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Wednesday, February 21, 2007


My brother-in-law was supposed to be securing some tickets, I hope to God he got them for opening day. I've been to tons of games over my lifetime, but never an opening day.

I locked and loaded with Plan B of the 17 game plan. See yous down there.

By the way nice article this morning by Salisbury about Gillick.

It was, wasn't it? Salisbury has come up big with insightful pieces this spring. Hayes' piece on Rollins was very good. I also got a Google alert that Gillick is profiled in the Toronto Star today, but I haven't read it.

I've been out of the loop the last five days as it was Mardi Gras down here. Now, I'm back at work, worn out and beat. I'm trying to catch up on Beerleaguer.

It seems Jason has been in demand as a Phillies expert representing the blogosphere. One of the local TV channels should put together a local version of ESPN's Sports Reporters and reserve a Phillies blogger chair for the Grand Poobah of Beerleaguer Jason Weitzel. When he can't show, Carson or one of the Tom G.'s can substitute. It'd be great. The WIP jocks not invited can stew in their own juices.

NY Post columnist Kevin Kernan actually has some nice things to say about JRoll's comments here:


Thanks for the compliment Lake Fred. The Phils blogsphere is great, and Weitzel is our leader...I'm like a cabinet member.

Just read the Gillick and Hayes articles. The image of Gillick sitting in Myers' house watching a football game with Myers' wife conjurs strange mental images. I can imagine some big boss at my company dropping in to watch a football game. My wife would be freaking out about if the house is clean enough.

You guys are making it sound like I'm leading the Branch Davidian.

Carson, I was going to include clout and some of the others, but they don't have blogs. I enjoy going to your blog and others from time to time. I don't have time to do much on mine. This Katrina stuff really sucks all the energy out me sometimes.

More like the leader of a motorcycle gang. You'd be the guy with the giant hog and large tattoos of all things Phillies.

The other thing I liked about Gillick is that he's still no-frills. He'll fly Southwest and get his business done and come right home.

"More like the leader of a motorcycle gang." - I like that.

No, Jason, not at all. You are on the cutting edge of a more interative media. In the old days newspapers used to print an article and a few days later a handwritten letter would arrive in the mail. With your blog, an item is posted and the fireworks begin with comments for and against the thread header, or diverging into another area entirely. Your blog is surely easier to use than a newspaper site and has a friendlier feel to it. It's not a motorcycle gang either. It might be more like Cheers bar without the alcohol.

Does this all mean that the Mets blogosphere is like The Others?

but I'm scared of motorcycles...

Hey Jason,

I noticed that the links to Inky and DN articles are gone from the right-hand slider. What's up?

Nothing - I reorganized my sidebar last week and forgot to repost them. They're back up for now.

Rumors & Notes has been a nice addition on the top right, hasn't it? I use it daily.

"Your blog is surely easier to use than a newspaper site and has a friendlier feel to it. It's not a motorcycle gang either. It might be more like Cheers bar without the alcohol."
So who is cliff and who is Norm? Also who said we're not drinking?

when's beerleaguer game night?

We should have a Beerleaguer fantasy league.

Tony ~ "We should have a Beerleaguer fantasy league"

That is an intriguing idea. The problem with most fantasy leagues is you start out with 10 or 12 people, and three weeks in, 8 of them have lost interest, and they have guys on the DL in their starting line-up the rest of the season. Doubt that would happen here.

So when is the draft?

I probably will take some flack for this but . . . Clout as "Cliff" and RSB as "Norm"

Fantasy baseball is definitely the hardest Fantasy sport to keep involvement to a maximum. But I like to keep the prizes spread out over a lot of categories. Like if you are doing a roto league, the winner of each stat gets money; so even if you suck, you can still take steals or something like that. Even more important is having good owners though.

Is Lake Fred Frasier? And would that make Mr. Weitzel Sam Malone? Also i would say that CLout is Carla.

clout is a better Frasier, but who's his Lilith?

"Phone call for Earnie Pantuso!"

"That's you coach."


Clout's Lillith is Bobby Abreu...

holy crap, i check in during lunch and now i'm being equated to cheer's woody...i'll take it. he always did make me laugh.

I wrote "might be more like Cheers bar without the alcohol."

Reverend says "Also who said we're not drinking?"

Whenever I am at the Beerleauger site, no matter what key I hit, an alcoholic beverage never appears. This isn't even a self serve bar. It's a BYOB site. Drink on my friend, the Reverend!

Way ahaed of you Lake Fred.

The site says single game tickets for Opening Day are sold out. Is this real or a mistake? I remember getting tickets for Opening Day long after they went on sale last year.

zach, i'm here to tell you that since the move to the cit, opening day tix sell out within hours. that's why i haven't been able to go yet.

They were sold out before today. If you paid in full for your season tickets before Jan. you could buy opening day tickets. They were bought up by season ticket holders. They are holding the rest for more season ticket plans. That will be the only way to get them at face value.

That's bizarre. I guess I somehow got incredibly lucky last year. I had no idea when they were going on sale and I just sort of decided to get 4 of them one day and did... and it was March. Who knows.

Besides season ticket holders, fans who bought tickets last year were actually able to buy tickets on pre-sale two days ago. Opening day was already sold out when I checked then.

Jason, how about a ticket trading board or similar. I have two full season packages (one four seats, one five seats) and often need to get rid of a game or two (at cost). I also get access to special events like pre-sales that I would pass on at cost.

I wanna get tickets to the last game. I'm hoping they'll be in a penant race and i'll fly back to philly to see the game, since i'll have no chance or scoring playoff or world series tickets.

I Have to hope they make it and play the white sox, then i can wear my phillies jersey(along with a bullet proof vest)around chicago and probably hang outside of comiskey during the game.

I just got four for the last game. Fan Appreciation Day.

I'm hoping I'll see something really special.

Opening Day was essentially sold out prior to today's single game sales from what I can tell. I'd been looking at the Ryan Howard Six Pack, but wanted three tickets for Opening Day so that I could bring a buddy and also take my dad to the game but only wanted two tickets to the other five games, so I called last week to see what the Phillies suggested. After a brief discussion, they told me that there weren't three seats together so that I should just buy the 2 seats. By the time I went back on-line to by two tickets (in the 400 level), they weren't available. I called the ticket office again and was given the line that they have no tickets that aren't available on the website. When I explained my new problem, I was informed that they only had single seat tickets available for Opening Day.

So, while it's good that our Fightin's are packing us in on Opening Day, it sounds like I'll be shopping Stubhub for Opening Day seats.

I bought Opening Day tickets on Tuesday morning using the link the Phillies emailed me (since I had bought online in the past--and I would recommend to everyone to buy just a single game's tickets onine this year so you get the same invitation). Even then, around 9:30 a.m., I couldn't find more than 3 together. I ended up with 3, 2 and 2, so my buddies and I will be sitting in small groups. The email said there was a limit of 6 for that game, which I hadn't noticed when I ordered. I called the Phillies and they said that I would probably tsill get them, since they were mostly looking for obvious scalpers trying to buy a ton of tickets. And sure enough, those seven babies ended up in my mailbox yesterday already!

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