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Friday, March 16, 2007


At least Coste is being given a fair shot at making the squad.

So, what's the gimmick for the Karim Garcia fan club at CBP this year?

The fan club will tally his strikeouts by adding placards to the first letter of his name. By June, he'll be KKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKarim Garcia.

I propose a section that dresses up as cream puffs.

classic rsb. classic.

Freddy Garcia started well. 3 IP no runs

gave up a run in the 4th and then a run in the 5th before Sanches came in and gave up 3 of Garcia's runs. so, Garcia allowed 5 runs in 4.2 innings with 3 BB's and 2 K's

a delaware online blogger said Garcia was cruising through four innings and then got into trouble in the 5th. A scout told him he was throwing 88 mph and hit it several times in the last two innings.

my thoughts: I watched many sox games last year especially at the end when Garcia pitched great. he was only throwing 89-90 mph.

Freddie Garcia's ST ERA is noe higher than Gavin Floyd's. This does go to show you how meaningless ST is to some players.

Chalkline fever. Can't cut it in the show. That's what Brian Sanches has.

Nice to see our old, good friend Joe Table get lit like a Christmas tree...

"is now higher than Gavin Floyd's". oops.

Mike H.: only problem is that Mesa, Part II (aka Alfonseca) was also lit up.

Work those phones, Pat.

Garcia's arm is not what it was and it wont come backt, but hopefully he is smarter pitcher now.

It's only spring training, but Rick White has a 0.00 ERA after 7 innings with the Astros. Brian Meadows released by Reds. Oh well. It's gotta get better

Nunez 0-4 with a KO - I don't care how much money this guy makes hes got to be cut - or can he be sent to minors?

Nunez is on the team. Who backs up Rollins and Utley ? Sandoval ? Abernathy ? Phils don't have any other options right now.

Not to mention defensive sub at third. BM is right - Nunez's spot is secure.

Actually Dobbs can play 3rd base and then we have Sandaval or Abernathy who can play short - I believe Dobbs will make the team and if somehow Coste makes the team he also can play 3rd. Maybe in some sort of trade (if Lieber is traded) we can get a reserve infielder. Nunez is a offensive Liability.

Nunez isn't even that great in the field...

Jon - after one month of Wes Helms at third I bet you'll reconsider that statement.

Today, Coste was 1 for 1 with a run scored.

The question is, if he gets his average up over .300, is it enough to make the roster.

Hey, if we need another lefty, maybe we can do a deal with Detroit for the guy who pitched in the 9th, Edw. Campusano. Was lights out in the Cubs system the last 2 years. Detroit took him in Rule 5.

Here's the link to an article on


I'll admit I don't know much about Dobbs the third baseman. If you've got more insight on his glove, I'd be happy to hear it.

Also, Abernathy is second base only. He's never played short in his career.

Krub, if Helms bat makes up for it, I can live with his defensive shortcomings, where as Nuni has no offensive and little defensive upside. There has to be a better late inning option than Abraham O. Nunez somewhere out there.

As for Coste, it would be a shame if he hit over .300 and did not make the team. I know I would rather have him up there pinch hitting over the before mentioned No Hit Nuni.

Regardless, the team needs to ship out one of their catchers. I actually like Coste and Barajas over Ruiz, but I don't see the Phils moving Ruiz unless he was part of a larger deal.

Dobbs played 3rd today - was searching the internet to find out anything about his fielding with no luck. But I am curious why he started there in lieu of maybe Coste who we know has played third. Do you think maybe they are looking for someone else in lieu of Nunez to be backup. There has to be someone that can backup Shortstop and second. Sandaval seems to have earned that spot at least in terms of hitting better than Nunez.

Actually Found stats on Dobbs on his fielding. He has played some third base with no errors but not that many chances.

I think Abraham Lincoln would hit better than the aforementioned Abraham Nunez.

Abe Nunez is a worhty ballplayer; had a terrible first half offensively last year. It is hard to be a part time player.

Mark, how can you say "Abe Nunez is a worthy ballplayer"? No Hit Nuni was terrible last season and he played a lot. The Coste backers get creamed on this site by guys saying that Coste isn't worth anything, yet he hit over .300 last year. Nuni couldn't hit .300 in his dreams. I believe Nuni gets paid around $2 million a year to be a late inning fielding replacement. What a waste of money!

Phillies signed a third baseman who could knock in 70-75 runs depending on playing time. But he can't field. Nunez will be a useful reserve for three positions. Every manager is glad to have a player like this. Don't sweat him. Way down on the list of things to worry about.

abe nunez - the everyday third baseman who came in after david bell - is a more than decent 8 hole hitter in mlb. he was playing at a position that is unnatural for him - we can all agree he's really a second baseman - and had a fine obp and played great defense. if he was batting 8th like he should have been, i think there would have been no problem at all.

nobody said he was going to hit 20 hr's - nobody should expect prototypical 3b numbers from a guy who doesn't even weigh 200 lbs. he had a .359 obp in the second half, when he was mostly starting. that .359 is the exact obp of freddy sanchez who won the batting title and better than joe crede, scott rolen, eric chavez, chad tracy, adrian beltre and wilson betemit and mike lowell (among others). blaming the utility infielder for anything is just dumb.

i'm obviously annoyed at the weather.

