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Friday, March 30, 2007


I'm just shocked that a baseball writer as smart as Buster Olney predicted 94 wins.

The Phillies press passs for today also says 'Yesterday, the Phillies released infielders Randall Simon and Tim Moss.'

Bye bye Sausage Assassin.

Tray, I'm assuming your comment was tongue in cheek. In fact, I'm betting that the only way Olney came up with the number "94" was that he stole someone else's idea/prediction. That's how he gets 95% of his material anyway.

No, I respect Buster Olney, he used to do some great writing for the New York Times.

No real losses here. Post like this though is why I love the Beerleaguer. Any kind of Phils-related news is covered even if it has to do with totally meaningless players like Randall Simon.

The Pirates cut Dan Kolb. He was good against us the other day but apparently walked nine over his nine ST innings.

I must be "savvy" because the name Wilfredo Laureano JUMPED out at me. This is because I hated/hate David Bell so much. I would have bought a Laureano jersey if he ever made it to the Phils.

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