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Wednesday, March 28, 2007


Continuing Alby's point from the previous thread, I have the opposite take on "wasting away." I think Bourn would waste away in Ottawa with all the other retreads. He shows he belongs in the role they'll ask of him, so keep the progress going and don't get conservative. If he fails, so what? Send him back. On a team with Werth and Burrell, and also Victorino, he'll get chances. Plenty. Perhaps daily. Not every player has the luxury of making a clean transition into an everyday role.

I like this move very much. It's the right call, because it's about taking the best weapons north.

I agree with J. Bourn will get ABs. And everyone can breath a sigh of relief that we won't have to see Garcia sucking up Abs. I am happy, this could turn out to be a bright spot in a gloomy ST.

I love the move. Speed doesn't slump and Garcia is a hacker.

Good move. Not crazy about the idea of Bourn becoming an everyday player right now, but Bourn clearly brings alot more as a reserve outfielder than Garcia does. Speed and defense is something that this team clearly needs off the bench and Bourn fills both roles.

Well... this move certainly goes against the general list consensus (with some exceptions) that Garcia was guaranteed a spot on the team.

It's a good move.

It's nice to see the Phils make the right move for a change.

I involuntarily whooped when I saw this headline. It's nice to see that Garcia was not kept just because he was one of Cholly's old boys. Bourn gives an added dimension off the bench, speed, which Garcia did not provide, and I like to see special attributes such as speed in a pinch situation from a bench player. Garcia just has no real future potential. Luis Gonzalez (three years before his near-60 HR season) was traded straight up for Garcia, but ~8 years later we cannot expect anything near what the Orioles were looking for when they traded Gonzo for him.

i imagine Bourne will wind up with more time than roberson did last year, but less than victorino. i think that's a nice amount for a rookie.

Thank the High Heavens. It seems that our GM does have some sense in him after all. I agree with you too Jason. I think giving a player like Bourn a spot on the club helps him as opposed to hurts him. It's tough not to think negatively about it, especially with the recent image of Chris Roberson's weak .195 BA in 41 AB's. But when you consider how Roberson isn't the can't-miss prospect he was once labeled as and Bourn's encouraging spring (not to mention his improved mental approach this year), IMO it's a no brainer to keep him up.

R.I.P. Garcia. May the Mexican Leagues swallow you whole.

Jim Ed Warden is back with the Tribe, per Lauber.

Now that K. Garcia's out of the way, maybe Gillick can pull a rabbit out of his hat and find some bullpen help.

Great move to fill a need that the Phils have off the bench - speed. This gives not only a pinch hit option (obviously not the power Garcia would have given), but pinch running option (Howard, Burrell) in a late tight game, as well. Not to mention the late inning defense. This was a no-brainer in hindsight (and I didn't even mention potential and upside).

I think the most reassuring thing that this move brings is the fact that Gillick is the one making the personnel decisions for this team. Like him or not, Charlie Manual more than likely would not have made the same decision. If nothing else, it's more reassurance to me that fielding a better ball club is of more importance than veteran loyalty. I think moves like this signal that this is probably the last season we'll have "Foghorn" running the day to day operations.

Good move. I didn’t get to see the guy play this spring, so I can only go by what I’ve read in the paper and on this site, but I don’t think we’ll miss the guy.

My old trick leg always tells me when a storm is coming (yes that is total BS) and I am feeling we got something rolling in. Teams are about to have to make some tough decisions about guys, some of whom are out of options and might help this team.

Do the Phils really come north with three ML ready CFers? I think we’re about to see that move we have all been waiting for.

Alas I also predict “under-whelmed” will be the word to describe it.

All of the "something HAS to happen before the season" posters have some more fuel to their fire with the Warden move. BIG GLARING hole waiting for a true reliever.

Some teams don't have the luxury of seasoning their prospects. See Marlins, Florida, who today named 22-year-old Alejandro De Aza their center fielder. The extent of his seasoning is 69 games at Double-A Charlotte. Knowing Florida's history with young talent, he will probably win rookie of the year.

Wash Post has a blurb that the Mets are inquiring about the O's reliever Todd Williams.

Jason, no doubt. In the process the kid will probably submarine Philly's chance at the post season in the process.

Sorry for the power-posting, but with the K. Garcia release I actually feel a sense of optimism. Stumbling across the interleague schedule for the Mets only made me feel even better - two series w/the Yanks, one each with the Tigers, Twins and Athletics. Compare that to the Phils (Blue Jays, Royals!!, White Sox, Tigers and Indians). I figure that's at least a game or two for the Phils right there!!!

Holy crap, it's been an busy afternoon. I'm shocked, but not upset, that Karim Garcia was released. The Urbina news was a suprise as well, he was my fantasy team's namesake last year "Urbina's Alibi". My guess is Patty G makes an acquisition for a reliever, but nothing worth shaking a stick at...maybe a twig though.

The next worry is that Vic will be shipped out for that serviceable reliever, since Rowand isn't attracting much (other than flies).

and there was much celebration from the fanbase!

trading victorino would be a bad thing.

One of the better articles I have been on Howard by Buster Olney at ESPN. Here is the link:

THe indians reclaimed ED Warren just a little ago

ship rowand back to the 'sox. we dont need 3 cf's, and i like vic and bourn, plus they're much cheaper.

Looking at the boxscore, couple questions:

1) Myers got hit? Is he OK?

2) Kazmir left after 3, any reason? He looks to be their opening day starter, so shouldn't they be stretching him to longer outings?

Tim: Last summer you said trading Abreu for nothing was a good thing. Presumably, we'd get more for Vic.

Garcia decision shows they're serious about taking the best 25 north, except for Jim Ed Warden, but I think he's just keeping Lieber's seat warm until he comes off DL.

MG and Tim make convincing arguments for why this move is a good one -- convincing enough for me, anyway. I would like to see a AAA contract offer to K Garcia if he makes it through waivers, though.

Good move. Very surprising given CMs tendency to favor veterans over rookies.

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