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Tuesday, January 30, 2007


Spring Training also means the return of fantasy baseball. I seriously don't know how I find time to live between Phillies games, reading and blogging about Phillies, checking all box scores, and managing my fantasy teams...ridiculous!

4th round for abeau?!?!?!?

lol - he was top 10 last year.

that is ridiculous. He will score many, many runs next year, and have his typical .295 25 90 20 season.

PS - its going to take a top 5 pick here in the philly area to score Utley.

And his auction value will be unreal. Over under is $37

I guess it's because so many outfielders were taken early, guys like Bay, Sizemore, Holliday, Lee.

Here were the best picks IMO: Brian McCann in the fifth round (55th overall). I liked Cano at 60 at the end of the fifth also. I didn't like Jeff Francouer last season, but I liked him a lot in the 11th round (126 overall). I generally like the Braves this year. Andrew Jones went 34th overall, behind Carlos Lee at 29???

One of my co-workers is friend's with a Phillies scout. She talked to him today. Expect an annoucement in the next few days. Supposedly the Phillies signed a 76 year old relief pitcher that has plenty of big league experience but is recovering from altzshimers. He wouldn't give the name. I don't know for sure but supposedly the Phils were quite happy to get someone like him this close to spring training. If I hear anything else, I'll keep you posted.


Repeat post from yesterday???

J - Do you have a full draft report linked up somewhere? Maybe email?

Can never have too much info trying to guage the public's view on players.


I don't; I get the magazine.

Thanks Mike, but I don't think any of us are wringing our hands expectantly through the night until the Phillies announce the mystery minor-league signing of a cobwebbed reliever.

Ha Ha very funny. You'll see - this scout just returned from Chapel Hill area and signed this reliever. Its pending a physical. From what I hear, he will be added to the 40 man roster immediately after passing the physical and should be on the 25 man opening day roster.

i picked uggla and papelbon up off waivers last year. won my league even though there were some (as usual) bs trades.

Why weren't the Phillies interested in Shannon Stewart?


The Marlins were one of several teams on hand to watch outfielder Shannon Stewart provide a private workout Friday at Miami-Dade Community College.

Stewart, who turns 33 next month, could be considered an option to play center field. But he has played just 98 games at the position during a career that began with Toronto in 1995, none since 2000. And he has been plagued by ailments in both feet in recent years.

A career .299 hitter with 102 home runs, Stewart was limited to 44 games last season with the Minnesota Twins. He also was being scouted by the Mariners, A's, Rangers, Angels, Reds, Padres and White Sox.

Stewart has a really bad ankle and isn't healthy. Isn't even worth a flyer at this point.

and, besides, isnt CF a little crowded? Rowand, Vic, and Bourn?

Will Rico Brogna & Chase make another run at the title in '07?

With all this Schilling talk about 2008, I saw on one of the cable news networks over the weekend that Massachusetts Republicans were trying to convince Schilling to run against John F. Kerry for the US Senate. Then we'll be able to see Curt on C-Span!

Please tell me it's Al Holland and not Darrell Ackerfelds.

Not sure where that report is from, but Stewart is no longer capable of playing CF. I suppose you could platoon him in RF with Vic but he will be very expensive.

What damn business does Curt Schilling have running for office? What political background or credentials does he have? I know this isn't a political forum (and I hope I'm not violating some Beerleaguer ethic here), but there's fewer things that rile me more than athletes or celebrities who use their name recognition to contend for political office.

I take it RSB didn't vote for Lynn Swann. ;)

I would've voted for Lynn Swann, but I'm in Louisiana. We have Gov. Blankstare.

Schilling-no chance at beating kerry in Mass.
Swann-Maybe if he was a former EAGLE.

Schilling - no chance as a Republican in Mass. wouldn't have surprised me if he would win running as a Democrat, but I think he's a republican.

I guess RSB wouldn't have voted for Jim Bunning either. Excuse me, Senator Bunning (KY).

