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Wednesday, February 28, 2007


I just watched a video on YouTube yesterday of someone opening up an entire box of Topps 2007.

Yes, I'm a blogger.

It's a shame they had to stick GWB with a couple of greats. I wouldn't be surprised if "getting on that baseball card" goes down as one of his accomplishments.

Not Dubs first card actually, he had one made for himself when he was the richboy figurehead of the Rangers.

Luckily for baseball he moved on, not so luckey for EVERYONE ELSE!

But I digress this is a sports blog I'll leave it at that.

The Poster boy for outrageous contracts this offseason, Gary Matthews Jr., has been named by a steroids ring as being a customer...thank god we passed on this guy.

The question should be who/what is Bush "waiving" from the stand?

Jeter? Mantle?

a writ of habeus corpus?

He's clearly placing Donald Rumsfeld on waivers.

Too much baseball blogging on my brain.

Why does Topps even bother with this charade of trying to say it was a mistake, or a prank that went unnoticed? Please, give us all a break, you greedy, conniving bozos. It's enough to make me want to boycott Topps for all eternity.

Carson, Where's the link on the Matthews story?

If he's one of the offenders (with his numbers), then who else is going to get implicated?

As this is a baseball blog, leaving aside one's political views, GWB should be respected as a friend of baseball; being a former owner of the Texas Rangers, an unofficial farm club for the Phillies

sure it isn't the other way around, LF?

what a bizarro baseball card

Yeh, you're right ae, we did send Padilla to Texas, and the Rangers have been to the postseason more recently than our beloved Phillies.

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