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Friday, March 30, 2007


this was expected. If I were the Phils, I'd let Garcia rehab two weeks and give Segovia a couple of starts. they need to be safe with Garcia

Hamels is getting rocked by the longball this spring. I don't care if it's spring or not...that's never good!

Four dingers in five innings? Wow, that even looks awful watching the game on gameday.... I sure hope those were more of the "I'm trying to establish my inside fastball" type pitches then him throwing all out.

Anyone watching with some insight?

no one is watching. it's not on TV. however, LA said that all the HR's were on fastballs.

4 homeruns surrendered is ugly in 1 outing no matter how you slice and dice it.

yeah, it's ugly. it also doesn't count. if he gets beat up on Wednesday, then I'm concerned

I'm too hopped up on hope to opt out of my optimisim.

Wow, that was corny...sorry.

92 wins!

Explain to me why Joe Bisenius isn't on the 25-man roster again...

Let's hope Hamels is getting this out of his system.

It's no great secret Manuel prefers veterans. Fine. He better pray to the baseball gods that guys like Condrey and Alfonseca don't blow it for him in April while Bisenius blows away hitters in Triple-A. The 25-man roster is his decision, not Gillick's. He can't afford another slow start.

I agree with Alfonseca. but, Condrey is the long guy or the last guy in the pen so I don't think he'll be blowing much. That being said, Bisenius should be on the squad over him

No suprise to many, but I think Charles Fuqua Manuel is a dumbass!

Alfonseca has been ok this spring. Madson actually has been decent. Geary good too. Condrey- not good. Screw Condrey, promote Bisenius.

Our offense sucked today with mostly regulars.

Bobby Scales comes up big for the Phillies! His error for the Red Sox has opened the door to a big 9th inning rally.

hamels will be fine. i'm sure he was back to trying to pitch inside.

nice rally by the bench. bad at-bat by bourne to end the game.

so, we're assuming that keeping condrey and alfonseca is manuel's decision (alone)? i'm not sure that's true.

well, last year it was Manuel's decision to go with Madson and Floyd in the rotation. I'm guessing the same here

Aww, was hoping Bourn would connect for a storybook ending, but he fanned.

Hear me that this is not just a knee-jerk reaction to tonight's game. Instead, it is a reaction to spring training as a whole - I'm worried about this offense!!! The outfield is just not good enough offensively. Am I alone in this thought?

Dukes: Are you suggesting the Phillies could use a rightfielder who hit .297/.424/.462 last year with 98 runs and 107 RBI?

It's a grey area when you're dealing with players who're out of options and such. But if Manuel wanted them on or off the 25-man roster, I think he has the authority. I wouldn't be surprised if Karim Garcia's pink slip came at the hands of Manuel.

Truthfully, no one knows what goes on in meetings between the manager and front office, not even the writers. For now, I'll take Gillick at face value when he says roster matters are in Manuel's hands, but agree there's probably a little more to it.

Clout: I hate to bring Abreu back up, I really do. But...when you think of him or Matt Smith, who would rather have? I was not and am not a huge Abreu fan, and I am confident that the Phils are better without his chemistry, but it's the lack of numbers out of that position that scare me (which I believe is what you were getting at). I'm not convinced that Victorino can hit even .280 - and I think he has to if he is going to be an asset.

Everyone talks about the pen but I really believe we need an outfielder just as bad...maybe even more.

Dukes: Hmmm, a rightfielder with an OPS of .886 and consistent triple digit runs and RBI or a mediocre LOOGY prospect who turns 28 this year and has yet to have a full season in the bigs. Tough choice! I'm one of the few on Beerleaguer who'd say keep the rightfielder.

Dukes: Not to worry about Vic. kdon assures us he'll hit .300 with .350 OB and .480 SLG.

The really scary thing is that with Garcia and Lieber on the DL, this starting rotation actually might be short-handed for a while. Never would have guessed that especially since Lieber hasn't been traded.

yeah, as the great Alan Greenspan once said, way too much irrational exuberance surrounding this club. The offense should be worse this year, not better, the bullpen should be worse, not better, infield defense, a little worse, not better, starting pitching has improved some. What in the world makes us a 90-win team?

Excerpt from the Nick Fiero story in the Express-Times this morning. discussing the fact that Freddy Garcia, Lieber and Budde were placed on the DL:

"Actually, manager Charlie Manuel said before the game that Coste was on the disabled list, but media relations manager Greg Casterioto said Manuel was mistaken."

Translation: The Phillies are still trying to trade Coste, but will put him on the DL and postpone disposing of him until April 7th, with Coste's DL eligibility being backdated to March 25th.

Coste not a Phillie? DavThom73 will shed a tear, or possibly an entire bucket-full.

In case anyone hasn't seen it already, posted a story containing positive quotes from Phillies players and staff on the upcoming season, from the Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce event. Story

Tears, GM-C, naw. I actually think that Gillick may well be delaying putting Coste on the DL to allow the Phillies to "option" Coste to Ottawa, thereby preventing Coste from the opportunities of the waiver wire --while giving Gillick a hedge if Ruiz's shoulder tendonitis turns out to be chronic -- while saving the team money by having Coste in Ottawa -- on the Phillies' 40-man, but without the major league minimum money Coste would get while on the Phillies' DL. This would be the ultimate indignity and disparagement of Coste by Gilick -- and the sad thing is that it is more than possible.

Coste -- 2006 numbers being 62 games, 32 RBI's .328 BA, .505 slugging percentage --had the best two-strike batting average of any player in the National League. My source for that latter stat: Ken Mandel's March 17th piece "Coste clings to that .328 average -- an NL-leading .320 average with two strikes -- and the knowledge that a lot can happen in two weeks." The link:

Unbelievable -- and quite undeserved -- this shameful lack respect for Coste, and Coste's 2006 performance -- from old man Gillick.

DavThom73- you don't need to sell me on Chris Coste. I think he should have to prove he doesn't belong, as I believe he's already proven he DOES belong.

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