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Friday, February 02, 2007


Way to get a plug in for the day job, JW.

I'm curious to see how good Beerleaguer nation feels now that "For the first time in a while, the Phillies have some depth in the upper minors. It's older guys, not prospects who have come up through the system." I don't exactly feel all warm and fuzzy.

Preacher, I'm with you. Which is better: (A) Triple A clogged with older guys, or (B)Trple A full of guys who should be at Reading or Lakewood and the MLB club "trolling the indy leagues on a regular basis." ? I'll pick A. We're seeing an overall aging of MLB with guys like Flash Gordon, Clemens, Glavine, Sosa, etc. clogging up MLB spots.

Keeping with the local flavor today - according to the Chicago Tribune:

Mark Prior will enter spring as the favorite for the fifth starter's job, competing with Wade Miller (a Berks County native) and perhaps Sean Marshall, whom the Cubs prefer to start out at Triple-A Iowa. If Miller wins the job, there's no assurance Prior will go to the bullpen. He could be sent to Iowa to start the season, even if he's healthy.

well, I for one would love to have Roger Clemens "clogging" up a spot in our rotation. but that's just me.

I guess I would rather have what few prospects we got to learn from minor league vets than from indy league scraps?

if phils give howard $1M & geary $800k, there payroll will be at $93M (includes thome's 5.5M & lieber's 7.5M). I'm happy that they are keeping the payroll in the 90's.

I'll be going to check out Costanzo for sure. He's supposed to be a 'blue chipper'.

Yeah, the team is really better off when you have a lot of YOUNG prospects at Triple A, but considering how barren it has been, I'm glad to see that we are improving.

Doesn't look like there are going to be alot of interesting prospects to start the season in Reading but at least the team should be a bit more competitive.

Went to a Reading Phils game with my dad while I back in town last year and it was an incredibly boring team to watch. Hopefully the Phils are a bit more exciting this year.

How does Prior have to compete for a job? I mean, if he's healthy...
I could see that making more sense if it said Wood instead of Prior.

CEM wrote: "if phils give howard $1M & geary $800k, there payroll will be at $93M (includes thome's 5.5M & lieber's 7.5M). I'm happy that they are keeping the payroll in the 90's."

From my perspective, it's not about how much the payroll is, though it will have to rise in the future for the Phils to stay competitive, it's about who it's spent on.

The most worrisome for me is whether they feel that by spending a few more of their fans (ultimately) dollars, they can increase attendance to 2004 levels and have to make a revenue sharing contibution again. If allowed to look at the books, I'd wager to say that is a much more profitable scenario for ownership than receiving $$$ from the rev sharing pool.

I hope they get off to a fast start this year and the fans show up early. This will help if they need to pick up a high cost bat at they trade deadline. It may also give them confidence going forward to lock up Howard, as well as spend on a right handed power bat after his contract expires, assuming they don't want to bring him back.

That is a likely scenario, given that there are no highly rated power prospects in the upper minors who project to being that productive. (Oops, I forgot the 'toolsy' Golson, who was going to be the next Willie Mays.)

The previous post was supposed to say:

"as well as spend on a right handed power bat after Burrell's contract expires".


AWH: In any event we won't know how much the payroll is until the season begins and we see who's on the roster. CEM may end up being right, but until then it is just speculation. Montgomery has said it will be close to last year's $88M.

Jason: You are most welcome, but thank you (and Tom G of BS&S) for the great jobs that you do. Your sites are a great clearinghouse of all things Phillies that makes my limited internet time much easier to bear. Keep up the great work.

after trading lieber, i can see the payroll at $90M. Hopefully, Gillick will have the additional money to make acquisitions & take on salary at the trade deadline. Looks like there is no chance Howard will get a big raise this year. Phils will have to pay the piper next season though

Golson's going to AA? Really?

I'd rather see him back at Clearwater, with the clear understanding that if he shows better plate patience, he's heading to the Eastern League at the beginning of June regardless of where his counting numbers are.

Promoting him after a little less than two decent (not great) months in high-A seems to me like wishcasting rather than prudent developmental thinking. Let him prove that his FSL play was for real. At 21, he's got plenty of time.

dajafi: Plate patience is not a factor in the Phillies organization. They just don't consider it significant.

