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Wednesday, March 07, 2007


Is anyone listening to the game and hearing anything regarding Myers' control issues in this inning (3 walks in 1/3 of the second inning so far)? Is he working on a specific pitch, attempting to work on its location since this is spring training?

Is Alex Rios hurt or is he just not playing today? Looks like most of the other starters are playing today.

Poor performance by Myers today. Manuel didn't even let him finish out his 3 innings.

Our offense is mostly starters today and can't hit anything Chacin is pitching.

Looks like a bad have these now and then. Then again, as soon as the scrubs come in...who knows?

victorino threw a guy out at home. myers isn't a guy who has a big walk problem, so i'm not worried.

Is anyone else trying to listen to the Gameday Audio through I lost the feed in the third inning and haven't been able to get it back. Boy am I glad I paid for the MLBTV package...

Anything you get from MLB TV during the spring is just a bonus... the service is excellent during the regular season.

Looks like the Phils finally did touch Chacin, with back to back homers by Burrell (after Howard walked with two outs) and Helms.

So much for protection of Howard. Howard walks on 4 pitches. Burell - first pitch is a 2 run homerun to left field. With 2 outs by the way.

Sorry, Gameday is kind of spotty in its updating... the home runs were off of Marcum.

4 strikeouts for Brian Sanches out of the 5 batters he faced?

Tony actually it was 2-2 count when Burrell hit his homer

2 strikes, Even better!

It is good to see that readers of the Reading Eagle will be able to see the witty comments of the posters on here.

Congrats JW on being able to enjoy your Phillies fandom in a more official capacity. Hopefully the added attention will draw more commenters like the ones we've got now, rather than the loud, ignorant types (*cough* Mets fans).

So much for protection of Howard. Howard walks on 4 pitches. Burell - first pitch is a 2 run homerun to left field. With 2 outs by the way.

What do you mean? That's the definition of good protection. It's not as if anyone is going to convince pitchers to throw Howard meaters.

someone watching or listening want to comment on happ? his line looks great.

Carson how can you hate the Yankees? Yankees hate the Mets and anyone who hates the Mets is a friend of mine. Also the Red Sox have the worst fans.

i'll take responsibility for that happ homer.

i hate the yankees, mets and red sox. that's how i dealwith it. i actually have more respect for mets fans over all though. sox fans are the biggest joke. they act like they care so much and they didn't exist before 1998.

I am proof that you are incorrect Rev.

I hate all three, add to that list the NYFB Giants, Islanders, Rangers, Devils (not in that order), Redwings, Celtics (utill they fell apart), Braves and Pats.

There are probably others, but those come to mind first.

Oh ya, and the Vilanova Wild Cats - mainline snobby no good...

And Duke, of course Duke.

And U of Miami.

Okay I'll stop now.

i agree with yt's list - except i'd take off the hockey teams becuase they don't matter. i'd personally add pitt and v tech (i went to wvu), tampa bay buc's, unc and the lakers. oh and notre dame. wow how'd you miss them?

Cowboys anyone? Giants?

That was a nice win against the Devils last night BTW.

Oh, yt mentioned the Giants already. My apologies.

Two outs, bases loaded. Let's see what our boy Bourn can do...

Not much.

The athlete that I hate the most is a tie between Larry(Chipper) Jones and Vinny Castilla. Bonds comes in next. Who do Philly fans hate the most?

I can't believe I forgot the Cowboys. I own a t-shirt that says "dallas sucks, TO swallows."

Most hated athlete is tough, but I might have to go with TO there, but there is a log jam of close seconds.

Wait, Beerleaguer is going to be a "component" of The Reading Eagle. The way newspapers are going, it should be the other way around!

I dislike Rolen bigtime

What's to hate about Vinny Castilla? Is there another Vinny Castilla I don't know about in some other sport?

Randall Simon!

Rev, your logic of not hating a hated team just because they hate a team you hate only works in Cold War world politics. Here we are free to hate whole groups of teams. I hate all New York City teams. They may hate each other, but who cares?