For me, it is the profressionalism of Nunez that contributes to my opinion of him. I know that he hit bottom in the first half of last year. To me, he is solid and I believe he is a more than capable back-up.

If you run No Hit Nuni's second half numbers, they are nothing to brag about. He's overpaid as a back up good glove, no hit utility infielder.

Nunez is near worthless on offensive but he does fill on a role on this team as a decent defensive backup. Probably will windup opening the season at primary infield reserve at 3B/SS/2B.

As far as his salary, Nunez is radically being over paid this year ($2.1 million). Arguably this has been Gillick's worst move besides the Padilla trade.

I still wanna see Abe Lincoln manning third in a Phils uni.

As a starter No-Hit Nunez sucks! As a back-up Nuni sucks! As a MLB player Nunez sucks!

Seriously though, the man simply doesn't have enough offensive talent to warrant a starting job in the majors. I can't stand Abe, but I suppose he truly is our best option as a utility infielder, sad as that may seem. If he's coming into games in the 8th/9th innings then fine, but dumbass Charles Fuqua Manuel seems to find a way to get him his "at bats" and that hurts the offense more than helps the defense.

Why all this energy to Nunez? Come on, guys! The plans are clearly for him to be a backup - not an every day third baseman. If you want to spend energy worrying and complaining, look at our bullpen and left fielder.

We are worried about the pen, just taking a few deserved shots at Nunez. Yes, he is the best back-up 2B/SS we currently have, but that is not the fans fault. Back-up middle infielder should have been addressed this off-season, but for some reason management loves this guy.

Maybe management could have gambled on a Jose Vizcaino (who is still out there) or the Phils could have taken a Rule 5 player to fill that role. I am sure there was someone out there who could play decent enough defense, with some potential to hit.

I think fans want to see more than a .200 hitter on a team with aspirations to finally make the playoffs for the first time in 14 years. Nunez is wasted money in my opinion, yet I know he is going to make the team. He is deserving of a few shots.

Tim: Nunez' career OBP is .313. What he does in a short stretch is irrelevant. To say he's "a more than decent 8 hole hitter in mlb" is laughable. His career OPS is .631 and last year it was .577.

Jason's assessment is correct: Nunez is a useful no-hit, good-field utility INF with increased value to a team whose thirdbaseman this year is Edward Scissorhands.

AWH: Edward Campusano (no relation to the Phailed Phillies Prospect Sil Campusano) is an interesting guy. Baseball America didn't list him among the Cubs top 10, but I can see why the Tigers Rule 5ed him. He had a subperb K/BB ratio and nice #s in both A and AA last season. He's got better command than Fabio and throws 90-93 mph with a decent slider. He's not projectable as a starter like Fabio is, but can be a LOOGY at least as good as Matt Smith (however that turns out). I think he can handle a Fabio-like mopup role for the Tigers this season. In 8 IP this spring he's given up 4 runs but with a 9/3 K/BB ratio. I bet the Tigers keep him.

BTW, I also went back and looked at Carmen Pignatiello, a Cubs prospect mentioned by a Beerleaguer poster last year as a possible Phils target. He repeated AA last year (not sure why) and had another solid year. He doesn't throw hard like Campusano but has great control and wicked breaking stuff. They promoted him to AAA for end of season and he was fine in 8 games. The odds are longer against him but he too could be a good LOOGY. The Cubs have a surprising number of decent arms down on the farm.

Clout, thanks. I noticed that except for yesterday Campusano had been lights out in ST, and had several favorable articles written about him (google news).

I checked his minor league stats also, and it looks like he really turned things around in '05, and has been a closer the last 2 years. He's also developing a changup. Your'e right, the Tigers will probably keep him. The good news is they'll have a couple of lefty relievers to deal if they do.

I wonder if the Phils had him targeted instead of the 2 Rule 5 guys they took.

Detroit apparently paid the Brewers to take him for them.

Good lord, how much did Rick White sign for? Is it league minimum, again?

Why on earth didn't Gillick take a flyuer on him? He integrated well with the team, and had success in CBP.

Rick White is not a good pitcher, but he is mediocre. He fit in perfectly in the clubhouse and kept guys loose. I loved his phone calls from the bullpen when a player hit a homerun. I think not signing him was a mistake. I'm sorry, but Rick White will probably have a better season than Ryan Madson. In White, at least we knew what we were getting, and lets not forget that awesome beard!

Carson, I guess Gillick wanted to "upgrade", to which I answer, "with who, exactly."

From what we have seen so far, it is apparent that you, Carson, COULD be the GM of this team, and I type that in all seriousness. A combo of you and clout could probably do as good a job of building a bullpen as Gillick has done. It apparently doesn't take a genius.

I'm not in panic mode yet about this year, but I worry that they'll make some stupid move in a desperate 'win now' approach that really costs the team long-term.

I'm starting to think that maybe in the long-term, we're better off going back to the idea PG spouted that he doesn't expect to contend until '08. That mentality would keep us from making a stupid mistake and trading away talent that will help us in future years.

Remember, Gillick has a rep for taking over when things are on the upswing, and bailing out right before they implode. I'm starting to see why that is the case.

There are amny questions surrounding the management of this team that go beyond this year. Also, don't forget this ownership group's wonderful stewardship of the franchise - the one in the fifth largest market that has made the playoffs exactly once in the last 24 years.

So Clout, as per AWH's suggested, want to partner with me and become co-GM's of the Phillies?

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