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Thursday, February 15, 2007


steve marterano is currently trashing blogs and the blogosphere in WIP: "they are nothing but graffiti." seriously, steve, you still don't get their contribution to the news cycle?

Martirano is the classic "bloviating bloviator" and does it well. He can easily fill dead air time with a seemingly intelligent monologue/dialogue but after listening to him long enough it becomes apparent how little substance there is to his bloviations.

If the blogosphere is "nothing but graffiti", what does that make WIP?

I caught a brief clip of Marterano appearing early this week on ESPN News talking about the Reid story. He kept rambling and didn't shut up until the newscaster interrupted him loudly each time. It was really awkward. Best suited to WIP where he can be a "ramblin' man."

BTW, Martirano cut his teeth in the late '60s or early '70s as a "rock jock" on WMMR.

Thanks for the tip on the new Microsoft mapping feature. It seems like Microsoft is ripping off other IT companies left and right. Like they took Google Maps and tweaked it.

Vista is the same way. It's like Microsoft took the best 5 features from the Mac O/S system, copied them, and just renamed them. So much for breakthrough innovation.

As I wrote on the previous thread, the analysis on this blog is superior to anything I see or hear in the media, including people like Martorano. Perhaps he feels threatened by the loss of control. It's easy to spout off when you only allow 2 minutes per caller and can pull the plug at any time.

If he wants it to be more than graffiti he should blog himself and engage in the type of debate about the value of players/teams that we do here. I suspect he's not up to it and fears being exposed.

I don't tune him out because I like his partner, Gargano, but you're right, he doesn't offer anything that's particulary insightful.

If the blogs are nothing but graffiti, then I guess I would call WIP and its' hosts "nothing but traffic". By that I mean that it speeds by you going in no particular direction as far as you're concerned, and merely makes a lot of noise.

If the blogosphere is "nothing but graffiti", what does that make WIP?


As a radio talker myself (news not sports, alas), I can tell you that radio is almost as scared of the internet as newspapers (my previous field) are. And the many posters who have said this are right -- you won't find analysis like the discussion of Rollins as leadoff hitter in the last thread on talk radio, or the newspaper, for that matter. The shame of it is that newspapers could do this -- it's hard to hold all the stats in your mind's eye on radio -- but they're too busy protecting their turf to try anything new.

Weitzel- I got the same email from Microsoft and was worried that I did something wrong on my blog.

And as far as blogs being "grafitti", well those are the words of a scared man.

Be afraid Martirano, be very afraid.

mortarano is brutal. he spends as much time on his politics (or pretending he doesn't have them) as he does giving an unsupported opinion on whatever sports topic of the day.

it's a shame becuase anthony is great.

The bird's eye views on are fun, but Google Maps is a better product. Besides, in the Google Maps overhead satellite shot there's actually a Phillies game in progress.

wow, nice crowd at that game, too. i, too, listen only because of gargano. he's entertaining, funny, and has always been nice to me when i've talked to him in person.

They sent me pictures of the link. They were pretty dope. But I haven't had the chance to get around to posting them. The 3D image was particularly cool.

Did anyone here not get the Microsoft e-mail, or am I just preaching to the choir?

Let’s see here…

Canadian Viagra sales… Winner of the UK Lottery… Business proposition from a Nigerian lawyer… Girls doing what? Oh my!... Nope nothing from Microsoft.

I didn't get it. But thanks, I've always wanted to see what the roof of the Oregon Diner looked like.

Incredibly ignorant comment by this WIP guy. Where does he think the station gets its listeners and callers from? He makes it sound like sports 'bloggers' exist in some other dimension. What, talk radio is supposed to the only viable, democratic public forum? WIP callers belong to a higher ground than people who type on their computers?

It's so obvious members of the conventional media feel threatened by this perceived affront to their professional standing - 'Only I, with my 4-year journalism degree and my laminated press pass, am qualified to pontificate about sports!' Their defenses seem increasingly irrational and pathetic. The fact is that when a blog is done well - combining a spirit of objective journalism with an enlightened, interactive forum rather than a passive audience of receptacles - it completely blows the medium of WIP out of the friggin' water - and it's legitimately undermining the relevance of print media as well.

RSB: Thank you for that spectacular rebuttal. Your take on the media is on target, as usual.

This makes me sad. It was an ugly beast, but it was my favorite.

In WIP's warped world, yes... they would be the ONLY forum, and we would all listen to them. Maybe he is specifically talking about the ruckus at PhilliesPhans, but I doubt it. That would require a little nuance on his part.

Once again, RSB well put. This is twice in two days time that I am in complete agreement with you.

To be fair, I don't really think being "threatened" has anything to do with Martorano's attitude. If you listen regularly, he's pretty much the older guy who's so set in his ways that he dismisses nearly everything that's new. Not just blogs, but other facets of the internet, movies, sports etc. that are relatively new just seem to set him off.

I still think he makes a nice foil for Gargano, though.

RSB: You're dead on about the media.

I have a four-year journalism degree and I mainly comment about uniform colors.

I should have been little more specific about the comments I heard on WIP today, as I listened to the feed on the web while at work. Martarano’s lame remarks weren’t directed at Phillies blogs or anyone in particular, but seemed to be referring more to blogs in general, which makes his points even weaker. He introduced the topic by asking “why is it necessary to mention that people are blogging?” He went on to make the following observations:

--Blogs are irrelevant except when the mainstream media brings them into something by mentioned them.

--We all know there are bloggers or a blogosphere that writes like they/it have a million readers

--Nobody cares about the opinions of a bunch of people sitting around dreaming up things in their pajamas

--They are nothing more than graffiti (that is a direct quote)

--He made allusions to geeks as well as dungeons and dragons, but it wasn’t explicit – too jumbled to quote properly

--Anthony said what he likes about baseball never had anything to do with stats so much and they both concurred that knowing “a guy who is 12-for-his-last-14 against lefthanders” is not where its at.

all in all, it was the same tired arguments we've heard from folks the last few years who don't understand that the top-down, gatekeeper days of the mainstream media have become entirely antiquated.

i think all the mapping things are cool by the way, sorry to get off topic. the microsoft allows you to plot points and save it as content. i did it for a project at work once.

My daughter is getting ready to graduate with a journalism degree this spring and they don't even call it journalism anymore. It's now called Mass Communication which includes the internet. Today's grads all have their facebook sites and a blog on the side. They are all internet savvy. It's the dinosaurs like the WIP guy, Bill O'Reilly and Larry King (who admitted he's never used the internet) who are out of touch.

As for the Microsoft CBP view. It was clunky and hard to manuever. The screen was too cluttered. I typed in my home address and got a black and white satellite view. I found it impossible to pull back a little bit. The Google Maps are still much easier to use. I'll stick with them.

Thanks to fletch for the CPB view link with a game in progress. Cool! I wonder if the Eagles were playing in their park!

Bird's Eye Tourist serves as a repository of bird's eye views and has a lot of ballparks featured.

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