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Tuesday, February 13, 2007


Are you referring to the "Batter Up" article by Zolwecki? As I read through his capsule reviews of problem areas to be addressed I was struck by how I had read all of it on Beerlauguer over the past months. Who needs the Inquirer when you can read it first on Beerleaguer!

The spell check feature is not on my work computer. Maybe it's my browser. At work I'm stuck with clunky pre-Vista Microsoft Internet Explorer. At home, I use Mozilla Firefox. The spellchecker effect I saw last night must be part of Firefox.

Or are you talking about the Salibury article talking to Cholly. The big news there is Burrell is back to batting fifth and that the Phillies are not shopping Lieber. Maybe Marty Schottenheimer can manage the Phillies.

That move by the Chargers to fire their well respected coach after he went 14-2 and after all the other teams scooped up all the good coaching material just shows that inept ownership is not limited to Philly.

I saw it on the Salisbury article.

I wouldn't head over to Goyne's place unless you have some sunscreen.

do you ever find anything worth value with that metal detector?

The real moment is when I get in my car to drive home and hear Harry Kalas on the radio. That is when spring arrives.

Longwood, no kidding...let's all thank the stars we still have Harry, even if those homerun calls on ground balls to short come with increasing frequency.

Every time I glance over at that sidebar with the 'rumors & notes', I notice that things don't seem right with the Marlins as they set to break camp. They seem to be at war with Cabrera over 700k, and now Willis is being linked to trade rumors yet again. Florida can come up with all the young talent in the world, but until that franchise gets itself grounded with new ownership and/or a clear destination, I don't see them being a serious factor in the NL East in this year or any to follow.

I am with you, too, Longwood. Still the best place to listen a ballgame, driving alone at night with the windows down and Harry Kalas calling play-by-play.

RSB: You're whistling past the graveyard. I hope you're right.

Tom, you're right about driving alone in your car listening to the game. The key is to be alone in the car. That's a rarity for me anymore with a wife that wants to listen to Barry Manilow or teenage kids wanting to listen to the latest pop or rap crap on the teenie radio or iPod dial.

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