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Monday, March 19, 2007


I know this isn't a big deal, but in what universe does it make sense to hit Nunez second? Maybe Cholly just wants to give him more ABs, but Ruiz or Rowand would make much more sense.

If Helms ever has a day off during the regular season and Nunez hits second, I will send a formal letter of complaint to the Phillies.

kdon, didn't you read the last thread? Nunez doesn't strikeout much, and therefore is the perfect #2 hitter. any other offensive metric is irrelevant.

For those who didn't see it, Conlin predicts another mid-80s win season for the Phightins, blaming bullpen misery and defensive weakness for falling short of 93 wins.

Geranamo was placed on waivers and claimed by the Padres.

Just heard Germano was placed on waivers and claimed by Padres -- shame to lose him. Guess we got nothing for Cormier after all.

We got nothing but vapor in a trade? What else is new.

If true, that's yet another poor personnel decision by Gillick. Now I have to hope I'm wrong about Germano being a useful back of rotation starter/middle reliever.

I forgot ae, how silly of me. By my calculations, he was almost 3 times as good an offensive player as Burrell and more than 4 times a good as Howard.

From Zolecki: "Pat Gillick said yesterday that he didn't think he would be able to make a trade for bullpen help before the season starts...he expected to open the season with six starting pitchers, one of which would move to the bullpen." So who do you move? Move Leiber and he becomes even less tradeable. Move Eaton and you risk Madson-syndrome after you dump Leiber and bring Eaton back to the rotation.
ps I'm new to the site so sorry if this has been discussed ad nauseam

why can't we hit the pirates? is it an intra-pennsylvania thing?

Glennbo: I'm not sure Madson and Eaton are comparable. Eaton is a proven major league starter and Madson never was. But I do agree that moving Lieber to the pen would harm his trade value.

Re: The Bell/Polanco debate. Polanco is every bit as good a fielder as Bell so it really comes down to offense. I suppose the best measure would be to compare them to others in that lineup spot. Was Bell better than league average in the 6 hole? Was Polanco better than league average in the 2 hole? I think Polly wins that debate. But another consideration is HR power. 3B is a power position. Is the team weaker with a non-power player at 3B? Is there enough power being generated at other positions?
My personal opinion is that the Phils would've been a better team had they re-signed Polly (avoiding arbitration) and dumped Bell for whatever they could get (which they eventually did).

The Phillies can't hit Snell. Never have been able to.

Nice inning by Bisenius. We need any reliever to induce ground balls and I hope he's getting a serious look.

I agree Mike. I'm liking Bisenius.

...except that he can only go one inning. Oh well. Geary has decent ground out/all out stats this spring. Ol' Six-Digit is a total nightmare, though. Man, I miss Carlos Silva.

Mike H: If we hadn't traded Carlos Silva, we wouldn't have gotten Eric Milton who led us to, where did Eric Milton lead us to again?

It's ashame to lose Germano for nothing.

Clout, Milton led us to that place called "86-ville", the place of slightly above mediocrity and out of October baseball. I think the mayor of 86-ville is Kevin Millwood.

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