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If RSB wouldn't have voted for Bunning, that would be to his everlasting credit. Bunning was a Phillies great, but is without a doubt one of the worst Senators in America.

And the Schilling thing is so stupid. A *caller* on a talk-radio show in Boston mentioned it, and it went from there. Another great reminder that most of the media is a vast echo chamber. Not a single shred of credibility behind the report (I wouldn't be shocked if it was a Fox cable news program).

But RSB, I would disagree that athletes have no business running for office. Most elected officials spent most of their time either in law, or business, and I don't see any reason why those professions are more "representative" of the people than anyone else.

Schilling is an ameteur historian, as well as a very bright man who clearly follows politcs (if you live in Boston, you know this). I tend to find his actual positions abhorent, but he is certainly qualified to run. The only clear separation between people who *can* and *can not* run for office in America is the amount of money they can raise, and Schill is clearly qualified for this.

"The only clear separation between people who *can* and *can not* run for office in America is the amount of money they can raise, and Schill is clearly qualified for this."

Well, that's the sad truth of it all. Argh. Let's not get started. Baseball is supposed to divert our attention from such harsh realities as these.

RSB writes, "there's fewer things that rile me more than athletes or celebrities who use their name recognition to contend for political office."
I'm guessing you didn't vote for Ronald Reagan.

I know the 76-year-old relief pitcher was a joke, but in 1965 Satchel Paige at age 59 shutout the Boston Red Sox for 3 innings in his final major league appearance.

Caught the Utley press conference on Comcast today. You have to be happy to hear him talk about playing his entire career in Philly. Hopefully, we are all as happy when it's his contract renewal time. He said all of the right things. He will continue to hustle and play like he always has. Let's hope that Phillies ownership, idiotic fans, or sportstalk radio don't break his spirt.

"don't break his spirt" or break his spirit either.

BB writes "Schilling-no chance at beating Kerry in Mass." I'd like to note that the current Governor of Mass. is a Republican as was one of his predecessors, Gov. Weldon. Red Sox Nation is huge in Mass. I think Kerry would have a fight on his hands against Bloody Sock Schilling. Kerry is not the adept politician that we are supposed to think he is. He lost to the commonly ridiculed George W. Bush.

Schilling for Senate? Rather have him on the Phils? But, I have to say that anybody who believes that there is some hard line qualification that a representative or even president has to meet to get into office should reappraise the situation. As mentioned earlier Raegan was an actor. George W. Bush was the govenor of Texas, however, the way that power is dispursed in Texas (The Governor of Texas is one of the weakest in the U.S.), he really spent more time on the golf course or doing anything else than running that state. Additionally, throughout the history of our country men have beeen elected based on some form of mass popularity, just in different forms. From the George Washington to Eisenhower, if you were a well liked military commander then you were an instant fron runner. I fail to see how this makes a person any more qualified to run our government. (See Ulysses S. Grant, Ike, William Henry Harrison: who died soon after taking office). I'm definitely not making a case for Schilling as a representative in the government, only that he is equally as qualified as some of these goofballs that are in there now. All it really takes to be president is to have billions of $$$ and a past that is not totally horrible. Even that is not really a qualification: VP has murdered (Burr killed Alexander Hamilton), Bush took cocaine, Clinton didn't inhale?, Grant was a drunk, etc.

wow, can't believe the Pads actually confirmed it as a discussion. sort of the opposite of how gillick works.

Ben Maller reported "The Padres have at least temporarily tabled a trade offer from Philadelphia that would have brought outfielder Aaron Rowand to the Padres for relief pitcher Scott Linebrink. “It might be something we discuss again later this spring,” Padres General Manager Kevin Towers said yesterday. “But right now I want to see what we have in spring training. I want to see how (outfielder) Terrmel Sledge plays and how our bullpen shapes up.” Rowand hit .262 for the Phillies last season with 12 homers and 47 RBI."

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