About 5 years ago I went to one of those off-season meet-and-greets for season ticket holders (this was before Money Ball). One session featured a couple of farm club overseers (and I wish I could remember their names). I asked what techniques they used to teach strike zone judgment and OB skills among their draftees. The answer: None. They focused only on making contact. There was a total disconnect between "making contact" and plate patience. And this is why they love players like Golson. He will never be a major league everyday player unless he moves to another organization.

Did anyone notice that Rick White signed with the Astros? Mr. President has left the bullpen. Who calls when Jimmy Rollins hits a HR?

Clout: Thanks for the information on plate discipline and OBP. I have had the same question in my mind for last few years. You would think all the problems with players like Jeff Jackson, Greg Golson and Reggie Taylor they would learn to adjust.

Juan Gonzalez is more washed-up than Sammy Sosa.

We should have taken a flyer on Benito Santiago...he's probably back on the juice.

Seriously though, if Dustin Hermanson is healthy, Gillick should be looking at him.

I hate to rant here, but I heard something on Friday that irked me. I saw this on ESPN's "Around the Horn." When the person got their face time, they were critical of the Phillies re-signing Brett Myers. (Reason: domestic violence incident. THe person went as far as to say that Myers should donate $5 mill. to a womens shelter) Also note that the person making these statements was from Boston). My problem is not that somebody is being critical of Myers, but that happened about 4 months ago. I can accept sustained attacks on an individual if it is consistent when other players do the same thing.

Example: 1.) Allen Iverson, who has a history of domestic abuse and at one point threw his girlfriend out of his house when she was naked. (Really dont remember a whole lot of people bringing that up 4 months after it happened.) 2.) Kobe Bryant: Whether or not he actually raped that girl the media seems to have completely forgotten that the accusation was even there. 3.) Jason Kidd, Although recently divorced, his history of domestic abuse is well known, and seldom talked about. 4.) O.J. Simpson: Beat and nearly decapitated his ex-wife and her boyfriend. 5.) Ray Lewis: Not domestic abuse, but there was pretty good evidence that he killed people, and he gets on the cover of SI as "God's Linebacker." (I'm sure there are plenty of others)

WHy is it that Myers' one incident keeps coming up? Brett Myers was an idiot then and will be an idiot if he thinks that he can behave in that way, but why does the media have amnesia when it comes to these other guys. Somewhere there is a double standard. I dont know why there is one, but the next time that any of these athletes signs a contract with any team, I want to hear that they should donate part of their money to some kind of organization, regardless of whether they were acquitted or charges were dropped. Myers should be in counseling and should be doing other things, but maybe the media can take a step back and realize that he is not the first to do something like this. Also, they might try to think about how hypocritical they are in their treatment of others in the same situation.

Parker, I don't know why they keep bringing up the Myers incident. However, your point about the media having double standards is old news.

I think, though, that what Myers did is exceedingly low class. It's about as low as you can get. Take the sex of the individuals out of it and Myers was slapping around someone much smaller than he is. He was behaving like a bully, and there is no excuse for it. Hopefully, the counseling has helped and the Myers family will be OK. I'll cut him some slack and never mention it again as long as he's not a repeat offender.

One thing struck me about the other players you mentioned. They are all of a different race than Myers. Are you insinuating that the media's standards on these issues are tainted by race?

Parker: This came up because Myers just signed a deal and the incident occurred in Boston. What Myers did was a scum move. I'll root for him because he is a Phillie but i'm sure this wasn't a one time thing. Does anyone think the one time he does this is when he gets caught. Hopefully he gets help and it ends here but i'm not going to feel sorry for him taking grief for it.

AWH, it has nothing to do with race. Those were the only people I could think of that the media has treated differently. If you can think of anyone else of any ethnicity that I have failed to mention, please tell me. I would be particularly interested in someone of Myers backgound in a similar situation to compare the treatment too, but I cannot think of any. I think it has everthing to do with the profile of the athlete. All the other athletes I mentioned are much more high profile than Myers, and it seems that the media simply gives them a pass when it comes to these kinds of things. O.J. may be different, but lets face it everyone knows he did it, so the media crashing on O.J. is to be expected. It just boggles my mind that Ray Lewis can be charged with murder, and then less than 5 years later, show up on the cover of SI as "God's Linebacker."

