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Wednesday, March 28, 2007


Alright, another minor league bullpen Phill-in!

Phils released Karim Garcia this morning:

Appears that Bourn will make the team.

releasing Karim Garcia, like a breath of fresh air...i honestly let out a sigh of relaxation upon reading this news.

omg - everyone on here had me convinced he was making the team. i knew logic would win out!


Let us pray that Gustavo Karim García does not have a ranch in Mexico.

I cannot find this. Can someone give me the link again.

Wow, did anyone actually expect the Phils to release Garcia? Gillick continues his unpredictable ways - and by extension, he is making the Phillies a little less predictable. If they hadn't already announced they were sending Calloway down, I'd have thought he might be in the mix instead. But it does apparently open the door for Michael Bourn. something else in the works?

Good news before the season starts! Adios Karim! Bourn is so much more useful as a late-inning running sub than anything Garcia was brining to the table.

The team will probably keep Jim Ed around longer than most posters think, I think they were spoiled with how well Fabio did and what he is now worth to the team for future seasons and think they can catch lightning in a bottle again. I would not be suprised if he is kept as the mop-up guy for blowouts once Lieber returns and Condreyt is sent back down.

Oh, by the way - this team should be good for a millennium-best 89 wins, if only because the division is weaker than recent seasons.

I like Bourn making this team, but I love Garcia NOT making this team. Based on nothing but men's intuition, I think something else is coming.

I hope something else is in the works; I don't like the idea of Bourn wasting away at the end of the bench, though I imagine he'll get lots of 8th- and 9th-inning exposure as Burrell's defensive replacement. Which will get him lots of late-game at-bats following Ryan Howard's intentional walks, where even if Bourn gets on base his speed will be nullified. I like dumping Garcia; Bourn as fifth outfielder leaves me cold.

The transaction wire from MLB does not show K. Garcia being released nor is this note on the Phils website. Is this a joke? I mean I don't want to see him on the team, I justy=t can't find in print where he was released.

D. Patrone: I read it at which is the web site for the Wilmington News Journal.

There is a note on the Phillies website. You got me scared there for a second Patrone.

So what does the bench look like now? Nunez, Werth, Ruiz, Dobbs, Bourn?

Thanks phans. I saw it. Needless to say It was a terrible signing to begin with. No loss here.

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