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Wednesday, February 28, 2007


First AB of the game is a homerun given up by Drabek, according to Gameday.

Greg Dobbs just hit a homerun.

And Nunez, Karim Garcia, Barajas, Coste, and Randall Simon are a combined 0-9 against FSU pitching.

nice of you to leave Dobbs and Werth off the list there. Simon and Garcia aren't even gonna make the squad

Where are all the beerleaguers? This is probably the only game where we will "see" half the guys we discussed this offseason!

Thanks for the head's up on the live feed! Too bad I didn't see it until the 7th inning, but a few innings are better than none.

Anyway, did Nunez hit the ball out of the infield this yet?? I remember last season he couldn't regularly accomplish that until three months into the season. What a bum...

*this game

Also, any insight on how Drabek pitched? I can find the game score, but I cannot find a live-in-progress box score.

Drabek's line: 2 IP, 2 H, 2 R, 1 BB, 1 SO, 1 HR.

1st inning: HR, 5-3, 6-3, 5-3
2nd inning: BB, 2B (to 3rd), 4-3 (run scores), SO (swinging), F8

Tough collar for Coste so far. 3 LOBs. Ruiz with 2 ribs.

Dobbs hit a home run so he wouldn't make the list. And I believe Garcia will make the squad.

Please tell me you are not scoring the game ae!


Drabek did not start out well. Tony Thomes was the first hitter to face Drabek and he hit a home run. He settled down the remainder of the first with three ground ball outs. The second inning began with a walk and a double. With runners at second and third, The Phillies conceded a run on a ground ball to Utley. Drabek retired the side on a strike out and a fly out.

Here is Drabek's line:

2.0 IP, 2 H, 2 R (both ER), 1 BB, 1 K, 1 HR

The link above takes you to MLB Gameday where you can follow the game (with a bit of a delay).

It sounded like Bisenius pitched well.

kdon - I just copied it off gameday. I do have a little more of a life than that ;)


Does anybody have a radio schedule for Phillies ST games?

Has anyone subscribed to MLB.TV? I travel for my job and I am considering either MLB.TV or XM. I am interested to hear what people think about MLB.TV.

Thank you in advance for the information.

This is my third year subscribing to MLB.TV. I love it; I can watch Phillies games on any computer, which means I can watch day games while at work. I have the "regular" version, so the resolution, though good, is not always the sharpest. You have the option of three different viewing sizes you can switch amongst, one of them being full screen. MLB.TV now has an upgraded "premium" package called Mosaic that offers three times the picture quality and enables you to watch six games simultaneously by tiling them in the player's window.

This will be my third year watching the Phils online. The one tv package is $90 and you get ST games and the whole season, and this year you also get the MLBradio too. You still get to listen to the games that are nationaly televised.
If you go to the Phils web site and view the videos on there it will show you what MLBTV looks like.

MLB.TV rocks. I live in Australia so if I want to watch MLB I have to use MLB.TV. Any game, any time all year. Its the best. As mentioned above you also get all radio broadcasts as well. It is fully worth it.

AE & Iron Pig, thanks for the info. I didn't expect the world from Drabek last night, but was still curious to see how he would preform against a decent college team. I wonder if he will see action in one more game before he is reassigned.

I think Manuel will lean towards keeping Karim Garcia even if he hits .200 this season. I think Greg Dobbs would be the better option, but we all know Manuel's loyalty to veterans. However, if Dobbs smokes the Grapefruit League pitching this spring, he could impress and consequently push Karim to insurance in Ottawa.


"Baseball Notes | Bonds won't detail alleged death threats"

Maybe because there aren't any?


I was at the game. Drabek seemed very uncomfortable on the mound and his delivery was very upright. He was about 88 with his fastball according to the scout's radar gun near me. That first inning shot by Tony Thomas of FSU was a bomb.

According to writer Dennis Deitch,"As for Drabek, he most likely will join the minor-league pitchers at the Carpenter Complex Friday. The Phillies hope he learned a little bit about being a professional ball player during his two weeks with the team."

Deitch has a pretty good game account at the Trentonian site.

Also, I learned Alfredo Simon pronounces his last name "Simone".

any thoughts about the Myers-as-closer balloon floated in Zolecki's article this morning?

Totally random: Does anybody know where I can find a Philly PHanatic, golf club headcover? I have found several Phillies headcovers, but I cant find one with the Phanatic. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

any thoughts about the Myers-as-closer balloon floated in Zolecki's article this morning?

Yeah, it ain't going to happen. Myers is just too damn valuable in the starter's role. I'm looking at him possibly winning 17-20 games this year. It is intiguing, but the timing is not right.

If Flash and six finger go down early, and we can't get 50 cents on the lieber dollar the timing could get right real quick.

It is pretty clear that Myers is a stud, and he is not a guy I would hate to see coming out of the pen in a one run game in the 9th inning.

To me it makes more sense then moving Eaton or Lieber to the pen, niether want it, and niether have the kind of stuff that is legit shutdown pitching.

Parker; are there significant improvements in the 07 Show career mode?

"Don't jump to any conclusions. This is only a hypothetical discussed in one of many brainstorming sessions this off-season. It may never come to pass."

Take 200+ innings from one of the top starters in the NL and move him to the pen for 2-3 innings per week?

As Conlin wrote, file this one under the "Spring Means 6 Weeks of Finding Story Lines" category.

VOR: Bingo. Utterly pointless story by Zolecki, but then not many people beyond Beerleaguers are handicapping the Greg Dobbs-Karim Garcia race for LH bat off the bench.

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