Let me say this again: I think what Myers did, (note we are not privy to all the facts, but if all speculation is true then) is one of the most classless and stupid acts that a person can do. My only problem is that high profile athletes (Media Darlings) can get away with murder and still come out looking like roses, but when a guy like Myers does something he will never live it down. I'm not advocating for Myers in any way, but when I think about some of the horrible things that other athletes have done and not been the subject of extreme scrutiny, it makes me want to vomit.

I just remembered the worst of all of these types of situations. Leonard Little: killed a woman and mother of two, while driving drunk. He has 3 DUI's and I know at least one of them came after he killed the woman (He had another one dismissed). He may not be a media darling, but it sure did not keep many people from celebrating him when he won the sack title a few years back.


I cannot say that i do not agree with you in some way. But the examples that you gave are bad ones. Allen Iverson, Jason Kidd, Ray Lewis, OJ Simpson, and Kobe Bryant: All of the people who you named had neither been charged with a crime, or if they were charged they were proven innocent in a court of law. If we are going to live in a society that believes in the justice of judgment by trial, than we need to accept the outcomes off those verdicts and move on. That part of your rant just seemed a little unfair.

But in regards to you condemning this one commentator/writer/monkey in suit(ESPN employs some really lackluster people) from not letting this go, I do agree with you, they should let it go. But what are you going to do: Terrell Owens isn't in the Super bowl and its at least three more months before they can start talking about him again. This is why i do not listen to any of the commentary on ESPN. Any organization who is willing to let Chris Berman talk through an entire playoff game about absolutely nothing, is sure to let idiots in suits banter as if anyone wants their opinion, of if they are even justified in giving it.

Brett Meyers may be a lousy individual, but his off the field life is not off any fans concern. The organization had to make a decision about which indivduals would allow them to be the most competitive and a Gil Meche type player could spend his off days curing polio, but his on the field play would not get them any closer to a championship. That being said: Go Phils, and lets all stop talking about Brett Meyers the person. Someone times you just have to pay the devil his due

MM, I agree with you to an extent (Particularly on the sanctity of a final judgment, which only strenghtens the case for the talking heads to shut up about Myers), however I do want to know who I am pulling for in sports. It is important for people to understand what some people have done bad in their life. This is particularly true in cases of profesional athletes and celebrities, who are idolized by children and celebrated by the media. I dont think I would want my child to say Ray Lewis, Leonard Little, Mark Chmura (Now that I can think of someone more like Myers) are their favorite players. On one hand that is their private life, but on the other hand, if they are accused or convicted of a crime, that is public knowledge. Once a person commits a wrong against the public, then they are subject to the scrutiny that comes with it. Sure, they may have more lights on them, but I dare anyone to say that, if you or I did something wrong, that some people would not know about it. People in your neighborhood certainly would, if not a whole city depending on the size of the town. You cannot say that public wrongs, done by professional athletes, are within the realm of their own private lives and should not be subject to scrutiny. Mine certainly would not be, and neither would yours.

Salisbury reported this morning that Paul Shuey was offered a minor league deal with the Phils, but signed a minor league deal with the Baltimore Orioles instead. Mike, you reported a week back the Phils offered Shuey a minor league deal well before this was reported anywhere else. Nice job on the scoop.

Parker: Yep. The media never does mention OJ Simpson and what happened to his ex-wife any more. Or AI's troubles. Can't remember them being mentioned when he was traded. But they constantly harp on Myers. Sheesh! Get a clue!

Clout, maybe I was not watching the same network you were, but all I ever hear about Iverson is how he is the ultimate teammate. O.J. was a bad example, I admit, but freaking Ray Lewis was on the ESPN pre-game show earlier. Often times it is not what is said but what is not. Ignoring the horrible acts of some of these people is the same as endorsing them. I cant wait for next years ESPN crew: Leonard Little commenting on the D-Line, Ray Lewis on the linebackers, Ray Carruth (if they can get him out of jail for a few hours) on WR's, and maybe get Jayson Williams for general color commentary. Bring that lineup out and see how often Brett Myers comes up. All I'm saying is that the bigger the star, the harder it is to fall. Brett Myers is an easy target (deservingly so), because on the national level he is a nobody. The national media disgusts me. That is the lasr I'll say on it. SHeesh is right, but they need to get a clue.

Colts 42 Bears 17, Cato June MVP, Bears win the toss.

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