I hate all the Big Ten (Twelve?) teams except Penn State. I hate all expansion teams in all sports. I hate all the Pac-10 (12?) teams with an extra hatred level for USC. I hate all the Big Eight (how many now?) teams. I hate all the AFC teams except the Chiefs and the Colts, I especially don't like Bill Bellichek. I hate all the NFC teams except the Eagles and Saints with heightened levels of hate for Dallas, Atlanta and the NY Giants.

In baseball, I hate all the NL teams except the Phillies. In the AL, I hate all the teams except KC (neutral) and Red Sox. A lot of guys on this site hate the Red Sox, but they were a hard luck team for years (like the Phillies), plus I have friends in Mass. and I still root for Schilling.

Hockey? I root for the Flyers, but that league is hurting so bad, adding any hatred from me might tip their scales into oblivion. The NBA? I hate all teams except the Hornets and Sixers. In college football, I hate Alabama. All the rest of the teams are fighting for second place of hatred.

Beerleaguers? I love you all!!

RSB: My hate for Vinny comes from a game at the Vet. I think he was playing for the Devil Rays. He made an error and some fans started to get on him. He stopped what he was doing and spit in our direction while grabbing his junk. Since then I have been on him, includeing all 10 innings of that game. Which he had the game winning hit. That was the game that Andy Ashby complained about the fans, all 24 of us that stayed to watch two bad teams play. It may be silly but thats how I feel.

Lake Fred I agree with most of what you said except I have to root for Rutgers who is in the Big East. Plus they are usually a underdog, who is who I always root for when my teams aren't playing.

Nice to see Burrell go deep. He hit poorly with RISP last season, but I expect a bounce back to the norm this season, meaning Burrell will be adequate "protection" for Howard.

Nice to see Clay Condrey pitch 1.1 innings of perfect ball. I truly hope he makes the 'pen. It would be a shame to see him let loose because he doesn't have minor league options left.

Whose this Brendon King who just hit the game winning HR? He had the hit yesterday to score the winning runs. By the Way Dobbs had 2 hits - can't see this guy not making the team.

Brennan King, AAA third baseman, is the same guy who had the winning 2-RBI single in the top of the 10th yesterday against Pittsburgh.

By the Way Dobbs had 2 hits - can't see this guy not making the team.

Just a reminder, it's March 7th.

Rev, I didn't really comment on the Big East. I'm so confused why Chicago area colleges are allowed in the Big East. What part of East don't they understand. Rutgers is the state flagship university of the state of my birth, youth, high school and undergrad college years. I always root for Rutgers. They gave me a lot of pleasure this year in football.

I also root for all of the mythical Big Five schools. Nobody down here has any idea of what the Big Five is. Same with the "Palestra". What a name for a gym!

Well.. Chicago is east of California... ;-)

LF - You said you hated my handle, so I just wanted to make sure your list was complete :-)

Have you all forgotten about JD Drew?? Definitely one of the most hated players in Philadelphia. Personally, I am glad he is in Boston now. I hope he draws the ire of RedSox Nation.

Generally, I hate any team in or around NYC and Boston. Additionally, I am soccer fan, so I will add Manchester United and Liverpool to my list of hated teams.

I would like to throw a question out now that we are one week into ST. So far, what do you like about the team and what do you not like? What has been the biggest surprise thus far?

I hate Mike Lowell because he is the best player of all time versus the Phightins. Wouldn't mind if he was our third baseman though. Oh, and I hate the '03 Marlins for that matter.

I would like to throw a question out now that we are one week into ST. So far, what do you like about the team and what do you not like? What has been the biggest surprise thus far?

I like that no Phillies have been seriously injured so far. I like how the regulars come out pretty strong and more or less win the opening 3-5 innings of a game, so naturally I am a bit disappointed at the lack of organizational depth/talent that our late inning collapses (particularly in pitching and fielding) point to. Gotta love the number of runs the offense is putting up.

It's still early, but Dobbs has been a pleasant surprise, and though Bourn isn't a particularly intriguing outfield option right now I like how he has been playing this spring, for the most part. As for pitchers, I like the clean innings Happ has thrown, though mostly against scrubs, and am glad that he will be going back to the minors to get some more work in.

I've also enjoyed seeing the Phils run a bit, and I hope their base stealing attempts only continue to increase and then become a fixture of regular season games.

