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Monday, February 19, 2007


I know he's not required to be there yet as a position player, but it's a tad troubling to see Werth not in camp early after having been out for so long with that injury.

"Bourn will arrive by mid-season, and slide into a significant role. Mark my words."

If that is the case, then the Phils are in big trouble. I'm not saying Bourn will never be a useful player in the bigs, but he still needs to develop at the plate.

I have just one response for the bench that PG has assembled this year – YAWN!

What an underwhelming group of players. If Chris Coste does not make this club, it is a shame.

Chris Coste – folk hero, back-up catcher, legend!

Based on past performance I would think Chris Coste HAS to make this team. Garcia and Werth haven't played in the Bigs in quite some time, and as we all know Abe is referred to as "No-Hit Nunez" for a reason. We need somebody on the bench that can hit, and although Coste only has about a half of season under his belt, he did hit plenty in that time.

Chroid Coste

Padres just signed Oscar Robles, a backup infielder (second and third) who hit well for the Dodgers in 2005.

I was impressed with Robles two seasons ago. He had a nice swing and looked sound defensively. Surprising polish for a player who spent the previous four seasons in Oaxaca.

Jorge Julio (always liked that name) is available. He's expensive at $3.6 million. I think a team could get him for very little. Thoughts?

Jayson Stark wrote about the Phillies today.

Julio has good stuff. He has a lot of problems when men get on base - which seems to be more times than not. He ended last season nicely, but has a lot to prove. He is not one you can put in jams, and he seems to be one you need to get the heck out of there once he gets himself into one..

but if we could get him cheap? heck, why not? we have nothing to lose.

My thoughts on Julio are that he's been bouncing around an awful lot lately, and it lends a high degree of skepticism to his worth.

I agree with you that Gillick has come up well short in his construction of a viable bench. But I'd have to argue that the higher measure of a GM is how he constructs a starting rotation, and Gillick has at least given the Phillies a shot with his efforts in that department. Still, will it hurt the Phillies that he didn't see fit to improve the bench? Yes, it almost certainly will. So call this a half-hearted defense at best.

Finally, just had to give Conlin his due for this line, in reference to Mike Schmidt;s fielding ability: "Only Karl Marx went better to his left." Damn, that's good!

I don't see Arizona trading Julio for Lieber, but who knows. He'd be a solid setup/backup closer option, an improvement over anyone we have now.

As for the bench, it's been a problem since before Gillick's arrival, but he certainly didn't help with the winter '05-'06 moves. Dellucci and Victorino were solid reserves, but they're now gone and starting respectively. Werth was a good risk, but certainly a risk. Coste deserves a job, but it seems a severe stretch to expect a repeat of '06. Dobbs? Garcia? Who knows?

I'd love to see the team bring in another outfielder who could start three times a week and be the first bat off the bench the rest of the time--Jacque Jones would fit the bill quite nicely.

It's speculation but I am willing to bet that Gillick was given a budget last fall with a pretty hard target ($85 million?) and not much leeway. Gillick decided to spend most of that money on starting pitching by acquiring Garcia ($10 million) and signing Eaton ($8 million).

Additionally, I would not consider Helms or Barajas signings as bench acquisitions because they will likely see the majority of playing time at their respective positions.

Basically, meant that Gillick had to go dumpster diving to fill out the bench and the back of the bullpen. Gillick either brought in veteran retreads, minor league journeyman, and injury-plagued players.

Manuel will never be considered a master of strategy but it is pretty hard to look good with his limited options. Unless a trade changes something, Manuel will go into the season without a single viable threat off the bench. Plus, Manuel will have mix-and-match in the 7th and 8th innings until the bullpen sorts itself out a bit.

you don't see *Arizona* trading Julio for Lieber? if Gillick were to even consider making that trade, he should be fired for negligence.

The Diamondbacks don't need a starter, and Julio is their likely closer.

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