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Monday, February 12, 2007


love that picture to sum up offseason Beerleaguer...

Great post Jason. As a long time reader and first time poster, I have to say the grey skies that are baseball's off-season were much more digestable with Beerleaguer around. I'm a displaced fan recently moved to Louisiana and this site has been a great way to get my daily fix of the Phils. Thanks and keep it up.

I just want to win!

American Heritage Dictionary - Fanatic
n. A person marked or motivated by an extreme, unreasoning enthusiasm, as for a cause.

Your post paints a great picture. And although we agree on most points, I'm in the pool and the water feels great!!

My 3rd child will be born on 2/15 and like the renewal of life, so begins the renewals of a constant in American life, baseball. The similarities are as endless as much as the sun sets, so must it rise. Thus ends my George Will moment of the day.

I'm going to be a dad for the 1st time somewhere around September 2nd, and therefore know that this will be The Year of the Phillies. Call me crazy, but I believe it.

I plan on having my 1st on 12/17...9 months after I get my wife tipsy at Frenchies after the Green Phils spank the yanks.

Congratulations to all the expecting fathers. As for me, I expect (or maybe suspect?) a playoff berth (no pun intended) is in store for all of us.

With all the new daddies on board, it sounds like there will be fewer faithful followers this year (my little girl turned 1 on Friday, so I can sympathize with how tough it is to catch all the games with a newborn). Maybe no one will notice that they can't get the Phils games on TV out of the Philly area without DirecTV. Now that my little girl is a bit more self-reliant, I, for one, will be found weeping while channel-surfing through reality TV and Food Network reruns, cursing at the SOB's who want me to get a dish or watch on the Internet.

Oh, I forgot to mention that my local TV market is in the Royals/Rangers area. This is a fate worse than hell.

Maybe I'd feel better if we'd have dealt Rowand for bullpen help and Lieber for a right fielder.

And maybe it will still happen.

I think this team is better than last year's only if we improve the bullpen before April.

I feel very similar sentiments -- except for the hot toddies part. I'll stick with a cold beer.

But really, guarded optimism with the knowing that we really, really hope we can unguard it at some point is what I think we're all feeling.

I agree CJ, although I'm still firmly entrenched in the camp that, with nothing else changed, the Phils make the playoffs at least once of the last two years if they come out of Spring Training bats-a-blazing instead of 10-14.

Wonder if Orioles are interested in Lieber now that Benson has gone down? If there is anything the Orioles have a ton of, it is setup guys.

GM-Carson - I'm going to beat you by about a month into this new adventure of fatherhood - here's hoping we can end up with a future Mike Schmidt or Steve Carlton to add to the team! It's time for the Liberty Bell at the Bank to ring in a postseason in celebration!

Carson, if your first is born on Sept. 2nd, we'll share that date, as that's the date my first child was born. Congratulations!

Inky lives in Louisiana? Where you at? I'm south of Lake Pontchartrain, right now, soon to be logging a lot of workweek time in Houston for an undetermined number of months. I'll have to check the 'stros schedule to see if I can see my beloved Phils. Luckily, I'll still be here in Louisiana for Mardi Gras. College baseball (Tulane & LSU) has already started down here.

Where is Willard Land, somewhere between Dallas and KC. I've driven that route, nothing but flatland with an occassional tree. It gets nicer as you move east. Tulsa is nice.

Boy, I just checked the schedule. The Phillies only play once in Houston, Monday, July 2nd through Wed. July 4th. Tough time. The first two are night games. Might be able to catch some of those.

Guarded optimism, indeed. Been burned too many times by the Phillies of recent vintage ('01, '03, '04, '05 and '06) to get all goofy-n-giddy over the '07 bunch. The bullpen, the outfield and Charlie Manual are three reasons to proceed with caution.

That said, something tells me this could be a speical season. Rollins' comment that the Phils should be the Beast of the East sets an aggressive and fiery tone that this lackadaisical team has traditionally lacked. I like it.

A thought: the Flyers/Sixers twin disaster ends by mid-April or so, and the Eagles don't begin camp till mid-July. That means the Phillies are the only game in town for three months. If they kick butt, it could reignite the city's passion for baseball and we could be partying like it's 1993.

Again, guarded optimism . . .

Lake Fred - I'm currently residing in NW Arkansas (as a Supplier to Wally World). There's a bunch of us transplants out this way. Taking EI from us is like ripping my heart out. Next, we'll hear that DTV is getting exclusive rights to Gameplan, so that I can miss all of the PSU games, too. At that point, I'm packing a bag and hitching back to Eastern PA.

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