I've always hated Lowell too, but I've never had an actual reason to. I just don't like the guy.

Among baseball players, my list of guys I've always strongly disliked are Jose Reyes, A-Rod, Jeter, Adam LaRoche, Eckstein, Cliff Floyd, and Bonds (more for all the media attention than the steroid imbruglio, whether the media attention has been a result of the steroids or his prolific home run hitting. Too much attention = dislike from me).

BREAKING NEWS (very sad)

CLEARWATER, Fla. - John Vukovich, one of the most popular coaches in Phillies history, is gravely ill after suffering from the effects of having a brain tumor.

Vukovich, 59, better known as "Vuk" to everybody in the baseball world, had surgery in 2001 to remove a brain tumor, but he has battled another tumor for the last several months. The family requested privacy during his illness.

He set a Phillies record by coaching 17 consecutive years (1988-2004) before he moved into the front office after the 2004 season to work under general managers Ed Wade and Pat Gillick. A fixture in spring training for years, Vukovich has not been in Clearwater this spring.

Hands down the best story I have seen in spring training (about Matt White from Pottstown in the dodgers Camp)

"Hey, did you hear the one about the billionaire relief pitcher? Matt White, a journeyman reliever trying to catch on with the Dodgers, purchased 50 acres of land for $50,000 from an elderly aunt who needed the money for a nursing home, according to the Associated Press. White had the land surveyed, and it turns out there are 24 million tons of stone under the land, stone that's used for upscale patios and sidewalks, and which sells for $100 per ton. Do the math, and that makes White seriously wealthy (his teammates have reportedly had fun calling him "The Billionaire" in the clubhouse). Now if White doesn't make the big-league club, he simply can storm into Dodger owner Frank McCourt's office and tell him he's fired."

Very sad to hear about Vuke. He's a Phillies lifer. Hope the team doesn't have to wear black patches this year.

So far the most positive aspect of spring training, besides the health or everyone who needs to be healthy, is the strong showing of Michael Bourn. It appears that he is on track to become the centerfielder of the future for the Phillies.

Least favorite player no one here has mentioned yet: Alex Gonzalez, now with the Reds. I'm with Reed, I had all kinds of hate for the '03 Marlins.

Mike Piazza is definitely up there. Jeff Kent. Jeff Francoeur - god, remember when ESPN was ready to anoint him as the next MVP? David Wright is definitely up there.

I hate the Mets, but in David Wright I have finally found a Mets player that I like. I like the way he plays the game, and he seems like a role model kind of guy.

According to Mike Radano of the Courier Post, Vuke's situation is extremely grave right now. Very sad indeed.

Hey guys - I have been reading this site religiously for over 2 years now, and I'm finally ready to contribute. This is without a doubt the best site, not only for getting updates and info fast, but for having great baseball conversation with guys who actually understand and appreciate the game and are die-hard Phils phans like me. Keep up the good work.

As for today - I know the odds of Brennan King cracking the big club out of ST are extremely slim, but if we continue to suffer from Nunez' offensive futility, does he have a shot for a midseason callup if he keeps hammering the ball like this?

By the way, he's only 26. At that age, he is probably still young enough to grow into a nice major league level player, and I don't think that he's too old that the organization should just move past him.

Helms has been hitting well this spring and Dobbs can play 3rd so its a real long shot for King to make the team or even be eventually called up. He could be thrown in a trade with Lieber for players.

I hated Francouer until Buster Olney said today how he got in A-Rod's face at the WBC last spring because A-Rod yelled at one of the clubhouse boys for something. Francouer apparently didn't like it and got right up in A-Rod's face, after hearing that my dislike for Francouer being overhyped went away because he showed a lot of guts to jump in the face of a guy who is way too full of himself. God I hate A-Rod (but I'll take him playing 3rd base for the Phils anyday).

Iron Pig, my father in law was from Liverpool and is a big Liverpool fan. My oldest daughter spent a semester in England and attended a game in Anfield, so as a family we are Liverpool fans. That said, we hate Man U.

I agree with Reed, special hatred for all time for the Marlins. I don't really hate individual players. I have no respect for Bonds or his single season HR record. I don't understand the big fuss over Derek Jeter, its not like he's Pujols.

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