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Monday, March 26, 2007


On those two homers, he was trying to get it inside to righties. I can't remember how much he tried that last year and, I'm wondering, will he stick with it when games count for something in a week or so?

I believe Hamels should come inside to righties with his fastball because it sets them up beautifully for a change-up on the outside corner...lot of k's that way. He just needs to come a bit more inside instead of leaving the fastball in the righties' wheelhouse.

I listened to the game on radio while washing and detailing my car. What a beautiful moment. Only wish it was a Camaro and not a Camry, and that I was John Cusack somehow. Anyway, Franzke and Andersen are a lot of fun together. Meanwhile, reviews for Sarge have not been positive. Three is a crowd and he isn't particularly insightful, most have said.

kind of surprising that Segovia's control has been so strong, given his recent (well, 2004) TJ surgery. I think I'd rather see him on the ML roster than Bisenius.

i'm trying really, really hard to keep an open mind on Sarge. really, really hard.

it's spring training for him to you know. lol

I agree that LA and Franzke are a good team, but why is Andersen not on TV at all anymore? And please don't tell me they're going with that three-man team on TV all year... Wheeler talks enough for three people as it's almost like Matthews is there to serve as some kind of buffer between Kalas and Wheeler. I'm hoping it's just their way of breaking Sarge in, but we'll see. You can hear the hitting coach in Matthews in the same way you can hear the pitching coach in Andersen...not a whole lot of on-air personality, though.

On, the following transactions were made. I thought Bisenius would make the team.
"The Phillies made the following transactions prior to today's game against the Yankees.
Pitchers Eude Brito and Fabio Castro were optioned to minor league camp; third baseman Brennan King and catcher Dusty Wathan, both non-roster invitees, were re-assigned to minor league camp.

The following players were informed that they would not make the Opening Day roster, but will accompany the club to Philadelphia for the weekend On-Deck Series against the Red Sox: infielder Brent Abernathy, righthander Joe Bisenius and outfielder Ron Calloway.

Catcher Jason Jaramillo has returned to major league camp. Jaramillo had previously been re-assigned to minor league camp on March 12.

The moves leave the Phillies with 36 players in major league camp."

rsb - that's the best thing about Sarge. he obviously knows hitting.

i'm disappointed bisenius didn't make the team. it's probably just a matter of time though.

matt smith is the only lefty left? if so, not good.

does jaramillo coming back means ruiz is more hurt than previously thought? also not good if true.

I'm mildly surprised about Bisenius, but yes, it is a matter of time for him. I think Condrey will make it since he's out of options.

that's what i thought about Germano.

Lots of posts today. Use the thread above to comment on the game. I'll post a link to the boxscore.

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