 25-30 innings is more valuable than Ruiz.

To the newbie who asked about the pitch counts: What they showed me was an umpiring crew with an early flight out of Florida. Those who track such things will tell you that pitchers' control must be assessed over many appearances (there, I avoided writing "small sample size" this early in the morning) because umpires' strike zones vary so much. If and when I retire I'd like to do a study on how much umpires' travel schedules impact control over the course of a season.

Wasn't Jamarillo's defense questioned this year -- particularly after his play in the Arizona Fall League ? I recall this being a reason he slipped as a prospect.

Scouts did an odd flip on Jaramillo's defensive skills. Last year, he was a plus defender. This season in Arizona, scouts rated him as average at best. Strange.

Billy: I haven't seen anything questioning his defense. Just his bat.

ae: I don't like Rincon either but when you say we don't need a LOOGY that means you think Matt Smith can do the job.

Jon: Mackowiak does not play SS, so he's not comparable to Nunez.

Phillies favored to win the east, and have the highest % to get in the playoffs in the NL according to the people at BP. Take it for what it's worth.

Thanks for the link, Tony! Interesting.

BP has the Cubbies taking NL Central, Dodgers finishing 3rd at less than .500, and the Chisox finishing with only 72.2 wins. I suspect those percentages will change significantly over the next 2 to 3 weeks.

Interesting to see they have the Snakes picked to win the West. I love what Byrnes is doing with that team. I know he hasn't won anything yet but from what I read he perfectly balances the sabermetric stuff with old school see-for-yourself scouting. That's how I would love to see the Phils ran.

I've been back and forth and back and forth all spring about this team.

But five things happened recently that have me kind of pumped. For now.

1. Howard's bomb yesterday.
2. Matt Smith's lines in his last two games.
3. Myers' line in his last start.
4. Karim who?
5. "We're ready to start winning," Manuel said yesterday.

I really hope so.

My boss just gave me 4 tickets to tonights game!!! Woohoo!!

tony - i also love what the dbacks have done. the way they've built the rotation is especially impressive.

they are a team that, if they wanted to, could easily get a guy like alfonso soriano at the break and compete for a world series.

clarification -

obviously i meant soriano if it was last year. it'd be more like andruw jones or jermain dye or tori hunter this year.


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