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Monday, March 26, 2007


Just a punk reporter trying to stir up some anger in a young player to get a story. There is no doubt in my mind the Howard is going to get his swing back and he will be hitting over .300 40+ homers this year. He will be fine. he has show a lot of class and he doesn't need that kind of treatment from the media.


why should we care if howard didn't want to answer the brilliant question - "how did it feel to get a hit today?"

or maybe they were going to ask him about andy reids kids.

because those are things people buy newspapers for you know.

I don't like Miller much, but what is the problem with his comment? At least in the context above, it seems pretty tame.


boycott - to combine in abstaining from, or preventing dealings with, as a means of intimidation or coercion

Gee, I wonder why randarino feels intimidated and coerced. Maybe, if he wants to be a better writer, he could learn what words in the English language actually mean.

The correct phrase should have been:

"his first-ever, break from the same old stupid media questions, mental health day".

Howard's blowup, if it even was that, was notably absent from the DN and Inquirer coverage today. Perhaps Miller is demonstrating why he's writing for the Bucks County Times.

Then again, you just *know* that the NY papers would have this all over the back's actually a good example of how the Philly media is more reasonable than it's given credit for.

I just read Miller's article - he doesn't even mention the game or anything that happened in it, only the score and Howard's hit. The rest is devoted exclusively to Howard-bashing. That's just irresponsible journalism.

Happy trails...Brito, Castro, Brennan King and Dusty Wathan sent to minor league camp. Guess Matt Smith and his belt-high fastball are here to stay.

RSB - I totally agree. Just a bad piece of writing by Miller.

this is a what a poor writer cooks up when he's bored. i've never cared for miller -- i find him egotistical and irritating. although its not as offensive as i had expected when i read the comments above, it does have a consciously off-hand tone that's unnecessary. he and marcus hayes should get an apartment together.

What does any of this have to do with baseball? Miller is a self-serving, average writer who gets by as much on controversy as he does his prose. He finds a way to make it about the writers and their inability to get questions answered as he does the game. No empathy whatsoever for a guy who may not want to be stalked with 75 questions about his swing and '07 pressures. I don't care how much he makes or will make. At some point, you're going to have enough of that. There are a million stories to cover with this team. Howard should be allowed a day off every once in a while from staring at Miller's mug.

Brilliantly worded defense of Howard here, J.

Kinda makes Miller pale in comparison.

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