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Tuesday, January 16, 2007


Keeping Rowand gives them necessary flexibilty for future deals, but I doubt he is on the '08 roster.

I think the continued propensity to sign veterans like Alfonseca, are the result of a GM who is willing to give his manager enough rope to hang himself. If Charlie continues to insist on trotting out vets who don't get the job done, he will pay the ultimate price and Jimy Williams or Davey Lopes will take over - for the GM, this is a win-win scenario, either the Octopus suceeds or we get a manager who knows how to manage.

The team also added another former Mariner - Greg Dobbs an infielder of questionable past and future whose one redeeming quality is batting left-handed....

Call me crazy, but I'm glad Rowand is staying, at least for another year. To me, worst case scenario is that he's trade bait by July. But frankly, I like his intangibles. It's hokey, but I think we have enough offense out of Howard, Utley, Rollins, and even Burrell that I like the clubhouse presence that Rowand brings.

Part of why I feel this way is undoubtedly connected to how bad I think Roberson, Bourn, and others are.

finally a signing that makes me want to come down from the roof....

Not sure if anyone saw ComcastSportsNet this evening with the Gillick interview.

I thought he mentioned about a secret plan if they do go into the season with the current six starters. In between the teaser then commercial there was a Brett Myers highlight.

For some reason my immediate thought was of Myers as the closer and Gordon as the set-up guy.

Pretty far-fetched and risky but if that could be sold on Myers and Gordon plus actually played out enough to work I think we would be in business.

Downside is collateral damage to Myers psyche but maybe you look to then trade him at that point.

I know he is a roller coaster of emotion but it would be fun to watch him in the 9th.

Cabin fever starting to kick in.......

By the way, when writing Felix Hernandez and the Bullpen of Secrets in 2005, I coined the nickname "Dobby the Bench Elf" for Greg Dobbs. It stuck pretty well around the M's blogosphere, and Dobbs actually did pretty well off the bench last year (though it's small sample size, something like .357/.357/.643 as a pinch-hitter in 15 appearances). I was actually a little bit surprised that Bavasi put Dobbs on waivers, but I guess the Mariners decided he was expendable when they signed Sean Burroughs to a minor league deal.

Dobbs is a reasonable lefty bench bat, can play the corners and a little bit of outfield as well, and is probably better off in the NL where pinch-hitters and part-time players get more playing time anyway.

Also, I like the arby-avoiding deals so far, with Madson and Rowand.

Who is this Greg Dobbs? Is he a non-roster invitee/minor-league contract?

Myers as closer? I think he's more valuable as a starter. Gives up too many homers, gets in trouble when he tries to blow the ball past hitters. I don't like the sound of it. I think Gillick's 'secret plan' is actually to can Manuel three weeks into the season.

Did anyone post this yet?
Myers for Rios? I would have been all for it...

According to's Ken Rosenthal, Brett Myers and Chad Billingsley were two of the players the Blue Jays targeted in trade talks involving Alex Rios.

On Dobbs: Phils have openings on their 40 man roster, so they will give him at look in ST for LH off bench. They continue to tinker. I've never seen Dobbs play, but I am unimpressed by his numbers. Looks like Dobbs is out of minor league options, so he can't be stashed in Ottawa. By my count, Phils still have 2 openings on their 40 man roster.

CY: On Myers for Rios. Phils would have done this in a second. Rosenthal seems to throw a lot of stuff out there.

Myers is the Phillies best starting pitcher at this moment. This suggests they won't convert him to a closer. Or trade him for a righty corner OFer. I'd be a bit nervous to enter the season with a rotation of Garcia-Hamels-Moyer-Eaton-Lieber.

Hey Jason, Just noticed your blog awards at the top of the page. Congrats. This is truly the best Phillies blog.

I assume Dobbs is being brought in as an alternative to Simon as a lefty bench bat. His lifetime stats: .257/.297/.351 in 222 at-bats.

He had some promise when drafted out of Oklahoma, but he ruptured his achilles tendon and missed the '03 season. His K/BB ratio had always been poor but it got worse after that. He'll be 29 this season, so he's not a prospect. He does well in the hitting-biased PCL, but his mlb K/BB ratio is 10/43.

Had that backwards 43 K, 10 BB.

I think if Gillick saw Myers for Rios as equal value, he'd already have done it.

IMO, a bad deal for the Phils. I would never trade a starting pitcher of Myers caliber (195 average IP the last 4 years, etc.) for a right handed bat that, except for last year, isn't as good a stick as Burrell.

Especially when it's common opinion on this blog that the Phillies problem last year (and this year in the 'pen) is pitching.

They already outscored every team in the league. Let's go for some run supression to build up the run differential.

BTW, which team had the biggest run differential in the league last year? The Dodgers, who, incidentally, beat the Phillies out for the wild card spot.

Rios - nice player - but not worth Myers.

Those two awards at the top of the blog are the best two things I've read about the Phillies this hot stove season. Congratulations to Jason. This truly is a great site.

I wouldn't trade Myers. either for Rios.

No way would I do the Myers for Rios deal. I can't see Brett in the bullpen either. He's just fine right where he is.

I'm glad that Rowand is here for another year, I like the guy's attitude and character. That stuff rubs off on the others.

This Dobbs guy seems like an interesting pick up. A lot more impressive than Karim Garcia in my humble opinion.

Congrats on the blog awards Jason. This is the best baseball blog around as far as I'm concerned.

Man I can't wait for spring training to get here. I may have to take a long weekend in March and fly on down to Clearwater.

I like Aaron Rowand. I never understood why we would want to trade him. Hes not the type of player who is going to bring a whole lot in return as far as a trade is concerned and I'll take his play in the field over his bat any day. I'd much rather watch a guy bash his face in running for a ball then watch Bobby Abreu lazily jog into the right field corner.

Another great Abreu Anecdote: In 2004 when he got the last spot on the All Star Team, they announced it over the loudspeaker at the game that night at CBP, and a half inning later, theres a drooping fly ball hit into right. Abreu dives for the ball, completely misses, bounces off his head and it ends up being a triple. Hilarious.

"I think Gillick's 'secret plan' is actually to can Manuel three weeks into the season."

That would keep me laughing for days

As fans, sometimes we need to question the home club’s salary priorities. Such seems true in the case the Phillies and their salary negotiations with Aaron Rowand, Chase Utley, Brett Myers, Geoff Geary and even with Ryan Howard.

It comes as kind of a shock that the Phils moved to avoid salary arbitration with centerfielder Aaron Rowand to the tune of a one-year, $4.35 million contract off of a 12 homer, .262 season in 109 games while more talented and more crucial players apparently must go the arbitration route.

For more, click on
Phillies, Rowand Avoid Arbitration; Utley, Myers, Geary Seem Headed There

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